Mandy Ch. 01

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Mandy Ch. 01: the first time

It was another lonely Saturday night for Joe. A 19-year-old college student and work-a-holic, he hadn’t had much luck with the ladies as of late. It seemed that most of the passes he had made recently were to no avail.

This night, having no dates and no work, he decided to go for a run at the nearby public park. Little did he know of who else had gone to the park that night.

Amanda was a petite, good-looking girl just out of high school. She and several of her friends had gone out for the night to cruise and perhaps pick up some guys.

She had broken up with her last boyfriend nearly a month before, and she was starving for some sexual attention. With her group of friends, she figured something would likely come along.

Tomorrow was her birthday, and she would finally be 18 like all of the others. Being the youngest wasn’t always the most fun. For this reason, Amanda’s friends decided to do something different tonight.

The idea was that Amanda had to seduce a man older than her and take control of him for the night. Where and how didn’t matter, but it had to be tonight. Their first stop was the park. With her adrenaline pumping due to the new challenge, Amanda as well as her friends began checking out the possibilities around them.

Katie, her closest friend, found the dare to be quite erotic and secretly wished it had been placed upon her. Without the push of her friends she wasn’t even sure she could pull something that drastic off.

Joe had settled into a rhythm now in his running, and began to really relax and enjoy the night air. It was cool and crisp, but not chilly, just right for someone who was working up a slight sweat from jogging.

His mind began to wander as he got lost in the steady sound of his feet hitting the sidewalk. As he continued on he felt somewhat euphoric as he melted into the night. He was completely unaware of the girl approaching from the grass to the left of him.

Had his eyes not been closed for those few seconds, Joe would have easily been able to dodge the young woman stepping out in front of him. Instead, he slammed uncontrollably into her and fell to the sidewalk below. Suddenly all he saw was darkness and stars as the world seemed to fade out.

When he awoke, he found himself handcuffed to the headboard of a bed in an unfamiliar room. His shirt had been removed, and he could feel a pulsating pain in his temple. That pain seemed to dissipate as she walked into the room, though.

Amanda strode gently into the room from the adjoining bathroom wearing a sheer white camisole and matching thong. “Ah, I see you’re awake. Don’t be alarmed by the handcuffs. You began to shake a bit and I didn’t want you knocking anything over.”

She had a very soothing sounding voice which seemed to calm the man down from his somewhat disoriented look. “Just relax while I finish putting on this bandage.” She sat on the bed next to him and leaned toward him so that he could intentionally get a good look at her chest.

She was a C-cup, with a very nice shape to her figure. As she finished she said, “My name is Amanda, by the way, but you can call me Mandy. What’s your name?”

He seemed to have a little trouble remembering everything exactly, especially after what he had just witnessed, so it took him a little longer than it should have to blurt out, “Joe. It’s Joe.”

He didn’t say anything else, and so Amanda deduced ataşehir escort that he was perhaps a bit on the shy side, or simply didn’t mind being the submissive in a relationship. This was going to work out perfectly…

All of his concentration was on her, and yet trying not to let his hard-on show through his pants. That was slightly difficult, though, since he was locked to the bed. For some reason he didn’t mind. He had been tied up in bed before by one of his ex-girlfriends, and he had enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

What this girl had in mind he was completely unsure of, though. That was partly what really excited him about the situation. The pain in his temple had seemed to simply disappear now and all he felt was pleasure.

“Here, let me help you out of these.” Amanda said as she moved her hands to the top of Joe’s pants. He squirmed right at first, and was a little hesitant, but in a flash she had unbuttoned his jeans, zipped down the zipper, and his pants were at his ankles.

His blushing was obvious as she moved her eyes from his down to his boxers. There, straining against the fabric, was his full erection, staring right back. She grinned devilishly as she straddled the defenseless man and leaned her body low to his.

She was low enough that only the tips of her now-erect nipples touched his chest, and the fabric of her camisole slid gently along his stomach. She began rubbing her slit along his tent ever so slowly and whispered into his ear, “Tonight, you’re all mine.”

It seemed like before he even had a chance to react, this beautiful girl was hovering over him and taking control as he had imagined was possible so many times before. Never in a million years did he think this could happen to him!

Joe simply looked into her eyes and was lost in the lust he saw there. He wasn’t sure if it was his own pre-cum or her wetness seeping through her thin panties, but his boxers were soon quite wet at the pinnacle of his member-supported teepee.

All he wanted was to make sweet love to her right then and there. Her plans included a little more…

Now that she could see he was willing to let her go through with this for sure, Amanda decided to really start moving ahead. It was going to be fun to tease him.

Her body then slid straight up his until she was practically sitting on his face. “Eat my pussy through my panties.” She commanded.

She had never commanded a guy to do anything like that before and suddenly came a feeling of empowerment with it. Her juices were flowing and soaking the thin material as he obliged and opened his mouth to devour.

Mandy was amazed at just how good Joe was at this sort of thing. Even without his tongue being directly on her skin the feeling was amazing.

Whether it was her lack of action over the past little while, or whether he was really just that good she couldn’t be sure, and she didn’t really care, as long as it felt as good as it did. “Mmm…good boy.” She said as she slid again down across his chest and stomach until she could kiss him.

Her own juices were present on his lips and chin as she kissed him, but that didn’t stop her because it all was just so erotic.

She made her way in kisses down to the top of his boxers. There she kissed along the brim of them, but made no immediate move to rid him of the article of clothing.

“Oh, please suck it.” Joe avcılar escort said pleadingly to Mandy as he watched her lick back and forth across his stomach and up most of his thighs. The pressure was building and the sheer tension he thought would kill him.

