Mature Wife’s Bum-Ruched Leggings

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Babs had just wakened to find her young lover’s hand on her mature breasts and his semi erect cock nestling in the crevice of her curvaceous ass. He was still sound asleep after his almost insatiable exertions the night before as flashes came back of them drinking lots of champagne and great sex with firstly Jack and Jeff, and then a very virile Jeff.

She heard the knock at the door and realised that that was what had wakened her, their breakfast arriving. A quick glance at her watch showed they had overslept from their exertions and it was 9.45.

She shook Jeff awake to get the door but he with a grin said why didn’t she as it would be turn on for him and make the waiters day. Eventually she persuaded him to out on a pair of boxers and get the door.

She expected him to get the waiter to leave the tray in the sitting room part of the suite but he suggested he take it through to the bedroom. She thought the young guy will obviously realise that she had been bedded by her young stud and Jeff was seeing just how confident she would be. She rose to his challenge by sitting up in bed and letting the covers fall down to reveal her heavy pendulous mature breasts and she smiled at the young guy and said, “After a hard night I am really looking forward to a good breakfast.”

After taking a good look at her boobs the young guy left with an embarrassed grin while Jeff asked her did she want tea of coffee.

She noticed his boxer shorts tented and throwing back the covers she lay back with her ripe creamy thighs open and stroking her big shaven pussy mound murmured “What I really want now, is for you to sink that big cock into my box and give me a good fucking.”

Losing his boxers to release a huge form erection he grinned and said “You really are insatiable and as sexy as hell.” Reaching down he kissed her and taking the weight if one of her big mature breasts he kneaded the nipple and murmured “And that was brilliant the way you weren’t embarrassed about letting the waiter see those fantastic tIts.”

And as his hand closed over her big shaven mound he said “I’d love to have seen you show that big box off as well.”

Opening her thighs wider she thrust her pussy up into and his hand and whispered, “What this big pussy wants is a good hard fucking by that fantastic big cock.”

He quickly lowered himself on to her and entered the head of his cock in her. As she thrust up to meet him he grabbed two handfuls of her buttocks and pulling her into him, rammed the full 8″ home. As he rode her hard he grated “You really are a wonderful fuck, you can’t seem to get enough.”

It didn’t take long as she really fancied this young guy and she climaxed again before he spurted another load into her womb.

Still aroused and semi hard he turned her over as he fancied her ass but she persuaded him that they should have breakfast and have time to recover.

As she got up to go to the bathroom for a quick wash her he slapped her big jutting mature buttocks and she thought back to how her wearing new bum ruched leggings had created such desire for her ass from this gorgeous young guy and how over the previous night Jack and he had dped her, and each of them had buggered her before Jack left. Jeff had buggered her several more times, slapped her ass hard and even sodomised her with a champagne bottle — in short he seemed fairly obsessed by her big mature bum.

As a mid fifties woman sitting semi naked, albeit in a hotel dressing gown, she felt it slightly surreal to be having smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with a gorgeous 22yo guy with whom she had spent a fabulous night sex, who had just shagged her and was expecting to bugger her.

She brought up the purpose of his visit to Edinburgh to work with her in his new job marketing his brother’s restaurant and he suggested that they could spend the day in bed and work the next day.

She said there was plenty of time for sex after they had the work done. After breakfast she would go back home, put some ideas together without him distracting her and meet him for dinner. They could work discuss things over dinner and see how things went leaving him free to get back to Glasgow as planned the following day.

He reluctantly agreed but taking her hand he pulled her up and releasing her robe to let her boobs hang free he kissed her and groped her before turning her round, slapped her ass and said well lets have that ass now. She obediently went over to the bed and bending over with her ass in the air and as he parted her hips she heard him mutter, “I hope I haven’t hurt your ass it’s really gaping.”

She turned and smiled, “Only a bit but it’s quite common for a woman’s ass to gape if she has quite a bit of anal sex with a guy with a big cock. It was like that the first time I had fun with Jack, Pete and Mike but I think you will probably have opened me up even more. But it does go down.”

