Love Those Traffic Jams

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Don’t you just love those hot, make-your-skin-feel-so-soft-and-smooth, humid, summer nights in the city? Montreal is infamous for them and we were smack dab in the middle of one of our worst. The heat made it a perfect night to be driving into town, tunes on, singing like the diva that I am, with the top down in my aqua-blue Miata.

Let me back track a little to get you caught up with my recent life saga. Eric and I had just broken up and the split had been rather one-sided. His. He said he wasn’t in love with me anymore. That was his reason—nothing more to discuss. Well, you can’t argue with that. It was a fait accompli in the book of love.

This was my first time out alone to a soiree where I’d see our friends. The romance had ended a few months ago and I had kept a very low profile while my heart was healing. I’d begun to miss the gang and took that as a good sign. It was time to start circulating again. Yes, Eric would be there. I knew it might be a little uncomfortable but there had to be a first time and tonight was the night.

The party was being held at Lina and Robert’s rooftop apartment in the city. They had bought a humungous warehouse and turned the main building into office space for their architectural firm and renovated the top floor, where they now lived. Their parties were always a good time, with tons of people, great music and dancing. It was just the bowl of chicken soup I needed.

Being slightly anxious about tonight, I’d made a point of getting dressed up. This was additional insurance for my ego just in case I had a weak moment when seeing Eric. I was wearing a strapless, red, silk cocktail dress and red high heels that made my legs look exquisite, if I do say so myself. (Calculated ammo.) Being a brunette, I loved wearing red. Yup, I was ready for anything!

The melody of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ rang out from the passenger’s seat beside me. I quickly rummaged through my purse trying desperately to find my cell phone (don’t you hate that!). Luckily I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic so I avoided wrapping myself around a tree while trying to locate it and drive at the same time.

It was my best friend Cheryl. “Hi! Jenns. Where are you?” was her whisper-like greeting.

“Oh, Hell Cher, I’m stuck in traffic on the mountain. I should be there in about 20 minutes. What’s up? How’s the party? And why are you whispering?”

“Well, ummm, Jen, Eric’s here.”

“Yeah, I know he’s supposed to be there tonight. I’m okay with that.” I smiled and said, “And I’m looooo-kin’ good girl!”

Only Cher, knowing me like she did, would detect that this level of enthusiasm was a little forced. She knew the pain my heart had been wallowing in from the aftershock of the breakup.

I could hear her giggle at the other end. Then, in a serious voice she said, “Jen, he’s here with a date.”

“Eric brought a date!” I said in a rather loud voice. “Oh! geeeez. Who? Anybody we know?”

“No, I’ve never seen her before. Don’t know who she is. I haven’t gone over to say hi yet so we haven’t been introduced. Thought I should call to give you fair warning before you got here, just in case you wanted to change your mind about coming.”

Frowning, I thought this over for about 4.59 seconds. “I can’t believe that jerk brought a date knowing I might be there tonight. Oh, Cher I’m going to feel so uncomfortable coming alone. Damn!”

My mind was racing. What was he thinking? I really wasn’t prepared for this twist. It was going to be tough enough seeing him, let alone watching him shower his attention on another woman.

“Need a date?” I heard a deep voice say. I turned my head in the direction it had come from and was looking straight into the eyes of a gorgeous man driving a convertible in the lane beside me. “I apologize, but I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with Cher. Our cars have been beside each other in this traffic jam for a while now. And by the way, you are looking beautiful tonight.” He winked.

I burst out laughing while giving him the ‘split-second surveillance glance’. He looked tall, well over 6 feet, toned build, short brown hair, dark eyes and a smile that got my attention on all sorts of levels.

“Now that would even out the playing field wouldn’t it?” I said with a deliciously wicked smile.

He grinned. “I bet if we put our heads together we could make Eric think twice about his decision which, incidentally, I think was a huge mistake on his part.”

Traffic was still moving at a snail’s pace.

Feeling a little flushed, I asked, “Would you seriously consider being my date tonight? I’m sure you must be on your way somewhere….”

He pointed to his cell phone and explained he had just received a call from his buddy who had cancelled their meeting because he was tied up at work. “I love spontaneity and can’t think of anything better than spending my Saturday night with a beautiful woman who blushes.”

