Me and Keith

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This is a true story. It happened in the summer of ’04. I’ve dramatised it a little, but only very slightly, the events are true. I should add, it’s more about buildup than the sexual act, but it is the first story I’ve written, so be patient with me! The names have been changed to protect the innocent!

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Karen, I’m a 31 year old semi-professional woman, at least in the sense that I never quite made it in my chosen career! Physically I’m very petite, a UK dress size 8 and 5’1″ in height, unfortunately nature never blessed me with an amazonian figure! I would consider myself a fairly reserved person in some ways, in other ways I’m very open. I’ve been lucky enough to have had two very good long term relationships, which were very satisfying but unfortunately both ended rather worse than I would have hoped. Previous to the events I am writing about I had been single for two years and had not had the company of a man for over six months. This may in part explain my behaviour!

The story starts at my workplace. The “workplace” must be responsible for more flings and affairs than anywhere else, due in part I guess to the mix of people who wouldn’t otherwise get to mingle. Far too much time is spent hanging around water coolers trying to while away some time!

It was here one day when I saw him. Now, you need to bear in mind that my workplace isn’t exactly wall to wall date material, so a handsome face will get noticed! Apart from his striking good looks the second thing I noticed was his age, I felt a pang of guilt when I realised he was maybe no older than 19 or 20. I’m not a woman who is really “into” younger men. Although I didn’t dismiss the idea.

He’d not been working here long, or at least I’d not seen him before. I wanted to say hello, but the canteen was busy and my shy side would rather talk to him alone.

Instead I decided to study him a little more. He was most certainly handsome, in a distinctly manly way. Well dressed too, new clothes by the look of it. Was this his first job I wonder? He was a reasonable height, I was guessing about 5’10” with a fairly average build for his age. I couldn’t help myself wondering if he had a girlfriend, surely he did, such a handsome man. I found myself thinking thoughts I shouldn’t be thinking. Then he looked over at me, my heart seemed to skip a beat, such piercing eyes! I couldn’t help myself and smiled back, unconsciously flicking my hair and for the briefest of moments I felt my body pulse. I was annoyed at myself for having these thoughts.

This went on for several days, smiles and stares. I was becoming more and more convinced he liked me. Mmy instincts were telling me he found me attractive. I found myself dressing more and more seductively, short skirts and looser more revealing blouses. I wonder if anybody has noticed? From overheard conversations I learnt more about him. He was 19, he was single and had an interest in computers. Normally this wouldn’t endear him to me but it was an opening I could take advantage of.

Eventually, we happened upon each other in the canteen. Alone at last. This was my chance.

“Hello, my names Karen, I work up in Accounts. Nice to finally talk to you.”

He hesitated for a moment, then replied “Hi, Keith here. Likewise. I’ve seen you about and wanted to say hello but never found the bostancı escort right moment!”

He came across surprisingly mature, in fact I found a little difficult to concentrate, he truly was a delight. “How are you finding it so far?”

“Good, I’m really enjoying myself. Everybody has been so friendly to me,”, he replied.

At this point I was really biting my tongue. “Yes, we are a very friendly bunch here.” Yes, possibly very friendly, I was thinking to myself. “What do you do for fun?” I asked him.

“I love getting out with friends for a big night out. I’m not particularly sporty but I quite like playing pool. I’m also into computers, geeky I know!”

My mind was now racing, dangerously so. “I wish I knew about computers, mine at home is giving me terrible trouble.”

“Oh really, well I could have a look if you wanted,” he was starting to take the bait.


“Yes, no charge of course I enjoy the challenge.”

“That would be fantastic, a real life safer. How about tonight, are you free?” My heart was pounding and I could feel my legs going weak. What am I doing?!! But it was no good, I couldn’t help myself.

“Of course, I’d love to.”

My hands were trembling as I wrote out my address and a time I’d be ready. It was like a date, except it wasn’t. It was too late now though.

“See you there!” he said as he finished his drink and left. Was that a skip in his step? Does he really know what I am thinking?

Needless to say the rest of the day seemed to take forever. I didn’t see him again at work that day, was I avoiding him? Did I feel a little embarrassed? I wasn’t sure but I did know I had butterflies. I felt like a girl going on her first date. Of course, I didn’t even know if he was interested, I was make assumptions. But surely he wouldn’t come round if he wasn’t interested? I started to run over possibilities in my mind, firstly; what to wear? I want to make the right impression, if I dress down he may take that as a sign I’m not interested. If I dress too raunchy he may think I’m too easy, which I am most definitely NOT! Deep down I had doubts about the whole thing but my emotions and urges seemed to have taken over me.

After what seemed like an age I was home. I had about an hour before Keith arrived, assuming of course he wasn’t early. No time to hang around. I headed upstairs and quickly stripped out of my clothes, throwing my blouse and underwear straight into the wash basket. I took a moment to hang my suit up. I dashed into the bathroom and pulled the shower cord. Instantly it erupted into life. I jumped into the cubicle, hot water spraying my body. I took a moment to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of hot water jets hitting my skin. I reached for the body wash first, squirting it onto my hands before I rubbed it all over my body. The smell was divine. Shampoo came next then conditioner. I wouldn’t have time to dry my hair fully before he arrived but maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing, it looked ‘sultry’. Before I stepped out of the shower I checked my legs, no hair, thank god! And my bikini line was in perfect order too, just a small triangle.

As I stepped out and started to pad myself dry my mind was racing as to what would be happening later. Would it really happen? I so, so wanted it to, it had been so long and he was so deliciously handsome. But ümraniye escort we barely knew each other, but I didn’t care about that. I knew what I wanted, what I needed. I was giving a treat, wasn’t I? He would love it, wouldn’t he? Why was I even doubting this, I knew men well enough and young men from what I remembered were even more keen. I would make it all worth his while.

