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She wakes up before her alarm, as usual.

Her pussy is wet…as usual.

He texts her.

“Good morning, luscious.”

She smiles and feels herself tighten, just at the sight of his name in her phone.

“Good morning, Daddy. I woke up with a soaking pussy.”

She teases her fingers along her pussy lips to feel that wetness, to spread it.

She can smell her needy cunt beneath the bed sheets.

“Cum for me. Right now. Show me when you’re done.”

She reads the text and bites her lip with a grin.

He’s never made her cum first thing in the morning, but she does. Hard. Pulsing. Twitching. Whimpering.

She snaps a picture of her swollen pussy and sends it to him.

“You are my fucking whore. Do you understand me?”

She shivers when she reads it. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Cum again. Now.”

She pushes another orgasm from her pussy, vibrator buzzing against her skin, turning it raw and red, her cries filling the room as she cums again. Harder. Deeper.

She snaps another picture, sending it.

His response is immediate. “Show me that asshole, then tease your finger inside and cum again. Now.”

She looks at the phone, shocked. Another? Now?

She obliges, but it takes longer.

Her skin is sore, Arnavutköy escort clit sensitive and swollen, pussy leaking sweet liquid down over her finger plunged in her asshole…

…and she cums again. Breathless. Shivering. Sweat on her forehead.

She sends the picture.

He responds immediately. “Did you cum hard?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. Now do it again.”

She whines even though he can’t hear her. “Daddyyy…”

“I want you sore and shaking. Now cum!”

She soothes her pussy with her fingers as she types. “Daddy, I’m still sore from last night.”

“Hush, and do as you’re told.”

She feels a quiver in her groin.

There is no room for argument.

She cums again, sweat soaking her hair, her pussy so sore, chafed, aching, drooling.

She sends the picture. “No more, please, Daddy…”

She pleads, but secretly hopes he’ll command another from her.

“Shh. Show me your plug going into your ass.”

She shivers, knowing he isn’t done with her yet. She fills her asshole and sends him the pictures, swallowing, soothing her pussy with her fingers.

A minute passes. “Now cum for me.”

She whines again. “Daddyyy…”

There is no tolerance for her complaint. Avcılar escort bayan “Cum.”

She cums. Her vibrator bites into her skin, so sensitive, so sore, so wet and aching and wanting more. Always more. She is breathless. She is spent. She is sweating. Writhing in her sheets, shivering.

She sends the picture. “Please, please, please, no more Daddy. My kitty is so sore.”

His response is immediate. “Hush, little girl. Daddy knows best. You’ll give me another, now.”

She laughs to herself, in disbelief. “Please, Daddy, I can’t take anymore…my hands are shaking. I’m so sore.”

He doesn’t respond right away.

He calls her. Her eyes widen in shock when his name pops up on the phone.

He doesn’t call her very often.

“Daddy, please don’t make me cum again…” she answers.

“You’ll do what Daddy says, little girl. You’re my good slut, aren’t you? You know Daddy knows best.”

She swallows. “Y-Yes Daddy but i’m so-“

“You’ll cum for me, little girl. Right now. Cum.”

She whines, but she pulls the sheet over her pussy and puts the vibrator over it, feeling a jolt. Her clit is so sensitive.

“That’s right, baby. Does it feel good? Do you want to cum again for Daddy?”

She Escort Bağcılar groans.

“Daddy knows best, doesn’t he? He knows how to take care of your pussy.”

“Yes Daddy…”

She teases her little pussy, feeling that piercing ache so deep, so deep in her cunt and knows another wave is coming. But how? How could she cum so much? Daddy whispers all manner of depraved, sexual suggestions in her ear while listening to her whimpers and breaths in the phone.

“You’ll say ‘Daddy owns my pussy’ when you’re ready to cum, do you understand?”

She whines and twitches. “D-Daddy owns my pussy!”


She shouts it.

“Do you want to cum, little girl? Are you right on the edge? Beg me. Say ‘please, Daddy, let me cum.'”

She begs. She pleads like a little slut, holding herself right on the precipice, knowing he’ll punish her if she topples over it.

“Cum for me, little girl. Cum right now, and don’t stop cumming till I say.”

She fucking explodes. Her pussy convulses and her cries fill up the room along with the grind of her vibrator against that sensitive slut hole. She twitches and twists, tangling in the sheets, crying ‘Yes Daddy!’ into the phone.

She can’t hear him right away, but after a few gasping breaths his voice fades in.

“Such a perfect little girl. So perfect, cumming for Daddy…good girl. Daddy takes care of that pussy, doesn’t he? Hmm? He knows what his little girl needs.”

She giggles. Breathless. Her head fuzzy, vision foggy, pussy drooling onto the sheets.

“Thank you Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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