Mac Buddys

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This is my first story, so I hope you enjoy it:

Given it was my last few months at college, I thought it highly unlikely that I would get any work, especially given my exams were over. However, the student council needed me, and my Mac buddy Tina needed my help.

For years, I had had a secret crush on her, a deep longing, but I could never have her. Every time we swapped work with each other I couldn’t help staring at her perfect tits, but she never seemed to notice. Today was no different, and as we sat next to each other, typing away, my eyes kept sliding sideways to those two perfect globes right next to me. I had to hold back my hands, and it was lucky my laptop was on my lap to hide the erection growing in my trousers!

I had never had the guts to tell her I liked her, and I still couldn’t work up the confidence. I was always shy round women like her, so high and mighty, so perfect and delicious, and even though I had known her for years, I was still nervous round her. Tonight our work had a big deadline, and we had to stay late after college hours were over.

As we both go tired, I offered to go and get her a drink and some food. When I came back, she was falling asleep. I sat down next to her and let her head fall on my shoulder. As her head slid slowly down my chest, I could feel my cock starting to grow towards her oncoming head. I didn’t want to wake her, so I didn’t touch her head, but in the end, the inevitable happened. Her head slid onto my dick, and suddenly she woke up.

“Wow! Hello big boy!”

Suddenly, the embarrassment shone across my face, but she didn’t mind.

“I canlı bahis had no idea you were so…. gifted”

Her hand slid up my leg, and started to stroke my dick through my trousers. Suddenly I was in heaven. All my dreams were coming true as the girl of my dreams was finally noticing me, all due to the throbbing cock she was staring at.

“You know, I always wondered about you! I knew you had a something hidden in those trousers… I just never had the guts to ask”

Suddenly it clicked that she longed for me in the same way, and I leant in and kissed her. It seemed to last forever, and her tongue in my mouth felt so smooth and silky, just like her lips. As she moved around so that she could sit on top of my lap, I lifted her up, and as she felt my hard cock on her pussy she let out a little moan.

“Oh, I can’t wait to have that inside me…”

I slid my hands up to her chest, and finally, after years of waiting, took hold of her breasts. They were more perfect than I could ever imagine. I let my hands caress her tits while we kissed, and her hands stroke my dick. I then lifted off her shirt, and took of her bra. I put my hands back onto the perfect hills that were her breasts, and as I started to kiss her neck, she started to move her hips back and forth on top of my dick.

She lifted off my shirt, and slid her hands up and down my chest, while I kissed my way closer to her perfect nipples. As my lips touched her breasts and worked their way to her nipples I felt like I was going to explode, but I had to control myself, no matter how hot she was. I lifted her onto the common room sofa, and bahis siteleri laid her down. I kissed my way down her stomach until I reached her skirt. I lifted it off, and saw her thong underneath, wet with anticipation. I lifted that down off her feet, and started to kiss up her legs. With every soft kiss I planted, I felt her body tense under me as I got closer and closer to her pussy.

I kissed up her calves, softly past her knees and onto her thighs. When I reached her pussy, I softly kissed it, and gently slid my tongue just under her pussy lips. As I slid my tongue up her pussy I lightly flicked it across the clit when I got to the top, and she grabbed my head from behind, pushing my face into her cunt. I slid my tongue deeper into her pussy, licking round the lips, and occasionally sucking on her clit. I felt her pussy tightening underneath me, and knew I could make her come, but I wanted to make it extra special.

I slid my hand up her leg, and slid one, then two fingers into her. I sucked on her clit, and started to finger fuck her.As my fingers explored deeper into her pussy I suddenly felt her buck her hips and thrust her pussy into my face. I knew I had hit her g-spot, and suddenly she let out a load moan, and then shuddered, her whole pussy clenching round my fingers.

“Nnnnnnngggghhhhhh… Shit that was good… I never knew your fingers were so talented. Now lets see if you’re dick con do the same”

She pulled me up and sat me down on the sofa, pulling my jeans and boxers off as she did so. My huge, throbbing cock popped out, and she gasped in awe. She grabbed it with one hand, and started bahis şirketleri to kiss the tip. Her mouth then slid over it, and I let out a tiny moan in ecstasy. The mouth I had been longing for was finally on my dick. She started to suck hard on my dick, and after a while I could feel my balls start to tense. I knew I was going to come, and she just kept sucking harder and harder.

“I’m coming, I’m coming! Arrrrgh…” I said as I let all of the cum in my balls explode into her mouth. She swallowed every single drop, without flinching, and licked my dick clean afterwards. I saw her fingering her shaved wet pussy, and instantly became hard again. I lifted up onto the table, and slid my cock into her pussy. She let out a moan, as her pussy clenched again, ready to orgasm again at any second. As I started to thrust into her pussy, i massaged her perfect tits with my hands. With every thrust she let out a gasp, as my huge dick thrust into her pussy.

I picked her up, and carried her to the wall, thrusting into her as I slammed her against a wall. My whole dick was now deep in her pussy as her whole body weight pushed down onto my cock. She moaned with every thrust, and as I felt her pussy squeeze around my dick, I knew she was having another orgasm, and lifted her back onto the sofa. As I thrust into her, she screamed in pleasure with every thrust, and that just took me closer to the edge. My balls started to tingle, and as every thrust sent her into another orgasm, my dick was being worked as her was pussy clenching round it, and I was ready to explode. With one last huge thrust, she let out a huge moan as I squirted my hot load deep into her pussy, and felt her pussy orgasm round my dick with every squirt, again, and again.

We both collapsed onto the sofa and looked into each others eyes, wishing this had happened years ago…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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