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“If you don’t wake up soon, I’ll eat all the breakfast.”

It wasn’t every morning that she got to lay in bed. But today, she had no work to do and J was going in town to run errands. Grinning to herself, C went downstairs to breakfast and see J off.

She was now alone thinking of what toys to use this afternoon. She went upstairs and slowly removed her nightgown in front of the mirror, watching her skin slowly reveal itself. First her shoulders, then the top of her chest. She relished in watching her midriff become bare and flushed a little as it piled on the floor by her feet. C crawled under the covers and picked up her vibrator, running it up and down her slit, eventually nestling at the entrance her hole.

She thought about Js mouth and expert tongue playing with her little hotspot, and the thought made her clutch her breast and pinch her nipple. She loved his mouth on her. She kept the vibrator on high and kept imagining his mouth exploring her skin, trailing her fingers along the paths that he enjoyed exploring when they were together. She could feel herself heating up and getting close when suddenly, she heard a noise.

“That’s strange,” she thought, not expecting J home this early. She wrapped robe around her, throwing the vibrator to the side, and went downstairs. As she descended, she decided to surprise him and walked into the kitchen announcing “hello hot stuff” as she dropped the robe. But instead of her J, there was the paper boy from down the street walking and throwing newspapers at house doors.”Well I’m very glad our newspaper has gotten to us.

After collecting her robe, she decided to get the mail, C tied the straps of her robe so she wouldn’t be surprising the next person, but left out putting on any other clothing, retrieve the mail and get ready for a afternoon of self care.

We live in a townhouse, so there is a common path in the townhouse complex that goes by our front door, and it gets lots of traffic.

A normally simple task took a very abnormal turn. She opened the front door and headed for the wall of mail boxes. Thumbing through the mail during the return trip, she took a wrong step and fell.

“Ahhhhhh ” C yelling, as pain shot through her ankle and leg. Falling in a heap on the sidewalk. She definitely sprained or broke her ankle and is gonna need ankara sınırsız escortlar help.

“Are you okay?”

A concerned voice belong to G, with his good looks, a body that showed he spent a great deal of time working out, and a confident air to him, he could have any woman he wanted.

G grabbing her hand helped C to her feet. She attempted a step with his assistance and was unable to walk. The pain was to much and the swelling was gonna need ice.

“Can you get me in the house G?”


G scooped her up like a new bride and walked towards the house. G and C seemed to realize at the same moment that her bare bottom was pressed against is arm and this was going to be an interesting walk to the house.

G a neighbor 20 years her senior was now skin to skin with her ass and pussy. Evey step his elbow and forearm was grinded against them. A very wet pussy was inevitable.

C enjoying each step, let out a accidental moan. G responded and his steps slowed. Breathing heavy completely turned on, not wanting the walk to end, G made it to house, set her on the couch and waited for what was next.

“Ice packs are in the freezer, ace bandage wrap is bathroom cabinet top shelf and tylenol is on my bed side stand.”

He was going to be in for quite surprise and she knew it. G responded quickly, finding ice and the wrap. Once upstairs he entered her bedroom for tylenol, but found much more!

Toys, lots of sex toys and vibrator still humming loud. Surveying everything for what felt like hours, but in reality only a minute. G headed downstairs knowing she wanted him to see what her plans for the day were.

The task at hand was taking care of C. G opened the tylenol poured a couple in his and reached out to give them to C. She smiled wickedly, opened her mouth and extended her tongue. This was a clear sign of her intentions.

G was going do what ever she demanded. He lightly placed the tylenol on her tongue. Without hesitation she leaned forward, taking his fingers into her mouth. C made all the motions of a expert blow job. Wrapping ice on her ankle was next.

G knelt down to begin the ice wrap. Elevating her leg onto the ottoman, He had full view of her soaked, dripping pussy. C untied her robe slowly and completely opened it. His cock was so hard it ankara suriyeli escortlar was painful. After wrapping the swollen ankle to her satisfaction. She slipped the robe off her shoulders, then her arms. C was completely naked! G still knelt in front of her watched as she placed her other foot up onto the couch cushion and opened her legs wide. C made a obvious invitation that he was ready for.

