Look Out Love

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It’s Friday night and Niki and I are just wrapping things up at a fund raising dinner for a local charity where Niki and her crew put together a high end fashion show. Niki has a very successful fashion design business and has had some of her creations grace the bods of a couple of Hollywood divas over the years. She’s earned a local and regional reputation for innovative and inspired designs. She has the local models waiting in line to model her stuff. She’s that good.

The charity charged attendees $100 per plate and Niki and crew had them wowing her creations for about 45 minutes. I counted the room and think that they must have cleared at least $50K after costs so it looked very successful from what I could tell. Plus, Niki had me donate all of the wine for the event which set me back about $5K. Oh well, at least I get to write off a portion of that.

As we leave the banquet room, I can see that Niki is physically beat. She’s probably been going at it for the last three days to make sure everything’s perfect. It’s her show, her designs, and her reputation that are on the line so she wants it to come off well. Plus after the show is done, we must have spent another hour packing her stuff away so her people could cart it back to her shop. I can see that she’s exhausted.

We get to our car and Niki hops into the passenger seat and is reclining her chair as I drop into the driver’s side.

“Hon, thanks for helping me tonight. I really appreciate your donating all that wine, then helping us clean up and put stuff away. I just want you to know that,” Niki said as we pulled out of our parking space.

“Niki, you know that all you have to do is ask. I thought your designs were a big hit tonight and the charity took in a lot of cash and donations. “

“Thanks. Although you’re probably slightly biased. But I really want to thank you for being there for me. Tonight and always,” Niki sighed with a smile.

“Well, it’s always great that we can afford to do this sort of thing from time to time. And it always makes me feel good to be with you and to help you with this stuff,” I responded. Niki smiled back at me and placed her hand on mine.

No more words needed. We just looked at each other and leaned into a soft, heart thumping kiss. I love this woman with every fiber of my being.

As we pulled out of the parking garage, Niki asked “Do we have anywhere that we need to be tomorrow?”

“Not that I know of. Besides, tomorrow’s Saturday and I have no intention of letting you out of my sight until Monday morning!”

Niki reached over and grabbed my balls through my pants, “Oohhhh, you just know bursa escort how to make me purr!” she laughed.

Damn! What could I do? I was instantly hard and having a difficult time focusing on the traffic! What a wonderful distraction, however I told Niki “If you keep that up, some cop’s going to pull us over!”

“Spoil sport! Wimp! ” she giggled loudly! I could see that Niki was getting her second wind.

“Want to go for a ride before we go home” I asked Niki?

“That will be nice. It’ll help me to come down from the adrenaline rush that I’ve been on the past couple of days” Niki smiled. “Where are we going?”

“Well, how about up on Tantalus Drive?” That’s a windy road that traverses a mountain ridge right above Honolulu. The road crests the mountain at a park which has a beautiful view of the city. Besides, being at night, the view would be spectacular with all of the lights.

As we drove up the mountain road, we paused here and there to take in the view through the trees that lined the ridge. It was beautiful. And with it being a little late, there was absolutely no one else on the road.

When we got to the park, we drove in and parked, and walked up to the lookout that overlooks the city. Magnificent view. Niki leaned against the lookout railing looking out towards the city; framed by the lights and the moon above us.

She was wearing a dress made from some sort of thin, gauzy material with faint pastel floral designs printed on it. It was so thin that you could see through it. However her dress design layered the material several times so the whole thing looked as if she were wearing a cloud; it teased me horribly yet covered enough so nothing really showed.

I stood behind her looking at the sexy vision before me. Her dress undulating slowly in the light breeze. The city lights causing a soft glow to show through her dress between her legs and everywhere else there was a gap between her body and her dress. I could barely make out her sides and bustline of her model-like body.

I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck, reining soft kisses from her ear to her shoulder. “Niki, I want you… ” I breath into her ear. I hear her sigh as she reaches over her shoulder to draw my face into hers as our lips met with a soft, loving kiss. Mmmmmm I could stay like this forever. Do I love this women.

As we kiss, I move one of my hands up to her breasts and start to massage them. Niki grabs the offending hand and holds it firmly to her breast. “Please… ” No other words need to be spoken.

I back up half a step to make it easier as I bursa escort bayan reach the zipper on the back of her dress and slowly lower it to just above the crack in her ass. I place my hands on her sides and slowly caress her, moving forward across her stomach, then up to cup her braless breasts.

Niki gasps softly as I caress the bottoms of her breasts with my fingers and slowly move my hands up to her nipples. She glances down to where my fingers are exploring under her dress as I reach her nipples and begin rolling them softly with my fingers. I can see Niki close her eyes, part her lips and lick them with her tongue as she starts to get turned on.

