Megan Ch.13

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Chapter 13 – Arrivals

I was standing under the large arrivals board at the local train station some 10 minutes early, my hands shaking in anticipation. The station was completely empty except for me and a lonely train conductor. A nice middle aged guy, about my size, slightly shorter. He helped me sort out the exact arrival time and then went on about his business.

Soon the train arrived, and I could see the conductor waving to me from a distance, indicating that this is the train I was waiting for. As he was waving, a leg came out of the train and landed next to him, it wasn’t the same size as Megan when she left, but it could only be her, because it was actually bigger. The knee was waist high to the conductor who didn’t seem to notice it still waving. Then my girlfriend got out of the train and stood up overshadowing the tiny man with her breasts alone.

Megan had grown bigger, and not just a little. When she left I was about navel high to her, the train conductor was shorter than her hips. He was standing right next to her, and her breasts literally loomed over his head and at least a foot or more beyond him, and her thighs were so large and thick that he didn’t even seem like a kid next to her, he was more like a twig.

The man turned around facing Megan’s hips and started looking up craning his neck all the way back, and all he could see was the bottom of her breasts. Then looking back down trying to make sense, he saw Megan’s thighs and I could see him shudder and start shaking, his mind unable to cope with the sight.

Megan took a step back to see the little man, and crouched. Her legs covered everything from below his knees almost up to his chest, and his head was level with her massive breasts which just a second ago were like a roof to him. He was still almost two heads shorter than her. The sigh was very humbling, not only for the conductor, but also for me, because I understood that this was what I looked like next to her.

A moment later I could see the man’s hand pointing in my direction, his eyes never leaving Megan. She looked my way and started getting up. I waved and was just about to call out her name when I saw the tiny man underneath her fall to the ground. As she got up his head was following her rise, while his body looked as if it was caught in a tornado completely shaking apart.

I remembered the story from the lab, about the hormones and how she intimidated the little man. This guy must be having a similar reaction. Except that, three months of longing and three weeks of absolute sustaining she must be exploding with raw sexual energy. Even some 40 feet away I could already feel the air getting heavy and musky, and that little man must have been exposed to a tsunami of the same thing overloading all of his senses.A man probably more than twice her age, a lifetime of experience and sexual encounters, all of that simply blown away and overrun by a few seconds with a 19 year old girl. He was on the floor beneath Megan’s feet shaking and convulsing in a torrent of orgasms.

As her eyes met mine I felt as if electrocuted, she could tell me to jump under a train right there and I would be glad to obey. Hell I would probably be happy that I stayed conscious long enough to obey her, unlike the still unconscious man behind her.

“Joeeeeeeyyyyyy……” Megan screamed running towards me, thudding my way with long powerful strides pounding the ground like a pile driver, shaking the entire platform. Her massive breasts swaying wildly with each step, and her thighs switching from a boiler sized round relaxed state to a chiseld monstrosity of muscles. Her quadriceps must have been as big as my chest. I could immediately imagine why the guy from the lab pissed and shat his pants. I spent a lot of time near this girl, but seeing this giant mountain of muscle going straight for me would always cause me to flinch.

In one continuous movement without breaking stride she knelt down wrapping her strong long fingers under my armpits and lifting me high in the air jumping in a pirouette.

“Little oneee…” She continued as her feet landed with a heavy thud cracking the concrete with the force of the landing. She let the force of the fall drive me between her breasts. I sunk deep into a valley of her warm soft breasts as arms with biceps bigger around than my waist closed behind my back crushing the air from my lungs. Two more jumps of joy with accompanying spins followed pounding the concrete. She was like a little girl with her favourite toy.

“Oh.. my little Joey, I missed you soooo much….” she said, accenting her words by strengthening her grip until I could actually hear my ribs cracking. Her body heat and smell completely engulfed me. The heavily sex laden aura in the air made it difficult to breathe even without her bear hug. Regardless of my breathing troubles my cock was already fully erect and throbbing against Megan.

