Love Without Limits: Get-Together

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Note: This is part of a larger story that will involve all variations on bisexual sex. This part features an all-woman scene as well as an all-men scene. If that is not what you like, move on.

As well, while condoms are only mentioned a couple times, please assume that they’re being used in all penetrative acts.

Finally, there is a bit of time switching between scenes. Some of the action is supposed to take place simultaneously and I was unsure how to convey that.

In The Previous Chapter: Harry had long known about his wife Joan’s bisexuality, but he has never had the opportunity to witness her with another woman in person. This changed when Joan’s newest lover Amanda asked if her husband Sam could watch. Harry and Sam watched excitedly as their wives made love to each other. Afterwards, Amanda and Sam invited the other couple to a small gathering, and Amanda let Joan know that Sam was also bisexual…


When Joan brought up the Sam and Amanda’s invitation, Harry was a bit surprised. The idea intrigued him, but he wasn’t sure how he felt. It wasn’t so much possible jealousy as feeling a need to perform.

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” said Joan. “Amanda said it’s not really a swinger thing, just people getting together because they enjoy sex.”

As Joan had predicted, Harry had no problem with the possibility of bisexual men being present. He had never explicitly expressed any interest in other men, but he never objected when Joan wanted to watch porn with bi men in it. As well, judging by his browser history he occasionally liked to look at similar porn – even without the women. At one point she asked him straight up (so to speak) if he’d ever fooled around with a guy.

“No. I’ve always considered the possibility, but it never came up,” Harry replied. “I’ve always been attracted to personalities more than bodies. You just happened to be the personality I was most attracted to.”

Joan didn’t tell Harry that Amanda has told her that Sam was one of the bisexual men. She felt a little erotic thrill that Sam might have designs on her husband, and wanted to see how things would play out.

Amanda and Sam’s place was an older three-story house overlooking the river. Previous owners had done some tasteful renovations, adding an enclosed patio and a sauna in the backyard. The party began on the patio, where the invited were encouraged to get to know each other.

Joan and Harry had been instructed to get up-to-date tests for STIs and to bring robes or towels. The invitation had another curious phrase: “think about your inhibitions and which boundaries you want to cross.” Amanda and Sam seemed determined to make this sound like anything but a typical swingers’ orgy.

In addition to Joan, Harry, Amanda, and Sam, there were fourteen other people. The group was not the typical array of studs and hotwives. The oldest people seemed to be in their sixties while the youngest were in their mid 30s. were still in their street clothes but it was clear that this was a wide variety of body types. Their were lawyers, teachers, and a doctor. There were two same-sex couples, two men and two women, and a single man and single woman. Joan was surprised at the last two – single women were very popular in swinging circles, but single men not so much.

Their guests were seated at assigned tables, couples broken up along gender lines. Harry was seated with Terry, a soft spoken black man, a guy in his early forties named Chris, and an older, heavyset man named Leonard. They were encouraged not to talk just about sex but anything else on their minds. Harry found out that Terry was a high school physics teacher who had recently moved from New Orleans, Chris was chef and owner of one of Harry’s favourite restaurant, and Leonard was a semi-retired English professor and published poet.

Chris was tall and lanky, wiith an impressive balding head. With his aquiline nose, he reminded Harry of a Roman senator. Terry was only slightly shorter than Chris, with an athletic build and his hair in short dreadlocks. Leonard was in his 60s, broad shouldered and bearded and talked expansively with a booming voice.

Joan had been seated with Leonard’s wife Sylvia, the owner of a local art gallery. Sylvia’s white hair was pinned up elegantly, and she was dressed almost as if she was going to the opera. She spoke quietly, with a honeyed voice Joan found irresistible. Terry’s wife Marie, a light-mocha-skinned woman with braids in her hair, was a legal aid lawyer and volunteer at her local church. Chris’s wife Judy was at another table; in her place was Bridget, a blonde, full-figured hairdresser and the only single woman at the party.

After drinks and chatting Sam called the group to order.

“I want to thank you all for coming, and welcome you to our little party. We’ve set everything up so you can change into your robes or towels in the changing rooms just outside the sauna. Joan and I figured that would be the best way to keep track of everybody’s clothes. Take your time, there should be room to fit everybody’s kaçak iddaa stuff in there.

