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My husband and I enjoy travel and like to get away a few times a year. Being cold in the North we like to head south in January or February. This year we went to Florida to see the sights and do the regular tour that the tourists do. We booked into the Hilton at Walt Disney World and got busy seeing and doing all the regular stuff. On the fourth day we were there, my husband had booked a round of golf, that being his passion. My passion on the other hand is shopping and I was quite delighted to let him go and play a round while I took the time to browse the shops.

We went down to the restaurant that morning for a leisurely breakfast before going our own separate ways. He headed off for the links and I went back up to the room to gather my purse and freshen up before my shopping spree.

It took me about ten minutes to get ready and I grabbed my purse, ready to hit the streets. As I was heading for the door I heard a sound coming from the next room. The room was one of those with an adjoining door to the next room, allowing larger groups to move back and forth easily between. I heard it again, the sound of someone moaning. It was not a moan of pain, but of passion. The couple next door must be getting it on I thought.

My voyeurism instincts must have taken over because I found myself moving over to the door to listen better. I put my ear near the door and listened to what was definitely the sound of a woman enjoying sex. I listened for a minute or two and began to move away feeling somewhat guilty for intruding on their private moment.

It was then that I noticed there was a crack between the door and the frame. Well I had come this far. I put my eye to the crack. As luck would have it I was looking directly at the bed in the next room. To my surprise I discovered that it was not a couple making love.

Spread out on the bed was a woman. I would guess in her early thirties like me. She had brown hair and a tanned complexion bursa yabancı escort with contrasting tan lines. Her left hand was pulling at her breasts, while her right dipped into her pussy. Her head was thrown back and her pelvis thrust back and forth as she finger fucked herself.

I felt I should go but something held me there. She just looked so sexy her one hand pulling at her nipples, then rubbing her palms across them. Her nipples were light colored, almost pink and looked engorged from her play. Her right hand thrusting into her pussy, which was glistening wet with her juices. She would then run up over her clit rubbing it in circles for a few moments before plunging her fingers back inside.

Oh God, it turning me on. I knew now why my husband liked to watch me masturbate. I also knew that I was going to have to cum too; I had that itch that needed to be scratched. I slipped my hand under my dress and into my panties. I started to rub my own slit that was already very wet from watching her. I continued to rub myself as I watched her start to ram her fingers in harder. I could tell she was close to cumming. As she came I came too, rubbing my hard little button back and forth. My husband always teases me about hew easy I can cum. It is not uncommon for me to cum 30 or 40 times in a session of love making. I guess I am just one of the lucky ones. It does not take much to set me off and this was more than enough.

I figured that would be it, but I continued to watch her, slowly rubbing myself in the after glow. She rolled over for a moment and then back, holding a purse. She reached in and pulled out a vibrator. It was pink and shaped like a penis. She turned the black knob on the end, starting it up. She slid it over her nipples for a few moments before moving it down to easily slip into her dripping pussy. This girl was just getting started.

Well if she could have another orgasm so could bursa sınırsız escort I. I slipped my panties off to give better access for my fingers. I started to rub my nub and finger fuck myself again all the time watching her fuck herself with the vibrator.

I froze……..

“That must be quite a show,” came a female voice from behind.

Dropping my hand from my crotch I turn to face the maid that had entered the room. I had not heard her in my preoccupation in my mutual masturbation session with the woman next door.

“Let me see,” she said, moving past me like she had not just caught me with my fingers in the cookie jar.

As she stood at the door way her eye to the crack I looked her over. She appeared to be about 19 or 20, perfect completion, black hair, average sized breasts, quite cute. She of course was dressed in the maid uniform of the hotel a blouse, skirt and sensible shoes.

She watched at the crack for about a minute while I stood there trying to force away my embarrassment at being caught. Turning back she said in a low voice. “She looks great, have a look again; I think she is about to cum.”

Not knowing what else to do I put my eye back to the crack. The maid was right the woman was starting into the throws of another orgasm. The sight of her cumming again sent another gush of juices to my own pussy. I still had needs that had yet to be met.

As I watched the other woman my hand crept back under my skirt. I was too far gone to let the fact that the maid was there stop me. As my fingers entered my wet slit I felt a pair of hands reach around and start to undo the buttons on my blouse. The maid quickly undid all the button then helped me removed my blouse. She then undid my bra and removed it to. My fingers went back to my pussy as the maid reached around and caressed my breasts, one in each hand as she left a wet trail of kisses across my shoulders görükle escort and neck.

I was transfixed now, watching the woman next door fucking herself, my own fingers in my pussy and the maid playing with my breasts, I was so turned it was like I had a river running out of me. I started into another orgasm

When I finally subsided a bit the maid pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down. She moved between my thighs and pushed up my skirt exposing that extremely wet pussy of mine. She moved in and started licking and sucking. Her tongue flicked across my clit, first gently, then harder. She then dipped down pushing her tongue as far as she could inside me. Moving back up she slipped my nub between her lips and sucked, sending me into an immediate orgasm. She continued to lick nibble and suck bring me to multiple orgasms, I don’t know how many I was just lost in the feeling of the moment.

Finally I pushed her away. She had given me some fantastic orgasms and I knew that I had to reciprocate. I told her to lie down and as I removed her skirt and panties. She undid her blouse and slid her bra up and over her breasts. All I could think about right now was tasting her juices.

I moved in, giving some tentative licks. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and ground my face and tongue into her gooey slit. I relished in the taste, the texture, the heat. I did my best, tonguing her clit, diving my tongue deep inside her, sucking her and was rewarded with an orgasm. I continued eating her pussy like a ravenous wolf, devouring her, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

I laid back, exhausted, but satisfied. What an experience. The maid rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom carrying her clothes. She emerged a few minutes later, dressed and looking again like she had when she first caught me.

She smiled and said, “I hope you have enjoyed your stay at the Hilton, I will be back later to tidy up.” With that see winked and left me on the bed, sticky and naked except for my bunched up skirt.

I got up to shower and as I passed the door to the next room I had one last look. The woman was gone and to this day I wonder it she had heard us and stood at that door, her eye to the crack, watching the maid and I make each other cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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