Me and My Grandma Pt. 06: MOM

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I went home at 5, 15, fuck I was out of my schedule.

I called the restaurant to confirm the reservation and it was confirmed.

I ran upstairs to prepare the clothes that I will wear for tonight.

It was 5, 30, I thought I could have I quick shower, so I ran upstairs, taking off my clothes and got under the cold water.

I finished the shower, put on some new fresh clothes and went downstairs waiting for mom.

After 5 minutes of long waiting, I heard her car parking in our driveway, I waited till I heard her car door closed, and then I opened the door to welcome her.

She was taken by surprise, when she found me at door.

“Oh Mickey you scared me.”

Hell, she was very beautiful, how didn’t I notice a hot lady like her before?!

She was a bombshell even in her conservative business outfit.

I took her hands between mine, pulling her inside, and kissed them while kneeling.

“Welcome home princess,” I said in a polite way, with my head down.

Her face blushed, and she said,

“Oh Mickey you are so nice and a real gentleman.” she said with a tone full of joy.

I was thinking, (Gentleman my ass, you should see me while spitting on the poor women faces and slapping them hard), but nothing was showing on my face when I said,

“Only for you my princess, this night is all about you.”

She laughed while taking off her 4 inches high heel and slipping her cute feet in an ordinary house slipper.

“Ok let’s see what you planned for me baby, by the way where’s mom?!”

I said casually, “She is staying this night at Janie’s, they said they have their own plans.”

Mom raised her eyebrow wondering, then said, “Ok Janie looks like a nice decent woman.”

I again I said to myself (decent woman my ass, she was drilled by 6 different persons today not counting the lesbian acts)

“Yes she is,” I said briefly

“Now can our princess, get ready for the unique dinner that I prepared for her?” I said while bowing.

She blushed again and asked, “Are we going out?”

“Yeas my baby, I’m taking you out to dinner,” I said

“Wow now you baby me, I wonder what you would call me by the end of the night, baby Mickey,”

I felt the adrenaline pushing through my veins; she was giving hints that she knew what will come next.

She released herself from my hands and headed to her room, while saying,

“I will be ready in 30 minutes baby.”


After 30 minutes I was ready at her room door in my tuxedo, but without wearing a tie.

Mom opened her bedroom door and found me in my classic clothes bending on my knees with flowers in my hands.

She inhaled deeply, and said, “Wow Mickey, you are full of surprises tonight,”

She took the flower and hugged them then said, “Thank you baby.”

I looked at her whistling and said,

“Ohhh mommy, you look sensual and hot in your dress.”

I took her hand and turn her around while whistling again and said,

“You are breath taking,”

She got blushed again, and said with low voice,

“Baby don’t stare at me like that, you make me shy.”

I laughed and said, “I’m trying princess, but my eyes refuse to obey me.” She smiled and got more blushed, still her hands in mine.

She was wearing a tight long cut down red dress, with a side slit that shows her massive well shaved legs up to her hip.

Her bright bare shoulders were shining in the dark although she left her long blond hair drop down to cover her bare back.

I was sure no bra is attached, and hoped she used no pantie too.

She entwined my arm and said,

“Let’s see what you prepared for me my man.”

I replied,”mmmm my man, I like that title, you can choose nice words.”

I paused for a moment then continued, “My woman.”

She got redder, as if her face got jealous of her dress and decided to compete and be redder.

“Ok, ok, will we go now?” she said with a soft smile on her face.


After 30 minutes we were stepping in the restaurant.

“We have a reservation under Michael Adams name,” I told the receptionist.

She looked at her papers then lifted her head with bright face and said,

“Mr Adams, yes, we booked you our best table tonight as per Mrs. Smith instructions.”

She than called a waitress to join us to the table and said,

“Mrs. Smith will welcome you by herself after a while.”

Mom looked at me wondering but said nothing.

The hot waitress settled us at a nice table at the corner as per my request to Mrs. Smith.

The waitress returned back after a minute with a bottle of wine and poured 2 glasses for us and said,

“This is on the house, will be back after a while to take your orders.”

When she left mom looked at me and asked,

“Who is Mrs. Smith Mickey?!”

Before I could answer we heard a voice saying,

“It is me honey,”

Mom looked at the hot forty something brown lady, and took the extended pretty hand in her özbek gaziantep escort hand shaking her.