In the passion of the moment, she jammed her tongue inside my mouth and down sınırsız escort my throat barely even pausing to make sure I was OK. I felt as if she was going to tear my own tongue away and shove it down my throat, and as the thick long muscle penetrated my throat I could feel and hear my jaw crackle, unable to expand to meet the full girth. She sensed my gagging and pulled her tongue out with a moan and a deep breath. Unfortunately, her mouth was still covering half my face, and her lungs so massive she simply sucked out all the air I had. The feeling was identical to being hit in the chest, and I had to gasp for air.

“Mee..Meg.. take it easy.. please..” I squeaked…

“Oh.. honey.. I can try, but I haven’t seen you for so long I don’t think it will be very easy.” She said and continued kissing my face.

“Could you.. Could you put me down. I want to see how much you’ve grown.” I asked, and she complied letting me slide along her body, carefully rubbing me against every curve, and pausing for an unusually long time with my head between her breasts.

“I’m sorry I don’t have any heels on honey, I hope you won’t be disappointed seeing me so short.” Megan said as I was sliding ever lower.

I didn’t feel the ground beneath my feet until my face was stuck against Megan’s crotch. The smell and aroma were so intoxicating it was difficult to breathe, my knees wobbled and I was barely keeping myself from cumming.

“Mmm.. just the right size, I can’t wait to put on the highest heels I have for you.” I could hear from above. Then I looked up, and just like the conductor all I could see was the bottom of her breasts, if I reached out I could barely graze their bottom. The sight wasn’t new for me, but the distance was, and I was struck with vertigo. I guess I hadn’t been exposed to Megan in a while. I reached out for balance, my hands landing on her inhumanly massive thighs. I swear I could almost hear them purr as hundreds of pounds of muscle crackled with inhuman power, as Megan rubbed them against each other. This was too much for me, I blew a massive load into my pants.

“Ohhh..You naughty boy…and I barely touched you.” I noticed she was looking at me in the reflective surface of a nearby window. And I could tell all of this was making her horny, her there was a wet spot on her crotch and way above me her shirt was being stretched by her growing nipples. The size difference was the same as between her and the conductor. She was now as big, or even bigger, than she was in the dream when she crushed me to death.

“We’ll need to punish you somehow…hmm… I know… You are not allowed to have any clothes on for a week.” She says and bending over puts her hands to the sides of my shirt and simply pulls my top apart…

“Megan, what the.. how am I supposed to go around like this….Wait..Stop…” I protested, but she ignored me reaching for my pants. I tried to hold her hands in place. My hands looked so tiny on her forearms, and the strength difference was unimaginable. If there were 10 people holding her hands on each side they could maybe slow her down, not stop. So I simply watched in horror as she tore my pants apart and tossed them away.

“There.. much better….you won’t be needing much clothes for what you’ll be doing the following week. And don’t you dare come again until I let you. Now you stay still, me and this little fellow have some catching up to do.” She said caressing my already erect cock.

“But, Meg.. how am I supp..” I tried asking…

“You’ve missed me haven’t you little one.. come to your girlfriend, evil Joey wanted to keep you trapped in all those clothes. Well I have a much better place to keep you.” she said completely ignoring me. Lifting her shirt a bit she guided my cock between them.

“Meg, but y.. uuughh.. Me…” all of my protests dissolved into moans as she pressed me firmly against a hundred pounds of boob with my cock stuck in between. Only the very tip of my cock was visible between her breasts, and Megan’s tongue was already playing around the head. Then her lips connected with my cock, while her tongue snaked downwards along it’s length deep between her breasts. The sensation was beyond amazing, I was on the verge of another orgasm…

“Ohh, Meg.. I’m gonna cum again.. ” But I couldn’t cum. My cock was as hard as marble, throbbing painfully against the heavenly confines of Megan’s breasts, tongue and lips. The amount of pleasure I received from Megan could sometimes be simply insane, but I could always cum, even if she wouldn’t let me the mere act of prevention would have a similar effect. But this was something completely different, the pleasure was just mounting, I could feel my nerve ending s going numb from the overwhelming sensations.

“Ohh.. I just love toying with my little friend. It looks just about ready to pop…” Megan said, her tongue grazing the tip of my cock.

