Me and Corey

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I’m only 18 and the bipolar pills seemed to be working. And then one day I woke up and something was wrong. My morning wood was gone. I suddenly realized it had been two weeks since I jacked off. I felt bad. I felt like the lowest of the low because it was, I don’t know, somehow wrong. It was awful. Days going by and I couldn’t get it up and I didn’t even care. Then one day I got the idea to look up drug side effects, only to learn that one of the meds I took had that side effect. I stopped taking the meds and in a few days I got that old magic back. I called my jack off buddy Corey over and we went into the woods to do what we did best. This was the best time ever. When I got home, I was still horny. I came to Solotouch and read a couple of techniques, one of which was to put a plastic bag under your mattress, put some lube on your cock, and it’s just like fucking. And it is. I must have fucked that bag ten times in two days. It was so much better than my hand. It was so hot and so nasty. It was not as good as jacking my friend Corey off, but it came a close second. Man, who could imagine, a bit of lube and a plastic bag could be this fun? Your cum seems to feel better. It lasts longer. OMG! I have to wash that thing out. It’s got to be dripping full by now.

I had Corey over a few days later, maybe two weeks ago, when the parents were out saving puppies or buying antiques or whatever it is that they like doing this month. I got out my porno and began showing him all the really good stuff, trying to get him good and worked up. When Corey got to rubbing his dick through his pants, that’s when I knew it was game on. When he finally took it out, I gave him a few tugs, enjoying how much my friend seemed to like it, and then I started going on and on about my “fuck bag.” He was all curious, so I showed him how to do it. It’s best Esenyurt Escort if you put the bag on a corner so you can get your legs in the right place and it feels the best. I couldn’t believe it when he asked me to smear on the lotion. Watching my bud pump in and out of the bag was something I will never forget. It was so raw and pure and natural, you have no idea! OMG!

Corey pumped himself in and out and it gave me such a raging hard on and made me wonder if I was gay. I kind of thought about tasting his stuff, you know? Corey began to grunt and then he said he was going to spurt and I guess he did. He looked so happy. I watched as he sunk to the floor and then it was my turn. I put my dick in there along with his juice and I squatted around the corner of my bed and I pumped it into the far end of my room. Bam, bam, bam! When I came, it was the one you remember for the rest of your life. Corey grabbed me by the underwear around my ankles and I slipped out of the bag, dripping shit all over the floor.

It’s the coolest thing because I used to read these stories and jack off and imagine what if and now I’m there because me and Corey have done stuff a hundred times now, after school, his room, my room. He touches me and I blow my load. It’s sick that I like it so much. I want him to touch me more. I like it when he touches me when I’m humping the bed. I can’t help thinking about his face when he comes. Sometimes, I let his shit drip out of the bag on my tongue later when I’m by myself and I get to thinking about jacking off again.

The sounds Corey makes when he’s really into it follow me into my sleep and that’s about as gay as you can get. Or at least that’s what I thought until I started coming here on a regular basis.

One time his twin sister Jessica caught us fucking the mattress Esenyurt Escort bayan and said she would tell on us and that was a big deal. We begged her every which way to shut up her face and in the end, she said she wanted to see us keep going. I went first and I humped the bed, my dick half hard, in and out of the bag without any slippery stuff. Finally, I pulled it out and spit on my hand and that worked for about two seconds. Sensing my pain, whatever, Corey’s hot twin sister ran out of the room and came back in a flash with some slippery lotion. I put some one my hand and in no time, I was humping away like a crazy person. Jessica let me touch her boobs as I fucked the bed. Her boobs were so soft. I wanted to suck on them. When I exploded, it hurt.

I like being watched by a real girl. Damn straight! It reminds me of the days when my sister used to give me baths and she’d kind of touch me and make me feel really good. I remember when we used to play house when we were bored, we’d always end up playing mommy and daddy and that meant I got to suck on her tits like I was the baby and she was the mommy. I loved it. These were happy times. I would get a little stiffy and sis would pull on it until I drifted off to sleep.

Corey stepped up to the plate and made his sister show us her stuff and she did just that. She began rubbing herself down there, looking wet and shiny, and it was the biggest turn on ever. She rubbed and gasped and all I could see was pink and wet and that was that. Jessica smiled as she let out a big sigh and we knew she was over the moon. Wow! It was cool! Then Corey thrust himself in the bag and he was at it like a maniac. Me and his sister looked at each other as the bed began to rattle. Corey came and I wanted to hold him and feel all that in my arms. Gay, I know.

The Escort esenyurt three of us got together two more times, but me and Corey solo, it was more like a hundred.

Jessica showed us both how to use our fingers. She always wanted to see one of us put our fingers up the other guy’s butt, but she mostly liked to watch us jack off or jack each other off and maybe she would pull down her panties and maybe she wouldn’t. We could always count on the moans coming from her room about ten minutes later.

I like to smell Jessica’s panties. You don’t know how happy I was the day I got my big idea to snoop through the laundry basket in the bathroom. I wonder if it’s stupid or sick to like shooting your juice in somebody’s panties? It feels good and I really want to shoot it in her panties before she puts them on so she has to wear my cum all over her pussy all day at school. It’s so cool that this shit is anonymous.

I am probably wrong for posting this, but I really like jacking off with Corey and doing the bag thing like it’s no big deal. I don’t think I am gay, but sliding in and out of the bag and all you got is your friend’s sperm for lube, it’s like the thing I have been waiting for. It’s so nasty, so freakin’ cool, you have no idea!

I am always thinking about his white little ass moving up and down and the spit coming out of his mouth.

I am scared now because we jacked off in my room Monday after school and I tugged on his dick and got the stupid gay idea to put his thing in my mouth. He stiffened up and that meant he liked it and I freaked out. I got carried away and kissed my way up his belly to his chest and just when I got to his nipples, he pulls away and looks at me like I’m a freak and he has to go home. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I want to jack off. I want to fuck that bag, but all I can think about if Corey and how he looks when he fucks my bed. All I can think about is his sister showing us her titties and letting us look at her up close and do all those other cool things. I want to come. I want to pull Corey’s pants down and then his underwear. I want to jack him off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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