Mario, Me and Maurice

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Mario felt Maurice stroking his hair lovingly. It was comforting and disconcerting at the same time. He wanted Maurice to stop, but his body refused to move. He also wanted to throw Maurice’s hand off of him, but it felt heavy and he was too tired to move. All he could do was look at his mirror image staring back at him. His cheek was swollen and the bruise was turning deep purple.

Maurice came up on his elbows and he saw that his jaw was swollen on the right side of his face and his bruise was getting a greenish tinged to the purple.

Still, Mario’s body felt hot and violated. Where ever he could feel Maurice’s body, he felt heat and sweat. Maurice moved over him and began to kiss him. The kiss itself was good, but Mario felt nothing for it. Soft lips pecked at his lips reminding him briefly of his girlfriend. The thought gave him enough strength to turn his head away.

“What’s wrong?” said Maurice softly.

Mario couldn’t believe a man had fucked him. He looked deep into the cool gray eyes of Maurice’s and he had wanted to give them both the same color his jaw was becoming. How could the bastard even smile with such a bruise on his face, thought Mario. But Maurice was giving him the most wide grinned smile he has ever seen on a man. The last time he saw such a face was…

It was when he had left his girlfriend’s bed, the morning after he had deflowered her and walked into her bathroom. After splashing his face with cold water, it helped a little with the ache in his cheeks, as he grinned like a mad fool, in love.

“We just fucked and I think I just cheated on my girlfriend…” Mario replied.

Maurice shrugged and continued kissing him some more. He really wanted to leave and get as far away from Maurice as he can. But his body hurt and not in a bad way. It felt properly fucked. There was a slight pull from his ass, but not enough to feel alarmed by it. His dick felt broken though. It lay flaccid between his legs and spent.

He felt Maurice rocking against him and he wanted to pull the broader man off. There was nothing more he can give the French man on top of him. They both had their fix and Mario hoped this was the first and last time for them. But the hardening of his cock told him that there was still a little more he can give.

Disgust roiled in his belly and he finally found the strength to push Maurice off.

“Get off and stay off of me!” Mario demanded.

Maurice hit the floor and he looked back at him with shocked surprise.

“I don’t mind forcing it on you, canlı bahis but sometimes I like it soft. Not always rough, like you do!” Maurice chided back.

He shook his blond curled hair in disbelief as he got back on to the bed and on top of Mario. Mario felt their hard cocks sliding against each other and he bucked up into the friction. Maurice answered back with a grind of his own and Mario had to grab his hips to keep him still.

“I don’t want to have sex with you anymore.” Mario said moving his head away from Maurice insistent lips.

“Then what do you want? A blow job or a rim job? I can give both… very well!” Maurice purred into Mario’s ear.

“I want you off of me.” Mario said beginning to move out from under Maurice.

Maurice laughed his frustration, while he restrained Mario with one hand. It wounded Mario’s pride to be pinned down and he began to struggle in earnest. But no matter what he did, there was no getting out from under Maurice. Maurice kept trying to kiss him and his hips kept their grinding motion. The friction was getting to Mario until, there was nothing else left to do, but to give into the man above him.

Mario tugged hard on the soft blond curls and the persistent head remained above him, its lips crushing his and demanding entrance to his mouth. Maurice moved and bit his bottom lip hard and Mario reflexively yelped out his pain. Maurice took advantage and delved his tongue deep into Mario’s mouth, swiping the inside of his cheek and tasting another fresh spurt of blood in his mouth, again.

He felt his balls revived with pleasure and Mario found himself wanting the kiss as much as the friction Maurice was giving him.

“Suck my cock!” Mario heard himself said.

“But of course!” Maurice replied.

Maurice slid slowly down Mario’s body and Mario pushed the blond head down or was he trying to fuck his cock into Maurice’s mouth himself. It didn’t matter as the warm wet mouth wrapped itself around the head of his cock and began sucking him down. Mario’s arched back shivered in delight and he lifted his leg up. Maurice took charge and began sucking and fondling his balls. Mario could feel the raspy tongue licking and prodding against his swollen hole, but the light flicks were soothing and teasing him all the way.

The pleasure was building into a crescendo and it wasn’t long that Maurice had one hand on his cock, his mouth on his balls and his other hand’s fingers in his ass massaging his prostate. Mario held his legs as close to his chest as he can bahis siteleri and he couldn’t stop moaning.