“Hi Mrs Smith, thank you for your generous welcome,” Mom said with a fake smile on her face.

I was on my feet to welcome Mrs. Smith and extended my hand to shake hands with her when she pulled me softly towards her and kissed my checks whispering,

“Hi daddy, who is that atomic lady?!” she asked

I pulled myself away from her and ignored her question and said,

“Thank you Mrs. Smith, really appreciate your generous welcome.”

Mrs. Smith replied with a smirk on her face,

“Any time Mickey, Now will leave you with your new date.” And she stepped away with her 4 inch high heel and her very short tiny orange dress.

Mom looked at me again and said, “Who is this woman Mickey and how do you know her?!” she was nervous.

I held Mom’s hands and said with a soft smile,

“She is the owner of this restaurant,”

Mom pulled her hands from mine and said nervously,

“Really?! Mickey tell me, how do you know this strange woman?”

I held her hands again and said with the same smile,

“She is the mother of one of my friends at college, I have done some favors for her daughter and she is trying to return the favors.”

Mom was not convinced when she asked,

“Mickey tell me the truth, why she called you daddy, and why she calls me atomic lady? And what about YOUR NEW DATE?! Did you get used to bring your dates here, and why didn’t you tell her that I’m your mother?!”

She was angry and using her mother-son way of talking, but she didn’t pull her hands away from mine, which was a good sign.

I replied with my worm voice and with the same soft smile,

“Oh wow that’s a lot of questions mom.”

I took her hands between my both hands and squeezed them looking at her eyes, and said,

“She used to call me daddy because I used to take care of her daughter at college so she thinks that I’m better than her daughter father.”

I was speaking the truth as I was taking care of her daughter Magi, but didn’t say that I was taking care of her too.

I continued with my soft smile,

“She called you atomic lady because you are a real one tonight, and she is a woman of a good taste.”

Mom face relived with my compliment, but I was speaking the truth again.

“And yes I brought two of my ex-girlfriends her before, for two reasons, the first is that Mrs. Smith always offers me special prices here, and the second is to prove to her that there’s nothing between me and her daughter more than friendship because she was trying to push our relationship further.”

Mom melted to my answers and she was squeezing my hands back.

“And I didn’t tell her that you are my mother because it is not her business.”, I continued.

Mom smiled for the first time since we entered the restaurant and said,

“Ok Mickey, I forgot that you are at the law school and I’m not up to you in arguments.”

I lifted her hands and kissed them with my full mouth and said,

“Now Can you forget about this lady and start enjoying the night?!”

Mom shivered when I kissed her hands, she cleared her throat then said,

“Ok baby sorry for asking many questions and interfering in your own business.”

I kissed her hands again and said, “Mom, you can ask me anything you want, you are my mother, and what ever happened nothing will change that, you will always have my love and my respect.”

Mom got more shivered and tried to say something but the hot waitress showed up again to get our orders.

We both ordered and when the waitress left mom looked at me and asked,

“Now tell me Mr. Lover boy, who were the lucky girls that you invited them here before me?!”

I replied briefly, “No one you know.”

She looked upset of my brief vague answer when she said,

“That’s it?!”

I smiled when I said, “Believe me mom, if there was something more I would tell you.”

She wasn’t convinced when she said,

“Baby I didn’t mean to interfere in your life, but I was getting worried because you never invited any girl to our house, or even mentioned any.”

I smiled again and said,

“I didn’t do that because there was nothing serious.”

I paused for a moment than said with a devious smile on my face and asked,

“But why you were getting worried?!”

She looked hesitated and replied slowly as if she was trying to choose the correct words,

“Worried, because at age of twenty and still you didn’t have a girl in your life, you know?! Worried, that you might have other preferences, I don’t say I mind that, but you know I was worried.”

I laughed when I saw her red face and her hesitant nervous voice, than I said,

“Don’t worry Olivia honey, I’m just not doing well in dating and the girls’ jealousy, and yes I have other preferences.”

Mom raised her eyebrow and said,

“Now you Olivia me. No more mom?!”

I replied, taking her hands in mine again and said,”Don’t forget that you are my date for tonight or Mrs. Smith will show up again.”

Mom gaziantep özbek escort laughed at my joke then asked,

“What are other preferences that you have baby?!”

