Meeting Kelsey

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For those of you who have read Pleasing Kelsey, this is one of I hope to be many prequels. The first section is a bit of a rehash of the start of Pleasing Kelsey, so you might want to skip it if you have read it already.


I am cute. I walk by and guys will give a nod, you know the kind, a quick scan for large firm breasts or a glance when I pass them to check out my ass. I never even used to catch it until I met Kelsey and she pointed it out to me. I’m only 5’2″, which pretty much puts me in the cute category by itself. My breasts are small at what I like to call a modified B cup, meaning they are an A but look like a B during a certain time of the month or with the padded bras I normally wear. My hair is chestnut brown, not really, it’s just brown, but chestnut brown sounds more exotic. My eyes are hazel, again, not really, just brown. I do, however, have a very nice little ass. At least I think so and most of the people who have given it a squeeze appreciated it. I wear corrective glasses.

Kelsey is gorgeous. Everyone notices her. Not to suggest that they aren’t many other women on my college campus that turn every head, but Kelsey also heads the cheer squad. Kelsey is the lead anchor on the college’s morning show filmed and produced by students. Kelsey is continuously on the honor roll. Kelsey also happens to come from a very rich family and drives a red sports convertible.

Kelsey is modelesque, not a word according to my spell check, I just made it up. She is 5’9″ and adding her normal heels, she towers over most guys, not to mention nearly all the girls at our college. She has blonde hair. By blonde hair, I mean very light blonde hair, not ‘dirty blonde’ by any stretch of the imagination. Her body is perfect. Her feet are perfect, every nail, fingers and toes, match and they are a different design every week. Her calves, her thighs, her ass, her hips, they are sculpted by a greater power than genealogy.

Kelsey’s belly? HA! More like a set of abs that segregates the two regions of her body that constantly summon all of mankind’s deepest desires. Her breasts are an absolute work of art on her perfect body. Those 36C cups would be monstrous on my frame, but they fit her … well… perfectly. Her neck is the most kissable expanse of flesh I have ever yearned to taste. Her earlobes are so sensitive and delicious. Her cheek bones are high, her chin is perfectly set on her jaw and elegantly curved.

Her lips… I lack the words to describe those plump, painted, permanently perfectly parted passageways to her mouth. I’ll try. They always appear to be wet. Having a seemingly unlimited means, she only uses the finest of beauty products, though I have seen her without any and I have to say they are not required. When those wondrous lips move, you are torn between hearing the words and losing yourself in the commanding presence of those moist full lips.

Kelsey’s eyes are the crystal blue of water in the Carribean. I have lost myself in those eyes many times. They are hypnotic, all encompassing orbs that reflect her mood and seem to penetrate your very soul. They read me like a book. They betray only what she wishes them to convey. It is like they are a separate entity unto themselves, but one that she controls without fail.

The way Kelsey dresses is impeccable. There is a line between enticing and slutty and she is above that line. She shows her body without showing her body. Her clothing is tight, but modest in its exposure. She almost looks professional, but she is still dressing for college. She wears a skirt or dress most of the time, but they are never above mid-thigh. You will never catch a glimpse of any article that she does not intend you to see.

So, perhaps you can tell, I was enamored of Kelsey. I was not alone in this respect for her beauty. However, like most people on the campus, I was more in a constant state of awe than of any remote dream that her interest would be returned. When she walks by, it is a wonder that half the school isn’t wearing neck braces from watching her closely and jerking their heads away and averting their eyes when she glances back with that smile on her lips. She knows. She always knows and she adores the attention, much the way I would think a Queen would adore being worshipped by her subjects.


Obviously, I noticed Kelsey. I had been going to this college for a few months now, and I don’t think that there was a single person in the over five thousand that attended this college that didn’t at least know who she was. She was ever-present. She was on the morning show Monday through Friday. She was on the cheer squad at every football game. She was a consummate member of about every extra-curricular activity on campus, many of which she never even attended.

I was with my boyfriend at the time she first noticed me. Greg was actually a great guy. I loved him very much. He was strong and athletic. He played cornerback and was very good at his job on the football team. Sivas Escort I’m not really even sure what he saw in me. Like I said, I was cute, not gorgeous. There are many more attractive women on campus.

