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It had happened again. A simple conversation that turned into a dumb argument and we had “broken” up. There was name calling, threats and the hang ups followed by me calling her back and finally both of us saying that it was over and it was fine by the both of us. It was ridiculous and not long after hanging up the phone that empty feeling gnawed its way into my gut. I loved the hell outta her but I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see that. I knew that after a few days to a week would pass and she’d pop up allowing her presence to be known. I’d either get a phone call or just a random email, and she would say that she still loved me or that she missed me. And I’d open up and let her back in my heart. I couldn’t shake her. Pick your cliche, “like a moth to a flame,” “she’s a drug and I’m addicted,” whatever. All I know is how she makes me feel. No one and I mean no one has ever fit so perfectly in my arms. I honestly love just sitting and watching her, and could stare into her eyes for eternity. When she giggles or smiles its like a ray of sunshine that penetrates right through my chest and straight to my heart.

So there I sat, my closed cell phone growing colder in my hands.

I felt helpless. She wouldn’t answer her phone again and there was no sense in emailing her because she wouldn’t have responded anyway. My car had broken down months ago and not having the money to fix it left me riding the train. And the damn train didn’t run this late, so I couldn’t just go up and drop in. I was screwed. There was nothing else I could do tonight.

I got up from my computer and shut off the lights. Made my way upstairs took off my clothes and climbed into bed. I shut my eyes and tried to fall asleep replaying the argument over and over again.

Tap, tap, tap.

A strange noise. My eyes popped open and I rolled over and sat up in bed. My eyes began to focus and I looked at my alarm clock, 3am! Tap, tap, tap. What the hell was it? A fucking pigeon tapping at my window? No. Could somebody be knocking at my door? I climbed out from under my sheets and stumbled to the window. Cautiously I pulled back the curtain and looked down to my front door. I small slender figure was standing at the bottom of my front steps. The person was wearing a dark hoodie and glanced down the street. Could it be Charlie? The figure slowly turned and started to walk away…I turned and ran down the hall and flew down the stairs. I hit the bottom of the steps and couldn’t stop; my momentum carried me into my front door. I fumbled with the lock and pulled the door open and stuck my head and shoulders through the doorway and yelled, “Hey!” at the receding figure.

They stopped. I could see them turn to look at me. They just stood there looking in my direction, the street lights and the hoodie hid their face. I still had no idea who it was. The figure shifted their weight from one leg to the other and they cocked their head to one side like a quizzical dog. What was this person doing?

I just stood there naked except for a pair of boxers, we continued to stare at each other for a minute or two longer. As if they had made up its mind the dark figure started walking towards me. That’s when I knew it was Charlie, she had that walk, it was a mix of a sexy runway model walk with the proper charm school thing and she just seemed to float.

She walked with her head down and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. She slowly lifted her head canlı bahis and the street light finally shone on her face. Her eyes were slightly puffy and she had a sad look about her. She stared at me with her puppy dog eyes, “Hi,” she said in her little girl voice.

“Hi.” We stood for another moment just looking at each other.

“Can, I come in?”

I wanted to ask what she was doing there. But I knew if I did she would say something about her trying and would leave. I couldn’t just let her walk away…

“Sure, come on in.” I stood back holding the door open and let her slip past me.

The house was dark and she stood in the hall, the hoodie made her face almost impossible to see. I stood in front of her and placed my hands on her arms. She fell into me sliding her arms around my waist and resting her head against my chest.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too.”

We held each other for a minute both afraid to say anything more, both not knowing what to say.

She tilted her head up and brought her mouth to mine. Our lips brushed softly. We both withdrew and I looked into her eyes before closing my own and pulling her close. Our lips found each other again, only with more force this time. Her mouth opened and the tip of her tongue moistened my dry lips. My chest hurt and I realized I had been holding my breath and forced myself to breath. I opened my mouth and let my own tongue free to tangle with hers. Our tongues wrestled and I took her lower lip between my teeth and tugged gently. My left hand in the small of her back held her tightly to me while my right hand gripped her left breast through the thick fabric of her hoodie. She let out a small muffled moan through our busy mouths.

She began to explore me as well. I could feel one of her hands rubbing my back while the other was becoming entangled in my chest hair. Our kissing grew rougher and I found her tongue in my mouth and sucked at it while running my left hand down her back to grab her ass. Her hand had found its way into my boxers and was coaxing my already erect cock even harder. She was the first to break our kiss. We were both breathing heavily and looking at each other then she dropped to her knees. Yanking my shorts down she attacked my dick. With her lips she snatched it by the head and rammed her face towards my groin. She grabbed the shaft and pulled me out of her mouth kissing the head and swirling her tongue around the swollen helmet. The drying saliva gave me a cooling sensation which soon gave way to her warm moist mouth. It was still dark and I couldn’t see what she was doing but I could feel it.

Warm softness would engulf me and I could feel her tongue on the underside of my shaft. She would extract me and run her mouth along entire length on the side of my cock before I could feel the snuggness of her mouth. With me trapped in her mouth she would wiggle her tongue and send incredible sensations through my body, which made my knees want to buckle. She quickened her pace allowing me to pass quickly and easily between her submissive lips. With one hand pumping the base of my rigid erection and the other on my ass pulling me to her she was making loud slurping sounds. Then to my amazement she released my cock and grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me completely into her mouth until her nose was pressing against my pelvic bone. I looked down, but it was too dark for me to be able to make out the bahis siteleri beautiful sight that was going on below my waist. The constriction she was putting on my engorged cock was almost too much to bare and I could have cum easily had she not released me when she did.

