Luna on Vacation

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Harley Quinn

(Hi! Thanks for reading. As always, please pardon any errors. Feel free to leave constructive comments. I appreciate the feedback as I’m still very new to this genre.)


There was something to be said about Bali. It was a beautiful place, full of scenic beaches and ‘culture’, whatever it was Stijn meant by that. She had found that phrase and the tone supremely condescending.

Luna cupped her face as the sounds of the breakfast crowd faded behind her. How long had it been since she had returned to Indonesia? Decades? She remembered leaving this place behind when her mother died. Her father did what he thought was best. He packed up and sold the place and returned to the Netherlands. Only this time, he brought a daughter with him. Her mother’s family, once so close to her that she could drop by their kitchens whenever she wished soon faded into acquaintances. Her maternal grandmother passed away not long after she left and that seemed to sever the last of her ties to this scattering of islands across the sea.

Here she was nearly twenty years later, married with no children. She sighed as she sipped her tea, feeling at home and yet lost in a sea of faces at once strange and familiar.

“Aren’t you eating anything?” her husband cut into her thoughts, his butter knife scraping against the charred toast.

Luna turned to him with a slight smile. “In a bit. I was waiting for you.”

“You’d better hurry,” Stijn replied brusquely. “The driver is going to be here soon and we don’t want to be late. Where is that apple juice?”

“You just sat down. It’s going to take some time to arrive, obviously,” Luna tried not to display any annoyance at that. Stijn had a thing for being on time. Even on holiday and in a place where the flow of events was a lot more… flexible. Stijn was the typical Dutchman. He was much, much taller than her, with wide shoulders and unfortunately, due to his sudden interest in Crossfit, he had developed a breadth over the year that didn’t quite seem proportionate to the size of his head. Privately, Luna thought he was starting to look like a pinhead but of course, she never told him. Like a good wife, she nodded and smiled when he told her he was going for his Crossfit sessions and simply reminded him not to skip leg day.

They made an odd pair. He towered over her, a large mass of neck muscles and biceps. Where he was tanned to the point of appearing like a brown leather shoe, Luna was blessed with clear and smooth golden skin. She was short and girl-like in her stature. Her short hair, cut into a sweet bob, framed her doll-like face. She was careful to wear dresses that fit her well. Anything larger and it overwhelmed her frame much like a child under a bedsheet, pretending to be a ghost. Stijn cut his hair close to the scalp and for some reason, decided that bleached blonde was a good colour that went with his shoe polish tan.

He hadn’t always been like this. When she met him in his final year of college, he was pale and rather skinny, almost like a beanpole. In fact, he requested that they re-do their wedding pictures because he looked much better now.

Perhaps, Stijn was overcoming something she couldn’t see but with the training regiment, came changes she hadn’t anticipated. He was quick to anger and recently, had been growing increasingly conservative in his views. She caught him listening to one of Gert Wilders’ crazy speeches and agreeing with him. They ended up arguing and he spent the night at the pub. Never one to leave a stone unturned, Luna had consulted a divorce lawyer on the sly. If her marriage imploded, she would come out of it relatively unscathed thanks to the pre-nup.

Luna walked to the breakfast table and scooped herself some rice and eggs with a good dose of sambal which made Stijn sweat even if he wasn’t eating it. In fact, she thought in amusement, he was particularly unsuited to the climate. He was turning red, much like an uncooked piece of bacon. She remembered a joke she had heard among the locals about how so many white tourists often smelled like goats because of all the dairy they consumed. A chuckle escaped her and she drowned it with tea before Stijn could pass any remarks about wasting time.

A man in a crisp white shirt and perfectly pressed pants paused by their table with a drink in hand. He looked around, brows furrowed as the glass of apple juice he held glistened in the sunlight.

“Finally,” Stijn remarked and took the glass from him.

The man looked at Stijn with a raised eyebrow. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked in English.

“My apple juice,” Stijn said about to take a sip as he sat down.

Luna took a quick glance at the man in the white shirt. He was probably a few years younger than Stijn. He was tanned, like her. His dark hair was cut short but combed back neatly with some pomade. He had a handsome face with almond-shaped eyes and did not wear a name tag. Instead, he wore a Tag Heuer watch and a pair of shiny leather shoes. His sleeves were Tokat Escort rolled neatly halfway up his forearm. Oh no.