We met at a party my first weekend at college. I was not old enough to drink, but it didn’t stop me or any of the other freshmen from having a few. I didn’t get drunk. That would require losing control, which I would never do again since that party in high school where I ended up tag teamed by four guys in an upstairs bedroom while the party went on downstairs.

Of course it was all over school the next day, my reputation was shot. My boyfriend at the time quickly dumped me, even though he was one of the four and had arranged the gangbang. It broke my heart, and I climbed into a mental wall to shut down for the next month until I was more or less forgotten.

But, back to Greg, we met and were both a little uninhibited and ended up with me blowing him in a bedroom upstairs. Blowjobs had been my offering for my dates that I didn’t want to fuck for a long time, so I had gotten quite good at it. I can tell you that Greg definitely enjoyed my skills that night and I was only a little surprised when he came to see me the next morning for breakfast.

We quickly became a thing. Mind you, I’m not one of those girls who doesn’t enjoy sex, but since that time in high school with the four guys, I had not elected to find anyone worthy of the ultimate pleasure of being there inside the sweet folds of my vajayjay. Okay, I’m being a bit falsely braggish at the quality of my cunt, but I certainly think it should be an honor to get into it, not a light gift offered to anyone who can get me into a five word conversation.

Greg wasn’t the worst conversationalist in the world, but he was far from the best. Consequently, just about every time we met, I found myself on my knees sucking on his cock. He enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. It’s weird, to explain it to most women, but there is something about sucking a cock that makes me feel cheap and it turns me on. Sometimes, I would frig myself off while blowing him. Others I would do it later.

What is really cool about being with Greg were the parties that I now found myself invited to. All the football parties, a lot of frat parties and some sorority parties as well. It seemed every weekend was booked with a party or another and I would at some point of the night, find myself worshipping Greg’s cock. Surprisingly, for a long time, he never even asked to have sex. Apparently, at least in the department of providing blowjobs, I was every bit as good as I thought I was.

I had overcome my gag reflex years ago and was able to take up to a nine inch cock into my throat. I know that because I had to measure that monster when I saw it. In spite of what some stories seem to imply, there are not a lot of nine inch cocks out there. And while the size is intoxicating to behold, it is also far from necessary even after you have had one.

The nine inch cock was not Greg’s by the way, his was a good, average six inches of thick man meat that slid easily into my throat and we both enjoyed it very much. Now, at the risk of sounding like a complete slut and whore, I probably sucked Greg off about three times a day when we first started dating. As I said, we both enjoyed it, so why not?

It did not interfere with my studies. I was very blunt about that with Greg. I needed to keep my grades up for my scholarship. I was a bit of a geek to be honest. I did work out at the gym to stay in shape, but I was not by any means a sports type. I loved watching football and basically any sport that guys were playing, but I was not a sports junkie.

As an English major with visions of becoming a world famous author in my spare time while teaching English in high school to pay the bills in the writing stage of my first book, my first year was filled with teaching and English classes. If the classes had been a little fuller, I might have felt better with my professional future, but I never questioned my decision, it was a calling for me and I actually think I had one up on most people in college who were undecided in their freshman years.

I had never had a lesbian encounter in high school. I’ve heard of and read stories about that stuff, and I have to admit that bisexuality and lesbianism are much more socially acceptable than they were years ago, or so I have heard. I guess it falls into every guy’s dream of having two girls at once. I really feel bad for gay men. They have been, I think, out of the closet longer than lesbians and they are still not really that well accepted by straight people. I don’t even get the impression that the lesbian community embraces the gay male community and that is rather hypocritical if you ask my opinion. I think it would be hot to see Greg blow another guy, but my opinion on that seems to be in the minority.

Moving along to a day like many others, it was December and it was Sivas Escort Bayan the Friday night after my last final. I felt very good about my grades and was furthermore pretty certain that I had achieved a 4.0 in my first semester with eighteen credit hours now in my collegiate resume. I was also working on a book in my spare time, which was not nearly as much as I had hoped for with the time I was spending with Greg.

