Love Cruise

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Author’s Note.

First of all, I want to thank you for clicking on my story. But I must make something very clear before you start reading. If you are looking for a sex filled, hard fucking sex story then I hate to disappoint you but you will not find that here. Although I love the occasional quickie, this is a love story, a slow building love story that doesn’t really get to the sex till near the end, and even then its not the graphic descriptions you might be looking for. I wanted to write a love story between a mother and her son, and for me that meant that the sex would come second. None the less, I hope you’ll still give it a read, but if not then I am okay with that as well and I hope you will consider giving some of my future work a chance as I do have some much more graphic stories in the works as well. Thank you.


By clicking submit I was setting in motion an event that would change the lives of two people, my mother, and myself. I had just booked us two tickets in a first class cabin on a cruise for mothers and sons. But this wasn’t any ordinary cruise. This cruise was for mothers and sons who were also lovers. But there was just one problem. My mother and I weren’t lovers, my mother didn’t even know how I truly felt about her. I’d been in love with my mother perhaps all my life, but I’d known ever without a shadow of a doubt ever since I learned what love was between a man and a woman and when I discovered that there were others like me who had actually become lovers with their mothers I was determined that one day I would tell my mother how I truly feel about her. I was convinced that if I could get her on the ship I could change all of that and the first step involved calling Mom at work and telling her about the trip.

“J & P Consulting. Kim speaking.”

“Hi Mom.”

“Oh hello Mike, this is a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe the honour?”

“Mom you’ve done so much for me over the years that I want to show you just how much that means to me and how important you are to me.”

“Oh Mike, just hearing you say that is all I’ll ever need.”

“No, it’s not enough. I want to take you on a trip. A two week tropical cruise where you can let all your cares just melt away.”

“Well that does sound nice, and I do have some vacation time built up.” This was beginning to sound like it would be easier then I expected.

“Great, cause I’ve already booked us the tickets.”

“Feeling confident I see.” Mom said with a giggle that sent a warm fuzzy feeling through my body.

“I just know that you deserve this.”

“Alright, I’ll see you at home and you can tell me all about this trip.”

After Mom had hung up I couldn’t help but smile. But this was only the first step, and an easy one really and I couldn’t get over confident If I was going to make this work I needed to start the seduction process now and thankfully I’d already made plans for that because tonight I would be cooking Mom the most amazing dinner she had ever had. I could only hope that our phone call was a sign of how things were going to go.

When Mom came home from work I was just pulling supper out of the oven. While we ate I told her all the details that I could about trip, leaving out the whole lovers part. As I shared with her all the details that I could, Mom’s excitement for the trip grew and grew and soon she seemed to match my own excitement about the trip, if maybe not for entirely the same reasons. With her growing excitement, my hopes grew for my chances of making this all happen.

That weekend Mom and I headed out to the mall early in the morning to do some shopping for our trip. Our first stop was to buy some new luggage as it had been quite some time since we’d travelled. Then we headed over to the swim shop to pick out some new swimsuits for the trip.

When we walked into the swim shop I was surprised to find the place empty except for the three young female sales staff. It was early in the day, but still the place should have had at least a few customers with swimsuit season fast approaching. As Mom and I split up to go to our respective sections, the three girls all moved over to the counter and it became clear why the place was empty. It didn’t take me long to find a few pairs of shorts that I wanted to try on and as I moved towards the girls to inquire about a changing room what I heard made my blood run cold. I was standing behind a rather tall rack of clothes so they had no idea I was standing there.

“Did you see that fat cow looking at the Angelwear bikinis?” One of them said.

“Does she really think that she’s going to squeeze that body in to one of those suits?” Another one of them said.

“She should try the hardware store, they sell tarps there.” The third one said, causing them all to laugh.

“I just hope that she doesn’t find any of the suits we’ve pulled the tags off.” The second one said.

“I doubt she’ll go anywhere near those sizes, if she can even find her size.” The third one said.

“Just make sure you get them off the racks sisli escort when she leaves and before the rest of her herd wanders in here.” The second one told them.

