Lunchtime Surprise

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The alarm went off at the normal time. I hate going to work. I jump in the shower, throw on my clothes and head out the door. I get to the office and start my daily routine.

I had gotten involved in a emergency project and totally lost track of time. That’s when I heard my cell phone vibrate. It was a text message from you. All it said was, “I’m here, get your ass downstairs.”

I was confused, but excited at the same time. I turned off my computer, grabbed my jacket and headed to the elevator. Even though the elevator arrived right away, it seemed like it took forever. I headed out the front doors and there was your car.

I went around to the passenger side and got in. I sat down and turned to look at you. You had a look of lust in your eyes. You didn’t say a word, and just put the car in gear and started driving to the back of the parking lot.

You pull into a secluded spot, partially covered by a shade tree. You turn the car off and turn to face me. Without saying a word, you lurch at me like a cheetah on the prowl. Your lips press against mine, and your tongue forces it’s way into my mouth.

I kiss back, and our tongues enter into a war to see who can get the furthest into the others mouth. I reach out and take one of your breasts into my hand. I am gently caressing and squeezing your tits. Then I notice canlı bahis that you aren’t wearing a bra.

You stop kissing me and back away, slowly unbuttoning your blouse. After all the buttons have been undone, you open your shirt and present two of the most gorgeous tits I have ever seen. Large and round, with half dollar size areolas.

Your nipples are hard with excitement. I reach out with both hands and grab your tits and pull them to my mouth. Sucking your nipples into my mouth, I take turns from one to the other, licking and sucking.

You reach out to me and start rubbing my dick through my khakis. I am hard as a rock. You unbuckle my belt and open my pants. Sticking your hand down my pants, you start rubbing my dick through my boxers. You are wearing a stretchy skirt, and from the smell of your excitement, you aren’t wearing any panties either.

I reach down and slowly slide your skirt up your legs. My hand finds your hot, wet pussy with ease. Your juices are leaking all over and my finger has no trouble entering your pussy. I am rubbing your pussy and fondling your clit.

This is driving you crazy. Pushing away from me, and with a look of a starved crazy person, you almost cry out that you need your pussy eaten. We climb into the back seat, and you lean back against the car door and spread your legs to me. Your bahis siteleri shaved pussy is totally exposed. I lean down and lick you from the bottom to the top of your tasty cunt.

With one hand you reach down and spread your pussy lips for me, and with the other hand you are pulling and rubbing your nipples. I stick my tongue as far into your pussy and try to get as much of your juices as I can. I run my tongue over your clit and flick and suck it into my mouth. You are thrusting your ass up, pushing your pussy into my mouth.

The orgasm starts in your toes and slowly travels up your body until it slams into your cunt. You squeeze your legs together, slamming my head into your pussy. Holding me there until your orgasm passes. I come up to you and start kissing you.

Sharing your juices with you. You moan with delight. I can’t take anymore, I need to have that velvet pussy squeezing my cock. I position myself with my dick at the opening of your cunt.

With one push, I enter your pussy. I sink all the way in you until my balls hit your ass. You wrap your legs around my waist and pull me into you.

I back out until I’m just about to exit you, and then slam all the way back in…..ramming my balls into your ass. We repeat this for a while. Crying out, you say “Harder, Harder, fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy.”

I’m bahis şirketleri getting so turned on by your nasty talk. As I slam my hard dick into your wet pussy, I ask you “Whose pussy is it?”

You scream, “It’s your pussy, It’s your pussy, fuck your pussy, fuck your pussy with that hard cock of yours!” We pick up the pace, and I am ramming my cock into your pussy like a jack hammer.

You are jabbing your heels into my back, and pulling me into you with every thrust. My balls tighten and I can feel the tingling in my nuts. With a certain urgency in your voice, you say “cum on my tits, baby. Spray that cum all over my tits and face.”

I pull out and climb up your midsection. The first shot hits you right on the chin, splashing cum up over your cheeks. The second shot hits just under your chin and runs down between your gorgeous tits. You reach up and grab my pulsating cock and direct the rest of my cum in your mouth.

Your tongue is sticking out and you are licking and twirling your tongue around my cock head. I collaspe onto my knees and put my dick in between your tits. Rubbing my cum around, I push your tits together and start fucking those gorgeous melons.

You are licking the cum from your cheeks and chin like it is the best ice cream in the world. I raise up and slide my dick into your mouth and you clean all the cum from my cock.

With a loud “Pop” my dicks slips out of your mouth. All I can say is “Wow!” as I fall back into the seat. I never thought my day would turn out like this when I woke up this morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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