This wasn’t an employee.

She got up and immediately took the glass from her husband. “I’m so sorry,” she quickly returned the glass of apple juice to the man. “Please excuse him. It’s his first time in Bali,” she added rather lamely as she shot Stijn a look. “He is not the waiter!”

Stijn frowned before he registered what Luna was telling him. “I’m sorry,” he remarked. “You were dressed the same.”

“Ugh, Stijn!” Luna rolled her eyes and switched smoothly to Dutch, her annoyance coming to a head as she couldn’t believe the nerve of the man she married. “Just because he’s wearing a white shirt in a restaurant? Really? Do you see the wait staff? Do their batik shirts look like the shirt he’s wearing? Goddamnit!” She turned back to the man in white, switching to English. “I’m very sorry. It was so rude of him. Please, enjoy your breakfast. Order anything else you’d like on me.” She glowered at Stijn over her shoulder before she smiled apologetically at the man. “Come on,” she hurried her husband, as she turned red in humiliation. “We’re going to be late!”

Crisp White Shirt smiled at her. “My breakfast is already paid for, like yours,” he replied in English. “Don’t worry about it. These sort of things happen.”

Luna nodded. It did but it didn’t mean it had to and of all people, her own husband. Not only was Stijn an idiot, he was also now brimming with… she couldn’t bring herself to say it. It was what it was – a racist act. “They shouldn’t though,” she replied firmly as she pushed a protesting Stijn out of the restaurant. Luna couldn’t process what happened next. She just knew there was a fight, followed by a lot of shouting and a considerable amount of onlookers trying not to get involved as Luna and Stijn stormed off in opposite directions. It ended with Luna tossing her wedding ring to his back. Stijn went to the nearest pub off the premises while Luna went to pack her things.

Stijn was a lot of things – insufferable, egotistical, unappreciative… Luna chucked her clothes into her suitcase and texted Stijn that she was leaving the room to stay elsewhere. After a quick search, she managed to get a room on a pricey but posh resort not too far away. Stijn didn’t reply but he had read the message. That was fine.

She checked in and got herself settled. She sent a few cursory texts to her father before she finally decided to get down to business and email her lawyer to initiate her divorce. Luna sighed at her phone. She didn’t know what to feel but she hadn’t expected the wave of sheer relief. Perhaps, the marriage and her feelings for him had been dead for a long time. She just didn’t know till this morning. Whatever it was, after walking out on her like that and the bigotry, the marriage was over and she was a very single woman.

After a good soak in the tub, Luna got dressed and decided against having dinner in her room. The resort, like many others faced the beach and she found herself blessedly watching the sunset alone with a table full of spicy food and all the things Stijn would not eat. She sank back in her chair and sighed, feet propped on the chair opposite her. Despite appearances, she was still jittery. It had been an exciting day.


Luna turned to see Crisp White Shirt looking at her. He was still dressed in the same clothes he wore in the morning.

“I thought you were at the other place.”

She smiled at him and removed her feet from the chair. “Well, long story,” she said, standing up and held out her hand. “I didn’t get a chance to apologise properly. I’m very sorry for what you went through this morning… my hus-” she paused. “My soon-to-be ex-husband isn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box.” She felt his strong fingers grasp hers, long shapely things that caressed the inside of her wrist before squeezing her hand lightly. “I’m Luna,” she managed to say, gathering enough of her wits to compose herself. “Luna Pramoedya.”

“Wira Haryanto,” he smiled and looked to the chair. “Would you mind if I joined you?”

“Not at all,” she made space for him and watched as the waiter came to clear her table for dessert. She caught a whiff of his cologne. It was a lovely woody scent that was surprisingly floral. It reminded her of Lake Batur and the offerings that she saw the women carry to the shrines.

He sat down and pulled his chair closer to the table. “So, soon-to-be ex-husband?” Wira asked.

Luna blushed lightly and shook her head. Wira was a lot more good-looking that she remembered him. The eyes were the same – warm, dark brown pools that now held a penetrating gaze. He had lovely forearms with veins that reminded her of the structures on a leaf. He had broad shoulders that were, fortunately, proportionate to his body.

And of course, there was that smile that ignited in her a certain flame.

