Love Making

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“I think that the short nails are great and now that I have the visual of you masturbating with them, I like them so much better. Let’s undress each other and jump into the shower and relax for a while under the water. I was thinking that afterwards we could relax and take a nap together.”

After we take a relaxing shower we drink some wine and spend the next 30 minutes or so kissing each other. I am running my hands along your curvy body and you are kissing me all over. I see that you are getting turned on and you want this to continue. I tell you lay on your belly and I start putting lotion on you; I take my time rubbing it in over your entire body. I start at your head and I start rubbing, caressing your tits and kissing my way down to your ankles. Finally you are sleeping and now I can play. Lying on your side, curled up with your knees up against your chest. I continue caressing your body, rubbing your side all the way down to your feet and then back up again. Slowing down when I reach your hips, then rubbing in circles before I stop and gently squeeze your ass cheek.

I start rubbing your ass, tracing my fingers down your crack to your pussy.

I see that you are awake now because your pussy is getting wet.

I lube up my fingers and I start rubbing your pussy and probing your ass. I insert my finger into your pussy and begin sawing it in and out, fucking you slowly. I insert two fingers and as I am picking up the pace I start moving down on the bed. I am incensed I have been thinking about being inside you all week. I need to put my tongue inside you now and taste you.

I start licking you slowly, all around your pussy and then concentrate on your clit, gently darting my tongue and flicking it. You are panting now and I know you want me to fuck you so I stop, slap your ass and tell you to lie on your belly.

I tell you to Trabzon Escort prop your ass up in the air and as you roll onto your belly I place a pillow under your waist. I start kissing your lower back while I am gently rubbing the back of your thighs, then rubbing my hands up over your ass. As I am running my hand over your ass I am spreading your cheeks so I can see your tight ass and your soaking wet pussy.

I probe your pussy again, with two fingers and watch as you are pushing your ass up in the air, lifting it higher off the bed to meet my thrusting fingers. I ask you, “do you like what I am doing?”

You say, “oh yes it feels so good. “

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

” Oh yes, please fuck me.”

I take my fingers out of your pussy and start rubbing them around your ass hole. I tell you that I am going to put my tongue in your ass and as I move in behind, you start lifting your ass in anticipation of my tongue.

I reach forward and take your arms. I pull them back towards me and grab your wrists, holding them tightly together at the small of your back. I insert my cock into your pussy and start pumping you as fast and as hard as I can. As I am pumping my cock into your pussy I tell you that I am going to fuck your ass and as I tug on your wrists a little harder I pull out.

I push on your legs apart with my knees to get between them and spread them wider. I start licking your pussy, then start fucking you with my tongue, in and out.

The pillow is soaked with your juices and I am lapping up the juice from your pussy as you squirm about. I know that you are getting crazed now because you are pushing your face into the bed tring to muffle your lust crazed moans of pleasure.

I know that the simulated bondage turns you on, your wrists are pinned and your legs are locked, this heightens your Trabzon Escort Bayan excitement.

I stop and slide my tongue up slightly to your ass and start flicking my tongue over your hole. You get silent and stop moving; you’re now paralyzed with fear and excitement because you can’t believe that I am actually licking your ass and maybe I am really going to try and fuck your ass.

I start pushing my tongue inside you, jabbing it in and out, then licking around the outside. You start panting and squirming again, pushing your ass in the air. I let go of your wrists and grab your ass cheeks so I can spread them more to allow deeper penetration. Now while I am fucking your ass with my tongue I take one of my hands and reach in behind you and start fucking your pussy, pumping you with my fingers. I am jabbing my tongue in your ass as hard and as far as I can while my fingers are fucking your pussy.

I am listening to you pant and moan and I know you are ready to cum. I stop suddenly and reach for your wrists again. You are visibly bothered that I stopped and I see you are about to speak. I spread your ass cheeks one more time and slowly insert my right finger into your ass. I push it in as far as it will go and then start pushing my hand against your ass to try to get it further into your ass.

I pull out and Immediately, I push your legs together and climb up to straddle your ass. My cock is rock hard and I need to feel it inside you. My cock is poking against your well-lubed ass and I am teasing you by rubbing it back and forth. As I am rubbing the head of my cock on your ass I am applying a little pressure; you moan and ask me to fuck you.

I can see that you think I am going to put my cock in your ass and you want me to try. As I am pulling away you turn your head and tell me that when I had my fingers inside you, Escort Trabzon you were about to cum and that I shouldn’t have stopped.

I tell you “It’s all about me; remember.”

Then I ease back and place my cock at the entrance to your pussy. I ask you if it felt good when I was licking you and I had my fingers in your ass.

You say, “YES it felt great.”

I ask; “do you want me to fuck you”

And you hesitantly say, ” Yes, Yes it felt great please fuck me.”

I know you are really turned on and that you are hoping that I put my cock in your ass. I slide my cock back and slam it into your pussy and start pumping you furiously for about two minutes then I stop pumping and push all the way in.

From the way you are bucking and pushing back into me I know you were about to cum again. You start moaning and reaching back to grab my hips so you can try to pull at me to get me going again.

I tell you how I love fucking you and I say to you,

“Tell me you want my cock.”

“I want your cock.”

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me.”

Then I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head off the bed. Mainly because I want to feel your tits but also I am not done with your torment. As I am squeezing your tits I am asking you to tell me that you want to suck my cock after I cum in your pussy.

I extend my right hand to your mouth and I tell you to open your mouth and suck on my fingers.

You hesitate and think about this for a moment.

I yank on your hair and ram my cock further into your pussy. As I do this you automatically open and I push my fingers in.

You start sucking and pushing your mouth onto my fingers; fucking me with your face.

I take my fingers out and slap your ass a couple of times. I reach around and start playing with your tits again, squeezing them and pinching your nipples.

Again I reach up for your hair and now I am holding on to it with both hands as I am fucking you relentlessly, slamming my cock into your pussy and all the while, I am making you tell me how much you love fucking, and sucking me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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