Marie’s Senior Year Pt. 06

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Laurence flinched the second he realized what was going on. “M-marie? What the fuck?”

“Something bothering you?” Marie responded.

“Why are you… sucking my cock?”

Marie’s head popped up and down a bit more as her lips tugged on Laurence’s shaft for just a while longer before coming up and saying “Because you like it.”

Laurence, both shocked and amazed, gazed upon Marie as her heavenly and dark red lips caressed his shaft. Hesitantly, he reached over and began to run his hand through her white hair. He took a fist full of it and slowly began to thrust into her mouth. Marie gagged and Laurence immediately stopped. “Sorry…”, he said awkwardly.

Marie giggled. With a smirk on her face, she asks, “Why are you apologizing?” Effortlessly, she took his seven inch cock down her throat and watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Her head began to bob up and down violently, with each of his moans encouraging her to give him a first time to brag about. “You know Laurence…” she added between breaths, “you have a pretty big cock.”

“You think so?” he asked in a nervous but flattered manner.

“Yeah, I do. It’s a shame no other girl has tried it before.”

“Wait, how do you know about that?”

She giggled again. “Don’t you worry about that sweetie. I’m going to make you feel like a man.”

Marie removed her bralette and bent over Laurence to let him suck on her breasts. As he did this, she slowly pulled her shorts off and then went on to grind her bare pussy on his throbbing cock. “You are gonna fuck my little slut pussy, okay? I’m gonna teach you how to do it right.”

“Okay..” he said nervously. Marie guided his cock into her tight pussy and began to ride him. She placed both her hands on his bare chest and swayed forward and back.

“Hold onto my ass, sweetie.”

He moved his hands onto her smooth ass.

“Now” she proceeded, “some girls like to have slow and sensual sex. Try running your hands up my body nice and slow. All the way up from my ass to my breasts and back down again. Yeah, just like that.”

“Jesus fuck…” he murmured.

“Try not to cum just yet sweetie. Now slowly thrust inside me. You wouldn’t want the girl to do all the work.”

His lap pressed up against her. Slowly, the two made contact as Marie gave him gentle encouragement.

“Great. You are doing amazing, Laurence. But not all girls like to take it slow.” She got off his cock and turned around on both her hands and knees. “Some girls want to be taken from behind.”

“I think I got this.”

“Show me.”

He knelt behind her and slipped his cock into her wet cunt. He began to pump the head of his cock into her as he occasionally gasped.

“No, sweetie. You have to really give it to her.”

He slightly picked up the pace.

“Just follow my lead” she demanded. She reached over and guided his right hand over to her breast and his left hand onto her ass. She began to push up against his cock. Suddenly it was much deeper inside her. She guided him to twirl her nipple between his fingers and stuck her tongue out as her fucked her. “Spank me daddy.”

He tapped her ass lightly.

“I said spank me.”

This time he cranked his arm back high and delivered a stinging blow to her smooth, round ass.

“Yes, just like that. Again, harder.”

This went on for a while. With each blow, Laurence became more confident and Marie fell back into her comfort zone. Eventually, Laurence took it upon himself to take her down her back and rail her. She clawed deep into his back aydınlı escort and begged him to keep going, managing to bring her to orgasm twice. “Oh my god Laurence, you are so amazing. Oh my god I want you to cum in me. I want you to see what it feels like to claim a woman.”

Laurence continued to fuck her pussy as her loud screams echoed throughout the house. She begged him to cum for what felt like hours before she finally felt his hot streams of semen fill and satisfy her body. He rolled off her, nearly panting and staring at the ceiling. Marie stood and began to pick her clothes up. “Fun, right?” she asked.

“Amazing” he answered.

“I’m gonna hop in the shower because I have somewhere to be, but maybe we can have more fun later tonight.”


“Yeah, your brother paid for the whole weekend sweetie. Bye.”

He sat up, perplexed as she walked out the door. “Wait!” he called while raising out of bed and walking toward the door, “you’re a hooker?”

Marie took a quick shower. After stepping out, she sat on the toilet seat to check her phone. “Wow, it’s only 6:30pm.” Her notifications showed that she had received two new texts.