When he finally, felt his balls draw up in preparation for another mind blowing orgasm. Maurice released his sack and moved his head away from Mario’s crotch.

The loss of Maurice’s administrations made Mario pulled his knees further apart to see, what else Maurice had in store for him. He should have known that Maurice was only prepping him as Maurice moved in closer and shoved his cock deep into Mario’s ass.

In unison they both groaned their pleasure and Maurice began to fuck. Slowly, he moved his cock in and out as if savoring the pleasure of his cock moving in and out of Mario’s tight ass. Mario was only glad to feel something other than nothing a while ago and wishing to cum as fast as possible.

Maurice grabbed Mario’s legs and wrapped them around his middle as he kept a steady rhythm. Mario watched as the broad man leaned over him and kissed him. It was a meaningful kiss. All long and deep with yearning, to tell Mario something, but Mario didn’t want to hear it.

All he wanted was for Maurice to keep pounding away at his prostate as he was doing. Mario moved to jack himself off, but Maurice moved his hand away. Mario looked at him as if he was going crazy. There was no way he was cumming without jacking his dick off. So, he made a move to get his hand wrapped around his dick again, when suddenly, Maurice sank his cock hard and deep into his ass and held both of his hands above his head.

Gray irises stared into honey colored as Maurice plunged meaningful in Mario’s ass.

“You’re going to cum on my cock like this…” Maurice said giving another forceful thrust, hitting his prostate.

Mario squealed from the pleasure racketing up in his body. He heard his toes cracked and knew he was going to have to first die, before he can get through cumming like this. Maurice returned to his slower pace, but still thrusting lightly, while Mario kept withering in ecstasy.

It wasn’t long, before Maurice started to move in earnest and was really going at it. His full determination to get Mario to cum on his cock was written clearly on his face and driven deeply into Mario’s ass.

Mario felt Maurice moving faster in his ass, till the gaps between the next shocks of pleasure was, but one long tidal wave of pleasure as it tipped him over the edge. Mario had lost total control over his body and he was cumming on Maurice’s fat cock. His body shook from the hardest orgasm he had ever bahis şirketleri felt and his ass squeezed and clutched at Maurice’s cock.

After when his eyes rolled back into his head, Mario couldn’t remember what had happened between that moment and waking up again.

‘Fuck, he had a blackout!’ he thought to himself.

He turned to look at Maurice and the man was sleeping soundly next to him. His arm flung protectively over his chest and his leg thrown over him possessively. Mario felt within that moment… owned.

He wiggled his way out from Maurice clutches and looked about the room. It was darker now, but he can just barely make out the clothes lying on the ground. Quietly, he pulled on his clothes and slowly he put on his boxers. His ass was paining him and he felt loose and expose behind there.

He waddled his way out the motel room and into the parking lot. His face cringed in pain as he sat inside his car. Mario took a moment to compose himself. Before he started up his car and drove home to his girlfriend.

It took him only thirty minutes to get home, but it felt like only five. When he got out of the car his ass still felt funny, but he ran to his house.

When Mario laid eyes on his crying girlfriend, he knew within that moment. That this is where he wanted to be, this is where he belonged. He ran to her and stood beside her, resting his palm lightly on her shoulder.

She looked up at him with beseeching eyes and he could never help himself when it comes to her. He dropped to his knees and kissed her.

He knew he should have waited to have done this, but he needed her now. He needed her to make him feel, like the man he was before Maurice touched his body and made him feel like someone else’s bitch.

He picked up the only woman he wanted in his life and brought her to their bedroom. In a flurry of passion and lust they tore one and another’s clothes off in their haste to get at each other’s body.

Mario felt a momentary of shame and shyness as her hands moved over his back and down his ass.

“No!” he said.

“But… I thought you like that?” she asked him softly.

“Yeah… but not tonight and maybe never!” he heard himself said.

“Whatever you want, baby!” was her reply and Mario began kissing her, again.

He made love to his woman with tears in his eyes, because it was an echo to another lovemaking that occurred earlier that night. He felt his body move in a way that was familiar to him. Slow and with purpose to give the other as much pleasure as possible and by saying in that way, he loves him.

Her… he meant, but he knew that he was thinking of him and wondering for a brief second. What it all meant? What does it mean to be in love with a woman and a man?

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