I cleared my throat before saying,

“You really want to know?!”

She said briefly “Yes, if you don’t mind.”

I looked at her in the eyes still squeezing her hands,

“I prefer the mature women.”

Mom gasped, and said “Mature?! But why?!”

I said as casual as I can still squeezing her hands,

“For too many reasons, but I can say the best thing about mature women is that there’s no strings attached, they expect nothing from me,”

Mom said with anxiety, “But this is not normal baby,”

I replied, “I know but that’s what I like,”

I paused for a moment, and looked at her in the eyes than said,

“And maybe they remind me of a woman that I love but can’t tell her.”

Mom blushed, as if she understood the hint,and began to say something but the dinner has come at that very moment.

We ate our dinner in silence, nothing but the sound of the plates, the forks, the chewing, nothing more.

We finished our food, and mom excused herself to the ladies room.

As soon as she left Mrs. Smith came to my table sitting beside me.

“Hey daddy, we miss you so much me and Magi,”

She slipped her hand under the table and started caressing my thigh.

“Why don’t you move your fucking dirty hand away of my thigh.”

Mrs. Smith gasped, and moved her hand away saying with stammering,

“Sssorry daddy, I just wanted to show hooow much I missed you.”

I looked over her shoulder and saw mom coming, so I leaned at Mrs. Smith and kissed her on her check and whispered,

“Now take your dirty ass out of here bitch, and don’t show up unless I ask for you,”

She was on her feet in a heartbeat and moved away before mom came.

Mom sat on the table and said,”Mrs. Smith doesn’t waste her time,”

I looked at her wondering, and she continued,

“She came here running the moment I left you alone.”

I extended my hand to her on the table and she looked hesitant for a moment before she placed her hands in mine.

I smiled in relief and asked looking deep in her eyes,

“Are you jealous Olivia?!”

Mom eyes widened for this non expected question,and said after a full minute of silence, while she was looking away from my eyes,


My smile became wider when I lifted her hands again and kissed them with my full mouth and said,

“You don’t have to be jealous of anyone in the world Olivia; you are the woman that I most love in this world.”

Mom inhaled at this statement and got more blushed, and cleared her throat then said, looking at anything else except my eyes,

“I know baby that you love me, I’m your mother.”

I held her both hands in one hand while my other hand was moving her face slowly to look at me when I said,

“I don’t mean that Olivia.”

And before she said anything, I was on my feet extending my hand to her and saying,

“Will you dance with me my woman?!”

Mom took my hand and got on her feet with her blushed face and said,

“My pleasure,” she paused for a moment then continued, “My man.”

I led her to the dance stage, then took her between my arms and started dancing.

She was like a butterfly while she was moving, and I was sure that I’m the luckiest man on the world to have this beautiful hot lady between my arms even if she was my mother.

After a while mom melted and relaxed her head on my chest while my both hands were around her back, and her both hands were holding me.

“Do you know Olivia?! This moment is the second best moment in my life,”

Mom raised her eyes looking at me and said,

“The second?! How gentleman you are?!”

I giggled at her joke, and said,

“I’m only speaking the truth with you,”

She relaxed her head again on my chest and said,

“Ok Mr. Honest, now tell me about your first.”

I pulled her body closer to me when I said,

“It was when I kissed your lips two day ago,”

Mom raised her head inhaling, looking at me with wide eyes and said,

“Mickey please.”

I relaxed her head again on my chest and continued,

“Your lips were like velvet Olivia, your kiss taste was something I never experienced before, it is still on my mouth till now, when I touched your naked body I felt a gush of adrenalin in my veins, it was like an electric shock, my heartbeats were as fast as the train, I was flying in a dream world.”

I was pulling her body close to mine with my hand allowing her body to feel me erection, while my other hand was caressing her bare shoulders.

I could feel her shivered body and listen to high breaths while listening to my words, and then I continued,

“That’s when I was sure that you are the woman that I was searching for, the woman that I saw in every woman I dated or slept with before, I felt like an idiot to search for love away when my true love was always in my hands.”