Care to hang around for a little bit? I’m all alone with no one to play with.” The neighbor’s eyes went wide, then he smiled and said “gladly.” He kissed up her torso and to her neck, grabbing immediately for her tits. He groped her hard and she cooed in excitement, feeling her cunt ignite. The neighbor continued his mouth’s assault down her neck to her chest, leaving red marks that were sure to last for several days. With that approach, C knew J was bound to figure out she had been fucking, and she was both excited and nervous to hear his reaction.

Biting her lip, she looked down at him, and he locked eyes with her, not stopping his tongue action, but she could see the smile of satisfaction in his eyes. He loved going down on her and he didn’t plan to stop soon. When his tongue moved southward and began licking her ass, C started crying out “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” and she couldn’t help but move her hips and pelvis in conjunction with his tongue’s dance. She reached her hands to his head, rubbing her fingers through his close cropped hair.

As the neighbor continued his assault, C pulled his shirt off over his head, then undid his pants and quickly pushed them off. Her legs spread wide so he could dip his tongue deep into her cunt. He was clearly not new to pleasuring a woman in this way, but C was so desperate she found herself grinding her cunt onto his tongue and pressing the back of his head into her so she could get herself off. She felt the heat in her body rise, higher and higher, until the tension exploded and her legs tightened around his head, her voice screaming out loud.

So loud, in fact, that she failed to hear the sound of the garage door open and the footsteps enter the house.

“Wow.” J walked within 5 feet of them, then said.

“Back up”. J stepped between her legs and lightly tongued her clit. While C was still coming down from her first orgasm, her sincan türbanlı escortlar cunt responded immediately to her J’s familiar licks and nibbles. He knew her so well, and knew just how to get her to the edge of an orgasm, so he worked diligently until she started making her loud moans. With this cue, he stepped back and turned to the neighbor.

“She knows she’s allowed to play with whoever she wants, but that there is always the possibility of a consequence if I am to find out.” J smiled wickedly and started to slap her pussy. The neighbor could hear C’s gasps and could see her pussy dripping on the floor. J said ” that’s enough. Bring her to the bedroom with me.” The neighbor scooped her up and followed J to the king sized bed.

“It won’t take much more to make her cream” J laughed, then he instructed the neighbor to sit up against the headboard. Once settled, J told C “do your best work, just the way you know pleases me.” C kissed him, thanked him, and then laid down so she could take the neighbor’s cock in her mouth while she waved her ass in the air. She was doubly happy in the position, as she had a cock in her mouth and she didn’t have to put weight on her bruising ankle. J increased that happy feeling though, as he kneeled behind her, dug his nails in her ass flesh, and pounded his huge cock inside of her. She screamed onto the neighbors cock as she thrust it down her throat. With J’s pressure behind her, she had no control over how deep the neighbors cock would go. C was forced to deep throat the neighbor for several minutes, until the neighbor started to get an alarmed look on his face. J laughed and pulled C’s hair back.

“You’re so hungry today. You’re making him nervous. Give him one more minute, then I’m going to cum all over your back and I want him to cover your face and tits. A real cum slut. Got it?” C garbled her consent, and J sped up from behind, getting ready to spray his junk all up her ass crack and down her spine.

In moments, he screamed “now” and pulled out, covering her with his white seed. The neighbor came in time, spraying C’s face and tits. She was soaked. The neighbor rolled away from her mouth and J stepped back, leaving C to lay in a large puddle. J turned to the neighbor and shrugged his shoulders.

“Thanks for the mail. The neighbor grinned wickedly, then let himself out. J left C to rest, knowing her pussy must still be sore. He would give her time, then run her a bath to soften her bruised skin. Once bathed, he would take her again, this time from the front, so he could gaze in her eyes and marvel, how could he possibly have gotten so lucky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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