“We were on holiday to sort of spend some quality time together,” Tokat Escort Bayan she confessed. “But after this morning… you know, it was the last straw. I’m done.” She bit her lip and was surprised to see him watch her mouth as she did so. “For many reasons, not just this morning.”

“Are you all right?” Wira pulled his eyes away from her lips before he frowned lightly at her predicament.

“I don’t really want to talk about it,” she shrugged. “I had to deal with it the whole day so I’d really rather just think about other stuff.”

He nodded and seemed to weigh his next move. “Perhaps, you need some time alone,” he told her.

“No,” Luna was surprised at how fast she answered that. “I mean, I’d appreciate the company. I’ve spent the entire day on my own and not to mention, I feel extremely terrible for what that idiot did to you.”

Wira shrugged. “It happens a lot and when you work in the hospitality business, you kinda get used to it,” he assured her, once more making himself comfortable.

“Oh,” she nodded. “So what do you work as?”

His lips curved into a playful smile. “You could say I manage hotels,” he admitted. “What about you?”

“I’m an accountant. A very dry job for a very dry person.”

“There’s nothing dry about you at all, Luna,” he laughed as she blushed and changed subjects. She asked him if he was at her hotel on business. He nodded. “I was there this morning on an operations spot check of sorts.”

“Yes but you weren’t there as a waiter,” she replied, crossing her legs under the cover of her white dress.

Wira shook his head, “No. I wasn’t.”

“Are you working here, right now?” Luna asked.

“I’m off-duty at the moment but yes,” he explained. “I’m here to check a few things. Where are you staying?” When she pointed in the direction of the private villas, he let out a low whistle. “It seems you and I keep crossing paths.”

Luna had nothing to say to that but she felt her cheeks grow hot and she was sure that she was practically radiating heat. She searched her brain. “Are you spending the night there too?”

Wira laughed. “I could.” He dropped his eyes to her feet before he looked her in the eye thoughtfully.

Luna felt her nipples harden in response to his tone. She uncrossed her legs only to cross them again. She felt the slow drip of her sex leak and dampen her panties as her skin broke out into goosebumps. “I think I should go,” she told him as she stood up, subtly adjusting herself. She could feel her pussy throb ever so slightly as she moved. It was torturous. “Perhaps, you’re right. Some time alone would be good for me.”

If he was disappointed, he didn’t show it. Instead, he nodded and stood up. “Let me walk you to your door at least,” he offered in that warm way of his.

She walked with him and was surprised at just how charming Wira was. Like her, he grew up overseas. Australia, to be exact, but he had chosen to move back once he was able to. He was Javanese too which, made Luna more at ease. The walk back had been too short. She tapped her access card and crossed the threshold of her door as Wira stood politely on the step. “Would you like to come in?” she asked him.

He smiled faintly as if acknowledging something she didn’t dare say. “Sure,” he nodded and stepped in, hands in his pockets as she closed the door behind them.

Once the door shut, she turned only to bump into his chest. He looked down at her as he lifted her chin. She could feel his gaze trail down her neck and beneath the front of her dress.

“Am I reading this entire evening wrong?” he watched the fine hairs of her neck stand on end as he asked her softly. When she shook her head, he pushed her against the door, pinning her body with his. He listened to her gasp deliciously as her arms went around his neck. She pulled him for a deep kiss, her lips parting to taste him. Her tongue went past his teeth and played with his. He grasped her shoulders and slowed down for a second, grinning as he confirmed she wanted this as much as he did. Wira pulled her back to him by the roots of her hair, leaving a trail of kisses from ear to collarbone and down the sweet hollow of her chest.

His hands ran over her breasts, feeling the nipples harden through the fabric. He pinched them hard, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. He had been wanting to since the start of the day. Wira had been struck by how pretty she was. Too lovely a woman to be sitting with that lump of a husband. When he saw her again at the restaurant, it was too good a chance to pass up. He pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and kissed his way to her naked breasts. “You’re gorgeous,” he told her, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking it lightly as he fondled the other. She was soft and curvy at the hips. Her ass was a perfect peach in his hands.

Luna had no words. All she did was moan hotly as he touched her. Her pussy was dripping now. Gushing even, by the feel of it. Each time he touched her, she felt Escort Tokat her pussy throb in anticipation. Her mind was blank and all she could think of was sucking his cock. Luna blushed in embarrassment. It had been so long since she felt this desired and needed.

