Made in the Heavens

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Life is full of ironies. It’s something that almost everyone in this world can attest to. Often the last thing we want to do in our life is what exactly what we end up doing at one point or the other. Some people attribute it to destiny, some to Karma, some just say that’s life and live with it! However, it’s always encouraging to think that even ironies can have a silver lining hidden in them if we look hard enough.

Akaash Verma was a recipient of one of such ironies of life. Akaash was a brilliant researcher and was currently pursuing his PhD in nanotechnology from an Ivy League university in USA. At 25 he was already well published and well respected not only by this peers, but also by this professors. His expertise in nanotechnology caused him to receive various invitations from conferences worldwide to talk about his research. His professors always encouraged him to attend in order to help him further his career. However, this is where Akaash’s irony begins. As much as he enjoyed his work, his field, attending conferences, sharing his knowledge and expanding his network, he equally hated the primary means to reach the conferences. Akaash Verma hated to fly!

Being a man of science, Akaash knew that statistically flying was the safest mode of travel. He flew when he had to, and usually did not have a problem. But any flight with turbulence usually caused severe panic attacks. He hated the moving, the shaking, the bouncing, and the rumbling of the plane, anything that had anything to do with turbulence. He hated it with a passion, but always bit the bullet along with a few sleeping pills every time he got on a plane. Another irony of the situation was that his name in Hindi meant Sky.

Well as luck would have it, Akaash’s latest research publication was very well received by the industry and he was invited to be the key note speaker at an upcoming conference. However, the conference was in New Delhi, India, so would have to fly. Upon talking to his advisors, Akaash decided to fly to straight to New Delhi since it would be the shortest possible route. Since he was the key note speaker at the conference, he was upgraded to the Business Executive class.

On D-day or D-evening (as it was a post sunset flight), Akaash decided to dress up in a suit since he was flying the elite class, and checked in at the counter. He went through security, and waited for boarding. He was getting anxious by the minute and as the boarding was announced he realized that he had forgotten his sleeping pills. In his panic he ran to the convenient stores in the boarding lounge but none of them carried any sleeping pills. In his frustration, he picked us some very strong cold medicine hoping that might do the trick just as well.

When Akaash return to his flight gate, he one of was the last few people to board. He gave his boarding pass and was escorted to his window seat. The business executive class was one level below First class and had wide seats with lots of leg room. His seat also had an electrical outlet for his laptop as well as his own entertainment TV screen with comfortable headphones, a cushion footrest and he was able to recline his seat almost in a flat position. This was going to be a very comfortable flight. Akaash, stored his laptop under his seat and got comfortable readying a book. The flight was reasonably full and he hoped that the seat next to him would remain empty. No such luck.

A few moments after Akaash had gotten comfortable; the flight attendant escorted someone to the aisle seat next to him. Wanting to be polite, Akaash looked up and saw a very professionally dressed young woman being seated next to him. She was dressed in a business suit with a knee length black skirt, black jacket over a white silk blouse. In one glimpse Akaash saw that while she was good looking, she was also very serious and decided to keep out of her way as much as possible. But politeness first…

“Hi,” he said smiling a little.

“Hello,” She replied but did not return the smile.

Despite being very intelligent, Akaash was also quite handsome, but he had never learnt how to be comfortable around women. He had dated on occasions, and been around the block once or twice but nothing long term. Looking at her demeanor Akaash did not want to push his luck, so he returned back to his book.

The flight took off on time, and everything was going smoothly. Akaash decided not to take the cold pills so he could concentrate on reviewing his research papers. An hour or so into the flight, the flight attendant came to them with menus for appetizers, dinners and dessert. Akaash was simply loving this. Both he and the woman next to him made the same choices, but still there was no conversation before or during dinner which was served on restaurant quality dinnerware. Akaash finished his dinner in silence and returned to his research papers and an hour or so later decided to take a nap. The flight was been very smooth and the captain said he anticipated a smooth flight. He looked at his watch and he still had over ten hours to his destination. canlı bahis Yes, he thought, a nap would do him good.

