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A massage and a makeover. What a perfect birthday present. When you woke up this morning, your lover gave you a certificate for your present. You had expected the same old presents. Hell, he even gave you a kitchen appliance one year. Not this year. This year you will be pampered. What to do first.

You decide on the massage first, so you can have your nails and makeup fresh to thank your lover later. You are ushered into a locker room to prepare for your massage. As you pull off your blouse, you notice someone in the room. I walk up to you and you instinctively pull your blouse to your breasts to cover up. “Hi, my name is Sean. I’ll be taking care of you today.” You can’t help but notice how I am looking at you. I hand you a large, baby blue towel. “Once you get undressed, put this on and meet me in the next room.”

You sit down and begin to wonder how this happened. You thought a woman would tend you to. Doubts begin to set in about your willingness to take advantage of this portion of your present. Thoughts race through your mind until you decide that anyone working here is a professional and does this all the time. You stand up once again and continue to undress. You are glad you wore your white lace blouse, not because it looks great caressing your large breasts, but because it fastens in the front. As you unclasp your bra, your breasts hang ever so slightly. A testament to your workout regimen. A 22-year-old woman would be proud of these firm breasts.

You unzip the zipper on the side of your skirt and lower it down you silky legs. You decide to leave your white, French cut, lace panties on as a barrier between you and temptation. You wrap the large towel around yourself, covering your body from your armpits to your upper thighs. Damn, this towel is long, but not very wide. You were hoping for more coverage.

Time for your massage. You enter the next room to the sight of my smile. You were too stunned to notice what I look like when we met in the locker room. You judge me to be just taller than your 5 feet 11 inches. Weight lifter. Short brown hair and hazel eyes that seem to have flecks of green and gold sparkling in the fluorescent light. Traveling down my body, you notice I am casually dressed in a gold tank top and loose fitting dark blue shorts. You can’t help but notice the front of my shorts seem to be well developed also. My tan legs are large and muscular and I have an athletic looking ass. “Too bad.” you think to yourself, “This guy is obviously wrapped up in himself.”

“Please make yourself comfortable on my table. I’m just finishing up my preparations.” Looking at the table, you wonder which way you are supposed to lie down. Should you lay with your head close to me or facing away?

Modesty prevails and you lie with your feet toward me. You jump at the feel of the towel being pulled from your back. “Sorry, I can’t massage you with this on.” You relax and let me pull the towel from under your arms. As I open the back of the towel, I say, “I see we have a modest woman here.” You had completely forgotten you still had your panties on.

You feel my hands at the waistband. “I’m afraid I must insist on removing these, even though they are VERY pretty.” You laugh to yourself. Here is a man you just met literally minutes ago removing your panties and you are letting him. You ease your hips up slightly, just enough to allow me to slide the fabric over your thighs. When your panties reach your knees, I lift your knees one at a time, pulling your panties free from your luscious bahçeşehir escort body. Then you feel and soft smack on your ass and wonder if your ass cheeks are as red as the cheeks on your face. As a consolation, I drape a towel over your ass. You secretly wonder if I enjoyed the view.

You start out with your arms clutched tightly to your sides, the better to keep your breasts from spilling out to your sides. Once again you feel a gentle tug, this time on your hands, pulling them above your head. You feel your breasts slide out from beneath your body. Before you can get embarrassed, you feel my hands on your left arm. I moisten your skin with warm oil, stroking your arm gently, then more firmly. You forget about your exposure and begin to enjoy the sensations of my strong hands on your flesh.

I place your hand on my shoulder and stroke your arm from wrist to shoulder. Slowly up your arm, you notice very little friction against your skin. You wonder how my hands could be so firm and yet so gentle. For the first time you feel a stirring beneath your towel.

I place your left hand down, still over your head and pull both your wrists gently. You feel a slight stretch in your arms and ribs. Then you feel your right hand go to my shoulder for a similar treatment. You allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying the strength of my shoulder without trying to make it obvious. You happen to look up to see me smiling at the sensation.

