Megan , Dan

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Megan looked at Dan from the doorway as he watched TV. She stepped back into the kitchen where he wouldn’t see her and quickly stripped her clothes off except for a black lace bra and thong. Then she tiptoed quietly up behind his big over-stuffed chair. Dan looked up to see what see wanted and grinned. Megan was a nymph and just couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her sideways onto his lap where he proceeded to bury his face in her cleavage. Megan leaned forward so he could unhook her bra and as soon as they were free, Dan began kissing and sucking her nipples. Megan reached underneath her ass and rubbed the growing bulge in his jeans. She sighed as he kissed her neck and the hollow of her throat.

She stood up and began to unsnap Dan’s pants. They dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them and pulled his T-shirt over his head. Dan pulled her panties down slowly and then raised her foot to the arm of the chair. He stepped closer and grabbed the cheek of her ass with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other. She could feel his big hard dick pressing against her belly and she rolled her hips into him. He kissed her and slid his hand between their bodies. Her foot was still resting on the arm of the chair so she was open to him. When he thrust his finger into her, she moaned softly. She was so wet and hot. Megan leaned away and grabbed his penis with one hand and spread the lips of her pussy with the other.

Dan thrust forward deeply, amazed at how ready she was. He guided her hips with his hands in a varying rhythm that had her fingernails biting into his shoulders. With one particularly deep thrust, she erupted into orgasm and went weak in the knees. Dan guided her the few steps to the sofa and Megan sat down. He pulled her hips forward until her ass was hanging over the edge and entered her again. He began a slow rhythm of deep thrusts, found her clit with one hand and began to rub it gently and slowly. Megan tensed with another orgasm and when she had relaxed, Dan began teasing her asshole with his finger. Her ass was already wet from the moisture dripping from her pussy so when he pressed forward, his finger slid in up to the knuckle.

Megan whimpered in pleasure and pinched her nipples, rolling them between her finger and thumb. Dan began to move his dick and finger in unison and continued to play with her clit. He stopped rubbing Megan’s clit and pulled her hand down her body slowly. He guided her hand and showed her what he wanted her to do. Megan groaned and shuddered as Dan thrust deeply into her. He pulled out of her pussy and pressed his wet dick against her asshole. Megan continued to rub her clit as Dan slid his penis deep into her ass. She began to have a string of continuous orgasms and raised her ankles to his shoulders.

Listening Tekirdağ Escort to her moans and screams, Dan knew that he wouldn’t last much longer so he put it back in her dripping wet pussy and rammed into her as hard as he could. Megan rubbed her clit faster, thrust up to meet him, and came again as she felt Dan tense above her…

Megan walked into the bedroom where Dan was already removing his clothes. She quickly removed her own and rubbed her nipples while looking him right in the eye. She licked her lips and Dan noticed that she had braided her hair into one long tail down her back. Usually she left it loose because she liked the sexy feeling it gave her when it tickled her nipples and the cheeks of her butt.

Megan just smiled and pushed him down onto the bed. She climbed onto the bed and kneeled between Dan’s widespread legs. She gently rubbed his balls with her palm. She leaned forward and kissed one and then the other. Megan licked them gently and took one into her mouth, swirling her tongue wildly. She did the same for his other nut and then kissed each one again. Megan began moving up the shaft of his big penis leaving small wet biting kisses in her wake. She reached the head and licked all around the tip. She slicked her lips with her tongue and took the whole thing in, nearly to her throat. Megan kept swirling her tongue as she moved up and down the shaft and turned her head from side to side so she could tease different parts of his dick with her tongue.

Dan groaned and pulled on Megan’s shoulders to bring her up to his level so he could sink his dick into her but Megan had other ideas. She turned so that she faced his feet and straddled his face. She began sucking on him and jacking on his shaft with one hand while she felt Dan attack her pussy with his hands and mouth. He roughly licked her clit and then shoved his tongue as far as it would go. Megan moaned and moved her mouth and hands faster. Dan pushed a finger into her and then used his wet finger to rub her clit faster and faster as he licked her. Then he continued to rub her clit as he speared his tongue into her ass. Megan nearly screamed from the pleasure of it and pulled his dick from her mouth.

Dan pushed her down onto the bed and sucked on her nipples as he pressed the head of his penis against her wet asshole. He didn’t enter her yet but kept firm pressure against her hole as he pinched and sucked and bit at her nipples. Megan moved her hands down to her pussy and rubbed her clit as she squirmed, trying to make him give it to her. Dan pressed forward till just the head was inside and stopped. He kneaded her tits with his hands while she rolled her hips in an attempt to take him deeper. He slowly pressed in and out going a little deeper every few strokes. He began grinding his pelvic bone Tekirdağ Escort Bayan against her clit as soon as he was all the way in.