That was the point when I had heard enough and stepped in to view. The way they looked at me and fluttered their eyelashes made me want to vomit. It was sick to think that they believed just because they had youth on their side that they were automatically better looking then others and I was determined to bring them down a notch or two.

“Did you want to try those on?” The first girl asked, her name tag identifying her as Ashley.

“Actually I was looking to speak to a manager.” I replied. The second girl who’s name tag identified her as Stacy stepped forward.

“I’m the manager, is there something I can do for you?”

“Yes, you can get your boss for me because my issue is with you as well.” To my shock, they still didn’t seem to realize what was happening.

“I’m sorry, my boss isn’t here today.”

“Well then I suggest you get her here right now because I’m not going anywhere until I speak to her.”

At this point, Ashley and the other girl seemed to realize there was a problem and had moved down to the other end of the sales counter where they were watching and whispering to each other. Stacy turned and picked up the phone and dialled a number from memory, waited for someone to pick up and then spoke. After receiving a reply, she handed the receiver to me.

“My boss would like to speak to you.”

“Hello?” I said after taking the receiver from her.

“My name is Sue Wong, I am the store owner. I’ve been told you wish to speak to me?”

“Yes, but I would appreciate it if I could speak to you in person as it concerns the future of your store.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes. Now would you please put Stacy back on the phone please.”

“She’d like to speak to you.” I said as I handed the receiver back to Ashley. Her boss must have given her direct instructions as Ashley hung up and the first thing she did was go and close the security gates on the store front before joining her friends. At this moment Mom appeared and stood at my side.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“I’m just teaching some stuck up teens a lesson in respect. Nothing to worry about but follow my lead okay?” Mom just shrugged and stood there.

Ten minutes later on the dot the security gate opened and in walked a short Asian woman followed by a mall security guard who locked the gate behind him. Sue was dressed smartly in a custom tailored suit and she clearly meant all business.

“I’m assuming that you are the gentleman to whom I spoke to on the phone?” She said as she approached me.

“I am and I appreciate your coming down here on such short notice.”

“Well let me tell you sir, I do not take kindly to having my time wasted so I hope that you have a good reason for bringing me down here. You said something about the future of my store?”

“Well I thought you would like to know that your staff are stealing from you. After hearing them refer to my girlfriend here as a fat cow and joking about her wearing a tarp as a bathing suit, I also overheard them talking about removing Angelwear bikinis from the racks that they had already removed the security tags from.”

Sue was moving the moment I was finished and it didn’t take long for her to find what she was looking for.

“Stacy! Amber! Ashley! Front and center, now!” She yelled and all three girls moved quickly to stand in front of her. None of them were looking up, having finally realized what was going on.

“Any of you want to explain these?” Sue said as she held the de-tagged suits in her hand. None of them even looked up, remaining silent.

“Really? None of you have anything to say? Maybe save their jobs? Perhaps this isn’t all of it, maybe if I check your bags I’ll find more of my property. Go and get them, now!” Sue motioned to the security guard, who followed the girls in to the back room. When they returned they were instructed to dump the contents of their bags on the floor in front of them. Sure enough, along with personal affects, bathing suits and accessories fell out of their bags, some still with the price tags on them.

“Just as I thought. Now pick up your things and then I want each of you to apologize to these people and I just might consider not pressing charges.”

After picking up their stuff, each girl came up and apologized to Mom and I before being escorted out of the store and presumably out of the mall by the security guard. Sue followed them to the front of the store and locked the security gate behind them before turning back to us.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, Stacy was such a wonderful employee when I hired her that I didn’t think anything of promoting her to shift supervisor. When she asked me to hire her friends I thought I was going to get two more wonderful employees.”

“Well sometimes we think we know someone until they show that we don’t.” Mom said. I worried escort istanbul at that moment how things would be between us if this all went wrong.

“Well to show my appreciation for what you’ve done I would like to offer you fifty percent off your purchase today. Tell me, what brings you out to my store today?”