She was gasping for air when I pulled her up roughly by her hair and crushed my mouth against hers. Her lips felt hot and were wet with saliva. I grabbed the bottom of her hoodie and yanked it up, she pulled her arms down freeing herself. I pulled her close and lifted her slightly so that we were face to breast. I sought out and found one of her gloriously pierced nipples and sucked it fiercely. With my left arm I supported her weight and with my right arm I massaged her free breast. I pinched and rolled her other nipple squeezing hard and causing her to moan loudly.

Releasing her tit I soon found her mouth pressing against my lips. I squatted slowly and laid her on the carpet where we continued our assault on each other’s mouths. My hands went from fondling her breasts to unbuttoning her jeans. Once I had them unbuttoned I unzipped them and began kissing my way down her chin to her slender throat. My tongue teased its way down to her collar bone and I kissed and tenderly bit her. Adjusting myself I again suckled her tits giving them equal attention. Rolling the stainless steal hoops embedded in her nipples around in my mouth while squeezing her tit flesh as if I was trying to pop two water balloons. She arched her back moaning loudly and my mouth trailed further south giving her navel a wide birth I then came upon her hips bones. I gave them the same treatment I did her collar bone biting and kissing them both while I worked her jeans down past the perfect roundness of her ass. She was wearing no underwear and even in the dim light that shone on her pelvis I could see that she was cleanly shaven.

She raised her hips and I slid her jeans past her thighs and pulled them clear of her feet throwing them behind me. I took her legs and forced them up and back toward her chest. Her exposed pussy opened wide, her wet snatch glistened and I sunk my face between her luscious thighs. Her scent was intoxicating and the sticky strands that had begun to collect on her folds tasted salty against my tongue. I lapped at her and sucked her juices driving my nose against her clit as I devoured her pussy. I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her recesses and she arched and groaned as I tried harder to go deeper. I quickly located her clit with my mouth and began flicking at it with my tongue. She moaned and started telling me to eat her. I forcefully shoved two fingers into her cunt while I bit down on her clit causing her to buck against my face. I began to thrust my fingers in and out of her while toying with her abused clit. Soon she was screaming that she was about to cum. This only spurred me on as I continued licking, sucking and finger fucking her. Her body began to convulse and she was now yelling.

Quickly I repositioned myself and drove my throbbing hard-on between her swollen lips, pinning her legs against her chest. Supporting my weight on my left arm I reached up and shoved my fingers into her mouth. She stopped yelling and began sucking greedily at them cleaning her cunt juice from my digits. I began hammering away, my balls bouncing off of her ass crack. Tiring of her mouth I slid my hand to her neck and wrapped my fingers around her throat squeezing bahis şirketleri firmly. Her breathing became hoarse but she kept moaning and talking dirty.

Slamming in and out of her inviting pussy I noticed we had slid across the floor and were now at the base of the stairs. I let go of her throat and with a loud slurping sound pulled my cock out of her. I grabbed her hips and rolled her over positioning her perfect ass in front of my waist. Not being able to control myself I once again dove between her cheeks and sucked at her now used pussy. I savored the taste of our fucking as I pulled her cheeks apart. The harder I drove my mouth against her the more my nose pushed against her puckered little asshole. Wanting to tongue her ass I pulled her cheeks farther apart and began to probe her anus. Her sphincter clamped and loosened around my tongue as it explored her back door. She was moaning again and begging for more. I slapped her ass hard. That must have shocked her as she became quite suddenly. Sitting up a grasped my cock and once again drove it straight into her depths.

“OH FUCK!” She cried out. Gripping her hips I pulled her to me as I thrust towards her literally ramming into her. Savagely I pistoned back and forth abusing her pussy. It slurped and spat as I pushed into and withdrew from her. I could feel perspiration rolling down my back and I was breathing hoarsely myself now. I began to spank her again with regularity calling her a filthy whore and a dirty little slut; to which she agreed and in turn asked if she was indeed a good little slut and whore. I only stopped when my hand began to sting.

Pausing to catch my breath I could feel her trembling. Her buttocks radiated heat as I ran my hands over them. Having not yet finished I ripped her cheeks apart once again and spat on her rectum.

“Oh god baby…” She breathed.

Forcing the head of my saliva coated cock into her tight orifice felt wonderful. A completely different sensation then fucking her pussy. Usually I would go slow but tonight was different from any other night. Instead I began raping her ass. In one swift movement I crammed my full length deep into her bowels while she howled. Whether it was from pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell nor did I care. Once fully in I began to pull out being careful not to pull out completely, not knowing if she’d allow me access again. Sinking back in I quickened the pace to that of the one I’d use when fucking her pussy. I was now drilling her ass with such ferocity that she had been reduced to whimpering into the berber carpeting. Bending over her I could feel the sweat that had accumulated on her back against my chest. Reaching around I began to finger her pussy all the while fucking her ass. With my other hand I reached up and began kneading her tits again. All at once I knew I was going to come.

Whispering harshly into her ear I asked her if she wanted my cum in her ass. Her only response was a weak, “uh huh.” So I plunged deep inside of her as my cock erupted squirting inside its tight confinement. Her body trembled and shook and I kissed her neck and squeezed her close to me. My dick having emptied itself was starting to go limp. I stood up and helped Charlie to her feet. Once again we held each other, kissing each other tenderly.

“Want to go to bed?” I asked.

“Uh huh.”

I took her by the hand and lead her upstairs to my bedroom. Pulling back the sheets I let her lay down before climbing in beside her pulling the sheets up around us. She rolled over on to her side and I slid up behind her draping one arm over her. We said our goodnights, I kissed her shoulder and we fell asleep in silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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