“What do you think honey, would you like to cum for me…” şırnak escort she asked, rubbing her breasts along my shaft. I tried responding but I simply couldn’t form any words.

“You can be so funny sometimes honey, come for your Megan. Pretty please…” Megan said closing her pretty lips around my cock, as soon as she said the words I felt myself explode. My eyes rolled back into my head as I released the built up pressure. Megan took all of it, vacuuming every single drop.

“Poor thing after he’d gotten used to having half a ton of woman taking care of him, I suddenly disappear and all he has is you tiny hand. I bet he can’t even close his fist around you any more. But don’t you worry little one Megan is back and she will take good care of you.” Megan addressed my cock.

“How am I going to go around like this completely naked.” I asked as my brain was slowly reassembling itself.

“Well you’ll just have to hurry then so no one sees you. Besides do you really think anyone will notice you next to me.” She says putting me down on shaky legs and once again stretching to her full height above me.

“Oh, honey enough with the foreplay. Take me home I want to put on my heels. I’ve waited so long to have you under my pussy, and I think the moment has come.” Megan said taking half a step forward, pressing my face against her crotch. It was less then 10 seconds since the last orgasm and my erection was already growing in Megan’s shadow.

“Jesus, Megan I’m half your size now. Just how much have you grown…”

“Still not tall enough for my tiny. But last time I checked I was at 10’7″ and a half. And I think I may be growing at the moment as well. And you know what that means don’t you…Now take me to the van” she left that sentence hanging in the air and started walking.

I had to take three steps for each of Megan’s, and I felt like a little puppy next to her, running after her leg. The sight of her swaying thighs next to me kept me so horny I completely forgot that I was naked.


Luckily there was no one on the parking lot when we arrived.

“So tiny, where is the minivan. I hope you’re not expecting me to walk home. I might accidentally give someone a heart attack if I don’t have an orgasm soon.” She said looking at me intently.

“No Meg, actually I have a surprise for you. I got a used car specially for this ride home. I know it might seem a bit small but I know you will manage to make room.” I said smiling and winking.

“I don’t know tiny, it might seem big enough for you. But I am a very very big girl.” She said doubtfully walking towards the car. The Volvo had previously seemed quite big, but with Megan’s impressive bulk next to it I wasn’t so sure any-more. It wasn’t only an issue of whether it would get us home, but also if it will even survive Megan’s weight at all.

“Are you sure it will hold, it seems so tiny.” She said rocking the car on its suspension like a toy.

“Well why don’t you have a seat and we can head on home then” I said rushing to open the car doors for my girlfriend. It was a rather funny gesture, as the doors were barely up to Megan’s mid thigh.

She stepped right in front of me, and bent over to the car hitting my face with her immense rear. I extended my hands grabbing on to a large handful of firm ass on each side of my face and took a step back, there was so much ass and legs in front of me I thought I was going to get a heart attack.

“Right, I think I will have to make some minor adjustments… Where do you adjust the seat position” She says reaching under the seat with one hand trying to find the handle.

“It’s um…”

“Oh I’ll just try to push like this..” she says leaning onto the car with one hand and pushing the seat back tearing it from its base.

“Ooops…maybe I used a bit too much force. Joey, do you think you can fix this…” she says standing up blocking the sun with her massive frame holding the seat several feet above me pinched between her thumb and index finger.

“It’s.. hm.. OK, Megan. We don’t really need it anyway.. you can just leave it.” I say

“OK, hold on to this for me then” she says handing me the seat. While I was struggling with the weight of the seat she decided to try and fit inside the car.

Going down on all four in front of the car, she put her hands on the sides of the door. With a slight tension in her arm muscles she spread the door opening to give herself more room, shattering the glass in the frame. This was unfortunately nowhere near enough the space she needed.

But she tried to push in anyway, as her upper body got stuck she pushed with her legs. Instead of getting her inside all she managed was to push the entire 2500 pound car sideways. It was like watching a cartoon, wherever Megan pushed a dent would appear on the car. After a while it looked like an explosion hit it. I was torn between watching her muscles tearing the car apart and her ass swaying at taksim escort waist height.

“This won’t work like this.” she says, pulling out of the car.