Mom raised her full of tears gaziantep özbek escort bayan eyes and looked at me and said,

“Mickey, that changes everything between us, you are my son, my own flesh and blood, you can’t feel that kind of love to me,”

I relaxed her head again on my chest, and she obeyed reluctantly, and said,

“I told you mom, nothing will change my love or my respect to you, you are my mother and will stay my mother, and I don’t ask you to do anything, I just wanted to reveal my feelings towards you, it was your right to know how I feel,”

Mom stopped dancing and said with cracked voice,

“Can we go home baby?”

I looked at her with surprised eyes that reveal my refusal, but said, “As you wish mom.”

We returned to our table and I asked for the bill, but the waitress said,

“It is on the house Mr. Adams.”

Mom was very angry when she said to me,

“Now tell me really what’s going on?!”

I dismissed the waitress and held mom’s hand to let her sit down,

“Sit down mom, and I will tell you,”

She sat down nervously and said,

“Ok, now tell me.”

I cleared my throat and said,

“Well, I used to sleep with that woman,”

Mom inhaled then said with bitter voice,

“That was expected.”

She pulled her hands from mine and continued with cracked voice,

“How dare you bringing me here? Inviting me to dinner on one of your women expenses, revealing your love under this slut eyes? How could you do that to me Mickey?!”

And she burst in tears, burning her head between her hands,

I got on my knees beside her, and said,

“Oh Olivia, I’m so sorry, but please don’t make this woman succeed, she was trying to interfere between us the moment we entered this restaurant, yes I was a fool to invite you here, but I didn’t expect that to hurt you.”

I then stood on my feet and called the waitress, and she came quickly,

“Please bring me the bill now, and get me Mrs. Smith here.”

The waitress was astonished of my behavior but she quickly ran to call her boss.

Mom stopped crying and looked at me waiting for how I will deal with Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith came a minute later and asked while looking at mom,

“Anything wrong Mickey?!”

I waived my hands while saying

“I need to pay for my dinner, don’t need anyone to pay for me Mrs. Smith”

The woman was surprised, but she said with a devious smile, still looking at mom,

“I only wanted to show you how I dear you are to me Mickey, but is that upset your girl here, it is ok, I will bring the bill now.

Mom stood on her feet pulling me towards her body, and said,

“It is ok baby; we have to respect the older women words, If Mrs. Smith wanted to invite us so she is welcome,”

She then leaned to me and kissed me on the mouth, and said,

“Let’s go home daddy to resume our night, away of the envious eyes,”

She took her purse and before she stepped away she picked the wine bottle and said, “Thanks you Mrs. Smith for this bottle too, it will help us during the night,”

And she moved way and I followed leaving Mrs. Smith with her angry face.


As soon as we were at the car, I and mom burst in laughter

I high fived her while saying,

“You won this battle with the knock out.”

Mom opened the bottle and poured some wine in her mouth directly from the bottle and said,

“Your mother can be a bitch too.”

I laughed loudly at her comment, and then started driving my mother car.

Mom said, suddenly

“How could you stand a woman like her?!”

I replied briefly, “She is a hot woman, and was very good in bed.”

She looked at me and lifted her legs on the car dashboard showing her massive well shaved leg through her sexy dress slit.

“You mean hotter than me?!”

I dropped my jaws and cleared my throat then said with husky voice,

“You will need to hide these legs, or else I will lose my way home,”

She laughed with erotic way while pulling her dress up showing her two legs up to her thighs, and said,

“But you will need to go home faster baby if you want to enjoy more of this,”

I was feeling my dick under my trousers struggling to get free, when I said,

“I wish I had now the magic carpet to get me home now Olivia.”

She closed her eyes and said,

“Ok, wake me up when you reach home Mr. Aladdin”.


I have never felt that hot in my life when I woke her up as soon as I parked the car in our house driveway.

I was fighting my desire to touch her bare legs during our journey to home, but it is not me who took advantage of a sleeping woman.

She opened her eyes and said,

“Are we home baby?!”

I leaned to kiss her checks but she moved away and opened the car door and stepped out.

She was carrying her high heel shoes in her hands walking to our front door with bare feet.

I followed her to the front door and found her there leaning on it with her back.

I searched for my keys in my pocket with trembling hands till I found them.

I leaned to open the door when she moved herself to be between me and the key hole.

I had to lean to her body to open the door almost hugging her, I was feeling her high breath on my nick and the softness of her body against my body, she was driving me crazy.

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