After giving my hair a quick rub I figured I was dry enough. I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror. He won’t be able to resist.

I decided to take it easy on the clothes front, I’d rather not scare him away. I decided on a pair of figure hugging black jogging pants and vest. Very comfortable and light. And I don’t have to spend half an hour deciding what lingerie to wear! Which was a good point when I saw the time, he was late!

Then the doorbell went. I ran down the stairs until I got the door. I opened the door and there he was, smiling widely wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, gorgeous. I beckoned him in and lead him into the front room and stood facing him.

“So where’s the computer,” he said.

“There is no computer, ” and I leant forward and put my lips to his. He needed no encouragement and started to kiss me back roughly. I could feel his tongue pushing at my lips and I obliged by opening my mouth and felt his tongue invade it.

My switch was flicked, I felt like a torrent of passion was being released from its cage. We kissed passionately until I could stop myself no more. I dropped to my knees and fumbled at his belt, literally tearing at the catch until I got it open.

“Oh jesus,” he murmured as I grabbed his zip and tugged it down. I then grabbed his jeans and pulled them down until I was kneeling in front of this white pair of boxer shorts with the unmistakable outline of a man. I grabbed the sides of his boxers.

“Please, ” he whimpered as I pulled them down and he leapt free. The first cock I’d seen for seven months and it was magnificent, absolutely magnificent. I took a moment to admire it as it grew larger and larger. Then I took a moment to admire his manhood, it was large, but not too large, maybe 7 inches and surprisingly thick. It was as straight as an arrow and flawless.

I grabbed the shaft and started to slowly pump it, feeling it getting harder still in my hand. I could hear Keith groaning as I leant forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth and clamped my lips around it. I slowly sucked as I slid my lips down his shaft until my lips reached my hand. I then played with it in my mouth, flicking my tongue over the head, catching all the areas I knew would send him wild. I continued pumping with my hand until I could feel him tensing.

“Oh god please don’t stop, ” he murmured as I felt his hands on the back of my head. I could feel his whole body tensing as he got nearer and nearer. It gave me so much pleasure knowing what I was doing for him. I knew exactly what it was doing for me! I could feel myself getting more and more aroused, the more I pleased him. In fact, I could feel my pussy getting distinctly hot, and no doubt a little wet.

I was really loving this, now, here I was pleasuring a handsome man who any moment was going to give me exactly what I wanted. I looked up at him and saw his face contort as I felt the first shot of hot cum hit the back of my mouth quickly ümraniye escort followed by another then finally with his cock still in my mouth a few drops fell onto my tongue, it tasted bitter but fresh. I swear I must have been smiling at this point, and looking up at Keith he looked relieved!

Anyway, I knew what I wanted, the moisture between my legs was driving me now. I let his slowly softening member slip from my mouth, letting a few drops of cum dribble down my chin as I did it, a deft flick of my finger and my dignity was restored.

Looking rapidly around I realised my front room wasn’t the most practical of places for this, but it was too late now, it will do, I didn’t want to stop the proceedings to drag him upstairs. I moved away from him over to the sofa and sat down, Keith slowly followed me across the room, him kicking off his jeans and boxers from around his ankles and taking his t-shirt off showing off a rather nice chest, not exactly muscled but nice nonetheless. Rather comically his now semi-erect member was swaying from one side to the other and inside I smiled, it truly was a wonderful sight, just the right shape and size.

I lay back into the sofa, then lifted my legs high into the air, I then started to slip my jogging pants off, first over my hips and then quickly up my legs, as I did it, I watched Keith’s face and as soon as I felt the cool air of the room against my now burning flesh I knew he could see my most intimate region…the thought of which simply drove me more and more wild.

“Keith”, is all I needed to say and as I lifted the jogging pants off my feet and flung to one side I felt the unmistakeable tingling as his tongue darted gently across my hot lips, teasing. As he brushed against my sensitive clitoris I felt a rush through my whole body, the feeling was amazing. It soon become apparent that he wasn’t the most experienced of guys but I was so turned on it simply didn’t matter, every touch felt like an electric shock coursing through my body.

Here I was, lying back, legs high in the air with a gorgeous lad kneeling in front of me giving me surprisingly rich pleasure. his went on for so long…..I didn’t want it to stop. But I wanted more, a lot more, I wanted the ultimate in sensations.

“Karen, are you ready?”, he asked in what I thought was such a cute way. Was I ready?! I had been ready since the first moment I’d seen him! I knew what he meant though, the sight of his cock was proof of that, it had been throbbing for most of the last half an hour while he pleasured me and I knew he must be absolutely dying to do something with it.

“Keith…you know what I want”, was all the confirmation he needed and at lightning speed, he’s on his kneels, bolt upright, his now long thick member teasing between my lips gently, finding it’s position…then in one movement, his hips push and before I can catch my breath he’s pushed deep within me, so deep that I feel his balls slap up against me. God, he was eager. God, he’s big.

…Then he’s like a man, or should that be boy; possessed..he’s thrusting hard and deep, not caring about anything but his upcoming orgasm…which suited me fine because what he couldn’t manage through oral he’s managing with hard thrusts against my clit and within half a dozen hard thrusts I feel the inevitable warmth building within me, then slowly focusing until a wave of pleasure washes through me, I shake violently as a strong orgasm flows through me, then I feel his member grow within me as he closes his eyes and a super hot warmth fills my pussy…

And that was one of the most pleasurable events I ever remember.

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