Make It Up To Me Pt. 02

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Chris, Sean’s and Richard’s friend, was throwing a very grand party indeed. It was all set up in the hotel’s great banquet hall. Unfortunately for Sean, the hall was jam packed with people they knew. People they had to meet, come what may.

The next circle of friends had joined them. As they talked and laughed, Richard glanced at Sean with a little smirk on his face.

Despite the wide grin on his face, it was clear that he was panicking. His eyes were a little pink and wide. His face, pale. Every now and then, he tugged up his slim-fit pants by its waistband, ran a hand over his swollen bladder and shoved his hands into his pants pocket while shifting on his feet.

“Friends!” A voice bellowed from the stage ahead of them.

They turned to see Chris, all dressed up in a shining tuxedo. “So here’s the surprise I’ve been dying to tell you all.” Smiling, he paused to look around the hall, checking to see if any of them could guess what it was. “Catherine and I are finally getting married.”

A round of gasps erupted. Then, a huge round of applause.

“This is amazing!”

Richard heard a random comment and glanced over at Sean to see him clapping his hands.

The applause died down and Chris continued to talk upstage.

Sean stuffed his hands back into his pocket and shifted on his feet again.

Richard leaned towards him and spoke quietly. “How are you doing?”

Sean glanced at him and rolled his eyes while sighing. “I can’t do this,” he hissed.

“Yes, you can.”

“No, I can’t. If I don’t pee now, I’ll be in trouble.”

“I still don’t see the erection.”

“I can’t have it in here. Not with all these people! Are you crazy?”

“Fine. You want to pee?”

“Since long!”

“Okay, go and pee. But don’t come back to me after that.”


“No, I mean it.”

“Can we at least cut down on the time? You’re asking me to hold it till we get home, which is ridiculous. I already have to pee so badly. How the hell am I going to hold it all night?” Sean spoke in a frantic whisper.

“I don’t know. Just do it. And… that’s where your erection comes in. It will lock in your piss.”

“Don’t you get it? I can’t get erect in here.”

“You will, if you’re full enough. Problem is… you aren’t.”

Sean held his tongue for a moment, clearly seething. He grabbed Richard’s hand and placed it over his bladder. “Tell me now. Tell me that I’m full.” Bostancı escort He gnashed his teeth.

Richard was stunned at the sudden move. He wasn’t expecting that. He allowed his hand to rest over Sean’s bladder for a moment, feeling its hardness. Indeed, it was full. Maybe not a hundred percent, but easily close to that. “Not enough,” he smirked and gave a couple of pats, sending jolts into Sean’s aching bladder. “Erections happen when you really-really-REALLY have to pee. And when I say that, it means, desperately. You aren’t desperate enough.”

“I am.”

“It’s time to raise your bar. I still say you’re not desperate enough.”

“I told you that I am. I’m just aching since so long.”

“Simply aching doesn’t mean you’re ready. You will be when you really fear losing it. When you feel that hard push of pee struggling to get out, and then you succeed in holding it back, and you feel your cock throbbing. Until, the first jet of pee spurts out. And then another. And then another.”

“Are you crazy? I can’t do all that in here!” Sean spat and leaned in closer.

“Who’s asking you to? Hold it in. That’s how you get hard.”

Frustrated, Sean hissed and bend over a little and peeked into Richard’s face. Sean was a good 6’3. Richard was close. “See, listen to me. Let’s do all of this at home. Trust me! I’ll do anything that you want. Tie me up. Make me wear what you want. Make me get the biggest erection ever. Make me hold it all day. Heck, even a couple of leaks for you.”

“That won’t be an honest erection, Sean. Here, with all these people, you can’t lie.”

Sean sighed and gulped hard. He was close to that criteria Richard mentioned. His cock was throbbing after a huge surge of pee desperation. “Can we at least sit down somewhere? I can’t hold on like this.”

“I’d suggest you keep standing,” Richard said coyly. “Challenge yourself.”

“I’ll have an accident,” Sean argued. “Do you want me to hold it or just piss myself?”

Richard raised his eyebrows and smirked. “I see your point. Come, let’s sit.”

They sat at a rectangular table for six. As soon as he sat down, Sean squeezed his thighs shut, fanned them and gently edged on the chair.

Richard watched him, feeling aroused. He wasn’t lying. He really did have to pee. And probably, he’s close to exploding.

Quietly, without being noticed, Richard slipped a hand under the table and stealthily slithered over Anadolu Yakası Escort Sean’s thigh.