My fingers begin to squeeze her nipples harder. Niki reaches behind her to grasp my hard cock through my pants. She starts to pump my cock through the material, then gives my cock a squeeze before turning around to embrace me fully! She pushes her breasts into my chest and rubs her pelvis against my hard cock. I can feel her hard nipples through my shirt. My cock gets harder and tents my pants even more.

Our lips meet in a sensuous kiss. Tongues entwined, tasting our mutual desire for each other. She steps back and drops her dress from her shoulders. She is left in just her panties, thigh high stockings and heels. Gawd she is so sexy.

We move back into our embrace again locking our lips and proclaiming our passion to each other. Niki unbuttons my shirt and I slip it off. She unbuckles my belt and unbuttons my pants. Off them come along with my underwear, shoes and socks. We embrace again with my cock lodged just below her nether lips. I can feel the heat emanating from her pussy. Her panty is wet with desire as my cock slowly rubs back and forth against her covered womanhood.

I lower my head to take a nipple into my mouth as I kiss it softly and then suck it. I lath it with my tongue up and down, then sideways. I purse my lips around her nipple, and slowly swipe the tip of my tongue repeatedly across the very top of her nipple. Niki gasps, “oh… oh… oh… don’t stop… mmmmmm… baby… ” I give her other nipple the same treatment. She mashes my head against her breast.

My right hand slides down her stomach and under her panties. Niki continues to gasp as my nipple worshiping is driving her crazy with lust. I love the feel of her hairless pussy. It turns me on each time we make love. My fingers find her slit. I slide my index finger from the top of her pussy to the bottom several times and find her wet in anticipation. I separate her labia and push my index finger between her lips. I can feel Niki pushing her vagina against my finger, begging escort bursa me for more. I use two fingers to slow push into her vagina. Niki reaches down and pushes her panties down and off. “Take me Hon. Right here. Right now… I need you so badly… fuck me… please. ”

I turn her around to face the city lights. She lowers her back slightly and spreads her legs anticipating my entry. I take my hard cock and slowly rub it up and down her slit, bumping her clit several times. Niki moans, “hurry, I can’t wait… I need you in me… please… please fuck me… ”

I enter her slowly. She is so wet. She is so hot! My cock is in heaven. I slowly push in until my pelvis is flush against her ass. Niki is trembling “ooooohhhhhh… mmmmm… your cock makes me feel so full… ooooohhhhhh… this is so good… fuck me baby… make me cum… ooooohhhhh… ”

I reach around to cup her breasts and pull her upright and against me. My cock strains against the roof of her vagina. I know from experience that I’m probably putting a lot of pressure on that special spot in her pussy. She loves it. I slowly move my cock in and out which causes Niki to verbalize more, “shit… oh gawd… oh yes… baby… ah… ah… ah… ha… ha… ha… haaaaaaa… ah… oh shit… oh shit… oh Yes… Yeeeessssssss… SHIT!… baby I’m cumming!… I’M CUUUMMMMMINNNNG!” she’s screaming.

I pump my cock in and out of her cunt like a rutting stallion! Faster and faster! Harder and harder! I can hear the slapping sounds of our bodies’ union as we hammer ourselves against each other! Niki’s screaming “AAAHHHHH… OH GAWD… FUCK ME BABY… OH YEEEESSSSS!… FUCK ME HARDER… CUM IN ME BABY… OH YEEEEESSSSS!!… ” as her orgasm rolls through her body.

I feel my pelvis start to burn with desire and my balls tingle. My own orgasm is quickly approaching. I feel my penis become ultra sensitive. I repeatedly jam my cock into Niki’s pussy as far up her vagina as possible and impale her. She screams out her lust for me as I join her, splashing the walls of her vagina with my cum! My first spurt is strong and causes Niki to jump and scream more! “BABY… Oh MY GAWD… ” I spurt at least four or five more times and Niki is groaning and moaning now.

“Oh baby… that felt so goooooooodddd… oooohhhhh…” Niki whispered. “I could feel you cum in me. That felt so right and so good… mmmmmm… ”

I hold her limp body to me with my semi-hard cock still lodged in her pussy. Our bodies coated with the sweat of our love making. Our love juices slowly leaking from her cunt, dripping down my shaft and off my balls. We are both breathing heavily as if we just ran the 100m dash! I turn her around to face me as my limp cock slips out of her love hole. She grabbed my face and pulled my lips down to hers as we share a passion filled kiss.

That look out is now one of our special places…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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