Well, with all things considered, he was spectacular looking, seemed to be able to speak English just fine, and was exhibiting a bursa escort sense of wit and charm. Why not? I bit my bottom lip and said, “It’s a date!”

I could hear my name being repeated over and over again and realized Cher was still on the line. Looking intently at my traffic jam date, I put the phone back to my ear and said, “Cher, cancel that panic reaction a few minutes ago. It’s raining angels. See you soon,” and hung up.


He followed me to our downtown destination and we parked our cars in the private lot across the street from the party. I smiled to myself thinking how much I loved chivalrous gestures as he walked over and opened my car door. Slowly swinging my legs out of the car, I noticed my short dress was just covering the right spots and showing lots of leg. After being suspended in a moment of wicked intentional hesitation, (and checking out if he was looking at the right spots), I got out.

Have you ever been standing a bit too close to someone for just that one, electrifying moment? Well, that’s what happened when I stood up. My nipples got hard as I felt his breath on my face, and I blushed again.

Breaking the spell, I moved away from him and started to walk toward the apartment building. After two and a half steps he stopped me by placing his hand gently on my arm.

“Ummm, should I call you Phyllis all night or would you like to go by another name?”

I put on the brakes and turned around to face him. He was standing there with a teasing smile and didn’t lift his hand from my arm. I giggled and said, “Good point! I guess we should formulate a game plan. My name is Jennifer, Jennifer Midnight. What’s yours?”

He was watching me with those oh-so dreamy brown eyes while I spoke. “Nice to meet you Jennifer. My name is David Harris.”

I’m not certain if I imagined it or not but I thought he dragged his finger down the under part of my arm just before he removed his hand. Was he flirting with me? I felt a luscious rush. I have a built-in flirt meter that tells me when someone is coming on to me and it was pegging in the red zone. Looking down at my toes, I wiggled them, and regrouped.

“Hi David. By the way, I really appreciate you coming here with me tonight. This is such a crazy idea and I love it!” I smiled at him. “I suppose we should also decide where and when we met.”

David’s face grew thoughtful. “Well, I’m a lawyer. Could we have met in that capacity recently? He closed one eye and looked at me while tilting his head. “You kind of look like the leader of that mass murder cult on the news last week, or maybe you have some very, very outstanding parking tickets?”

I laughed and said, “You’re not going to believe this but I’m also a lawyer so I guess our professional paths could have easily crossed.”

Our story was to be that we had met at a work-related lunch last week and this was our first date. After exchanging details of the firms we both worked for, I felt ready to pull off this charade.

My heart sped up as we got off the elevator making me wonder if I was reacting to my attraction to Mr. Attorney or the anticipation of seeing Mr. X again.

We made our way into the loft responding to a thousand hellos (accompanied by that damn knowing, sympathetic look) and introductions. David seemed to be enjoying this antic. Cheryl caught my eye and waved from across the room. When she saw David lean over and whisper something in my ear I saw the light go on in her head. She made a bee-line over to us.

“You made it!” she said to me, looking directly at David.

Not wasting an ounce of his million dollar smile, David said, “You must be Cher.”

I introduced them quickly and filled Cheryl in on the conversation she hadn’t heard in the car.

Cher rolled her eyes and said, “Only you would try and pull off something like this.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and pointed outside to the pool. “He’s over there.”

David’s hand slid into mine with a gentle squeeze as he said, “I can’t wait to meet the guy that has let you slip through his fingers.”

I smiled up at him and took a deep breath. Even with this wonderful man doing his best to distract me, it was going to be a long evening. My heart started to ache as I thought about the time Eric and I had spent together—the lake, our friends, those endless nights making love—so many memories. David saw the pensive look on my face and said softly, “Hey gorgeous, let’s go find something cool to drink.”

I looked down at his huge hand completely covering mine as he led us through the crowded room. His touch was warm and strong, capable of a tenderness I had missed over the past few months. I impulsively squeezed his hand at the thought. He turned his head and winked at me.

We found a spot outside by the waterfall. Lina was a landscaping nut and had spent many summers turning their rooftop into a stunning Zen garden. The long pool was irregularly shaped and at one point narrowed with a bamboo bridge over top. The waterfall bursa escort bayan was located at the far end of the pool and emptied into a pile of rocks with several tiers designed specifically for sitting. Between the soft lighting and the stars above, it was an inviting sight.