He grinned and after lubing his cock and her gaping anal ring he grabbed her by the buttocks before easing the head of his cock into her. As she eased back on to him, he Beşiktaş escort rammed it home right up to his balls and when she told him it was good, he grabbed two handfuls of her soft big tits while he really buggered her ass. He buggered her hard for about five minutes before she felt him tense and felt him pumping more spunk into her.

She fell forward on the bed impaled on his cock until he slowly withdrew and slapping her on the ass told her she was unbelievably sexy. He suggested they have a shower together but she knew that would lead to more sex and said she would have a quick wash and get a shower at home and see him later for dinner..

She was dressed and about to go when he came out of the bathroom and complimented her again on her outfit of short fitted leather jacket, a sheerish cashmere top which gave support to her 40d breasts but yet showed off their full ripe shape and her mature nipples. Her new ‘bum ruched’ leggings were like a second skin round her ripe thighs and pussy mound and the ruching of the material separated and emphasised the crevice between her jutting mature buttocks and her over the knee boots completed a really sexy outfit. He said told her she looked absolutely fabulous and asked her to wear the leggings again for dinner. When she demurred he told her that he and the other three guys couldn’t believe how sexy the leggings were on her and that when he saw her ass in them he had been determined to fuck her in the ass.

She smiled and said “I am flattered but I have many other sexy outfits and you have not only seen my nude bum but fucked it several times.”

He replied “I am sure, but we all couldn’t believe how sexy they made you look wearing something like that in public. Any guy seeing you in those would want your cunt and especially your gorgeous big ass.”

She could from his hardening erection that the leggings genuinely turned him on so she smiled and said “I’ll see, but what I promise is that whatever I wear you won’t be disappointed.”

She was a bit stunned when he turned her round and started to dry ride her ass but teasingly thrust back against him murmuring “I must get another set of these if they can get you hard after all the sex we have had.”

She heard him grate. “It’s not just the leggings but what’s in them and the whole package of great tits and pussy but I defy any guy to see you in those leggings and not want to give it to you in the ass.”

She said, “Well keep it for later I don’t want you cumming off over them.”

With a groan he said “Too late.” And she felt him ejaculate into the crease of the material between her hips.

She was annoyed but softened with his infectious grin and him saying “I can’t believe I did that but at least it shows how wonderful your ass is in those leggings — they should be called ‘bum fucked’ leggings.”

He went into the bathroom to get a towel to wipe her down and she was secretly pleased to see that as he did so his cock was hardening again. He saw her looking at it and murmured “Would you really not prefer to come back to bed?”

She evaded his grasp, kissed him on the lips and told him to get some rest as she would be back about 6pm.

Babs felt a bit decadent as she walked through the swish hotel lobby with the young guys spunk over the back of her leggings and couldn’t help wondering how far the story of her and the guys had gone through the hotel staff.

On the way back home in the cab she couldn’t help reflecting on how purchasing a rather revealing bikini on her 50th birthday had led to her having and really enjoying the best and most varied sex of her life.

When she and Tom had gone to the sun for a holiday a few years ago to celebrate his retirement and her birthday, Babs thought she looked very well with her spray tan and a pretty flattering white one piece suit which showed off her mature figure to perfection. However she must noticed Tom checking out some of the younger topless girls round the pool with their miniscule bikini bottoms so she decided to show him and make me appreciate what he had at home!

She had gone shopping into a nearby town the third day of the holiday and Tom was stunned the next morning when she joined him at the pool and took off her wrap to reveal a very tiny black bikini held together with gold chains. She looked so sexy it was almost lewd with the top struggling to hold in her heavy mature breasts and the tiny scrap of bikini bottom struggling to cover her big shaven pussy mound. But the sexiest of all was the thin gold chain dividing her hips and disappearing into the deep chasm between her large jutting ripe buttocks.