“Joey honey… can I ask you a favour” Megan says bending over to look me in the face. You would think that a drop dead gorgeous face off a 10 foot girl a few inches above your head would get all of your undivided attention. But something else entirely got mine, looking straight ahead of me I saw about half of her boobs spill over her top. I was facing almost 2 feet of deep milky cleavage pressed together between her massive arms. Her smell and warmth washed over me like a wave, I had to concentrate real hard not to cum right there. If I wasn’t so used to her already I would probably feint in a series of orgasms.

“Would you mind horribly, if I opened the top a bit.. of the car I mean. Just a little bit, I always wanted to drive in a convertible.. Pretty please.. with sugar on top” she said emphasizing the last part, by unbuttoning her top and swaying forward, pushing my head with her hand sinking my head between her massive breasts. My cock was ready to explode, but just as before I simply couldn’t cum.

Could it be because she told me that I cannot cum until she lets me, but that didn’t make sense.. I was thinking

“I’ll take your silence as a yes, then honey..” She answered and walked over to the car. I watched in awe as she tore apart the connections between the roof and the car leaving only the wind-shield intact. During the whole process the entire car shook as if a dog was shaking it in its jaw. Finally done she simply rolled the roof towards the front end.

Carefully shifting her weight she managed to fit inside the car accompanied by a lot of squealing protests from the car. The back of the car was a few inches of the ground, almost scraping the road. It would be enough for Megan to stand up suddenly to break the suspension, and probably the car flooring.

“Urf.. Finally. It’s really hard to fit into these little things without breaking something. Luckily the roof could be opened.” Megan says smiling from the back seat, her head sticking several feet over the previous rooftop. I tried closing the door, but due to the damage she had done it was almost impossible.

“Here let me help you with that tiny” she says, pulling the door in and forcing it close by jamming the metal sides together. The only way to open those doors now would be to cut them away.


“Aiiiiee… what is that..” Megan screamed pointing at something while I was going for the driver’s place. It was of the ballistic models I got, only a human head replica this time, I must have forgotten it in the car.

“Oh, that was supposed to be a surprise for later.” I said and then explained to her about the human replica models. How they are built almost exactly like the human body except all fake and are used for human trauma tests, and how they would allow her to show off her strength and power without hurting anyone.

“Oh, so you mean that this is just like my little Joey, except I can play with it without holding back..”

“Yep, you can go all out with it. It’s just like a normal human except it doesn’t feel pain. You can try it”

“Oh.. I like this. I think I might show my little Joey just how much I missed him, and just how much I want him..with a little kiss” Megan said bring the head to her lips for a kiss. I could see her tongue snaking through the transparent material and coming out at the neck opening protruding several inches outside. It looked like a snake wriggling madly without anything to restrain it. Before seeing this I hadn’t really realised just how deep her tongue goes down my throat when she loses control.

Megan meanwhile begins moaning quietly, jamming her tongue even deeper. The width and power of her tongue soon prove too much for the jawbone and it cracks open. Megan reacts louder moaning, her nipples grow and her free hand goes for her snatch.

“Megan, stop remember the three weeks..” I yelled realising I have to stop her somehow.

I could see the muscles in her forearm tensing, not in effort to break the model, but in effort to restrain herself. Finally with one loud moan the skull in her hand explodes as the lower part is mashed against her lips and top crushed under her fingers.

“Ohh… mhmmm… tiny… I cannot even begin to explain how hot this was. I almost came just from that. I almost forgot why I like you so much, you really understand me. Come give your little girl a kiss” Megan says pulling me back from the front seat for a kiss.

“Oh.. little one. Being bigger and stronger than you has always been a turn on for me. Just imagining what I could do to you if I wasn’t careful was always so hot for me, that’s why I always wanted to grow as big as possible for you. And now I can finally experience it for real, and not only experience. I can show my little man just how much more powerful I am, and what I could do to you. Mhmm.. oh take me home quickly honey..before I tear you apart.” And saying that she gives me a kiss identical to the one she just made, jamming her tongue halfway down my throat, crackling my jaw.

She then let me drive, doing her best to cool down until we get home.

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