Wira went on his knees, his mouth reluctantly leaving her breasts as he pulled the dress down past her hips. He could smell her now that she was this close to him. She wriggled her way out of her panties when he hooked his fingers and pulled them to the floor. Wira smiled at a naked Luna, her lustrous body illuminated by the light of the moon. He lifted her foot and kissed her calf as she ran her fingers through his hair. He looked up at her with clear intent, his lips inching their way around to the side of her knee.

Luna felt his mouth trail upwards to her thigh. How long had it been since someone ate her pussy? She knew the answer to that but it was one of those things where she was all right if it didn’t happen. Most of her boyfriends had no idea how to-

Her knees buckled as Wira angled his head to taste her. His tongue probed her folds, sucking every drop out of her as he kept her legs parted. She felt his tongue flick across her clit as his hot breath tickled and teased her. She watched in fascination at how he licked his finger before fucking her with it. He smirked as she writhed against the door – legs spread wide as he finger fucked and ate her out. Two fingers, three and then back to one, Luna couldn’t stop watching him touch her. “Wira…” she moaned, grabbing him by the hair as he pleasured her. The way he held her gaze was electrifying. She was going to hell for this. “Oh my God.”

He pulled away, amused that she finally said something coherent. He got off his knees and picked her up, tossing her gently onto the bed. He turned on the bedside lamp to get a better look at her. “You’re so hot,” he murmured as he kissed her again, his hands going back to her breasts before finger fucking her again. “Have you seen how hot you are?” he teased, flipping her onto her back as he ate her out again. “And this pussy… this cunt…” he licked at it again. “You’ve been holding out on me.”

She groaned in pleasure and embarrassment. “Can we… turn the lights off?”

He turned it down a little. “Just a bit. I like watching you. You’re magic,” Wira replied, fingers still fucking her furiously as he managed the lamp. Her pussy was wet, sloshing as he worked her orgasm. “Can you do something for me, Luna?” he asked her playfully. “Spread your pussy for me.”

She bit her lip and sighed before looking at him. “Okay… but only…” a soft blush spread across her face. “I want to see your cock.”

She didn’t need to tell him twice. He pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his pants. His cock, large and thick, popped out of his underwear. She laughed like a schoolgirl but grew intrigued as he began stroking it.

“Now, Luna… sweet, little Luna…” Wira repeated himself as she giggled at his description of her. “Please spread that pussy for me.”

Biting her lip, she reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart for him the way she had seen them do in porn.

Wira lowered himself again but growled as she pulled away.

Luna got to her knees and motioned for him to lay on his back. “I want to suck you off while you eat me out,” she told him coyly. “Please?”

He laughed and got into position. He loved the feel of her body gliding over his, her nipples stroking the length of his thighs. She smiled at him over her shoulder as she placed her pussy over his mouth and lowered it. Luna bucked her hips, running her clit over his tongue. “Oh fuck, yes…” she moaned, pinching her own nipples as Wira grasped her thighs. She leaned forward, turned on by the sight of him furiously tugging his cock. Wira had a beautiful body. He obviously worked out. His stomach was flat and his muscles defined but not overly so and all encased in flawless golden skin. His cock wasn’t that much bigger than Stijn’s but for one, Wira smelled of cologne and hard work and since he wasn’t that much taller than her… Luna could finally try out that position she’s always wanted. A classic 69.

His cock slid easily into her mouth. Eager to take him, she let it slip all the way to the back of her throat, gagging her. Luna’s eyes watered but she calmed herself. Her tongue ran along the underside of Wira’s cock as her fingers caressed and squeezed his balls lightly. She heard a muffled groan from her crotch as he ate her out hungrily. Part of her flesh plopped softly out of his mouth as he moaned. “Fuck, your mouth is…” he thrust his hips up. “Suck my cock, Luna. Fucking suck it.” He wrapped a leg around her head in vain and groaned in frustration before Luna put him out of his misery.

“I love… the way…” Luna breathed as she pleasured him with her mouth, “… your cock tastes, Wira…” She sucked the head, caressing it the way she would a lollipop. Her teeth teased enough pain to make his gasp as she began ramming it down her throat. She loved how it destroyed her, making her face ache. She sniffed her hand and smiled as she enjoyed herself. She could smell him on her. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” She sucked him again as she rode his face. “Hmmm?”

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