Quite simply Tom had never seen anything or anyone sexier in his life than his mature wife putting her ripe assets on full display in public — she looked simply stunning. When she decided to go for a swim there were very few younger and older guys eyes didn’t go to her almost totally uncovered big bouncing ass cheeks or when she came out to her overflowing bikini top and her large prominent camel toe. Quite simply Beşiktaş escort bayan she looked like sex on legs. She obviously liked the attention she got because on coming out she lost the bikini top and put her big pendulous breasts on full display.

She saw his obvious arousal and teasingly asked did he like her bikini?

He grated, “I do and what’s in it.”

And she informed him she had purchased two more just like it. Half an hour later and sporting a large erection he suggested that she stop thrilling the other guys round the pool and go back to their apartment for lunch. She obviously had gained in confidence and was quite confident enough to stroll through the hotel without the top.

Needless to say they starting kissing and Tom fondling — well really groping her tits and ass in the lift and they had hardly made it into the apartment when he bent her over the sofa, mounted her and rammed the hardiest erection he had had for some years into her ready pussy. This wasn’t making love this was the pure sex that they were ready for, and as she climaxed first he knew that wearing very little in public had turned her on as much as it had him..

That night she looked of anything even sexier — braless and with just a white g string — in a semi sheer white clinging dress. For the first time in a few years she was delighted to find Tom ready for a second round of lovemaking.

When they came back home she told Tom how much she enjoyed feeling really wanted and desired and Tom suggested that they might try something like levitra to give him e a boost now and again..

To set the scene a few days later they went away overnight to a nice hotel for a romantic meal and when Tom saw what Babs was wearing — sheerish top with no bra (and her large pendulous breasts and nipples on display); a very short skirt sculpted to her shapely and jutting buttocks and stockings and suspenders, he got an erection and thought he wasn’t going to need a tablet.

Throughout the meal and especially later in the bar they flirted like teenagers and she wasn’t frightened to show off a lot of leg and thigh. As she said “If we are going to do this let’s give it our best shot.”

They both noticed a lot of guys in the bar were as impressed as Tom was at how she looked both seated in the bar and going and coming from the loo and this gave added stimulation.

Tom took a tablet and after a bit more flirting, he started to feel a different sort of erection than usual within about 20 minute. It felt heavy, firm and log like! Up to the room and he fucked Babs twice and once again in the morning. Babs loved the bigger firmer cock and that and her experiences of being admired and lusted after in holiday rekindled her interest in sex in a big way.

With her dressing sexier virtually all of the time especially on ‘date nights’ outside their own locality and Tom having the back up if he felt he needed it of Levitra their sex life flourished. However Babs seem to really enjoy the attention her new wardrobe was attracting including from much younger guys.

One night she dressed really sexily in a sheer low top which left nothing to the imagination and a short tight bum skimming skirt with stockings and suspenders to a pub with a much younger crowd and one which had a disco on. As she went to the loo passed a crowd of younger guys waiting to go into the disco she hear quite a few comments on her boobs and ass including what they would like to do with it. On the way back a couple of very attractive young guys in their early 20s engaged her in conversation and invited her to the disco and then on to a party. When she declined they said she didn’t know what she was missing and the two of them could give her a very good time.

When Tom heard this it really turned him on, so much so on the way home he stopped to have sex.

At a late breakfast the next day he asked her had she any regrets at not taking up the offer of two young studs, she smiled and teasingly said it might have been good but possibly too energetic and demanding — she was better off with him!

However imagine his surprise about a week later to find from the history of searching on his laptop he found she had been into cougar and mature women/young guys sites. That night when they were out for a drink he brought the conversation round to a break they had been talking about in a lively city a couple of hundred miles from home and suggested it might be fun to go away with the express intention of having a great ‘no limits’ few days away. When she asked what he meant by ‘no limits’ he said no limits on how little she wore or how much she was prepared to show off in public or how she would let me show him off round bars or how much she would flirt with younger guys etc. When she asked if he was suggesting involving someone else in having sex with them — he suggested it might be truly exciting to leave that as a possible option.

