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Troy’s side: Steve sat there looking smug. I don’t know why I’m even friends with him. He’s competitive and selfish and always has to get his own way. Today was no different – he wanted to watch a basketball game even though I came over specifically to watch a football game. But it was his house, his TV, and he had the remote. Inside I stewed in silence vowing to make a clean break someday.

Steve’s side: Troy is such a pansy. I didn’t really care if we watched basketball or football but if I pushed him hard enough he might stand up for himself one day. Until then, I got a little thrill pushing him around.

Troy’s side: I got the lazy bastard and myself beers while he just lounged on the couch. Then before settling in he said he needed a towel to wipe the dew off his bottle. I kneeled on the coffee table to reach over for the towel which was on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center. If you can believe it, the jerk whistled at me, saying I had a cute bum. As if I were some chica he could catcall.

Steve’s side: I never noticed before but Tray’s ass is kinda girly: and cute. I think I could tap that if he weren’t a guy. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll hit anything that moves. All’s fair in love and war: a conquest is a conquest. Heck, taking a guy’s cherry would be more of a challenge than…what the fuck is that? Tray’s wearing fuckin’ panties! The pansy’s dressed like a real sissy. So I was thinking any guy who’d wear girl’s underwear must be a secret anal whore. He might not even know it himself. But surely the tendencies would be there. I’d be fuckin’ doing him a favor to pack his shit.

Tray’s side: “What’re you looking at? Don’t be weird, man, the game’s just starting.”

Steve’s side: “Stand up!”

Tray’s side: “Wha?”

Steve’s side: “Come on. I wanna see something.”

Tray’s side: Steve suddenly got bossy so I rose just to calm him down.

Steve’s side: “Don’t be a Nancy. Turn around!” I wanted to see if he had marks from a bra strap, so I looked closely while he stood before me with fuckin’ hd porno panties on under his pants. Damn, he just checked out my bulge. I’m gettin’ hard thinkin’ about it.

Tray’s side: I stood there wondering what he was up to while he had me turn this way and that. Then out of the blue he leaped up, grappled me to the ground and pressed his knee into my spine pinning me to the carpet.

He said we were just wrestling – but he was feeling my butt. Then he started forcefully tugging my clothes off. What could I do? I didn’t want them to get ripped if I struggled too hard. In no time my shirt was pushed up and my pants were down around my ankles.

Steve’s side: I grinned when I had his pants down. “Well, look at this. You ARE wearing panties. Black ones with a little design on them. You are such a fag, and you’ve been holding out on me when all this time you could have been receiving my meat.”

Tray’s side: “What are you goin’ on about? They’re not panties; just speedos; men’s speedos. Now get off. Hey! Fucker. Don’t do that. Stop it.” The next thing I knew he was ripping my underwear to shreds.

Steve’s side: I was thinking, “Speedos? No fuckin’ way.” Tray was a cocksucker, a fairy, and I was gonna make him my cumdump too. I couldn’t control myself. Like a predator to his prey, I had to have his pretty ass right now. I could have peeled his piggy panties down, but it felt so manly to yank until they stretched and tore.

When I stared at his starfish it was so inviting; clenching rhythmically; he sooo wanted this. Straddling his thighs, I pressed the head of my straining cockhead right up to it, leaving a smudge of precum. I don’t know that I’d ever been so rock hard. I taunted him, “Little pig. Little pig. Let me come in.”

Tray’s side: When he said it, it was so infantile. I don’t know what got into me. I should’ve kept yelling at the bastard to get off, but instead I played into his game. “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin. I won’t let you in.”

Steve grabbed a bottle of lube from the japon porno coffee table drawer; he must’ve planned this. Next he started rubbing it onto my ring. He said, “Then I’ll huff (he pushed the lube on me with his thumb) and I’ll puff (he added more and rubbed in circles) and I’ll blow your house down (with that he pushed his slick finger right up my virgin chute).”

Steve’s side: I smeared bate oil all over his queer hole while my cock nudged his balls, leaving pecker tracks. Tray actually moaned in pleasure. When I had the pillow-biter ready, I put both my hands on his shoulder blades so he couldn’t get up. My one hand left an oily handprint on his red shirt. Then I lined myself up and pushed at the resisting sphincter.

Tray’s side: The fleshy baton wouldn’t go in at first, but then he held me still with his hands around the back of my neck and shoved again. Soon enough he was balls deep up my mancunt. I groaned from the sudden unpleasant intrusion laying there helplessly. It was so unbelievably thick. Thicker than my vibrator. The stretching was intense but as I loosened up it stopped hurting.

Steve’s side: How had I waited so long to top Tray? No pussy ever felt as good. As I reamed his bunghole I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made him my bitch with a huge load of cum. I dropped my weight on the sissy smelling the residual oil I’d accidentally smeared on his neck. I couldn’t help biting just a little – like a tiger. I chewed lightly on his flesh while pumping that tight, sweet subservient ass.

Tray’s side: I whimpered, “Stop. I’m not gay.” I said it even as I lifted my ass to meet his thrusts. My heart beat fast in my chest as I was taken with such passion and ferocity. I don’t mean the fucking; Steve was gentle with his cocksmanship. Really, his anal assault was smooth as butter. I mean that being brutally manhandled before the sodomy was a tumultuous turn on.

Steve’s side: I didn’t last long. Maybe a hundred strokes later and I was violently shooting thick globs of cream where the lezbiyen porno sun don’t shine. When I came, I bottomed out trying to worm another inch deeper but being careful not to actually hurt the pussy. I held still, spasming and jerking deep in Tray’s innards. Fuck! It was good. If you’ve never fucked an A you don’t know what you’re missing.

Tray’s side: Reaching around, Steve pawed at my dick and balls then I heard his breathing change and I knew I was going to get my nasty reward. He panted, then held his breath, then grabbed my hips hard as he filled me with his slime. I think I could feel the spurts hitting my battered rectum. He took a long time coming down from his high, slowly shrinking inside me. When he was finished possessing my body for his pleasure he tossed me a rag as he cleaned up too.

I moved back to the couch still naked from my tits to my ankles but being careful to sit on the towel so I didn’t leak spoo from my sore ass onto Steve’s couch. He reached over, massaging my cock until, against my will, he brought it back to life.

Finally he spoke, “That was the best role play ever. Let’s do this new one where I manhandle you again next time.”

Tray’s side: I agreed. “I just love being used and abused and forced to do sexy things for you. The butt stuff was a surprise. Now, are you going to make me let you suck my dick?” Even as he got ready to suck me off I was the submissive one.

Steve winked and held my hands firmly at my sides as he slurped all my penis into his mouth. I was helpless to stop him from molesting me. Helpless to resist. Helpless when he licked my balls. And helpless when I shook and spilled a huge load of cum down his throat.

Author’s note:

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I really appreciate polite comments! It’s what motivates me to write more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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