Meeting In Spain For The First Time

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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It is my first submission to see if anyone likes my stories if so then i may put more up on here.

Hope you enjoy, feel free to send me any comments.


We meet at Malaga airport just by the car rental places down the wide marble walkway. It’s already around 21:00.

Hugging you tight, kissing over and over our tongues dancing, exploring having thought of nothing but this moment throughout our flights. Me dressed in blue jeans and a black T-shirt, you in light black slacks and a white T-shirt.

We wait to pick up the car talking about nothing in particular, how the flights were how we are how good it is to see each other, but our eyes saying how much we want to be alone to just let go and show the passion building quickly between us. We can’t seem to keep our hands off each other, constantly touching each other briefly holding hands, fingers brushing across each other’s faces.

We load up the car and I start driving to the apartment, your hand constantly moving against my thigh occasionally slipping up to brush against the very obvious growing bulge in my jeans. As I laugh moving your hand away you take hold of it, brushing it against your amazing breasts letting me feel your nipples already so hard under your bra and T-shirt.

The teasing carries on for the entire 40 minute drive to the complex. Arriving I park and quickly get out to pick up the keys from reception. Getting back in the car I drive us round to the car park just down the stairs from the block we’re in. Leaving the bags we both head up the stairs walking past the swimming pool that’s lit gently with underwater lights, the sun just going down.

The apartment is on the top floor of the block, 2 bedrooms one looking out over the lower blocks to the sea, the other out towards the mountains across the golf course and other flats behind. There is also a kitchen, bathroom, balcony overlooking the sea and a living room. It sits on the top of a low hill so isn’t overlooked by anything nearby and is modestly furnished.

As soon as we enter the apartment we walk around investigating the place. The curtains already drawn, moving round to see the long mirrors in each bedroom running down one wall canlı bahis by the beds, the low set windows in line with the tops of the beds and the mirrored wall in the living room behind the dining room table.

Moving back to the living room we kiss hungrily, our hands all over each other caressing roughly through our clothes. You push me back into the armchair kneeling in front of me. Slowly you undo my belt then my jeans, my eyes locked on your fingers caressing your cheeks and sliding through your hair. Desire shining brightly in our eyes, need flushing out cheeks gently and making us breathe slightly deeper inhaling the scent of each other.

You slowly slide my jeans down, revealing my dark grey tight fitting boxers. Slowly tracing a finger tip over the swollen line of my cock through them before leaning down to run your tongue over it through the material hearing my gasps as you do, my eyes locked on your hands gripping the arms of the chair. Leaning back smiling at me you peel off my boxers, letting them join my jeans on the floor adding my shoes and socks at the same time. Watching as I pull off my t-shirt to sit naked in front of you. Grinning, your hand slides up my thigh to wrap around the base of my swollen hard cock, peeling back the foreskin revealing the already glistening wet purple tip. Slowly you move down eyes locked on mine to start licking all over the shaft, your tongue swirling around it, lapping up and down along it, covering it in short licks until you swirl your tongue slowly across the revealed tip making my gasps become cries instantly. Your hand stroking firmly along the shaft as you wrap your lips tightly around the tip sucking over it so firmly. Setting my whole body shaking with the pure pleasure, hands tightening on the arms of the chair. Moving your other hand to cup my balls gently, feeling as they begin to tighten hearing me gasping your name, panting for breath. Knowing I’m already so close you lean back, fingers encircling the base of my cock squeezing tight to stop me from losing it right there. Gradually I get back some control and you release my cock, moving up to kiss me so hard and deeply.

I move you back towards the couch, standing you in front of it legs pressed back against the edge as I undo your slacks. Sliding my hand under bahis siteleri them to brush a finger firmly between your pussy lips through your panties, feeling you so wet already. I peel off your slacks revealing a pair of almost see through black thongs, tiny patterns picked out across them in lace. Sitting you back I kiss my way up your thighs stopping as I get to the edge of the material. Licking along the edge slowly eyes locked on yours before pressing my cheek against your pussy, turning slowly to kiss you through your thong. Nuzzling against you firmly through the thong, loving how it makes your hips lift to me, watching as you strip off your t-shirt revealing a matching bra which is also quickly pulled off, your hands moving over those stunning breasts, playing with your achingly hard nipples. I lean back, deciding you’ve had enough teasing, peeling your thong off slowly before running my tongue slowly up and down over your glistening wet outer lips.

Parting the lips slowly I ease my tongue across the inner lips, trapping them in my mouth sucking against them hard as I feel your hand slide down, pulling my head tighter into you. My tongue swirling up to circle your clit, sending a jolt through your body hearing your moans getting louder already. Sucking hard on your clit, lips wrapped tightly around it as I ease first one then two fingers into your wet pussy. Finger fucking you hard and fast, twisting my fingers to rub firmly each time over your g-spot as I alternate between rubbing your clit with my tongue quickly in random patterns ,over it around it swirling all around and sucking harder and harder on you. Your hips pushing up into my face, hand moving through my hair holding me tight to you, gasps coming from you, looking up watching as you pinch your hard nipple tightly, seeing you panting for breath, desire burning so brightly in your eyes.

Hearing my name escaping your lips, the reactions of your body telling me your almost cumming. Reaching down you push me back, my chin and lips covered in your sweet luscious juices, your scent so intoxicating. I move over to the table by the mirrored wall, pulling a chair around to face the mirror as you come over to join me. Sitting back on the chair I guide you onto my lap, facing the mirror. Reaching back you guide my pulsing bahis şirketleri cock into your hot tight wet pussy as you sit down, both of us crying out at the wonder it makes us feel. You slowly ride me, playing with those breasts as I reach around running a finger over your clit, both of us watching in the mirror as your pussy envelopes my cock, watching as it slides in and out of you.

You start moving harder, faster on me, reaching back to use my stomach for support, my hands holding your hips as you move on me, riding me so perfectly. Watching those breasts swinging wildly, the look on your face, the tightening of your pussy warning me your about to cum. Nuzzling the side of your neck telling you softly to cum for me, gasping with every hard movement of you on my cock, your hips moving up and down side to side before pushing all the way down onto me once more as you cum hard, back arching, crying out over and over as you cum for me.

As you slowly get your breath back you turn your head, kissing me deeply slowly before slipping off my pulsing cock. Kneeling you wrap your breasts around it, stoking up and down slowly at first your tongue darting across the tip each time it emerges between your breasts. Knowing how much that drives me wild, loving the naughty little twinkle in your eye as you feel my hips bucking up into you, my hands moving down pressing your breasts tighter around me. Moving faster hearing my gasps turning to cries, you slide your lips down my cock, once twice……sucking hard as you move back each time, your hand following your lips. Looking up telling me to cum, jerking me off hard and fast right in front of your lips. Watching as I tighten all over, all control gone….giving in to the pure pleasure you give me. Cock swelling, balls tightening as I scream out your name over and over as I cum. The first burst brushing across your lips before you wrap them around my pulsing throbbing cock, sucking hard as more and more of my cum explodes from me. Taking it all, sucking until no more cum comes out.

Leaning back you grin up at me, running your fingers through the stray bits of cum on your lips, sucking it from your fingers. Moving up you kiss me firmly, letting me taste our cum mixed together on your lips and tongue. You head off for a quick shower to freshen up before getting ready for dinner. I go back downstairs grabbing the bags from the car and bringing them up, remembering the lingerie I’d bought for you at the airport on the way out dumping them all in one room.

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