He told her it turned him on and must be good for her ego when they saw her turning guys heads especially younger Escort beşiktaş guys and even hearing a few ribald comments on what they would like to do with her. She agreed that it did and she had often wondered would they actually be up for it if she responded.

The trip started well with Babs getting a lot of attention when they did a recce of the pubs the first night and Tom taking it easy on the drink to let the Levitra work its magic. Had a great night of lovemaking. The following night was a disappointment with Tom having quite a bit to drink and eat, the Levitra failed.

On the third night Tom would have opted to a quieter night but Babs determined to make something happen had rather seduced their young black immigrant taxi driver. This guy hadn’t seen his wife for three months but Babs made up for it by sucking him off and letting him shag her three times. Tom finished her off by buggering her big ass. It wasn’t quite as romantic or exciting as they had imagined it would be although Babs admitted it had been good to get a bit of hard young cock and it had sort of ‘scratched an itch’.

On their final night she had been keen to definitely try to pick up one or two guys to make their fantasy become a reality. She gone braless in a sheer white top, very short black tight skirt with stockings and suspenders and a short black fitted jacket. As they walked through the bar to the dining room they noticed quite a few young guys check her out.

Over dinner with quite a bit of wine for Babs they discussed the plans for the night and how far they really were prepared to take it. She suggested going back in to the bar on her own and see who would try to pick her up and if she fancied them she would say that her husband had an emergency call and might be back. She would give Tom a call and he could join them and if he thought it was Ok they would invite whoever it was to join them in the room for a drink.

After dinner Tom went back to the room and waited for her call. About 50 minutes of high excitement and anticipation for him was broken by a call. She was in the ladies and said she had been joined in the bar for a few drinks by two guys in their mid — late twenties who were obviously very interested in her as they had been very complimentary and had asked her to go on to a club with them. When she had said her husband might be back they had suggested that until then she might like to join them in their room for a drink.

She suggested just having a drink in the bar and when he came back into the bar she had obviously had quite a bit more to drink and he saw that she was sitting very closely sandwiched between the two of them with her jacket off and her short skirt well rucked up over her thighs to display quite a bit of stocking top and creamy thigh. He suspected, which she later confirmed, that in the relatively private booth, both had kissed her, fondled her breasts and had their hands up her skirt

She suggested they have a drink in our room and suggested Tom order a couple of bottles of champagne to add to the one we had brought with us ‘in case’ and by the time he had collected these, popped a levitra and made his way up to the room he realised they had started without him. He could really only watch as Babs with her top pulled up was snogging Rob, who was groping her naked breasts, while Brett had her skirt pushed up and was between her thighs pounding her pussy. Yes it was exciting for Tom to watch as she quite willingly responded to this young guy between her thighs and when Brett finished, Rob took over.

Babs looked totally wanton and soon lost the top and skirt to leave her in her garter belt and stockings. Her body took some punishment from the Rom and the two guys taking her in various ways and combinations. All three of them had her in all three of her orifices in various combinations including all three of them on her at once. She was a very willing participant for whatever they wanted. The guys having sated their lust left about 5.00 am leaving Tom and Babs quite shattered. When they woke about 9.30 it was quite awkward between them. She was obviously a bit concerned at having let herself go so much and Tom although turned on by her willingness a bit concerned at how sluttish she had been in very willingly letting guys do what they liked to her body including them sodomising her.

While he found it exciting before and during the session he could not quite get the imagery of his wife letting herself go so completely and wantonly and he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to repeat the experience.

It fuelled some very good sex over the next few months but while Babs was keen to repeat the experience Tom and she got quite busy with magazine assignments and PR work and when they had time off Tom started to prefer the gold club and a few drinks. Covid then intervened and their sex life deteriorated to once or at most twice per week.

As they came out of Covid Tom had suggested her dropping off a Christmas present to a couple of their commissioning editors to stimulate some work. This resulted in her giving her Christmas box to two guys in the same day — Robert an older widower friend of her husband and Jack, a bit of a player with the ladies including models. Jack had been trying to get into her knickers for some years and she was sorry she hadn’t dropped them sooner.

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