Megan began pinching her nipples and rolling her hips to match his grinding. He wasn’t moving in and out of her now, just pressing deeper every time he ground into her clit. Megan screamed out with yet another orgasm. She pulled her knees into her chest and reached down to pull his penis out of her ass and into her pussy. Dan shoved her shoulders into the bed and rammed into her as deep and fast as he could. Megan locked her legs around his waist and screamed out her biggest orgasm yet as she felt his hot sperm shooting into her…

Megan walked into the house and found candles burning everywhere in the kitchen. She filled her lungs with the perfume of scented candles. A note was taped to the kitchen doorway. She read it as she noticed more candles leading down the hall. “Sweetheart, I have a surprise for you. Follow the candles to me.” Megan quickly blew out the candles in the kitchen and hallway, assuming that they would be busy long enough that they would burn down to the holders. They led to the bedroom, which was also aglow with light. She walked in to find Dan reclining against a pile of pillows reading a paperback. He looked up from his reading and grinned at Megan

“How about you get rid of those clothes?” he said. She smiled back and quickly undressed. “Lay down on the bed and close your eyes. Don’t open them till I tell you.” He told her. Megan knew better than to argue when Dan was in a sexual mood. It would only make her miss out on something really interesting. She complied and resisted the urge to peek. Megan felt a feather light touch brushing her cheek and down her throat. She felt a warm hand and then a mouth on her breast, placing small kisses around and then on the nipple. Megan sighed and arched into the sensation, silently begging for more. The teasing moved to her other breast and she felt the prickle of Dan’s mustache. His hand ran down her stomach and between her legs. She moaned when he began to rub her clit. She arched into his hand and somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered what his surprise could be. He had been giving her some particularly devious looks lately. Then the pleasure took over and all thoughts fled.

“Don’t make me wait any longer.” She moaned. Dan moved until he between her legs. He pressed the head of his penis against her and twitched his hips. His fingers moved to her clit and he gently rubbed in a circular motion. Megan was getting wetter and more aroused by the second but he still wouldn’t thrust into her. She squirmed and whimpered but it did no good. “Please!” she moaned shakily as he rubbed the head of his dick against her pussy.

“How bad do you want it? If I give it Escort Tekirdağ to you now, will you do anything I tell you to?” He breathed the words against her neck. Megan shivered.

“Anything! Anything! Just please hurry! I can’t stand waiting much longer!” She nearly screamed the words in her desperation.

“Then you can open your eyes now.” And with that he thrust into her deeply. Megan savored the sensation a second longer and then opened her eyes to look at Dan. The first thing she saw, however, was not Dan but her surprise. The nude woman climbed onto the bed beside Megan. Dark hair brushed Megan’s nipples and before Megan could protest, the woman kissed her. The woman’s tongue ran along Megan’s lower lip and Dan began thrusting in and out slowly. Megan’s lips parted in a quiet moan and the woman deepened the kiss. The stranger ended the kiss and slid her tongue along Megan’s jaw and to the hollow of her throat.

“Who are you?” Megan whispered. Dan responded first.

“This is Katy. I have been trying to find someone you could be comfortable with for a long time, sweetheart. I know you never said that this was what you wanted but I didn’t think you would be upset. If you don’t want me to participate, that is ok but I wanted to do something special for you and I thought if you knew that I don’t mind you would be happy with it. You are a very sexual person and I want you to be completely satisfied. I want you to be happy.”

“I want to be your friend too. I want us to be like sisters.” Katy said, Megan thought for a moment and knew that Dan only wanted her to be happy. He had never been wrong in the past about what would be right for her. She reached her hands out to both of them.

“Dan, I know you want me to be happy. Katy, I hope we can become friends. This could be the best thing that we have ever done.” With that, she pulled Katy closer and kissed her gently. Dan began moving again and she made a quiet sound in her throat. She guided Katy to move up on the bed and straddle her face. She had never done anything like this before but knew that she wanted to try. She began using her tongue to slowly swirl around Katy’s clit. Katy pinched her own nipples.

“I have a better idea.” Katie stood up on the bed, turned around and faced Megan’s feet. Megan understood and guided Katy’s pussy back toward her face. Katie leaned forward and began to lick Megan’s clit as Dan pumped in and out slowly. He watched the two women in front of him and started moving faster. Megan groaned and licked even faster at Katie’s clit. Katie did the same and within moments, both women cried out in passion.

Dan thrust in faster and faster and the women continued to lick and touch each other. He held out as long as he could but watching them was almost more than he could handle. Megan felt him tense and then felt his hot semen spurt into her. She drove her tongue harder into Katie’s pussy and Katie licked her clit faster and harder. Both women tensed and cried out. They all untangled themselves and lay down exhausted. They snuggled close and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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