“Close your eyes and relax. Let me do all the work.”

After caressing your arms, I once again stretch your arms and place them at your sides. You feel me leave your side and you look up quickly to see me get more oil. “How can I make you feel good if you won’t relax?”

You lie your head down again and wonder what I must think of you. Your thoughts go away at the touch of my hands on your shoulders. Softly, I rub the oil into your skin, preparing it for my ministrations.

Starting at your shoulders, I run my hands down the middle of your back to the edge of your towel. Pulling my hands back, I rub the scented oil up your rib cage. You feel my little fingers on the sides of your breasts. Only your arms being at your sides keep me from caressing your breasts fully.

Back to your shoulders, I knead the tired muscles into submission. I put my hands down your back, pressing harder, more firmly than before. Spreading my fingers, I once again stroke the trail up your ribcage. I repeat this several times before I break contact once again. This time, you keep your eyes closed and prepare for whatever comes next.

You hear a slight whirring sound. You instantly think of the vibrator you keep in your underwear drawer. Before you can look up again, you feel a warm vibration on your shoulders. “Mmmmmmmmm, that feels wonderful”, you think to yourself. Or at least you think it was to yourself. You look to my face to see if there is any indication that your moan escaped your lips.

Seeing no surprise registered on my face, you close your eyes once again. Down your spine travels the soothing motion of the hand vibrator. Reaching the towel, my hand travels from side to side massaging your lower back. You think about how sexy that feels and notice moisture building within yourself.

“Damn! I hope he can’t smell that”, you think. “Maybe the smell of the oil will cover it up.” I turn off the vibrator and notice a frown on your face.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done with the toy.” Did you bakırköy escort hear an emphasis on the word “Toy”? Couldn’t be.

I travel down to your feet and you feel me lift your foot to my chest. I reach over to oil my hands again and you feel my hot breath on your foot. Starting at your feet, I stroke your ankles and calves with the warm oil. You notice my touch is gentler on your calves than on your back. I release that foot and pick up the other one, continuing my gentle strokes. Once I finish with your calves, I place your leg on the other side of my body so your legs straddle my hips. If I were to pull on your feet, your wetness would bump up against the bulge in my shorts. You feel so vulnerable, but so excited at the same time. I place my re-oiled hands on the backs of your thighs. Stroking your thighs up to the point of your towel, then back again.

After the first couple of strokes, I begin to explore the insides of your thighs. This time when you moan, you know I hear it, but it feels too good to care. Up and down, back and inside, my hands generate heat not only on your legs, but also between them. You concentrate on not lifting your hips so as not to give away the excitement the massage is generating within you.

You hear that familiar buzz once again. “Oh, my Gawd!” You think you keep that exclamation to yourself. Traveling up the backs of your thighs with the hand vibrator doesn’t seem to heighten your excitement more than it already is, but then I apply it to your inner thighs. You instinctively jump at the sensation of the vibration that close to your pussy. I stroke back up the backs of your thighs, this time exploring under the edge of your towel. Down the inside of your thighs once again. With each stroke up your thighs, I explore further under your towel until the only purpose of the towel is to keep your beautiful ass from my gaze. You solve that by reaching up to the towel and pulling it off.

“If he’s going to feel my ass”, you think, “He might as well see what he’s doing.”

My hands pull your cheeks slightly apart each time I stroke your ass. I travel closer and closer to your pussy with each stroke back down your inner thighs. You drop all pretenses of propriety and moan audibly. Your hips lift slightly, but noticeably. Just that quick, I stop. “What’s going on?” you ask.

“Relax. I’m not done with you yet.”

Lightly stroking your back once again, I move to your side. I pull your far arm over your head, then stroke your back again. “MMMMmmmm” you moan again. You feel my arms at your side as I clutch the side of your towel. I quickly pull the towel up and toward me, flipping your body smoothly to lying on your back. “There!” You think, “I’m totally exposed to a total stranger.” You are thankful for the time you invest in keeping your body in shape. This time, I don’t start at your shoulders. I stroke your flat stomach, pausing each time just short of your mons. Dew is building on your closely cropped pussy hair as a testament to the pleasure you are deriving from my hands.