The football team at our college wasn’t the greatest. We had a winning season, but didn’t go far in the playoffs, so there were no more games for Greg to practice for. This was a double edged sword for me, as he now had more time to spend with me. I did love Greg, but he was starting to consume too much of my studying time and I found myself blowing him right in my dorm room just so he would leave and let me get some work done.

So, coming back from this little history lesson into where I was in my collegiate career the first time I met Kelsey, Greg and I were at a party. It was at his frat house and it was wild. People were having sex, there was no doubt about that from the moans in the various rooms. Some girls were baring their tits downstairs, not even caring about the phone cameras clicking away to savor the moment for all time and would probably cry one day at the vision of their firm young breasts still being on the internet for the world to see long after the real breast meat was sagging and given only rudimentary acknowledgement from their pudgy, middle aged husband.

(I am one cynical and bitter bitch sometimes huh?)

So, eventually, after a few too many beers for Greg and me switching long ago to soda or water because there was no way I was getting drunk at this debauchery, Greg had me in tow to search out an available bedroom. It took awhile, but we grabbed one as it vacated and he quickly pulled me inside. There was no question as to why we were there and I sank to my knees and unzipped his pants as soon as the door closed.

I was glad the lights were out, because he would have seen the pissed off look on my face when I extracted his flaccid cock from his boxer briefs. He was drunk and this was going to take awhile. Acknowledging this fact with my sober mind, I got comfortable for a long suck session. I took him into my mouth and began my ritualistic practice of sucking and slurping that made him erect in a minute or two. I have this thing I do with my tongue. It isn’t really important, but my tongue is kind of long and I can actually wrap it around a cock inside my mouth.

Depending on the thickness of the cock, I can actually go fully around it and touch my tongue again on the other side. Greg’s was just barely thick or thin enough that I could just barely accomplish this task, which was a plus for both of us. Greg had started in with his usual pillow talk, which I do like, but he wasn’t very creative.

“Oh yeah Jess, that feels so good baby.”

Followed by animalistic grunts that got my wheels turning, if you know what I mean. Ten minutes later, I was still working his fuck meat with my lips, tongue and throat. Normally, when Greg is sober, it would be over by now, but when he is drunk it takes a while longer due to the depressed sensation.

Now, there is a party etiquette that most people acknowledge and cooperate fully with, which is that you knock politely before entering a closed room. On this night, with me wrapping my mouth around Greg’s cock, that did not happen when the door burst open and I was caught in the light from the hallway, on my knees, sucking Greg.

I heard a gasp and a melodious giggle. Then, “Hey Greg!” from a guy’s voice behind me. I had stopped sucking noisily, but kept my mouth on Greg’s cock, thinking the couple would close the door and leave.

“Hiya Jake.” Greg laughed, apparently not at all embarrassed by the situation.

A solid thirty seconds later, the door was still wide open, as indicated by the light in the room and I started to get up to close it, thinking the dumb asses had walked away and left it open by accident, or as a joke, on purpose.

“No, don’t stop on our account.” Came the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. “We have heard so much about your skills, we just want to watch if that is okay. Is that okay with you Greg?” The girl asked.

I looked up at Greg, pleading for him to be a man and ask the couple to leave. He didn’t even look down at me. “Sure Kelsey, I don’t mind.”

Well, I sure as hell minded! I started go get up and felt a soft pair of hands on my shoulders, pushing me back down. “Hey!” I shouted.

“He doesn’t mind. Just keep doing what you were doing. We will just be over here watching.” The sweet voice instructed.

“Well, I do! Get out!” I yelled. Then to be polite, as I was raised, “Please.”

The hands never left my shoulders and I heard the door close and the lights were switched on. “There, that’s better. Now we can see whether you are really all that Greg says you are.” Escort Sivas The girl giggled.

“Go ahead Jess, it’s just Jake and Kelsey.” Greg told me, like this was normal somehow.

I looked up and saw Kelsey leaning over me smiling. As I said, I knew who she was. Everyone did. Kelsey Allison Mason. She was a college celebrity, if you bought into local celebrity status. “Look, I’m not really comfortable with this.” I said as an apology and took Greg’s cock in my hand to return it to his pants. “Greg, let’s go back to my room okay?”

“Oh.” Kelsey smiled. “Are we making you uncomfortable?” Her hands held my shoulders down firmly and I struggled a bit, hoping she would take the hint.

