Love Mirrored….

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We’ve both been anticipating this for some time. Today is finally the day. It’s hard for me to imagine that you are as excited about this meeting as I am, but I hope you are. I’m glad we’re going to have a drink first, because I need something to slow me down a little (although not too much – I have big plans for our meeting!).

The hotel bar is not terribly busy when we meet at 7 p.m. It’s a pleasant place, a bit dark and with several secluded tables. I’m waiting for you when you arrive and we order drinks. We sit, we smile at each other, we visit quietly. For me, the scotch has a dual effect. It relaxes me physically, but in so doing it enhances my sense of emotional arousal. And it loosens my brain so that I begin to imagine our togetherness when we move to the room. It feels good.

And you look terrific. Your beautiful hair offers the perfect frame for your lovely face – shining eyes, sexy nose (who knew a nose could be so sexy?), and perfect, sensual mouth. I love your self-assurance, your knowledge that the combination of your very beautiful face and your ample curves are such an extreme turn-on for men. I know that you could have just about any man you want. I am awestruck that you allow me to be with you.

We chat idly, and you occasionally touch my hand. Once, you even slide your fingers up my sleeve and move them very provocatively through the hair on my forearm. In my groin, I sense the vague stirring that I want you to feel as well. So I boldly place my right hand on your left thigh, that full, beautiful, extremity. You smile at me. I reach under your skirt and explore the inner thigh.

“Let’s go,” you say.

Outside the room, I fumble the card that opens the electronic lock. You laugh at me, tickled by my nervousness.

We step into the room, and I hit the light switch. One lamp in the room comes on. I look at you, wanting to know if you want more light.

“It’s perfect,” you tell me.

And with that you reach both arms around my neck and kiss me deeply. God, your lips are so full. The sensation is indescribable. I pull you to me, feeling the swelling of your breasts through the jacket you are wearing and through the fabric of my blazer. I become aroused in response to your insistent lips. You slide your tongue into my mouth. Our tongues do a gentle dance for a few moments, and we break the kiss.

You begin to slide my blazer off my shoulders. I finish the job and hang it – of course, fumbling all the hangers with a noisy clatter – in the closet. You, meanwhile, have leaned provocatively against the wall across from the closet, arms and legs both crossed as you patiently wait for me. Your folded arms emphasize and lift your breasts slightly. I swallow hard.

I take you by the hand and lead you the few steps into the room, nicely appointed with a king-size bed, two comfortable chairs, a loveseat, and an attractive work desk with a straight chair. I turn you so that you face the mirror, and I stand behind you. What I’m about to do I’ve been dreaming of since you and I first met.

“Look at yourself,” I say. “You are an incredibly beautiful and desirable woman.”

I place my hands at your waist. You smile, fold your arms around mine, and lean back against me.

“Madam, I’d like you to grant me your permission to undress you. And I’d like to do it right here so that you can watch me as I remove each article of your clothing and so that you can watch me as I use my hands to explore bursa escort your gorgeous body. May I?”

You take a deep breath through your nose. “You may.”

I kiss the back of your head, and I part your hair at the back of your neck so that I can nuzzle you. With my fingers, I gently massage your neck and I pull the top of your rib-knit sweater down in back so that I can kiss at least a few inches of your upper back.

You turn your head to the side appreciatively. I look into the mirror and see your reflection smiling at me.

I pull your jacket off your shoulders.

“Don’t move,” I tell you. I hang the jacket up next to my blazer and I return to my position behind you.

You hold your arms at your side. I caress both of them, enjoying the feel of the firm flesh. Then I reach under your arms and place my hands once again on your tummy. You leave your hands at your side, allowing me the freedom to place mine where ever I want.

I want you to begin feeling warm in your most sensitive places, so I move both my hands slowly down your belly, across the fabric of your skirt. You tilt your head back against my shoulder and pivot your pelvis forward against the pressure of my hands as they work their way downward. I reach your crotch, and press firmly against the enticing mound that I can feel even through your clothes. I lift slightly and pull you until you I’ve almost lifted you off the floor; you are barely standing on your toes. You gasp at the sensation. I hold you for a few seconds, looking at your face in the mirror. Your eyes are closed and you are biting your lower lip.

I release my grip on your crotch and return my hands to your waist. You open your eyes and look through the mirror at me. I reach under your sweater with both hands and begin to move them up your warm belly. As I feel the fabric of your bra, I place my hands under your breasts and lift them up, enjoying the mirror-reflected vision of the swell against the fabric of your sweater. I move my hands up and onto the tops of your breasts, feeling the bare skin. With my fingers, I trace the lacy top of your bra across each of your luscious tits.

I am so aroused by the feelings I am experiencing as I love you with my hands. It pleases me that you too appear to enjoy my attention. Your chest heaves slightly with your deepening breathing, and you have noticed the swelling in my trousers against which you now push your ample behind.

I can’t resist the temptation anymore. I place my hands full onto your breasts and I marvel at the feel of the already-aroused nipples against my palms. I drag my fingers outward against your breasts, provoking your nipples further. You moan. I take hold of each nipple, twist lightly, pull gently, push in hesitantly. Your hips move back and forth, and your breathing becomes even deeper.

We are both beginning to be very turned on. I continue to fondle your nipples, enjoying your moaning and the gentle rocking back and forth of your hips. Your eyes, which had been closed, open and I can tell that you are watching as my hands caress you under your sweater. Then our eyes lock through the reflection in the mirror. You turn your head toward my face, lift your lips to mine, and close your eyes. We kiss – a very gentle but very wet kiss – as I continue to stimulate your wonderful nipples. You continue to moan and sway.