“We have a few ground rules here, the most obvious one is that consent is crucial. You don’t have to verbally say ‘yes’ to everything, but you’re all adults, you know how to behave. Any penetration on anybody other than the partner you came here with should involve latex. We know, you’ve all got up-to-date tests, but let’s be careful, okay? There are condoms and, by special request, gloves” – this got a “whoop!” from Bridget – available in all the rooms. Which brings us to the last and most important thing: the play area.

“The living room is for everybody, and the sauna can have four people at a time, but you have to sign up for it. The master bedroom is Women Only, while the guest bedroom is Men Only. You can explore the rest of the house, but try not to fuck in the kitchen, okay?” This got a laugh from the crowd.

“So, let’s have fun!”

The different couples reunited as they filed into the sauna changing rooms and emerged with robes or towels loosely covering their nude bodies. Joan and Harry met up with Amanda.

“Hey,” Joan said, “I hope you don’t mind us tagging along, we’re both a bit nervous here.” Amanda smiled an awkward smile as they walked into the house and into the living room, where the others were already matching up. Joan realized why Amanda looked at them like that when she headed towards the master bedroom. Amanda wanted to start the night out Women Only.

Joan turned to her husband.

“You okay with this, Hun?” Harry hated to admit it, but he was feeling a pang of not so much jealousy as feeling left out. He didn’t have much time to think about it, however, as someone put their arms around him.

“Don’t worry,” said Bridget with a wide grin, “I’ll keep him occupied.” She led Harry by the hand to one of the couches. Sitting down, she let her robe slip revealing her ample breasts, tattooed with an elaborate pattern of symbols. As Harry sat down she gave him a big kiss.

“I’m not sure about this,” Harry said, “I’ve never been with a stranger before.”

“Well, we’re not really strangers anymore, are we?” She kept kissing him and reached down to grab his cock, which had already begun to grow. She very gently stroked his swelling organ. “It looks like somebody is excited.”

Harry returned the kiss, and began to play with Bridget’s tits, licking and nibbling on her ruby nipples. Bridget responded with a contented sigh, then reached for a condom from a bowl by the side. She pushed Harry down so he was resting on the couch and took his cock in her mouth. Licking the sides with slow deliberation, she waited until it had reached maximum hardness and slipped the condom on. Straddling Harry, she enveloped his cock with her wet pussy.

Harry responded by continuing to massage Bridget’s breasts with one hand while reaching down to manipulate her clit with the other. She really seemed to like that, meaning gently with her eyes closed. When she opened her eyes she looked around the room and squealed. She gestured to the other side of the room and told Harry to look.

On the other couch Marie was lying down, her pussy being licked and stroked by Chris. Chris’s wife Judy was kissing Chris while helping her husband manipulate Marie’s already swollen clit. Another figure emerged near Chris. It was Mike, one half of the male/male couple. He whispered something in Chris’s ear, which got a nod from Chris. Slipping on a glove, he picked up a bottle of lube and began smearing it in Chris’s ass.

Harry watched in awe. He knew there was a chance he might see man-on-man activity, but he hadn’t considered Chris would be into it. As Mike put on a condom and slowly entered Chris, Harry found his own cock twitching even more in Bridget’s pussy.

The scene became even more erotic as Judy climbed up onto the couch and delicately sat of Marie’s face. Marie was obviously no novice, as Judy soon began groaning with ecstasy. Harry was breathing heavily as Bridget leaned over to kiss him once again.

“Nice view, isn’t it?” Bridget’s smile was nearly incandescent now, as sweat dripped from her face down to Harry’s body. Harry felt a powerful orgasm coming on as he filled the condom. Bridget came shortly after, letting out yet another squeal. She smacked Harry on the ass and kissed him again.

“We’re going to have to do this again real soon, Harry.” She climbed off Harry and sat beside him on the couch, watching the show in front of them and cuddling Harry close.

Harry took in the sight on the other couch, with Mike masterfully screwing Chris’s ass as the women writhed under their respective partner’s oral ministrations. Chris himself was stroking his rock hard cock when Amanda came by and offered up her mouth. If Amanda was there, where was Joan? Harry gathered up his robe and got up to walk around. His cock was still deflated but already stirring, as he looked for a new partner. He briefly considered offering his cock to Judy’s mouth, but he was unsure how the dynamics would work and decided to move on.

Then, kaçak bahis looking in one of the bedrooms, he saw the sexiest thing he’d ever seen in his entire life.