David grabbed a pillow from one of the bar stools and tossed it down on a rock inviting me to sit down. He climbed to the level above and sat at an angle so that I was sitting almost between his legs. We were, once again, just a bit too close, creating a sensual tension with every word and gesture.

Conversation came easily as it felt like we had known each other for eons. There was a familiar comfort zone that had been established from the first words spoken between us. We seemed to think the same thoughts, and, a few times, did that thing where you finish each other’s sentence. David’s sense of humour was exactly like mine, creative and warped. He loved to laugh and he looked great doing it.

We shared countless loves and passions—writing, impromptu adventures, man’s best friend, clever wit, lying under the stars, snuggling, the feeling of our bodies in water, and talking. He ran his finger along my arm (again?) as he told me his most favourite pastime was touching, endless touching. It was a warm and deep connection; one that had us both smiling for hours.

Well, between the drinks and the sound of trickling water, I excused myself to visit the bathroom. When I got there, the door was locked so I leaned up against the wall and closed my eyes thinking about being touched by David. I was having such a great time tonight, I sent up a little prayer requesting no emotional casualties.

The bathroom door opened and jolted me back to my surroundings. Eric was standing there smiling at me.

“Hi Jen. How are you?”

“Oh, hi”, was all I seemed to be able to blurt out while a thousand knives stabbed me in the heart.

“What a great surprise seeing you here tonight Jen. (stab #80) Did you come with anyone? (#81) Are you here with Cheryl?” (#82)

Surprise!? (#83)

Surprise!? (#84)

Looking like a deer hypnotized by headlights, I opened my mouth to respond. My brain was totally void of any neurological activity. No thoughts. No words. Just as that knife was coming in for stab number 85, I felt a hand run along my shoulder and a deep voice beside me say, “Hey Counsellor! There you are.”

David’s timing was impeccable.

I introduced Eric to David and they exchanged the usual friendly guy greetings, short of the latest baseball scores and commentary.

David turned to me with a dead pan look. “Jennifer, they’re waiting outside for your high diving performance from the top of the waterfall.” I rolled my eyes and they both laughed.

Eric said something about nice seeing me again and wanted to get outside so he could get a good seat for my dive. He leaned forward, kissed me softly on the lips, and disappeared.

David turned to stand in front of me. Putting both hands on my shoulders he asked, “Are you okay?”

I forced a smile and lied, “Yeah, it wasn’t that bad. Thanks.” I exhaled and closed my eyes.

The next sensation was exquisitely sensual. A kiss. A soft kiss. His lips on mine. I opened my eyes to look at him. Gawd, his timing was good.

He said, “I thought you might need that right about now. There’s nothing quite like a kiss from a complete stranger at a terribly awkward moment just to top things off.” We both laughed.

I wanted another one. That kiss was too nice.

He looked at me and asked, “Wanna get out of here?”

I nodded and we were gone.


We decided to take his car and drove in the direction of the mountain, again. The heaviness of the hot, humid night was washed away by the wind rushing over my body. I noticed David looking down at my legs and continuing his stare up my body. Knowing he was undressing me with his eyes sent goose bumps all over my body, causing the usual effect on my nipples. I smiled.

He asked how I felt about seeing Eric tonight and gently nudged me to talk a little about the relationship and how it had ended. I was quickly losing interest in this subject and felt relieved when we turned into his driveway, anxious to move this evening forward into whatever adventure waited.

By the looks of his house it seemed that David was quite successful. He lived in a beautiful home at the top of the mountain with a breathtaking view. As we looked down onto the twinkling city, he told me that this panorama was what had sold him when he was looking for a house. He slid his arm around my waist as we walked up a rough gray stone staircase that led to his front door. His touch sent a warm awakening through my body.

Wow! I wasn’t ready for our eight-legged welcome. Two, huge, black dogs, the size of small bears, came barrelling out of the doorway. They immediately launched into excited, happy yelps. Their wagging tails and body language easily translated to, escort bursa “Gossssssh, we’re so glad you’re home now Dad”, and then they noticed me. With a look of, “Oh! Who’s she? I think we need to smell and lick her all over”, the attention turned to me. What a loveable pair! I couldn’t keep up to the ears, chins and backsides being shoved unconditionally under my hands demanding to be rubbed, scratched and petted. David finally grabbed my hand and rescued me from the fury of black fur and pink tongues.