The first text from her mom read “Hi Sweetie. We might be getting home later than we thought. We were invited to someone’s house for drinks and are going to be checking out their collection. Might be around 4am by the time I’m home. Make sure the boys are well attended to!”

The next text was from her boyfriend. “Hey babe, I’m sorry but I got caught up with some shit at work and I can’t make it to our movie tonight. I’ll catch up soon.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she whispered to herself. “I already bought my ticket too.” They had been planning on seeing a movie that she had been dying to see for weeks now. “I’m already showered and everything too… Fuck it I can go alone.”

Marie went into her room and reapplied her make up with her classic dark red lipstick. She wore a tight black dress with her nicest sandals. Ever since she had begun fucking for money, her wardrobe almost consisted entirely of slutty clothes.

Marie stepped out into the living room where Wyatt was working on his paper again. “Hey Wyatt, I’m gonna step out for a bit. Do you want me to order you guys a pizza or something.”

“No thanks I got it.” He turned to face her. “Wow, you look amazing.”

“Thank you” she responded. “It was really all I had left in my closet.”

“Big night out?” he asked.

She exhaled deeply and responded “No.” before dropping her keys on the counter and leaning on it. “My boyfriend and I were gonna see a movie together but he had to work. I already bought my stupid ticket too.”

“Yikes, I’m sorry.”

“Hey, do you want to come? I will pay! And I can drive us there too!”

“Sorry Marie, I really need to finish this up ASAP.”

“Oh, right. The paper. Well I guess I will just go alone then.”

“Why not bring Laurence?”

“He seems a little worn out.” She giggled.

“Oh yeah?” You really gave it to him good huh?” he asked

“Yeah and he certainly returned the favor.” she said blushing.

“Really?” he asked in utter shock. “That’s impressive considering he is a virgin. Or, was, for that matter.”

“Yes… he was amazing.”

“Can’t be better than me, right?” he asked

Marie stayed silent.

“Right?” he asked, sounding slightly worried now.

“Well I don’t want to choose between brothers Wyatt. Besides, he took his time and I showed him what to bağdat caddesi escort do for him to make me cum twice. You were on a quick study break and I thought it had to be…”

“You came twice?! Nu uh, there is no way my brother is a better fuck than I am.”

“I didn’t say he was Wy-“

“When is your movie?”

“At 8:00pm why?”

“Come here I’m cashing in again on my all expenses paid weekend. And I’m gonna show you that I’m better than that loser?”

“Oh, alright.” she giggled. “Remember though, I don’t have a lot of time.”

She straddled him on the couch and the two made out for a while before he began to fuck her standing up. She bounced high above his waist on to his hard cock. “Fuck, big cock really runs in your family.”

Marie came once this way and once again while he had her bent over the counter. She then got onto her knees and suck him off until he came in her mouth. Happily swallowing his load, he began to brag. “See, pretty good right? I was just going easy earlier caus-“

“Shit!” She cut him off. “It’s 7:45pm. I’m gonna miss the beginning! I’ll see you later!” She adjusted her dress and stormed out the door.

She arrived at the movie theater at 8:10pm and attempted to scan her e-ticket. “Oh, I’m sorry miss, but the movie just began and we don’t allow guests to enter to theater after the film is rolling in order to provide our guests with the best experience.”

“What? Really? But it’s probably still in the credits! It just started ten minutes ago!”

“No the credits start at 7:50pm and the film begins at 8:00pm. All our listed times are exact.”

Bummed, Marie asked “Can I at least get my money back?”

“I can either exchange the ticket arcade credit or for another movie, but it has to be for tonight.”

Marie looked up at the screen to find an assortment of terrible movies to pick from. “I guess I will take the arcade credit then…”

Marie found herself in the arcade, angrily shooting at zombies as they swarmed her. “GAME OVER” dripped down the screen in blood as one zombie chucked his sledge hammer.

“What?! Can they really do that? That’s so fucking stupid!” she exclaimed before tossing the gun-controller at the machine.

A voice called from afar, “Yeah, you show that machine!”

Marie quickly turned her head. A tall guy was out in the lobby with small group of guys. “Who in the fuck…” she thought to herself. He seemed to dismiss himself from the group and walked over to her.

