Meeting Kelli

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Big Tits

While standing in another long line to register for school, I noticed her long tanned legs, and shapely ass. She wore a skin tight attractive mini dress, patterns in light blue to the waist, with a short flaring skirt in black. A scooped neckline was most noticed, as her long flowing blonde hair cascaded in loose curls down her back, and a few inches of cleavage extended above it in front. (such were the fashions in the mid 70’s)

Who IS this new girl? I thought to myself.

After registration, Kelli and I were introduced by a mutual friend. I guess you could say we were impressed with each other. Kelli had a pleasing voice, a bit on the deep side, and as time passed that afternoon we got to know one another. I enjoyed hearing her tell me about herself, and we laughed, and told each other stories until finally we realized we’d have to go our separate ways. I offered to walk her to her car.

As we left the commons holding hands, walking together, Kelli bumped her hip against me, smiling, she said “I don’t have a car, my Grandfather dropped me off. Would you mind taking me home?” Her eyes had that twinkle that I’d come to love over the last few hours. “Sure” I said, as we walked hand in hand toward the parking lot.

We arrived at my car, a 1969 Mustang Mach I. As I opened her door, she touched my shoulder, and gave me a soft kiss. Smiling brilliantly she sat herself comfortably, and I closed the door. Mmmm… things are looking good! I thought. Easing behind the wheel, I fired up “The Pony”. “Nice car” Kelli said. Looking over… her hand propped against her head, I took in the hot body Kelli had. I’d guess her to be about 5′ 6″, 36C-24-34 definitely toned, and tanned. I felt a stirring in my jeans at the sight.

“Where to?” giving my best smile, Kelli smiling that beautiful smile said “Crystal Lake, North Side”… “Ok” I replied… putting The Pony in gear, and easing out of the lot.

We drove the 15 miles with windows down, the breeze tossing Kelli’s beautiful hair. The Doobie Brothers in the 8 track wailing away about Rolling down the Hi-way. The deep throated rumble of 350 horses trotting along with us. The Pony purred… gas was cheap, a beautiful girl by my side, and a sunny day.

We had fun conversation along the way, Kelli placed her small hand on my thigh from time to time. Gawd she’s hot I thought to myself.

We arrived to her grandparents lovely lakeside home around early afternoon. “Would you like to come inside?” she asked. “Sure”…I replied…”I’d love to.” I met her in front of the car we again held hands as we walked to the front door. I couldn’t help but notice the seductive sway of her hips as we walked… the way her cute skirt flipped to and fro. The small bobbles, and giggles her ample breasts made as we approached the door. Oh man! I’m getting a boner!


Kelli keyed the lock, and we entered. “Hi Grandma… Grandpa” Kelli called. The house was quiet as a tomb. “Oh”, Kelli said as she picked up a note from the counter. Rize Escort “They’ve gone shopping” she told me… that twinkle in her eye again… “they won’t be back for a few hours.” I hope she doesn’t notice my boner.


Stepping in closer, she placed her hands on my shoulders, ” I guess we’re alone for a while” she said with a smile. I wrapped my arms round her pulling us close… feeling her warm firm breasts against my chest… her firm flat stomach pressed against me. We kissed, slow and long. I feel her pussy pushed against my erection… oh man! she’s rubbing!! I slid my hands down over her firm ass… cupping and squeezing. Our breathing grew harder, and deeper. Kelli ground her mons against my aching cock.

“Would you like to see my room?” Kelli said as we broke for air. DUH! I thought… “Yes, I’d like that” I replied. Kelli proceeded to the stairs. I followed a few steps below, appreciating the sway of her hips, and the glimpses I got of her white panties as she climbed the stairs.

We arrived at the top landing, and turned right walking softly on the deep red shag carpeting. (Remember that?) At the end of the hallway, she opened a door, and turned to look at me. I don’t know if it was the lighting, or just the fact that Kelli was a very beautiful blonde… I saw a glow about her, and had never been so aroused in my life. “Here we are” she said quietly… almost a whisper. As she held the door, I entered. I noticed a double bed, a canopy style with soft yellow hues, the carpet was a subdued green shag that covered the floor. the walls were white, the ceiling was vaulted, and she had a large window overlooking the lake. It was neat, and tidy. And it smelled like her.


Kelli stood aside as I appraised her room. Turning to her I said “Very nice.” smiling broadly. “So is this.” said Kelli as she closed the door rubbing her hand up and down the shaft of my hidden erection. Kelli stepped closer and gave me a deep, and longing kiss. My hands found her breasts… softly squeezing, and finding her hardening nipple. I was pleased to find that her breasts were so heavy and firm.

Kelli broke the kiss, and stepped back… smiling at me she took hold of her skirt, and lifted the mini dress over her head. She stood in front of me in white panties… and nothing else. OMG she’s beautiful! I thought to myself… I noticed she had an inverted nipple on her left breast… I’d have to work on that one.

Kelli stepped close… kissing me, and undid my belt… unsnapping my jeans, then unzipping them, as we kissed she slid them over my hips… they fell to the floor. She grabbed the hem of my T-shirt, and as I raised my arms she pulled it up, and over my head, tossing it into a corner of her lovely room.

Kelli’s arms wrapped around me, pulling me close as we panted… kissing passionately. Kelli’s hands squeezed my ass, she then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my briefs, and slid them off. Standing slowly, I noticed her Rize Escort Bayan heavy breasts… my hands cupped them as she raised… we hugged and kissed wallowing in the sensual pleasure of new skin against skin… my fully engorged erection poking her midsection as we passionately kissed. I slid my hands under the waistband of her panties… and over her ass. Her skin is so smooth… hot… firm… I slid her panties down. Kelli stepped out of them.