I become bolder and begin to oil your breasts. Starting from the outside, I make smaller and smaller circles around your large breasts to meet at each nipple. Your nipples are harder than they have ever been. I gently pull on each one. Again you moan audibly. “May I?” I ask. “Please”, you respond in a breathy moan. I place my lips to your nipple and lightly flick my tongue to the sensitive little eraser. For the first başakşehir escort time, you initiate contact with me by placing your hand to the back of my head, running your fingers through my hair and pulling my head toward your breast. I switch to your other nipple. You notice my hand begins to travel down your stomach to the juncture of your legs. I continue sucking, but I touch your pussy and you yelp. It doesn’t take long for you to begin to rock your hips up and down to a sensual rhythm. I rub your slit up and down and begin to circle your clit.

“Oh, Sean!”

I lift my head from your breast and kiss my way down your stomach. Pulling my finger from your pussy, I put it into my mouth as I circle around the table to stop when I reach the point between your legs. I pull your legs until your ass reaches the edge of the table. At that point, you feel my tongue on your outer lips. You lift your knees up into the air, pulling back on the backs of your thighs. All the better to eat you with. I pull your lips apart and run my tongue into your pussy. Once my tongue enters your pussy, I take one finger up to pull the skin above your clit back. Moving my head up, I flick my tongue on the tip of your clit. You take your hands from behind your knees and place them on the back of my head.

“Don’t stop.” I continue to flick my tongue on your clit and put my fingers on each side to further excite you. I put my lips on your clit and suck the tiny bud. As I do, you press my face into your pussy harder. I shake my head from side to side.

“Gawd, Sean! That feels sooooo good!” I release my grip on your clit and say, “I’m still not done.”

I put my hands on the back of your knees and push your knees to your breasts. I then run my tongue from your clit, down your slit to your ass. Circling your hole, I spread your cheeks apart. “OOOOOOoooooohhhh!” “I told you I wasn’t done.” I place my thumb on your clit and continue to lick your ass.

You feel the buildup of an impending orgasm in your pussy and moan again. You start bucking your hips and pull my head forcefully into your body.

“Fuck! Eat my ass Sean!” I try my best to accommodate, but your ass is moving too rapidly. As your reach your climax, I sink my finger deep into your pussy to feel your contractions. You close your knees together and hump my finger hard. “Ooo, ooo, ooo!” You squeal. Finally, you relax as spread your legs. “Fuck me now, Sean.”

I pull down my shorts and you smile. “I knew I would be happy with the size of that bulge.”

I stroke the tip of my cock up and down your dripping pussy before driving it home in one stroke. “Sean, My Gawd, Sean!” I stroke quickly, then slowly. In and out, then side by side. Fucking and teasing.

You reach your fingers to your clit. “Fuck me hard!”

I begin to stroke long and hard until my cock seems to be at the edge of your pussy. Long and hard, plunging into the depths of your wetness. Pushing your knees back once again, I stroke even deeper. Then I pull out too far and my cock finds the entrance of your other hole. Because you are so relaxed, my cock slides in easily. “Don’t stop! Fuck my ass!” You cry.

The combination of my cock in your ass and your fingers on your clit drive your too another huge orgasm. “Come with me Sean!”

You feel my hips pound against your ass until I begin to give you my seed. I drive to the bottom of your ass as I squirt my juices deep into your ass. You come even harder than your did the first time. “OH! OH! OH!” You say.

“Damn, that was great!” I say, wiping the sweat from my brow. A drop escapes my forehead to land on your pussy.

“Now I’m REALLY relaxed. That was the best massage I’ve ever had. Can I make an appointment for next week?” “Sure, the next one is on me. I hope literally.”

As you rise from the table, you wonder if you have the energy to get that makeover after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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