“We’re shopping for a cruise.” Mom said, excitement still in her voice.

“Wonderful, are those Angelwear bikinis you’ve got there? I’ll let you in on a secret, they are garbage. The first time you wear them out in the sun they’ll fade on you and the only reason why I sell them is because I make a big profit on them. Let me show you what you should really be looking at.”

Taking the bikini’s from Mom, Sue tossed them on the counter and then led us back in to the women’s section. Grabbing suit after suit off the racks, she filled Mom’s arms until she had more suits then she could ever need for the trip. But she wasn’t done with us at that point. Sue then led us in to the men’s section and repeated the same process with me.

When we finally went to the change rooms, we were each given one suit to try on and left our piles on a bench. The first pair of shorts I had were dark blue with white tribal markings up the sides. They hung down around my knees and I really liked the way they looked and decided I would keep them. Changing back in to my own clothes I walked back out to a look that said I’d done something wrong.

“Is there a problem with them?” Sue asked.

“Not at all, I really like them actually.”

“Then go and put them back on and lets see you in them. This isn’t just about what you think but what your girl thinks as well.”

Walking back in to the change room, I put the shorts back on and walked back out for a second time. This time my breath caught in my throat as there stood Mom in a conservative yellow bikini admiring herself in the mirror. I could feel a stirring in my shorts and I could only hope that nobody could see my growing arousal.

“Well what are you waiting for? Go stand by your lady. And lose the shirt, you’re going on a tropical cruise for heavens sake.”

Slipping out of my shirt, I went over and stood next to Mom, but this apparently wasn’t enough as Sue came over and put my arm around her waist. Mom’s skin felt incredibly hot to the touch and I felt like my arm might catch fire from the heat. But at the same time if felt amazing to touch so much of Mom’s bare flesh and if my arm did catch fire I would gladly let it burn if only to prolong our contact. Mom gave me a momentary glance, but didn’t say anything about our current position. It was actually surprising Mom hadn’t put an end to this long ago and I had to wonder just what she was thinking at that moment.

That was how things went for the next two hours. One by one Mom and I tried on each suit and posed together in front of the mirror deciding not only if we liked our own suit, but each others as well. The entire time this was going on I continued to remain hard in my shorts as each suit Mom tried on seemed to get more and more revealing. When we got down to the last selection, I realized in shock that I was going to have a significant problem.

“I can’t wear this thing, its a speedo!”

“Oh stop being such a prude, if you think we haven’t noticed your erection you’re only lying to yourself. Now go and put it on and lets see how you two look.” Sue said. I felt my entire body turning red in embarrassment and I wondered if she had really seen that I had been aroused this entire time. If she had seen it, had Mom? Quickly I turned and darted in to the changeroom, looking more for a place to hide then a place to change. When I finally squeezed myself in to the speedo, I took some time to breath deeply and calm myself down. One I felt like I was back in control again, I stepped out and that was when I knew all my efforts were pointless.

Standing in front of the mirror was Mom in a skimpy red bikini, the bottoms nothing more then a thong that would have split Mom’s ass perfectly had it not been for the panties she was wearing in accordance with the store policy for trying on swimsuits. The top didn’t have much material to it either as the cups only covered her nipples and it seemed like her breasts could spill out of them at any second now. As I moved up to stand next to her, I saw in the reflection as Mom quickly glanced down and when she looked back up she too was blushing.

“Yes, perfect. You two will be the hottest couple on the ship, I must insist you take both these suits, free of charge. My gift to you.”

“Well I guess we can’t really refuse then.” Mom said.

“I suppose not.”

After we’d changed, Sue rang up our purchases and then threw in a collection of matching accessories for both of us. I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed that some of the accessories Sue was giving us were the same ones that Stacy, Amber and Ashley had tried to steal earlier in the day. It seemed that Sue picked up on this too and smiled at me knowingly. We paid for it şişli escort all gladly and then thanked Sue once again before leaving the store. But one we were out, that was when Mom called me out.

“So I couldn’t help hearing you refer to me as your girlfriend in there. Care to explain?” She asked.