With an impish grin, Kelli started to turn for the bed, but holding her hands, I stopped her. I wanted to see this goddess in all her glory. I held her hands, we were both at arms length. Kelli had obviously spent the summer here. Kelli was definitely a natural blonde… the V of her trimmed pubic hair just slightly darker than her head. Her tanlines were highly obvious. Kelli’s tan was dark, and very even, the whiteness an smoothness of her breasts and pubic area were a stark contrast… as she giggled and broke from my hands, she turned a white ass to me and kneeled upon the bed. Her heart shaped ass upturned, and her breasts gently swinging beneath. Oh my God what a hot woman!! I thought. My stiff cock waving in front of me as I took the few steps to the bed. Kelli lowered her head and chest to the bed, and thrust her ass upward, spreading her knees wide.

I placed my hands on Kelli’s thighs, and my mouth to that wet blonde pussy. Raising my hands to the top of her thighs, I pulled her to my mouth as I licked along her moist slit. Tasting the bitterness on her clit. My saliva flowed as I ate her, her entire slit from clit to vagina was soon dripping… the excess running along her inner thighs. Kelli moaned, pressing her rear against my face, tilting her hips, rubbing up and down. I loved the feel of her coarse pubic hair as it rubbed over my tongue, and against my nose. I slid my tongue as deep as I could into her warm clasping cunt.

Kelli groaned in her deep voice lowly, “Oh God”… “Lick my cunt” she said. I increased my efforts… occasionally licking her tight anus, and sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy as I concentrated on her erect clit

Kelli pushed back with her hips, grinding her ass and pussy against my mouth again and again. “Ohhhhh God”… Kelli said as she started to shudder… pushing harder against my face. Kelli convulsed… her pussy contracting upon my probing tongue… “Ahhhhhhhh…” she softly said as a flood of juice spurted from her cunt, and into my mouth…covering my face. Kelli was a rare find. A woman who ejaculates.

Slowly Kelli slid to the bed… shaking a bit from the after shocks from her powerful orgasm. I leaned up, sliding with her, following her, sliding my hands up her sides… my mouth pressed to her anus. My tongue licking her little tight rose bud as I cupped the outside of her breasts and gently squeezed. “Oh God” she purred. Laying flat on her tummy now she tilted her ass up to me. “Ahh… Lick my ass Hon”…she groaned deeply… “It feels soooooo Escort Rize good”” Ever the pleaser, I stiffened my tongue, trying to push it up her rear as I slid my hands to assist spreading her firm cheeks as wide as I could.

“Ohhh Baby” she softly spoke… as she pulled herself from my mouth and turned over. “Let me please you.” Kelli sat up pulling me to her, and grabbed my hard cock. “Oh my God” she said… “I’ve never seen one this big!… and Hard!” “Can I suck it?” she asked… Oh shit yea! I thought.

Kelli put her lips to my purple head… kissing, and running her tongue around the head of my dick. Looking down, into her bright blue eyes, I watched her open her mouth, and slowly slide me in. Then she proceeded to slide as much of me into her mouth as she could… accompanied by slurping and sucking noises that I could hardly hold back from cumming from considering her tongue seemed to be trying to lick everywhere at once. It defies description… a woman that really knows how to suck cock. Kelli even choked and gagged a few times as she tried to deep throat me. Such a wonderful young woman.

As she did her best, I grabbed her left thigh. Pulling her ass toward me, She spread her legs, and straddled my face. As I felt her sweet mouth going down upon my hard aching cock, I buried my face in the sweetest blonde pussy in the world. She was wet… she was warm… and she tasted and smelled ready… Her moaning with my cock in her mouth nearly drove me insane. My hands were busy… cupping her ample firm breasts… tweaking her right nipple, and trying to coax her left to appear. Finally I’d had enough!

Kelly rolled over onto her back. I kneeled between her wide spread tanned thighs. Kelli held my thick cock in her hand… rubbing it up and down her opened cunt. Our eyes locked in the moment of my penetration. “Ohhhhh… Jesus” she moaned as the purple head of my hard cock spread her lips. We were so wet, and wanting, that though a tight fit, we slid slowly together. I felt Kelli’s cervix against the tip of my cock as I slid deeply into her.

“Ohhh Brad!…” she sighed… “I’m so full”… Kelli raised her legs to my shoulders and spread them wide… “Push Hard” Kelli said… I pushed… OooooooooOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh… she groaned with a deep voice… not one I’d heard before… I felt the ripple start… her cunt clenched and quivered… I began to thrust… hard… harder… harder… I felt the length of me slide in and out of this beautiful woman over and over again… when I bottomed out she groaned “Uhhhhhh”… She amazed me with her strength… with her legs up, and wide spread she met my thrusts with pelvic thrusts of her own. Her pussy clenched, and quivered… spewing fluid as if she were pissing… but it smelled nothing like piss, this was cum… Her contractions would have pushed me out had I not been so hard.

Kelli’s eyes rolled back… her cunt convulsed… I pushed as deeply as I could and I came… gawd how I came!! I shook, and shuddered… panted, and swore… and finally collapsed.

Upon regaining my senses I found a beautiful blonde looking into my eyes… “Thank you Brad” she said…”That was nice”… we Kissed… deeply, and passionately… I feel myself beginning to stiffen…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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