2. Joan And The Ladies

When Amanda led Joan to the master bedroom, they found Cassie and Michelle (the female couple) on the bed with Judy. Cassie had brought a strap-on and was working Judy’s cunt doggy-style while Michelle was licking the underside of Judy’s slit. Joan took the lead, diving for Amanda’s waiting muff like a thirsty man at an oasis. Amanda writhed as Joan’s expert tongue did the job. After several minutes Amanda came in a gushing orgasm that drenched Joan’s face. Joan got up off her knees and gave Amanda a huge kiss, letting her taste her own juices. Amanda was about to move down to return the favour when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

“May I cut in?”

Joan turned around to see a large strap-on. For a moment she thought this was Cassie, finished with Judy and moving on to a new conquest, but then she saw the lithe figure framed by silver-grey hair, now laying down having been released from its pins.

“Sylvia,” Amanda said with a smile. She whispered in Joan’s ear “you’re going to enjoy this,” and walked out of the room.

Sylvia grabbed the younger woman in her arms and kissed her hard on the mouth, her tongue probing Joan’s. Despite her petite figure she was able to push Joan onto the bed with great force.

“You’re so strong!” Joan said.

“Years of yoga and being married to an absolute beast of a man will do that for you,” she said with a smile. “And I mean beast in the best way. I know he’s getting and giving it in the guest bedroom.”

They began to fuck missionary style, with Sylvia playing the role of the man with aplomb. Joan felt strangely safe in the arms of this older woman, who motioned with the strap-on as if she had been born with it.

As they continued to fuck Bridget walked in. She leaned over to Joan and gave her a soft peck, and said “don’t worry, last I saw your husband he was in good hands.”

As Joan quivered under Sylvia’s fucking, all she could do in return was reach up and work the clit stimulator on the strap-on. Soon Joan felt her orgasm welling up as Sylvia also came, her buttocks clenching as she plowed into Joan.

“That was wonderful,” Joan said, kissing Sylvia once again, “we should switch roles next time.”

Joan got up from the bed and looked around. Judy had gone, and Bridget was now in a 69 with Cassie, while Sylvia and had removed the strap-on and was joining Michelle and Marie in a gentle petting session. Joan walked idly into the living room and looked around for Harry. Instead she saw Judy and Pete, the only single guy. Judy was sucking on Pete’s impressive cock, which Joan made a note to sample for later.

“Hey have you seen Harry?”

Pete sighed with pleasure from Judy’s skillful blowjob and said “he’s over there,” gesturing towards the guest bedroom. Joan peeked into the room and nearly fainted at what she saw.

Her beautiful husband was on his knees, sucking his first cock.

3. Harry And The Fellas

Harry stood at the doorway and took in an amazing sight.

Leonard was at the side of the bed, sitting on Jimmy (the other half of the male couple)’s cock. Jimmy, a broad shouldered man in his early 30s, was plowing Leonard while rubbing his hands all over Leonard’s hairy chest. Leonard’s cock – of average length but very thick – was being sucked by Pete. The combination was doing the trick, because Leonard was clearly in another world, moaning with pleasure in a tone that was almost musical.

Over in another corner Sam and Terry were standing up, rubbing their cocks together as Sam tweaked Terry’s nipples. What really turned Harry on, however, was their kissing. He had seen lots of gay porn and while he appreciated the fucking and sucking it was seeing men kissing – such a gentle but intimate act – that filled him with passion. The idea that men could be so vulnerable with each other while remaining masculine set his heart afire.

If you had asked Harry before this night whether or not he was bisexual, he would have truthfully answered that he didn’t know. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, you were either straight or gay – “bisexual” was something gay British celebrities called themselves to seem less threatening. Porn wasn’t much different. There was the double standard that two women together was hot, while two men together was gross. Harry recalled a single story from the many issues of Penthouse Forum he’d found stashed away about a group sex session in which the male narrator said he sucked his first cock, and that it would probably not be his last. That line stirred something in Harry at the time.

Later with the internet stories about bisexual men were easier to come across, but even though Harry masturbated to these he never acted on these desires. He had crushes on men, but they were mostly straight, and he didn’t want to risk his friendships by coming on to them.

After the night where he met Amanda and Sam, Harry illegal bahis had been feeling very attracted to Sam. Even when Joan informed him that there would be bisexual men at the party, Harry was unsure whether Sam would be one of them. Seeing him kissing and fondling Terry was the most erotic thing he had ever personally witnessed. He went over to them, his cock fully erect, and joined in their frotting. Terry acknowledged him first with a broad smile and broke off his kiss with Sam to give Harry a peck and then moved away, leaving Harry and Sam to continue.

