Master and You, Lily

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Hi all. This starts as a story about Lily, but will become you BEING lily. Perfect as masturbation but could also be used as a script for a couple. Its my first try, let me know what you think…

Master said to wait here…

Lilly sat in the garden. Despite the beautiful weather it was now raining again. Heavily. All master had permitted her to wear was a white blouse, tartan skirt and a red lingerie set underneath that master had bought her. The worst part was that masters purchase didn’t even fit her. The bra was a 36D, so her perky 34H breasts just spilled out of the top and sides of the cups. It was uncomfortable to wear and yet she just couldn’t say no. Sat on the grass; cold, wet and alone. She waited for at least an hour, the makeup master requested melting down her face. Under normal circumstances she may have cheated master. She often did this and didn’t get caught. She would have stood in the shower and then upon hearing masters car she would’ve run to the garden as fast as she could and sat waiting as if she’d done exactly as she was told. But things had changed. Master was not willing to spend the entirety of covid without his prized possession…his 5ft, auburn haired, curvaceous little snack. She was in HIS house and had to play by HIS rules.

Master was a 6ft 4 hulk of a man with pale skin, deep blue eyes and thick black curly hair. He could melt you in one second and put the fear of death into you in the next. The only thing Lily wanted him to put into her was his thick, 9 inch penis.

Master ran out into the garden with a leash in hand. “Beg”.

Lily got onto her knees and pulled her hands up like paws. She made a whimpering noise then stuck her tongue out. She really hated it when master made her wait outside in the rain and would promise herself that she would challenge him, but every time he would walk out topless to meet her, and every time she would mould into whatever he wanted.

He clipped the collar around her neck. She went to get onto all fours like she normally does, but as she did she got a cold, hard spank that stung like hell.

“I haven’t asked you to move. Take off your shirt”. Lily wanted to protest. She bahis firmaları was in the garden after all and the neighbours could see her! But she knew there was no point in arguing, so she did as she was told. The shame just made the sexual tension inside her bubble, and she started to feel warmth between her legs.

“And the skirt”


“I didn’t know dogs could talk.” This was unusual of master not to punish her for such behaviour. He must’ve known he was pushing her limits. She pulled her skirt down to reveal the little red thong she was wearing, her big round ass cheeks making the string up the back invisible.

“So, my lingerie isn’t good enough for you is it?” Master bellowed in her face.

“Yes sir thank you sir” lily replied in fear and confusion.

“No it is not. You are lying. Your big tits don’t want to fit into this bra. They think they are too perky and womanly. Take it off.”


“If you speak against me one more time…”

Lily took the bra off, leaving her hardened nipples exposed to the rain, raindrops falling off the tips of her breasts. Lily hoped they would go in now. She was so worried that the neighbours would see, especially the university students that lived next door. What would they think? This only turned her on more.

“And those ass cheeks eating that thong. Off with that too.”

Lily felt so embarrassed but she couldn’t do anything. She didn’t want to be punished by master, but she couldn’t get fully naked in his garden. She was cold and felt ashamed.

“Master I”

“I told you not to speak. Get those panties off and stand feet shoulder width apart.”

Lily did as she was told. Master removed her collar. As he did the uni boys came up the window. They looked out, all with cocks bulging in their pants. Lily felt such shame.

“You were going to get a real treat today whore, but you’ve let yourself down. I told those boys to come to the window. If you had been good, I’d be taking you inside and giving you my cock, letting you have some freedom. Now they are just going to watch you pleasure yourself…under my instructions of course.”

Master spoke kaçak iddaa his instructions. Lily was cold and ashamed, the rain trickling over her curves.

“Take your right hand and grip your right breast. I want you to massage it 10 times, without touching the nipple. I want to hear a yes sir after every instruction. If you don’t you will receive a punishment.”

“Yes Sir”.

*Punishments will be asterisked after every instruction. You SHOULD NOT complete the punishment unless you have been a naughty whore and said yes to your master*

“Now the left breast”

*Spank your pussy 5 times*

“Now, I want you to circle each areola 20 times with the softest, lightest, slowest touch you can. If your nipple is not hard after the 20 you must spank that nipple as hard as you can 5 times and repeat until the nipple is hard. Once you have achieved a hard nipple I want you to grip it and twist it HARD, for 15 seconds. I want you to count those seconds out loud.”

*Pump 2 fingers in and out of your pussy fast and hard 10 times, then stand with your hands behind your head for 1 minute*

“Now, are those nipples nice and hard for me? Are you dripping wet for me? Feel how wet you are. If you are not gushing with wetness I want you to spank yourself 10 times and repeat the previous instruction (circling). If you are still not gushing with wetness you are to finger yourself with one finger on your non dominant had 15 times and then spank yourself 10 times. If you’re not gushing by now slut you might as well get dressed because master will no longer be interested in you.”

“Did I get a thank you sir for letting you touch your wetness? No? Rub those panties in your sweet juice and stuff them into your mouth.”

*Put your highest, most uncomfortable pair of heels on, alternatively stand on your tip toes, if your heel touches the floor spank yourself 3 time*

“Good sluts in bare feet can kneel down, but keep your back straight, ass up of your legs and spread those knees apart, put your hands behind your back and present yourself to me. You will stay there for one minute whore”

*Bend over and touch the floor with your hands. Keep your legs kaçak bahis straight*

“Now take your weakest hand and brush the lips of your pussy 10 times. No pressure now, just lightly. Can you feel your juices running out?

Now let it slip between those lips. Lightly tap your bud 20 times.

Pull your hands up behind your head. Count to 10 out loud.

Finger yourself hard 30 times. You DO NOT have permission to cum.

Stand with you back arched and booty out . Count to 50 playing with your nipples.

Now play with yourself however you like, get right to the edge. Stop.

Count to 10.

Stroke those pussy lips lightly 10 times. Pinch those nipples 10 times.

Spank yourself 10 times.”

*If you came, you are not permitted to wear any underwear for the rest of the day, but you must continue with these instructions. Master decides when you are done*

“Now to the edge again however you like but you must keep that back arched. If you loose your shape spank your breasts 5 times each.

Now we will play a little game slut. Say out loud your bra size. This will decide your fate.

If you have a back size 30 or below you will get on all 4’s with your ass in the air. You may choose 1 toy to use.

If you have a back size of 32-36 you will kneel as you did before. You may only use toys for your nipples.

If you have a back size of 38 or bigger you will lie on your back with your legs in the air wide apart. You may have 2 toys.

As for your cup size –

AAA-D – Edge yourself 5 times. After each edge spank your ass 10 times nice and hard like master does. Do not cum. You must seek your real life lover to make you cum. If you do not have one you must wait an hour, watch porn for 10 mins, and then edge yourself a further 3 times with your toy before you are allowed to cum

DD-G – Edge yourself 6 times. After each edge you must do 10 burpees and ask master if he likes your big bouncing titties. Then after 6 you may cum.

GG+ – You will edge yourself 5 times. After each edge you will pinch your nipples incredibly hard and count to 15 then smack your tits 10 times each and apologise to master for having such big juicy tits that make all the men want you. You may cum, but If you cum, you must do so twice OR you must cum by your lover in the next 3 hours.

Well done my slutty slut. You have done master proud.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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