Lovers Meet Ch. 01

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His hands reached round her from behind and cupped her breasts, slowly, softly, gently kneading them, she settled back against him knowing that this was just a precursor to something better.

His hands dropped to the hem of her jumper and he slowly removed it, pulling it up over her head, exposing her bra, she looked down as she felt him undo the clasp, his hands, strong and brown, reappeared around her waist and lifted the garment away from her body, freeing her breasts, she lifted her arms allowing him to remove the bra completely, the cool air playing over her newly exposed flesh was wonderfully relaxing, his hands cupped her ample breasts, she watched as he lifted them, as if he was gently weighing them as a perfectly matched pair, his hands lifted and moved her breasts together, they were full and ripe in his hands, he held them like this, their fullness forming a deep cleft between them.

Her nipples hard and pink jutted proudly forward, his breath was hot on her neck, slowly his hands slipped towards her nipples, she shivered in anticipation of his touch, she watched the hard pink tips as his thumbs slid very, very softly over them, sending a thrill of pure pleasure through her, he took a nipple in the thumb and first finger of each hand, and began to gently pull and tweak them, it felt fantastic, she loved it when he touched her like this, she knew ataşehir escort that he was a patient lover, and she moved her body against his to show her enjoyment.

He spent several moments playing with her nipples, gently nibbling them, sucking them, tweaking them, until they had become a lot bigger than normal, the tips were deep pink, engorged with blood and almost painfully hard, they were now very sensitive, each time he tweaked or pulled her nipples a sweet ripple of enjoyment coursed through her body.

She felt really turned on now, Incredibly horny, she needed to take this to the next level, she wanted just that little bit more, turning her head she found his lips with hers and kissed him deeply, raising her knees she pulled her skirt up, and opened her legs slightly,

“I’ve no knickers on, can you smell my cunt?” she whispered in his ear, he paused a moment, sniffing the air, she deliberately opened her legs more,

“It smells very sexy, very moist, do you want me to play with your cunt, or do you want to touch it yourself while I play with your nipples? ” He whispered,

“It’s a lot nicer when you do it, especially when you make me cum with your fingers”, she whispered, blowing softly in his ear,

he put his hand on her leg, slowly sliding it down between her legs until it was touching her cunt, unable to help kadıköy escort bayan herself she opened her legs, giving him access to her most intimate place, his hand slid deeper between her legs and a finger started touching her at the very bottom of her cunt lips, sending a thrill through her, his finger started to probe the sweet soft moistness of her sex, sliding easily between her swollen lips before starting to move up towards her clitoris,

“Oh my God! that’s lovely, your cunts absolutely dripping wet”, he moaned.

She wriggled slightly against his hand, she couldn’t help herself she loved it when he talked to her like this.

” I shaved nicely this morning so that it would look its very best for you” she told him softly, as she moved against his hand, his finger slid into her love tunnel, it was her turn to moan, as he inserted a second finger and started to finger fuck her, Oh! that was good, she started to move with him, enjoying the moment, though it was not as good as the real thing it was very pleasurable, she wanted him to touch her clitoris, that would be better still, reaching between her legs, she gripped his hand, gently pulling his fingers from her cunt, he understood what she wanted immediately,

“Open your legs wider”, he demanded, “As wide as you can, let me see that lovely big wet sexy cunt of yours”, escort maltepe He watched her as she complied and spread her legs wide, giving him a perfect view of her freshly shaven cunt,

He licked the tips of his fingers and touched her outer lips, lubricating them slightly, he did it again, she lay there her legs spread wide, allowing him, wanting him, to touch her just as he pleased, anywhere that he wanted to, licking his fingers again, he slipped the tips of his fingers up under the sheath of skin that protected the sensitive little button of her clit and began to massage it from underneath, her reaction to this was almost instantaneous, she lifted herself, offering herself to him, and he responded by whispering

“Do you want me to do it harder?”

Her pleasure was so intense she could not speak, she nodded “Yes”, within seconds she could feel her cunt flood with warmth, she was moaning and writhing in his arms, pushing her body down onto his fingers as he made her cum,

“Go!, Ride it girl,” he was whispering to her, she was trying to ride it, but it was too much, she could not keep cumming like this, he had to let her down. she was trying to push his hand away from her cunt, trying to gain some relief from the passion that flowed through her, Slowly he removed his hand and looked at his fingers,

“God girl, that must have been good, my fingers are dripping with cum”,

She could see that they were liberally covered with her cunt juices, he put them to his mouth and tasted them, tasting her, she reached out and pulled his hand to her own mouth, wanting to taste herself, taste her cunt on his fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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