“Well I wanted to show those girls that just because you have youth it doesn’t mean you have beauty. If you could have seen how they looked at me you would have understood. But you could have corrected me you know, so why didn’t you?”

Mom remained silent at that moment, and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe perhaps she had some hidden feelings for me. My hopes soared at this thought and I could hardly wait for this trip to start. We still had a few weeks to go before we left on our trip, it was going to be a long wait.

Day One

When the day finally came, Mom and I flew out to the city where the boat was docked and took a shuttle down to the dock itself. As we approached the ship I noticed the name of the boat and I could only hope that it didn’t cause Mom to realize what was really going on.

“The S.S. Oedipus, that’s an odd name for a ship running a cruise for mothers and sons.”

“What do you mean Mom?” I thought the S.S. Oedipus was an aptly named ship.

“Oedipus, the Greek king of Thebes, married his mother.” She said.

“Well maybe its an inside joke for its passengers. Or maybe it has a completely different meaning altogether.”

This was a key moment, I just needed to get Mom on the ship and for us to pull away and we would be okay. Thankfully Mom didn’t ask any more questions, and after we were onboard and had celebrated as we pulled out of port we were escorted to separate performance halls, moms in one, sons in the other. This I wasn’t expecting and could clearly throw a wrench in to my plans. As I sat there wondering what was going on, a man that was clearly the captain in his full formal wear walked out on to the stage an approached the microphone.

“Hello everyone! For those of you who are travelling with us for the first time, I am Captain Christian Shilke, and it is my great honour to welcome you to what will be our sixty-eighth voyage.” There was a loud cheer and everyone around me applauded the welcome.

“Now we have a great trip planned this year with plenty of fun and romantic activities scheduled for you and your moms, leading up to the Public Declaration of Affection, or PDA Ceremony where you will have the opportunity to declare your love for each other in front of everyone before making love to your mothers on the beach of our private island at the end of the trip Now I’ve been told that staff are already out and setting up the beach and that this year there will be enough beds for everyone who wishes to participate.”

I was fully aware of this tradition, and I could only hope that Mom and I would be participating. But that was another story because I didn’t even know how Mom would feel about making love in front of strangers, never mind getting her to want to participate in the first place.

“Now before I bring your ship mom out, I have a personal announcement, so bare with me as I do a little bit of bragging here. For those of you who have travelled with us before you will recall that I have often lamented the fact that I have had to leave a very special woman at home while I travel. Well not this year. Guys, I would like to introduce to you the wonderfully beautiful Mrs. Danielle Shilke, my mother.”

To a thunderous round of applause and a standing ovation, a beautiful older woman walked out on the stage in a floral sun dress. When she was within arms reach, Captain Shilke reached out and pulled her to him and in to a deep and passionate kiss. This kiss sent everyone to their feet as the applause seemed to get even louder. When the applause died down and everyone had returned to their seat, Captain Shilke turned back to the microphone as he held his mother against him in his arm.

“Thank you. Now I’d like to bring up your ship mom Angie Stevens, she’ll go over some details with you all while I go break some hearts as I tell your mothers I’m off the market.” This got a good laugh as another older woman in a grass skirt and bikini top walked out on the stage, greeted the captain and his mother and then turned to the microphone as they walked off the stage.

“Thank you Captain Shilke. and Mrs. Shilke. Hello boys.”

“Hello Mom.” Everyone around me replied.

“Such a wonderful welcome as always from so many handsome and familiar faces. But I see some new faces as well, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Angie Stevens, and I have the distinct pleasure of being your ship mom. Now for those of you who are travelling with us for the first time, my role is to act as liaison between you and your mothers and the staff here. So if you have any special requests or questions, please feel free to come find me and I will do my best to get you the answers you seek or help with any special arrangements you may need. Now I could bore you by going over all the details of our itinerary, but you’ll find copies of that in your cabins where your mothers should be waiting by now, so go get them and have fun. I look forward to travelling with you all over these next two weeks.”

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