Melanie’s First Night

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She had done herself up well, just the way she knew I liked her normally. Her hair was done up, probably at some salon that day. Her other hair was completely gone, which she also knew from our talks I liked, because it makes the area around more sensitive to every type of stimulation. Her make-up was divine, not unnoticeable, and far from whorish. Her breasts, finally free from the captivity of anything, we perky, and her nickel sized aureoles were now erect in my presence.

Upon further inspection after setting down the pillowcase, I found out that her hands had been bound behind her back with some handcuffs. The key was still in, until I promptly took them out. I figure that if I am being rewarded, I might as well take full advantage. She began to protest, but the ball gag quickly took care of that. “From now on, you shall do as I say, simple as that. As long as this rule is obeyed, there will be nothing to worry about, as pleasure shall be given as well as received, for both of us. Is that clear?”

With her nod of approval, the games began. I started by removing her handcuffs, I was not about to let a good hot tub go to waste. My next move was of course to remove the blindfold, as they would stifle the moans of ecstasy that were sure to follow.

Melanie and her new lover, alone at last, decided to spice up their already great sex life with a trip to the hot tub. Melanie had always wanted it, and now she would have her cake and eat it too, so to speak. Melanie, with her full breasts, and legs that ached to wrap around something whenever she crashed into an explosive orgasmic event, canlı bahis seductively entered first. her lover, tall, with long blonde hair, who Melanie had wanted since she was a youthful teenager, followed.

She had made him into her personal love slave, he would do whatever she asked of him, no matter time nor place. She loved him dearly for this, and had loved him dearly anyway. She did so to the point of driving some of her male friends to the brink of insanity. She would start, of course, by preparing him for the long haul ahead of him, by working her own personal magic.

She was very adept at using her hands, and he was very adept, as suited her greatly, at using both his manhood and his tongue. Starting slowly, using only the thumb and the forefinger, she would begin to stroke, up and down. Teasing as she always was, she would stop short, keeping him aching, begging for it. the jets in the hot tub were turned on high now, and she slowed to let one be a direct shot into her clit. my how her clit loved the attention. instantly her sex drive seemed to almost triple, as she began using her whole hand on him, and her other on herself. That was something she only did in the heat of the moment, as she could always find more than that so she would not have to settle to be alone, ever.

He was almost still, when she barked at him to make himself useful and he went to work on her magnificent breasts. He would tenderly suckle on one nipple, and then he other. Every now and then he would bite down, sometimes lightly, to play with her, sometimes hard, to mix in that tinge of pain with her pleasure bahis siteleri that he knew she would always need in order to reach that full climactic event. Melanie was in heaven. She had just finished off his first of 2 orgasms that night. The first was for him to get over it, and to be able to keep her happy for the next several hours.

Now that he had had some fun, and the fact that her hand and a rather powerful stream of water can take her so close to release she craved so badly, and yet not reach it, she decided to make him even more useful. she backed herself out of the hot tub onto the edge, as to allow for him to breath, kind of. She spread her legs wide, showing a gorgeously shaved treasure trove. He immediately went to work, and her legs around his head assured that he would be there for a while.

He began by lightly lapping up and down the folds of her outer lips, waiting for them to part on their own and let him in further. If he did this, he took the risk of letting such a powerful orgasm build that her legs around his head might make him pass out again. It was a risk worth taking, as she greatly rewarded him for it last time. When they at last opened, there it was, standing out ready to be used, was her clit again. He knew that he could tease her so badly. He immediately thrust his tongue to the hilt, and when it hit, his nose was brushing the clit.

Moans of ecstasy could be heard for miles, and she was just building. Melanie always was vocally appreciative. As he felt her close in on his tongue, he knew that the orgasm was imminent. He quickly pulled it out of her bahis şirketleri and sharply bit down on her clit. This sent her not only over the edge but into a frenzy that caused three or four orgasms to occur repetitiously. As badly as she had wanted it, she had now felt something inside her, and she craved more, something, bigger.

She released her death grip on his head, and stared into his eyes like that of, pardon the pun, a bitch in heat. If she did not get his throbbing slab of manhood into her tight cavern, she would probably pass out. She jumped back into the tub, and onto him, causing him to go under. She pulled him back up and out of the tub by his hair and she lied down on her back.

With a gruff voice she ordered him to fuck her, hard, and fast. It was a good thing he was milked earlier, because she needed it badly. He began to ram into her, starting fast, and growing with speed and intensity. She was meanwhile playing with those breasts that so many have longed for. She would twist her nipples in ways that would cause pain. Every now and then she would reach down and do the same for her clit. He could feel her begin to tighten up again, but this time did something to his own advantage. He took both of her hands, and pinned them to the ground.

He found his strength in the fact that he was about to finish himself. Had she realized what he was doing, she would have let him. She didn’t, so she resisted. Her orgasm then came to her with the intensity that nearly rendered her unconscious. By immobilizing part of her, she was forced to be completely passive in the act and simply receive stimulation. There is not a soul on earth that can withstand that force. Her tightening of her twat caused him and all of his inches to explode within her. There they spent the rest of the night, in each other’s arms.

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