Memories Of My Visit To Mumbai

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I am a senior executive in a multinational company and had to go to Mumbai on an official work for about a week. I was staying in a five star hotel near Juhu and after finishing my first day’s work I had nothing to do so I decided to kill time by going to the Juhu beach.

I was all alone watching and enjoying the sea waves. After about half an hour I saw a woman in her late twenties standing near me and she asked me: ” Are you alone?”

I said that yes I am all alone.

Then she said: ” Do you need company?”

I said if it were a company of a beautiful woman like you I would love to have it.

She then said:” I am talking about my company.” Then she suggested that we should go to some secluded place so that we could talk with each other freely.

I was a bit apprehensive so I said: ” Before we go, let us be clear on one point. How much will I have to pay for having your company?”

My question seemed to annoy her.

She said: “Do I look like a hooker or a prostitute?”

I realized my mistake and apologized. I said I had read many stories about what people experienced in Juhu beach so I had asked this question. I am again sorry.

She said: ” I had come to Mumbai on the invitation of my girl-friend to spend a week with her but when I reached her residence I was told by her neighbors that she had to go to Pune for two days on some very urgent work and she will come after two days. So I checked in a small hotel near Juhu and to kill time I had come here. I then thought that if I can get the company of a lonely young and smart man both of us can have a pleasant evening. I am myself a working woman in a multinational company at Delhi so I have not asked for your company for money.”

I then suggested that instead of going to a secluded place we could go to my five star hotel where I am staying.

She readily agreed and we went to a restaurant in my hotel and I ordered some beverages and snacks for both of us and chatted on various topics and found that we shared similar views. So I suggested to her to check out from her hotel and stay with me as I have a double-bed room and she could easily stay with me till her friend returns without any charge and all her expenses on meals and food will be borne by my Company.

She then said that she is agreeable to my suggestion provided I do not ask for sex.

I said that I would not ask for sex from her if she does not want it.

She then went away to her hotel to check out and come back with her baggage to my hotel.

After about an hour she came back. By that time it was about 8.00 p.m. and so we came to my room. I ordered the room service to bring whisky and snacks for me and I Trabzon Escort asked her what she would have? Orange juice or pineapple juice?

She said that she would also have whisky. She said that when she used to feel lonely she generally took whisky and now she has started liking it.

So I ordered whisky and snacks for both of us.

She told me about her family and also asked me about mine and told me that her name was Rita.

After taking our dinner we changed our clothes for the night sleep. Rita went to bathroom to change her dress and when she came out I was surprised to see that she had put on a nightie which was almost transparent and as she was not wearing any bra or panty under it so her boobs and nipples were clearly visible as were her pubic hairs which seemed to be in plenty.

Seeing her boobs and nipples and her pubic hairs my cock became erect immediately but I said nothing and got laid on one side of the bed while Rita laid on the other side of the bed.

After putting off the light I closed my eyes but I went on thinking about the boobs and nipples of Rita. I thought that Rita had fallen asleep but it appeared that I was mistaken.

After about an hour of lying down Rita pulled me towards her and asked: ” kya tum sachmuch mujhe nahin chodoge?”(will you really not fuck me)?

Then she moved her hand towards my cock and held it in her hand from over my pyjama and finding it hard and erect said: ” lund to tumhara khada hai phir kyon nahin chodate.”(your cock is very hard then why you do not fuck me).

I said: tumhin ne to kaha tha ki no sex to main tumhein kaise chodataa (you had said no sex then how can I fuck you).

Hearing this Rita said I was only joking. Actually I love sex.

I then asked her:” what type of sex do you like most and where you have learnt this vulgar language.”

Rita said: you will be surprised to know that what I like most is anal sex or gaand maraanaa as it is called in Hindi and as far as the language is concerned all my male friends with whom I have sex use only this language and insist that I also use this language. They say Hindi words are more erotic than the English words. Bur and choot are more erotic than cunt and pussy; lund and laudaa are more erotic than cock and prick; bur ya choot chodnaa ya chudwaanaa aur gaand maarnaa ya maraanaa are more erotic than cunt or ass fucking. Now I also agree with them and always use this language at the time of sex .”

I then said if you are really want me to fuck you then you remove your clothes first and then remove my clothes. Rita then took off her nightie and then removed my clothes. After we became naked I found that the Rita`s Trabzon Escort Bayan boobs were very full and firm and her nipples were also quite large.

I said to her tumhari choochiyan to bahut sundar hain jaisa main samajhta tha usse bhi zyada sundar (your boobs are much prettier than what I had thought).