Akaash woke up with a jolt! The plane was bouncing up and down, and Akaash panicked. He grabbed both his arm rests with all his might and pushed back on his seat. He always kept his seatbelt tied, so he just closed his eyes and started taking very short shallow breathes trying hard not to have an anxiety attack. The plane continued to move side to side, and up down for several minutes. The metallic sounds of the plane were causing Akaash to sweat but he didn’t dare relax his grip or open his eyes.

Fortunately a few minutes later, the turbulence subsided and the Captain’s voice came in from the speakers. Akaash listened to every word without opening his eyes or relaxing

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for the unexpected turbulence. However there seems to be a storm developing ahead and while we will try to keep this flight smooth as possible, we suggest you keep your seatbelts securely fastened for your own safety. Thank you.”

“That’s a pretty firm grip.” Said a voice next to him. Akaash opened his eyes and turned to the voice to see the woman next to him looking at him. Then he looked down at the armrest and saw that he had actually been holding her hand on the armrest separating their two seats.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like my hand back.” She continued.

Akaash looked back up at her, and for the first time she was smiling. The smile completely lightened her face.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he let go of her arm, “but I really don’t like turbulence.”

“I guessed that,” she said, “though I must admit you don’t seem to be the type that’s afraid of flying.”

“Oh flying I can handle,” Akaash said, “It’s the turbulence, and the potential of a crash that bothers me.”

“Ok,” She said quizzically “I think.”

“By the way, thanks for not yelling and calling the flight attendant,” Akaash said sheepishly. “That would have been really embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry about it” she said. “I was very surprised when you grabbed my arm suddenly, but when I saw you freaking out, I realized you weren’t trying to make a pass at me.”

“Believe me, making a pass at you was the LAST thing on my mind,” He said. “I was just trying not to have an anxiety attack!”

She just laughed at that.

“Well my name is Akaash. Akaash Verma.” He said and extended his hand.

“Sejal Patel,” She met his hand with hers and smiled. “Much better grip this time.”

“Yea, this is my professional shake not the panicky one.”

“Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but when you were having your anxiety attack, you actually looked quiet adorable. It’s not everyday I get to see a grown man panicking.” She added teasingly.

“Thank you for taking my ego and tearing it to shreds, but I guess I deserved that one.” Akaash said. “Though you could have been a bit nicer before. You looked like you were about lash out at the next person who said anything to you.”

Sejal just looked at him for a moment and smiled broadly. “Yea I know, it’s just that if I smile at people and come across as friendly most guys just immediately start flirting with me. Especially Indians. Oh, don’t give me that look, you know what I’m taking about.” She continued.

“Yea, I do,” Akaash admitted. “Actually been guilty of that a few times myself.”

“Just a few times?” Sejal raised her eyebrows. “Well anyway, when I saw that I was sitting next to you, I just thought it would be better if I didn’t get friendly with you since this was long flight and I didn’t want to get uncomfortable.”

“I guess I can understand that,” Said Akaash, “Though I doubt you expected this to happena” and started laughing.

Sejal couldn’t help herself but had to laugh too.

“Ok, I’ll make a deal with you,” said Akaash, “I won’t flirt with you for the rest of the flight, but you have to agree that you won’t be so serious. Deal?”

“I can do that. Deal” Sejal smiled. “So what do you do?”

“I’m a graduate student, and I’m going to New Delhi for a conference.” Akaash Replied. “What about you?”

“Well I’m a project manager my firm and am going to meet some business consultants.” Sejal Replied. “What’s the conference about? Are you presenting or just attending?”

“The conference is on Nanotachnology and I have been invited to be a Keynote speaker.”

“Well, well, I’m honored to be sitting next to a brainic!” she smiled. “Nothing more appealing than an intellectual man,” she added with a twinkle.

“Thanks for the compliments,” said Akaash and felt him self blush a little.

Now that the ice was broken, Sejal and Akaash spent the next hour talking. Apparently Sejal was the same age as Akaash and had already done well for herself in the corporate world. She was one of the leading project managers in her company and was well on her way to the executive level.

“Beauty as well as brains.” Akaash had remarked sincerely to which Sejal said genuine heartfelt thanks.

It was obvious bahis siteleri that the two were starting to share more than a conversation though neither was saying or doing anything about it. Half way through the flight, the cabin lights were dimmed to allow the passengers to sleep, but neither Sejal nor Akaash were feeling that desire.