The interior of the house was decorated in a very modern, clean look that melded well with the open concept design. There was nothing frilly here. I laughed to myself thinking this house was solid testosterone. David led the way to a room with a wall of windows overlooking a hot tub, an endless garden, and the lights from the city below.

“Now, that’s the perfect way to begin your day,” I said looking at the hot tub.

“Or, end your evening.” He stared at me for just a few seconds too long, smiled and said he was going to get us something to drink.

Redlining! Redlining! The flirt meter was reacting like a Richter scale at the peek of a 7.2 earthquake. There was only one thing to do. Seize the moment. This night had been filled with firsts and I wanted to add another one to the list.

I quickly stepped out of my dress, panties and shoes and tossed them onto a lounge chair. Easing my body into the hot tub, I closed my eyes and let myself sink onto one of the built-in seats so that only the top of both my shoulders were above the bubbling water. This felt sooooo good.

Lost in a tranquil haze, I languidly opened my eyes to find David standing there—watching me.

I blushed.

“Glad you’re making yourself at home. You look beautiful in there.”

My heart started to pound. There was no turning back at this point.

Eric had been my only lover for such a long time and I had given him my heart, body and soul on a platter. Being here tonight made me realize how comfortable I had been with him, and how scared, yet incredibly aroused, I was with the thought of a new lover.

David put our drinks down on the ledge of the tub and unbuttoned his shirt. I took a deep breath as I watched him strip in front of me. His chest was smooth and muscular and I wanted to bite his upper arms, forever. Quickly, he unzipped his pants, tugged them down over his hips and stepped out of them. Ohmygawd. David’s butt was a delicious extension of his huge hamstring muscle that just kept going. This man was definitely in shape.

David’s cock was already hard as he slipped into the hot tub behind me. I felt it brush, oh-so-slowly all the way down my back as he sat down. Ohmygawd that was sensual. I took a deep, silent breath. His arms gently lifted me forward so my back leaned against his incredible chest. Feeling surrounded by him, I closed my eyes sensing the connection being made between our bodies. My body was humming.

He planted delicious little kisses along each side of my neck while my head relaxed on his chest. My inner voice was playing traffic cop, secretly giving his mouth directions. “Ummm yes, just one more kiss, that’s it, right there and, oh, don’t forget that little spot, yes, (smile) ummm, ohhhh, (inhale) little tingles everywhere, so nice, oh please, don’t stop, never stop.”

Shivers ran down my spine while his fingers trailed across my shoulders, down my arms, over that forgotten spot on the inside of my wrists, and finally, to my hands. He raised both our hands out of the water and our fingertips played. They ran down each finger, touching the spongy, soft palms; exploring every inch, contour and crevasse. We both watched as they made love; his hands so large while mine disappeared into them.

His cock twitched against my back. A shot of electricity ran through me like a lightening bolt with a destination—my clit.

His feet hooked around mine and gently spread my legs. That’s when the pulsing started in my pussy. With our fingers still woven together, he slid our hands back down under the water to the inside of my thigh. We traced, without touching, the soft flesh so close to my crimson lips.

I knew if he slid our fingers inside me now I would be dripping wet; my pussy was begging to feel him inside me. It was begging to be filled with something hot and throbbing. My hips pushed forward as I fell into a daydream of him fucking me slowly with his huge fingers.

He whispered in my ear, “Show me where you want to be touched, Jennifer,” as he moved my fingers, our fingers, to my clit. It was driving me crazy that he was using my hands as an extension of his. I watched like a voyeur that had been sensitized to each movement. My fingers willingly gravitated to the hottest of hot spots.

I moaned loudly as he finally took control. Spreading my swollen lips apart, he used the tips of his fingers to lightly caress my clit. The first orgasm was almost instantaneous. A rush of heat shot directly from my clit, up my stomach, through my nipples, to the top of my head. I could feel it swell from soft to hard while he used the perfect amount of pressure; circling, round and round, back and forth. Without any thought, my hips rose into his touch and began masturbating slowly on his fingers.

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