Hearing this she smiled and said tumhara lund bhi to kaafi achchha hai lamba bhi hai aur mota bhi chudwaane mein maza aajaayega (your cock is also very good; it is long and also thick, getting fucked by it will be a pleasure).

Then both of us began probing each others mouth with our tongues. Then I held her boobs in both of my hands and began sucking her nipples one after the other and she caught hold of my cock. Then I shifted my mouth to her cunt and licked her cunt, even probed her cunt with my tongue and also sucked her clitoris. This excited her very much and she started saying aah aah raja bada maza aarahaa hai aur zor se chooso (I am getting great pleasure suck even harder). Then she said ab chodo mujhe (now fuck me).

My cock was already hard so I inserted my cock in her pussy, which was already wet with her juices. I began fucking her with long strokes. She said raja jaldi jaldi dhakke lagaao (fuck me faster). In a short while she said ab main jhar rahi hoon (I am coming) and after some time became quiet. I also came in her cunt.

Then both of us cleaned ourselves and went to sleep.

In the morning she again caught my cock which became hard by her touch and said:” ab phir mujhe chodo”.

I then again fucked her and she came after a short time and said:” tum chodate bahut achchha ho (you fuck very well)”.

Then in the morning after breakfast I went on my official work and told her to go for sight seeing if she so likes and I will meet her around 6 o’clock in the evening.

When I came in the evening she was fully dressed and waiting for me and I must say she was looking very charming.

I congratulated for looking so beautiful today. She smiled at my compliment but said nothing.

After having evening tea and some snacks I took a taxi and took her to Chaupatti, Hanging Garden and Kamla Nehru Park. There we found that everywhere where there was some what dark couples were embracing or kissing each other.

I asked her should we do the same?

Rita said these are those persons who have no place to do all this but we have the hotel room to indulge and do anything we like.

I agreed with the reasoning of Rita and so after seeing all this returned to our hotel.

Once in the hotel room I ordered the room service to bring Scotch whisky with soda and snacks. Then both of us had Escort Trabzon Scotch whisky and snacks. The scotch was having its effect on both of us and our conversation turned to sex.

Both of us told each other how we had our first experience of sex and our liking in sexual matters.

There after we took dinner changed our clothes and retired to bed.

I asked Rita aaj kya karvaaogi (what you will like me to do?).

She said main ne pahle hi kaha tha ki mujhe sabse achchha gaand maraanaa lagta hai. Aaj tum meri gaand maaro (I had already told you that what I like most is ass-fucking. Today you fuck my ass).

I said main ne aaj tak kisi ki bhi gaand nahin maari. (I have not fucked anybody in the ass so far).

Rita said jaise bur chodne mein apna laudaa bur mein ghuserte ho usi tarah gaand maarne mein apnaa laudaa gaand mein ghusero. Magar gaand mein lund ghuserne se pahle meri gaand mein aur apne laude par achchhi tarah cream lagaalo (As while fucking cunt you insert your cock in the cunt so in ass-fucking you insert your cock in the ass. But before inserting your cock apply cream in my ass and your cock).

Then she gave me a tube of KY Jelly for lubricating her ass and my cock. I then applied the KY Jelly liberally in her ass and on my cock and placed the tip of my cock against her ass and pressed slowly inside. After some time my entire cock was buried in her ass and I began the fucking movement. I found that Rita was enjoying her ass fucking much more than when I had fucked her cunt. I must say her back passage was quite tight and the pleasure I got was also exquisite. Rita also came several times. I told Rita gaand maarne mein mujhe bhi bahut mazaa aayaa (I also got great pleasure in fucking your ass).

After our sex both of us washed ourselves and went to sleep.

In the morning Rita again caught hold of my dick and said ab chodo mujhe (now fuck me). I was quite ready to fuck her and entered my cock in her pussy and began to fuck her. After about fifteen minutes of fucking she reached orgasm. I also shot my load in her pussy.

After breakfast I left for my official work and came back about 5.30 p.m.

I found Rita fully dressed. I asked her where shall we be going this evening. Rita said that her friend has returned from Pune and will be coming to pick her.

I was a bit disappointed but there was nothing I could do.

I then ordered for tea and snacks for both of us. After taking tea and snacks Rita said : ” My friend would be coming in a short time. Let me give you a parting sex.” Then she opened my fly took out my cock and started jerking me off. In a short while I came. We went to bathroom to clean ourselves. After a few minutes Rita`s friend came and picked up her luggage and took Rita with her.

There after I lived for four more days in Mumbai but Rita neither phoned me nor came to meet me. But I could not forget Rita and the days we spent together. Its memory is still fresh in my mind.

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