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Mandy was nineteen and worked in local fast food restaurant. Having recently graduated from high school, she now attended the local junior college. Mandy was of average height for her age. She had blue eyes, long blonde hair, and a slim figure. High school had been great fun because Mandy had been a cheerleader all four years, Boys noticed her, and she was often asked out on dates. She had had a boyfriend in high school, but that was now over because he had gone away to college and met someone else.

It was getting on toward midnight and it was time to close the restaurant. It was about this time that Dave, a guy she knew from around town, walked into the store.

“Hi Mandy,” Dave said. “You’re still here.”

“Yeah, I’m closing tonight,” she replied.

“What time you gonna be done?”

“Any time now,” she said placing her Coke on the counter.

“Wanna go out and have some fun?” Dave asked her. “Tomorrow’s Saturday and you probably don’t have to get up early.”

“I dunno. I should go home and work on some of my homework. What did you have in mind?”

“Oh, some of the kids are getting together at Jeff’s house. His parents are on vacation.”

“I’ll think about it. I should go home and change clothes first, if I go.” Mandy’s “work uniform” was a black mini-skirt and pull-over white sweater with the company logo printed on the sweater.

“Aww, it don’t matter,” Dave said. “They’ll be wearin’ all kinds of stuff.”

Mandy continued her clean-up and thought about going to the party.

“What’s going to be happening there?” she asked.

“Jes some drinking and movie watchin’ I guess,” David replied watching Mandy’s ass move as she wiped down some tables. Boy I hope she goes, he thought with his cock twitching in his pants. I’d like to get a piece of that.

“Can I count you in, Mandy?”

“Yeah, I guess I can come for awhile. I’ll drive my car and follow you.”

“OK,” Dave replied, secretly delighted Maltepe Escort at his victory.

* * *

Mandy followed Dave and they drove to a new subdivision on the edge of town. David parked on the street and Mandy pulled in behind him. The double-wide driveway was already filled with cars. As they approached the front door, they could hear music and people laughing and talking. Dave pushed open the door and they went inside. It was rather dark and Mandy had trouble seeing who was there. She thought she recognized some of her friends, but wasn’t sure.

“Hi Mandy, glad you could make it.” A guy thrust a drink toward her and introduced himself as Ted.

“Oh hi Ted, she replied, recognizing him as a customer from the restaurant and also as a guy she had gone to school with.

“You know Anna,” Ted said. “You were both cheerleaders.” Anna, the girl with Ted seemed to be rather intoxicated, and her clothing was in disarray.

“C’mon Mandy,” Anna said. “Lemme introduce you around.”

As she followed Anna around the room, Mandy began to feel uneasy. She met quite a few people that she knew and some that she didn’t know. It seemed to Mandy that they were all involved in some kind of kissing or sexual activity. This is not what she had expected and it made her uncomfortable. She was thinking about leaving when Dave caught up with her.

“Met everyone?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Mandy replied.

“What’s the matter? You seem kinda down.”

“I guess this isn’t my thing. I thought you said movies and drinking. This seems like a lot more.”

“Well, ya I guess,” he replied. “It’s one of those things that has kinda evolved from above the line to below the line, if you get my drift,” he said with a smile. “I think it started out with flicks and drinks, but you know how people are when they get the chance to make out Booze kinda loosens the old inhibitions. C’mon, let’s grab a corner and see what comes Cevizli Escort up,” he said leering at her.

“I don’t know David. Maybe I should leave.” Just then one of the boys walked past her naked with his cock sticking straight out. He was headed toward a group of people on the sofa. Most were naked, or almost so. Mandy felt a little tingle of desire between her legs at seeing the erect cock. “Well, maybe I could stay for awhile,” she told David.

“Good,” he said. Let’s get another beer and find ourselves a place in the group.”

* * *

As her second drink began to hit her, Mandy started to feel more like having some fun with the group. She and Dave settled on the floor near two girls who were kissing and exploring each other’s body. The were undressed to their panties and bras. It seemed to Mandy that they were really enjoying one another. Suddenly she felt Dave’s hand under her top as he rubbed her stomach and moved upward toward her tits. She leaned back and thought about how good it felt. Dave had a huge bulge in his jeans and she put her hand on it and squeezed.

Unknown to Mandy and most of the girls, the boys had been putting a little something extra in the drinks. Not enough to be dangerous, but just enough to help the liquor along.

“Aww,” David groaned. “Take it out and rub it for me, please Mandy.”

She unzipped his pants and reached into his underwear to release his shaft. Although Mandy had never seen a cock in real life she had seen pictures. She liked what she now saw. It really turned her on. By this time her top was around her neck and her tits were fully exposed because Dave had removed her bra. He rubbed her tits, and pinched her nipples, and then began to suck on them. Wow did that turn her on! She could feel herself becoming very wet between her legs and her nipples were becoming very hard.

The two girls next to them were naked by now and were licking each other’s clit. When they stopped Atalar Escort for a bit they noticed Mandy and Dave near them, so they moved over and began to also fondle Mandy. They introduced themselves as Kathy and Jennifer.

Mandy began to feel her skirt being pulled down and discovered that Kathy was tugging at the lower edge. Jennifer put her hand inside Mandy’s panties and began to massage her clit. Finally Mandy’s skirt was off and then they pulled off her panties.

Mandy had a nice pussy and she kept it shaved and trimmed with just a bit of hair above the slit. The girl’s hands and tongues felt so good she spread her legs so they could get better access to her clit and vagina. In the meantime she also kept rubbing and jacking on David’s cock. He was moaning and continuing to lick her nipples.

Jennifer produced a small dildo which she inserted in Mandy’s vagina and began to move back and forth. Kathy used a small vibrator on Mandy’s clit.

Suddenly Mandy felt intense pleasure around her pussy and she began to spasm and shake uncontrollably. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Nothing she could do to herself while masturbating even came close.

David’s cock was oozing pre-cum and he was moaning for release. Mandy jacked faster on his cock as Jennifer pushed her aside and put her mouth on his dick. Mandy began to kiss him and Kathy licked his nipples. As he moaned louder, Jennifer straddled him a put his cock into her pussy. Up and down she went while Mandy continued to kiss him and Kathy rubbed his balls.

Suddenly Jennifer jumped off and she and Kathy began to lick his hard shaft. It didn’t take long and David shot a huge load of cum all over the four of them. The girls continued to gently rub his cock and balls and more cum oozed out.

Exhausted, Mandy and David fell into each other’s arms. Kathy and Jennifer then got each other off, and they too relaxed on the floor savoring the feelings.

Sometime later they got dressed, said goodbye to the others and went out for breakfast.

“Good sex makes me hungry,” David said. The others agreed and talked about another time when they could get together as a foursome or at another party. Mandy was hooked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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