“Remember me? Long time no see!”


“Really? You don’t remember me? We had sex that one time.”

“Oh, um, that doesn’t really help to be completely honest.” She laughed nervously.

“Oh damn, Business must be going well. We did it in a dressing room at the mall.”

“Yeah, umm…”

“Really? Still nothing?”

“I’m a busy person” she said laughing again while rubbing the back of her neck.

“I bought you that dress, remember?”

“Bought me a dre.. OH! My homecoming dress! Kevin?”

“Yes! It’s me, Kevin. I actually never caught your name though. May I ask?”

“Marie, nice to meet you again. How have you been?”

“Been okay. Just been hanging out with the boys, going to work, the usual.”

“How is your girlfriend?”

“We broke up?”

“Really?” Marie asked, “Why?”

“I uh, I cheated on her.”

“Why does that not surprise me?” She asked sarcastically before giggling.”

“Yeah well you know… I see you really took bahçelievler escort your anger out on that game.”

“Yeah” she responded, “It’s been a pretty shitty day. I had a huge bio test this morning, then my mom was made cause I got home late, then my boyfriend cancelled our date, then my ticket got denied and now these stupid zombies apparently learned how to through their weapons.”

“Ooo I hate when that happens.” They both laughed. “You look great.”

“Thank you” she cooed. “You know, I gotta show off the merchandise.”

“Yes you do. And trust me is it attracting customers.”

“Oh yeah?” she asked, pacing over to run her finger up his abs to his chest. “I had almost forgotten how tall and handsome you were.” He was over a foot taller than her and built pretty well.

“So tell me, how much would it cost to relive that day?”

“How about $100 and I let you do whatever you want?” She asked, beginning to grope his cock.

“Sounds good, but it will have to be around here somewhere. I have to share my stupid room with one of those guys you saw.”

“We can make it work.”

The two got in the car and began to drive around looking for a private place to park. Marie did not hesitate and began to suck his cock while he drove. “Wow, you just can’t wait can’t you?” He asked.

“What can I say?” she added mid eye contact, swirling her tongue around his tip. “I missed your cock.”

She sucked his cock for ten minutes before he finally parked behind a warehouse. He took his cock out of his cock and before he even reached for the door, Marie said “Hey, give it back.” With almost a dead gaze, she took his cock in her mouth again as though she were in heaven.

“Don’t worry you are gonna get it in other ways.” He pulled it out again. She stepped out of the car, noticing she had been rubbing her own pussy the whole time. She rubbed as he walked around the car to her side and opened her door. He pushed her up against the car and stuck his cock up her dress before pressing it against her pussy.

“K-kevin. Your cock is so big. Just like I remember it” she moaned with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. She used both her hands to spread her ass open for him. He rammed her from behind and she begged him to keep going. Sticking his fingers in her mouth, she sucked and licked them in complete ecstasy.

He sat her up on the hood and fucked between her legs. She rested her head on his buff shoulder and nibbled gently on it. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and her shouts rang through the night. She ran her hands through his soft hair and took his cock as deep as he could give it. “Kevin, I’m gonna cum. Im gonna soak your cock in my pussy juice baby. Oh please fuck me!”

“I’m cumming too Marie. Oh my god it feels so good!”

“Please baby come inside me! Cum with me!”

The two moaned and screamed as the brought each other to orgasm simultaneously. He then proceeded to kiss her and slowly lay her body across the hood of his car. He removed her dress and slowly explored her body with his tongue before beginning to eat her pussy. She held his head as he brought her to an orgasm twice as powerful as the first. As soon as it was over, she kneeled and instantly began to suck on his cock. The deeper she took it, the happier she felt. She looked up at him as he moaned and grunted before shooting a load down her throat. Marie happily swallowed it all down and sucked the rest from his cock. She then stood and they made eye contact for a second. He hugged her and spun her around as she giggled. “What is this?” she asked laughing.

“You are just so cute Marie.”

“Thank you” she blushed. “Here.” She took his phone out from his pocket and began to type her contact in. “I live in the area, Let me know if you ever want to meet up and give me some more work or something. Or you can just text me when you are bored too.” She giggled.

“Thanks, I will definitely do that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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