While my left hand continues to attend to your breasts, I move my right hand rapidly down – still bursa escort bayan outside your skirt – to your pelvis. I place it firmly onto your mound. I feel a slight quiver from you, and I feel you push forward against my hand. I believe you are worked up enough that with some insistence on my part and with some delicate use of both my hands, I can help you experience your first orgasm, before you’ve even removed anything other than your jacket.

I reach with my left hand under the fabric of your bra so that I can no stimulate your nipple more directly. I use my right hand more aggressively – pushing, releasing, pushing, releasing – and I feel the movement of your hips responding to my touch. I push more firmly as I feel your movement rocking rhythmically against the flexing of my hand. I continue to pinch each nipple, a few seconds for one and a few seconds for another.

Moments go by. I look at your face reflected in the mirror. Eyes closed, held tilted slightly back. You are close. I continue the work of my hands.

Suddenly, a light cry. You appear to experience an orgasm of sudden intensity but that does not linger. Your body goes momentarily rigid. I hold your breast and keep my hand against your mound, but I no longer try to stimulate you. I let the brief wave of the orgasm wash over you, knowing when you open your eyes and look in the mirror that it will have subsided.

“Wow,” you whisper. I kiss the back of your head.

With both hands now, I lift your sweater over your head. You cooperate by lifting your arms. I, of course, have my eyes riveted on the mirror so I can watch the intoxicating rise and fall of your breasts being revealed as the sweater is removed. There is no more delicious view.

I quickly fold the sweater and place it on the dresser.

I reach down to unbutton and unzip your skirt. With my help it slides down your legs, and you step out of it. This, too, I fold and place with your sweater.

You are now before me in a very sexy matching bra and panties, and you are also wearing panty hose. A wicked look crosses your face and your caress your own breasts through your bra. You sense that part of my enjoyment is watching you provoke me by stimulating yourself.

I allow you to continue, as I now begin pulling your panty hose down your legs. This part is always a clumsy struggle, but I manage to get the hose down to your feet and I help you step out of them. I toss the panty hose onto the work desk.

With your hands now fondling your nipples through the material of your bra, I return both my hands to your enticing mound. I slide the crotch of your panties aside. I place two fingers of my right hand in your mouth. You know that I want you to suck them, but also to wet them to the point where they drip. You salivate generously on my fingers. I remove them from your mouth and take them directly to your labia, reach inside the warm moistness, and find your glorious love button.

“Uh, uh, oh, uh,” I hear you say. Once again your eyes are closed. You are rocking against my hands.

“I’m going to take my bra off,” you tell me breathlessly. I do not argue. I watch hungrily as you unhook the front closure and let the bra fall down your arms. I move my hands to allow the bra to come completely off.

“Put . . . your hands . . . back there,” you almost growl. I do.

Now you firmly pinch your naked nipples. I am enthralled, and I recognize how near an orgasm I am myself. escort bursa I try to mentally slow myself down by focusing on your enjoyment of this experience. My fingers are again inside your panties, one hand on your clit and the other having slid down to your sopping vagina. I insert three fingers into your pussy while with the other hand I continue to caress your clit. You writhe.

Once again, you are moaning and breathing rapidly.

“Harder. Harder!” you insist. I use both hands more forcefully.

Suddenly you cry out, almost loud enough to make me concerned that people in adjacent rooms might hear you. You cry out a second time, and then nearly hyperventilate with a number of very short, intense respirations.

I remove both my hands and fold them against your belly. You place your hands on top of mine, your eyes still closed and your forehead furrowed. I simply hold you as you lean back against me.

Finally, your breathing evens out and your eyes open. You smile sweetly at my reflection in the mirror, and I smile back.

I don’t believe I’ve ever enjoyed anything in my life more than giving you the pleasure you just experienced. And I don’t believe I’ve ever been more turned on than I am at this moment.

You sense the state of my excitement and know that what I now want is to achieve my own climax. You turn around and face me. Your eyes riveted on mine, you quickly pull down your panties and toss them aside.

“Don’t move,” you demand.

In quick succession, you unbuckle my belt, unzip my trousers and pull them down. Realizing I still have shoes on, you lean down and quickly pull them off. You take off my sox. You drag my trousers off my legs and throw them toward the closet. You quickly unbutton my shirt, pull it down my arms and toss it as well. I am in boxers and a t-shirt. With both hands, you push my t-shirt up and lock your lips on my left nipple.

I gasp, and my dick is now causing a significant tent to rise in my boxer shorts. You now suck my right nipple while grabbing my dick through my boxers. You massage me with lips and hands, but you instinctively know I will not last long.

You stop stimulating me, push my t-shirt over my head and drop it to the floor. You pull my boxers down, and my dick – bigger and harder than it’s ever been – bounces in front of you.

You leave me standing momentarily while you move to the head of the bed, pull down bedspread and top sheet, and plump two pillows together.

“Lie on your back,” you order. I do.

I’m lying in the bed, absolutely, completely aroused. You stand at the foot of the bed in your incredible, beautiful, lush voluptuousness. You stand smiling at me while I drink in your full breasts, the curve of your tummy, and the beautiful width of your hips. You caress my feet gently. You allow me to watch, knowing I ache for you.

Then, you seductively crawl onto the bed and crouch on my legs. You take my dick in both your hands, wet your thumb with the several drops of pre-cum on the end of it, and begin rubbing the intensely sensitive head of my cock. I am so close, and you know it.

You move forward, raise your cunt over my dick which is still in your hands, and slide me into your pussy.

I thrust instinctively upward. It is a very rapid fuck. I hear you cry out at the same instant that I explode. We both manage somehow to move again so that we take advantage of those few seconds of sensitivity that surpass belief.

With me still inside you, you collapse onto your side, pulling me toward you. You gently place both your hands on my face and gaze into my eyes. We kiss.

It is over. And it is better even than it ever was in my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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