“Jake, why don’t you sit next to Greg on the edge of the bed?” Kelsey told her boyfriend. I knew it was Jake, the quarterback for the football team.

“We aren’t going to do anything to you.” Kelsey smiled. “We just want to watch. Greg has said you are rather miraculous with your mouth and we just want to see it for ourselves. He brags about you to the whole football team. Don’t you Greg?”

Greg was getting a bit uncomfortable now too, probably worrying that I would be pissed he was talking about me that way. I mean, I like sucking his dick, but I don’t want the whole world to know it. “Well, yeah… I mean… sorry Jess, but you are fucking amazing.”

I guessed that was supposed to make me feel good. It didn’t. I pushed to stand again, but Kelsey just pushed down harder. I started to cry silently, a tear sliding down my cheek.

“Please show us. I never suck Jake’s cock and I know he would like to see what he misses out on by dating me.” Kelsey smiled. Her eyes were looking right into mine.

“Yeah, I promise we won’t do anything, just sit here and watch.” Jake said. My eyes darting to him sitting there smugly looking down at me.

“What’s your name?” Kelsey asked, drawing my attention back to her.

“Jessica” I whispered. She made this consensual, and formerly wonderful act seem so dirty to me. I felt like shit for the first time since Greg and I started dating.

“What a pretty name.” She whispered. “Isn’t Jessica a great name Jake?”

“One of my favorites.” Jake laughed.

“Here.” Kelsey let go of my shoulders and knelt down next to me. “Let me watch you do it. The way Greg goes on and on about you, maybe I’m just not getting something about why you enjoy it so much. Who knows, maybe Jake will get a blowjob tonight for the first time since we started dating. You’d like that wouldn’t you Jake?”

“No Kelsey, I’d hate that.” He said sarcastically and laughed.

I still had Greg’s hard cock in my hand and was stroking it softly up and down. I looked up at Greg and he was smiling at me. “Go ahead Jess, show them how great you are.” He beamed, like I should be proud to give him head in front of these two.

Feeling a burning in my cheeks, I relented and went back to taking his cock in my mouth. It was hard because I was crying the whole time. I felt so betrayed by Greg at that moment. How could he let them watch this?

I wasn’t doing a very good job. I was too distracted by the tears dribbling down my face. Kelsey was leaning in so close, I could smell her perfume, which smelled delicious. I could feel her breath, which smelled of apples and felt warm.

“Come on Jessica, do it right.” Greg demanded.

I clinched my eyes and wished the voyeurs away and wrapped my tongue around his cock. I started sucking him harder, my cheeks caving in on the hard intakes until my lips touched his pubes and eventually nestled deep inside them and pressed against his pelvic bone. Then, with his cock head lodged in my throat, I slid my tongue around his cock and let it rotate left and right.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s it.” Greg moaned.

Kelsey asked, “What is she doing that feels so good Greg?” Her voice was so close to my ear, it was causing me to tremble.

“She’s doing that thing with her tongue. It’s incredible.” Greg answered.

“What thing is that?” Kelsey whispered so softly and in such an erotic voice it made me quiver.

“It’s…” Greg grunted, “Hard to explain. She wraps her tongue around my cock and then twists it back and forth. It’s amazing, I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“Jake?” Kelsey whispered. “Have you ever heard of that?”

Jake’s voice sounded a little strained. “No Kels, I’ve gotten a lot of blowjobs and never had anything like that.”

I started bobbing my head again, fucking my throat with his cock while my tongue held on. I wanted to get it over now. I normally liked drawing it out for our enjoyment, but now I just wanted it to end so I could get out of here.

“Yeah Jess!” Greg said loudly, “I’m cumming baby!”

And I let him shoot the first time into my throat and pulled his cock head to the edge of my lips so he could fill my mouth with the rest. The way we like it.

“Ohhh she is a good girl Greg. She swallows it and everything.” Kelsey cooed.

I let him finish pulsing in my mouth and then I swallowed it all down and softly sucked his cock clean until it went mostly limp. Then I tucked it back into his pants and zipped him up.

“That was great Jess. Thanks baby, you are the best.” Greg praised.

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