Loren’s Surprise Ch. 02

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Hi everyone my name is Larry my girl Loren is probably the sweetest hardest workingwoman I have ever known. When she’s not working at the zoo she spends as much time doing other animal protective projects as she can handle.

“To me she’s just a great human being in general.”

“So why do we ever argue?“

I remember we had just had a deep discussion that had us both feeling a bit uncomfortable and maybe even a little upset with each other. I just felt that if she was more encouraging I could be the sexual beast that only she could tame.

“What the fuck is wrong with me,” I kept thinking to myself as the night wore on.

I was feeling like maybe I had been very wrong for putting any blame on her for my self-esteem issues. And I knew that this couldn’t be her fault because I had been dealing with all of my issues before we ever even met.

She went to soak in a hot bath and lose some of her tensions from the day and I sat there thinking about what tuzla escort had just been said.

“I thought to myself,” Maybe if I read some stories about other peoples fantasies that I would start feeling better so I got on the internet and started reading.

I must have read for an hour before I even noticed Loren had already come to bed and was sleeping peacefully. I lay down beside her and started looking over her sweet body and thinking ‘how could I have caused her anymore stress after her hard day.

I started to caress her body gently as she lay there sleeping running my fingertips all over her body and creating sensations through her body. She must have thought she was dreaming because she started to react to the gentle caress as I proceeded to kiss her neck.

“MMMMM,” She moaned as I ran my fingers up and down her inner thigh barely grazing her sensitive pussy with every pass.

She had worn some loose shorts to bed and I took full advantage of that tuzla escort bayan as I started to use my tongue tracing the inner part of her thigh and her sweet pussy. I ran my tongue up and down the middle of her sweet pussy lips causing her to gently buck her hips.

“OOOHHHHH MMMMMMM,” She moaned as I used my tongue on her clit masterfully.

Then she grabbed the back of my head and started grinding her pussy into my face moaning and bucking. I knew she was getting ready to cum so I concentrated on her clit grinding it hard with my tongue.

She squealed and started bucking hard and gushing as I sucked and licked every drop of her sweet juices until she was done. I then grabbed a vibrator we had close and started using that on her sensitive clit getting her pussy wet and ready for my cock.

I rubbed it directly on her clit while licking and sucking at the same time as dipped the vibrator into her tight hole while rubbing. Then I sat up and rolled her over escort tuzla and slid her to the edge of the bed and I lined my cock against her tight pussy.

I started pushing my cock into her tight hot wet pussy and she let out a moan of pleasure as I slowly inched my way in deeper and deeper.

“God she felt so tight and good,” I thought to myself.

I sat there for a minute and let her pussy get use to my cock and then I started my rhythm slowly in and out. Then I started pumping with a stronger harder rhythm as her body was starting to react again and her moans were getting louder.

I felt my balls getting tight as I slammed my cock in and out of her pussy with a vengeance feeling like I would explode at any second. Loren started to cum and that’s all it took to send me over the edge as I flooded her pussy with my hot cum.

I pressed as hard and as deep as I could trying to get my cum as deep into her womb as I possibly could. Loren’s pussy seemed to grip and suck every drop of my cum from my throbbing cock as it pulsed and twitched inside of her.

Then I fell to her side and we snuggled for the rest of the night not even remembering what we ever fought about.

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