When the flight hit turbulence again, Akaash immediately went into his panic mode, but this time Sejal held his hand in hers and for the first time in his life, Akaash could feel his anxiety going down. Sejal gently rubbed his hand with her fingers and his breathing slowed.

“It’s ok,” she whispered gently and Akaash opened his eyes and saw Sejal looking at him. She was not judging him as a coward, she was not making fun of him, and she was not belittling him. He realized that she was looking at him though the eyes of comfort, and caring. Her eyes were kind and nurturing, and while the plane was being rocked from side to side, Akaash felt nothing but peace flow through him.

Without turning his eyes away from hers, he gently lifted her hand still holding his own, and placed a soft kiss on her fingers.

“Thank you.” Akaash said.

“You’re welcome,” Sejal replied kindly.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t making a pass at you,” Akaash suddenly stammered, “it’s just that I’ve never been this comfortable in turbulence before.”

“I understand, so please don’t apologize,” Sejal replied. She noticed that Akaash was still holding her hand and was now gently caressing it. She didn’t mind at all, and was surprised that she was actually welcoming his touch. Akaash hands were strong yet they had a softness that made her shiver. Sejal was really attracted to his man and it was an unexpected experience for her.

Akaash was also feeling mixed emotions. He was touched and impressed by Sejal. He wanted to continue to behave like a gentleman but he also wanted to give into his desire to express his undeniable attracted to his woman. He turned his head and saw her looking at him. Her _expression was one that he was feeling. He leaned forward a little. She followed suite.

Looking into each other eyes resting on the edges of their seats in a dimly lit cabin, Akaash could smell her perfume. Sejal smelled as sensuous as she looked. The turbulence was forgotten, the other passengers were invisible, and there was no one else around but them.

Akaash took all the courage he had and leaned forward closing his eyes. He felt his lips touch hers. They were soft and moist and welcoming. Time froze for Akaash not knowing what would happen next. He dared not moved, not breathe, not think. Then he felt Sejal’s lips gently pressing on to his, giving into his kiss with equal trepidation and vigor.

Akaash kissed her again and pressed his lips harder giving into his held back desires. Sejal responds in kind by gently parting her lips and welcoming him. His tongue touched hers and she felt a surge of electricity flow through hers.

Akaash and Sejal were locked in their passionate kiss for a long while when finally they parted. They continued to look at each other then both of them took their blankets and covered themselves up. They looked around to confirm that the passengers in the cabin were indeed sleeping, and then locked in their passionate kiss again. This time the urgency was definitely evident in both of them.

Akaash reach under the blanket and slowly ran his hand over Sejals thighs. Sejal pushed back on his lips approvingly and gently ran her hand on his hair. Akaash slowly stared inching his hand up, gently caressing her inner thighs. He slipped his hand between her legs and moved his hand under her skirt. Sejal slowly eased her self off her seat and puller her skirt up allowing him free reign.

Akaash moved his fingers higher and higher up her thigh and could feel the heat on his finger tips. Sejal parted her legs some more and moved her hand down under the blanket and rested it on Akaash’s crotch and felt him get hand in his pants. She pressed her hand on his cock and he responded and rubbing his fingertips on her panties covered pussy. Sejal was getting very hot and her pussy was showing it. This was so unlike her, but she didn’t care. She started pushing her hips into his fingers wanted him to feel her.

Akaash slid his fingers inside her panties and felt a very wet slit greet his fingertips. As he ran his fingers up and down her welcoming slit, Sejal unzipped his hands and slipped her hand in to find a very hard cock straining to come out of his boxers. Akaash’s teasing fingers were arousing her to no end. She could feel her pussy respond by flooding is fingers with her juices. She was trying to push her pussy onto his fingers but Akaash was having none of that. He was a tease and she liked that.

Trying not to moan was one the hardest things either of them had had to do this instant. Akaash was loving teasing Sejal with his light touches and he could see her lust burning in her. Sejal’s hand of Akaash cock felt incredible. When Sejal took his cock out of this boxers bahis şirketleri and pulled it out of his pants, Akaash felt he could come right there, but did not want to point the moment and savor this Goddess as much as he could. Sejal started to slowly stroke his cock with her hand and Akaash’s cock responded by oozing out pre-cum down his shaft. Sejal simply rubbed it over his cock making is easier for her to pump his cock.

giving into Sejals vigor, Akaash slid one finger slowly into Sejals pussy and felt his finger almost burn from the heat.