“I’m so glad you came in here, Harry,” said Sam, his face drenched in sweat. “I’ve been waiting for this ever since that night with Joan and Amanda.” Sam’s lips touched Harry’s, and Harry was in paradise. Sam grabbed Harry’s ass with one hand and groped both of their cocks with the other, stroking them as they became slick with sweat and precome. They felt a third hand on their cocks as Terry knelt down to give them a double blowjob. Harry had been hoping that Sam would be the first male to give him oral sex, but Terry was doing such a good job it didn’t matter.

They continued for a few minutes until Terry felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Leonard, offering to take over one of the cocksucking duties. Terry obliged and continued on with Sam as Leonard took Harry.

If Terry’s oral technique was good, Leonard’s went above and beyond. As he twirled his tongue over Harry’s cockhead, Leonard also used his free hand to fondle Harry’s balls. Harry could do nothing but close his eyes and enjoy the older man’s ministrations.

As Harry felt his orgasm surging, Sam leaned over to kiss him again. The sensation slowly rose in him until he finally exploded, shooting cum into Leonard’s waiting mouth.

Harry was in a daze and nearly collapsed, but thankfully Terry caught him.

“Thanks. I think I owe somebody a favour.”

Harry walked over to the bed where Leonard was sitting, stroking his cock at all the action around him. He nodded at Harry and smiled. Harry knelt down in front of the older man and placed his lips on the tip of Leonard’s cock.

“I’ve never done this before,” Harry said.

“It’s easy to learn, my boy” Leonard said, “and I’ve always found that enthusiasm makes up for a lack of experience.”

Harry grabbed Leonard’s cock and gave it a squeeze as his tongue licked up and down the shaft. He tried Leonard’s technique of stroking the balls, which in Leonard’s case were exceptionally large in relation to his cock. Leonard groaned with pleasure and put his hands on Harry’s shoulders. Leonard would have had no way of knowing this, but this was one the things Harry loved that Joan did when he ate her out.

“Oh you’re doing well, my boy,” Leonard said between moans. “I’m so close.” Harry licked the underside of Leonard’s cock, and he felt the tension building. Then, in a final release, Leonard came in a volcanic orgasm. Harry had been anticipating this, and did his best to take every drop. Leonard fell back on the bed, relishing the slowly dissipating waves of pleasure.

As Harry got off his knees Leonard reached out and pulled him onto the bed in a bear hug. He kissed Harry hard on the mouth, tasting his own cum.

“Oh you were wonderful, my friend. It’s a cliche but I can’t believe this was your first time.”

“Harry!” a female voice called out from outside the room. Harry turned to see his lovely wife, grinning ear to ear. She was doing everything she could to restrain herself from entering the room.

Harry gave one last kiss to Leonard, who nodded to him and smiled. Harry ran out of the room and embraced Joan and kissed her.

“That was beautiful,” she said. She was actually crying tears of joy at the thought of her husband embracing his bisexuality.

“I love you so much,” Harry said, Kissing her again on the lips, then the neck, and down to her breasts. Joan motioned to the couch and they walked over. Joan sat down and Harry knelt and began devouring her pussy. He felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Pete, his erect cock teasingly pressing against Harry’s ass. Harry briefly looked up from Joan’s cunt and shook his head.

“Not right now, sorry.” Pete shrugged, gave Harry a short kiss, and left him to his work.

“I’ll take care of you, Pete,” said Joan, offering her mouth. The three established a rhythm, with the goal of a simultaneous orgasm. Bridget moved down and took Harry’s cock, twiddling her own clit with the same rhythm. The technique didn’t quite work, as Pete came first, but the others soon had their own orgasms.

The rest of the party was a blur of bodies and positions. The living room became the place for action, and it seemed as if everyone was there. Joan found out why Bridget had been so excited about the possibility of latex gloves as the curvy maiden managed to get at first a knuckle and then nearly her entire fist in Joan’s cunt. Harry made it up to Pete by sucking him with Terry helping out. Towards the end of the night people were encouraged to meet up with the partners they came in with. Harry marvelled as Leonard and Sylvia kissed and fondled each other like a couple of teenagers. The two single people assisted other couples, Pete doing a train with Jimmy and Mike, while Bridget sat on Judy’s face.

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