Finally, after Joe had pleaded over an over, she pulled the elastic of his boxers up and over his cock.

A good 7 1/2 inches of meat lay before her, the tip glistening with wetness. She felt her folds become even hotter as she imagined herself upon it.

Mandy would have to hold off, however, if her task was to be as complete as she wished it to be. Her fingers ever so lightly grazed along the length of his shaft, and down around his scrotum.

Joe let out periodic small moans, and his breathing had gotten deeper. Amanda knew that it was probably killing him to be teased this much, and only delighted in the fact that she would be the first to give him the extreme satisfaction that came with it.

Joe thought he would explode the second her tongue touched his dick. She began at the base, licking and kissing it all the way to the tip and back numerous times.

As she put the tip of the shaft in her mouth and began to toy her tongue around the head, he just knew he was going to blow. She seemed to see this in his eyes, though, and pulled away before anything could happen.

Next, as if to calm him down a bit, she came back to his face with her clit and pulled the panties aside.

Her labia were swollen red with passion and shimmered with the wetness. He quickly plunged his tongue into her again and again, hoping to fulfill some of his own lusts by giving her pleasure.

Mandy found that by letting Joe eat her out, it only made her want his cock more, and so after not so long she rushed back between his legs and began to fiercely suck him off.

With the pressure she had built up already, he didn’t last very long at all, and soon lost it in her mouth. Lust, by this point, had completely taken control of Mandy, and she swallowed every drop he gave her and continued to move her head up and down his shaft.

The tenderness of his head after an ejaculation and the rhythm of Mandy gliding up and down across it was almost too much to bear for Joe.

He began to writhe and squirm, simply muttering “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…” again and again. She didn’t seem to care, and kept up her dizzying pace. Soon, however, the tenderness began to pass, and his cock remained at a full erection due to her stroking.

When she knew he was finally past the episode of squirming around, Amanda leapt gracefully on top of the bed again, tore her slim panties off, and plunged on top of him.

With energy that she didn’t even know she had, Mandy plundered her insides with his dick. Thrusting hard and fast, it wasn’t long at all before the first orgasm came to her and hit her like a ton of bricks.

She screamed out loud as the blood rushed through her and her muscles contracted over and over. For a second the room seemed as if it was swirling around her and her ecstasy.

When it was over, she remained impaled on his shaft and leaned in to kiss him again. Before she got to his lips, he muttered “Wow” very softly. “Oh, I’m not finished with you yet” she said with a new determination in her eyes.

She wasn’t going to let him get away that easily while she had him in her complete avrupa yakası escort control. In a flash she had removed her top and told him to suckle her nipples. He wasn’t about to argue and was quick to the task.

As her nipples again became hard and erect, her hand slid behind her to play with her asshole. Slowly moving her hips back and forth on his dick, she used their combined sweat as well as the juices from her pussy to lubricate her fingers at her ass.

It only took a little bit of playing by her fingers before she felt like she needed intensely to come again.

She could tell that Joe was also becoming quite worked up again as well. With that she slid him out of her and held his staff upright while she positioned her ass directly over it.

Joe had never fucked anyone in the ass before. Sure, he had thought about it, but never had the guts to ask a girl to do it for him.

The idea of it was a bit taboo for many girls, and they seemed to always avoid the subject anyway. Now that Mandy was doing it without any asking on his part, he didn’t quite know how to feel.

Soon he knew exactly how to feel, though, when the tip of his cock finally slid past her sphincter and into her depths. It was sheer excitement and pleasure as he felt her tight ass gripping at his dick, commanding its presence.

With a few slow-but-sure up and down movements Mandy had managed to get the head in. She had only done this sort of thing on her own, when nobody was around.

It always just seemed dirty to her, and yet she had a fantasy of being done up the ass. Now was her chance, and it wasn’t to be wasted. At first it was quite a tight fit, taking a bit of concentration to relax the muscles and get it in.

With a little work, she was halfway on top of it. Soon then 3/4 of it was buried in her. She was amazed at how much she could take, and how good it felt to her. She wondered how it felt to him.

Joe too, was amazed that she was taking as much of him as she had into her ass. There was no sign she was willing to settle with it, either! All he could do was watch it go and enjoy the pleasure of the feeling.

Mandy began very slowly moving up and down on his member, gaining a bit of speed once she was comfortable. It seemed the more she went the better it felt, and the more she could fit within herself.

In less than a minute she was pumping at a regular speed up and down the entire 7 1/2 inches, moaning with every stroke. “Oh yes, fuck my ass. Fuck it. I want your cum in my ass.” She wasn’t sure why she would say such things, but she liked it, and reveled in the power it gave her.

Joe was blown away by this woman, and wished this night would go on forever. With the feeling of the tight asshole around his shaft, coupled with her moans and thrusts, he once again came to a magnificent climax within her.

As soon as she felt his muscles begin to contract, Mandy impaled him into her as deep as she could manage, and felt the hot, wet semen explode within her. This brought her to another orgasm as well.

Her orgasm contracted her asshole as well, and Joe was sent immediately into second blow, although he had thought it not to be possible. With that, Amanda collapsed on top of him breathing heavily as the end of her episode wore off.

She slid off of his shrinking piece and kissed him once more before getting up for a drink of water.

“Here, drink this” she offered him, hold a glass of water to his mouth. Not more than 5 seconds after he had had a drink, he blacked out.

The next thing he remembered, Joe awoke at the park, lying on the sidewalk where he had fallen. Had he been dreaming? When he finally had enough strength to stand he began to walk home. On the way he found a note in his pocket which simply read: “see you next Saturday.”

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