“Oh, yea,” She sighed.

Encouraged, Akaash slid his finger deeper and felt the finger being sucked in. Sejal’s juices were seeping out of her pussy and Akaash slid another finger in and Sejals tensed momentarily as a shiver went through her. She closeed her legs over his fingers and squeezed her thighs drinding her pussy in her hand. She started to pump her ahnd up and down his bow very wet cock and was loosing her self in ecstasy.

“You have magical fingers,” she whispered.

“Your hand is doing wonders on me!” Akaash replied.

Sejal smiled lustfully and then surprised Akaash but slowly pully his finger out of her pussy with her other hand, and sliding down her seat. She crouched down completely and covered herself with the blanket. Akaash just looked at her in surprise when he felt her hot mouth on his very hard and very wet cock, he almost groaned like the lustful animal he was feeling.

He couldn’t believe that Sejal just bent over and pulled the blanket over her head and started giving a blow-job right there in the seat. The postion may not have been comfortable but Sejal was doing her best. He moved her head up and down sucking his cock as must as she could all the while pumping his shaft with her hand. He could feel the heat under there and realized that Sejal must be burning up.

Akaash was so aroused that She did not have to work very hard, sucking and masturbating before he exploded his load into her. He felt his balls contract and without warning blew his load right into Sejal’s mouth. Sejals seemed to be ready as she swallowed almost all of it. She continued to suck him till she had milked all his cum out and he had become soft. She got out of the blanked and Akaash noticed that a few drops of his cum had landed on her blouse.

Akaash was still in a daze when Sejal leaned close to his ear and said, “follow me to the Lavratory in one minute,” and got up to go to the lavatory.

A minute later, after check that the coast was clear, when Akaash opened the door on the left Sejal was ready for him. She had already unbuttoned her blouse and opened the front of her bra. He breasts were perfect and aroused. Her nipples were lighter than he imagined and bigger than he could have imagined. They stuck out almost an inch and the mere sight of them made Akaash’s mouth water.

His heart was racing faster then ever. He locked the door and grabbed her toward himself, kissing her with all his might. Sejal gracefully unbuckled his belt, loosened his pants and expertly reached inside his pants and began stroking his recently spent cock again. It started to harden to her now familiar touch again.

He lifted her skirt to her waist and pulled her soaking panties off. Sejal then put one leg on the side of the toilet and the other up by the sink. Akaash was so hard and Sejal was so wet that he was able to bury myself deep inside her in an instant.

“Oh God,” was all he could manage saying. “you feel incredible.” .

“Yea baby, fuck my pussy. See how wet you’ve made me” Sejal whispered back. Talking dirty had always been her weak point and she loved doing it.

Akaash was rocking back and forth and with each stroke both had to keep from yelling. He could see her juices tricking down his cock, more and more of which was coming out of her pussy with every hump. Sejal then backed away, sat on the toilet and began to kiss and suck his cock, occasionally sitting up and placing in her cleavage. Akaash could see his cock glistening with Sejal’s pussy juices and watching Sejal suck their combined juices off his cock make him swell even more so.

“We taste so good!” She said with a lust look.

Sejal then got up, put her ass on the edge of the sink, spread her legs and with just a little difficulty, slid Akaash’s cock deep in her extremely wet pussy. This woman loved her sex and Akaash loved her even more for it. He felt her pussy sucking his manhood from his cock with every stroke. Having cum just a little while ago, Akaash was in no fear of disappointing Sejal. She was working herself into a frenzy and Akaash was more than happy to please.

As Sejal balanced her self on the edge of the sink, Akaash fucked her pussy with a rage that made him forget all his fears. He reached forward and took her breast into his mouth. Her hard puffy nipples were getting darker in shades and Sejal was getting more and more aroused. He rolled his tongue around her nipple and gently bit on it. Sejal gasped, bit into her own hand to stop from screaming as her orgasm ripped through her! He pulled Akaash into her breast as her pussy milked Akaash’s buried cock through her orgasm. Sejal’s whole body shivered and trembled as the intensity of the waves of pleasure surprised even her.

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