Sean gave him a bewildered look. “What’re you doing?” he whispered.

“Checking you out?”

Richard moved his hand to Sean’s crotch, where his slim-fit pants were bunched up like a tent. He groped gently in an attempt to find his dick. With his pants being tight and fitting, and the ever-growing hardness, it wasn’t hard to find Sean’s penis. “Hmm, slowly getting hard, eh?”

Gulping hard, Sean looked away and jiggled a leg. His face was getting red from it all… getting touched there, the arousal, the fear of being seen… and the desperate the urge to urinate.

“You’re doing good,” Richard encouraged and continued to feel Sean’s penis, holding it gently and progressing from the base to the tip.

Sean squeezed his eyes for a moment and pressed down on his lips. Being touched there while having to pee desperately was a different feeling altogether. Groaning quietly, he opened his eyes and let out a long, quiet puff.

“What?” Richard smirked at him.

He said nothing. He just clenched his abdomen. Richard could feel him do this again and again, a sign that he was working out on his pee muscles in a desperate attempt to not wet himself.

“I’ll piss myself,” he heard Sean whimper with his head down. He could hardly talk. Squeezing his thighs tightly together and slowly bobbing his legs up and down, he leaned forward as the need to void his bladder built to extreme levels. His hand shot out to grab his penis which was already held by Richard.

“What happened?” asked Richard.

Sean was so red in the face. He was holding on with everything he’s got. He tightened his hold over Richard’s hand which was over his thrumming penis.

“It’s that feeling, isn’t it?” asked Richard in an excited whisper. “The pee pushing hard to get out?”

“Hmm.” Sean nodded. He rocked back and forth on his chair.

“It’s okay, you’ll make it,” Richard assured and held Sean’s hardening cock like a pencil, sliding up and down his shaft, slowly at first, then, faster, by a step, then two… then more. It didn’t take long for his form to grow by an inch or two.

Sean exhaled while edging on his seat, as if humping Richard’s hand. It felt like a hand job, the best hand job yet.

“What?” asked Richard, smirking.

“We need to find a bathroom,” suggested Sean.

“If it’s Kadıköy Escort to pee, then, I object.”

“No,” Sean denied.

“I don’t believe you.” Richard let go off Sean’s penis and leaned back onto his chair.

Sean shot at him, bewildered. “Why’d you stop?”

“Because you were breaking the rule,” replied Richard smugly. “You’re supposed to get an erection on your own. Solely out of your desperation.”

Sean sighed in defeat and grabbed his hard on. He had to hold on till his “deadline” was completed. However, he hoped that Richard would let him go sooner. From the looks of it, he didn’t think he could hold on that long. His bladder and penis hurt so bad from holding onto all the urine that was filling up by the minute.

The next one hour was pure torture for Sean as the diuretic continued to fill up his bladder to stretching point. He should have taken at least three bathroom breaks by now, instead, he had none.

When Richard looked at Sean, he was fanning his legs and edging at the same time. There was a clear, stiff bend in the fabric over his crotch. He wouldn’t call it just a “bend”. It was an erection. A good, solid erection that was still growing. He reached out and held it like a wand.

Sean hissed, his belly and crotch sucking in. He banged his thighs shut and placed his hand over Richard’s, right where his hard on was standing proud. “Don’t,” he pleaded.

“Why not?”

“Just don’t. It makes it worse.”

“Makes what worse?”

“Urine,” he mumbled.

“What urine?”

“Urination,” Sean repeated. “I’m just dying to go piss.”

“You’re right. You do have to go. It’s just so tight in there.” Saying this, Richard rubbed over the stiffness in Sean’s crotch, teasing his need to pee.

“Don’t. Please.”

“Rubbing it will help,” Richard suggested. “Let me do it for you.” Saying this, he went on to stroke his penis which was still within his pants and dying to let out the liquids in his bladder.

Sean leaned forward, clenching his belly. He exhaled as a wave of pleasure coupled with intense desperation washed over his entire body. Wanting faster relief from the huge need to urinate, he grabbed his cock which was now erect in his pants. He clenched it hard and wrung the tip, as if doing so will suppress the desperation. “That’s it, I’m going to the bathroom.” He shot to his feet and Richard quickly pulled him down.

“So does this mean that we’re over?”

“No!! We aren’t. Baby, if I don’t go now, I’ll piss myself.”

“I swear, the minute you go, I’ll walk out of here. And you’ll never even find me again.”

Sighing and in desperate tears, Sean gave in and continued to labor through another hour of extreme pee desperation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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