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Casey heard the rain starting. Only a few calm drops. She had just gotten out of a long hot shower and she grabbed for her robe. It was big, soft, and fluffy. Jake had bought it for her 25th birthday and she loved to feel wrapped up in it. She slipped on her white canvas shoes, and went out the front door for the barn. The water was running down the drive and it made it somewhat slippery, but she made it.

The horses were the first priority. Of course, they were waiting for her at the gate and the large stallion gave a snort when he saw her, a kind of “Happy to see you, now hurry” type of sound. She loved him with all her heart and he knew it. He was jet black and her head barely reached his shoulder. She had bought him the best mares in the state and he was kept happy. She loved his gentle way. He always wanted to rest his head on her shoulder and sniff her hair. But his power was staggering. He had a fierce way of him. He was possessive over her, and it had caused a few tense moments between her and him, but they always seemed to forgive each other and that is what he lived for.

One by one she lead the mares in, of course he would wait until they were all safe before he came in. Last one and proud of it. He strolled past her, only to give her a nudge and send her flying a little. She giggled and he knew she was ok. Sometimes he forgot his Samsun Escort own strength with her.

She got out the grain and feed them all and with a flash and a loud crash the storm arrived in a burst. The rain was so heavy she couldn’t see the house, and she though…how funny will she look when Jake arrives home to find her stuck in the barn in nothing, but her robe. She sat on a bale in front of Majesty and stroked his nose. She thought it was funny she called him Her Majesty. He was sure the king of the stable. She leaned her head back against the hay and listened to the thunder, strong and fierce. Battling the night sky for room to breath. She didn’t realize how relaxed she was until she felt soft lips kissing hers and she smiled, Jake was home.

How long have I been out she asked him…Long enough in this damp barn in just your robe he responded. She felt his strong arms picking her up to carry her to the house. He was so good to her. She had everything she could have wanted as a little girl. The farm, the amazing life they had together, and Majesty. Jake felt Majesty snort at his back. Jake turned to him with Casey in his arms, sorry old boy she’s mine.

Jake carried her all the way to the house. He was dirty from work, but she didn’t care Casey loved his smell. He was passionate, adoring, and fervent. He was her lover.

The Samsun Escort Bayan kitchen was as far as they made it. In one swoop Jake cleared the table off and laid Casey down. His eyes, deep and blue, were wanting and she knew she was his. He pulled open her robe only to find the sweetness he desired. He thought of her all day on the job. Sometimes his crew would call his name and he would be so deep in thought about her they would have to call many times. He was always surprised at how much he loved her. And now at the end of a hard day, he had his angle before him. Open to him. Wanting to be taken by him. He kissed her lips with all his built up obsession and he could feel her shiver from his passion. His tongue grazed hers and danced with hers. Casey started to strip him of his clothes. His wet t-shirt, and muddy jeans. There they lay naked on the kitchen table. Jake started to kiss Casey’s neck down to her wanting breasts. He felt her hard nipples with his lips and nipped her a little to watch her squirm. She moaned in ecstasy. He paid special attention to her breasts and nipples. Kissing, pinching, and biting them until she begged him to move down on her. He knew what she was asking and he was glad to give her this pleasure. He loved her smell and her taste was so sweet. His lips traced her smooth stomach, reaching Escort Samsun her soft wet throbbing pussy.

She was so wet with anticipation. He loved how he could make her this excited. His tongue slipped into her slit and Casey screamed out in rapture. Jake loved to flick her clit until she begged him to take her. He so enjoyed this part of their lovemaking. Casey moaned and fought back the force inside to cum. Jake sensed she was close. He slowed his pace and inserted a finger into her wanting pussy. Casey arched her back from the invasion, and cried out in love. Jack licked and fucked Casey until he could feel her tighten around his finger. He pulled out and climbed on top of her so quickly she lost her breath. He kissed her deeply and whispered… I love you Baby. She could feel his cock finding it’s way to her. She inhaled deeply, he was big and it always a bit of a challenge at first. Jake found what he was looking for and thrust deep inside of Casey. She arched and let out a cry of passion and her body reacted to meet his. Was it she was so tight or he was so big? Please fuck me Jake, Casey cried out. Jake quickened his pace and rode her like a true stallion should. Deeper and harder. Wanting her so much. Fucking her hard and kissing her deeply. He could feel Casey’s body strain, and Jake knew it was time, with one last deep thrust both were sent over the edge.

Casey opened her eyes and realized the storm had let up and the rain was quieting. She looked around to see only Majesty in front of her. He was protecting her during her dream. She heard Jake’s truck pull into the driveway and shut her eyes once again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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