Michelle Breaks Her Husband

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Bobby Flanders sat on the couch in this living room watching television when he heard a car pull up in the driveway. He peeped out of the curtains for the hundredth time and breathed a sigh of relief realizing that it was his wife Michelle that had pulled in. His gaze shifted to the wall clock and he saw that it was 11:00 pm. This was unusually late for Michelle who got off work at 9:00 pm. In fact, she had been running late a lot in the last few weeks, and that had been a cause of consternation for Bobby.

Bobby heard the key turn in the front door and Michelle entered. She looked beautiful, and vibrant as always, flashed him a smile, and kissed him fully on the lips. Although the two of them had been married for ten years, she still looked exactly as she had when they first met – a ravishing brunette who had the sexiest pair of legs east of the Mississippi, and a matching pair of breasts that turned heads everywhere she went.

Bobby had not been as lucky in the “looks” department. Fifteen years Michelle’s senior, he was in his mid-forties, overweight and with a receding hairline. He was an account executive at a multinational corporation and the main breadwinner of the family. The couple were financially well set, and had recently moved into a beautiful mansion in a very ritzy neighbourhood. Since they had no children, Michelle’s days were mostly spent at home playing second fiddle to her husband. Tired of this routine, she had recently decided to get back in the workforce. Although having his beautiful wife working in close proximity to other men made him very nervous, Bobby had nonetheless been encouraging, as he wanted Michelle to have the satisfaction of being productive.

Once Michelle had been hired at the local department store, it was as if the job had taken a life of its own. She worked diligently, and had been quickly promoted to the manager of the establishment. She began spending considerable time at her job, and within a few weeks Bobby started seeing lesser and lesser of her. Most of her conversations were about how she had achieved something at her job, or how she had calmed an irate customer, or how she had dealt with an insubordinate employee.

Michelle’s work attire had also changed dramatically, from dressing in long conservative dresses, she had now started wearing business suits that comprised of short skirts and tight blouses that flattered her beautiful body. She had also acquired a new air of confidence that really got under Bobby’s skin. Before she had started working, Michelle had always been Bobby’s devoted little wife who obeyed his every command without ever demanding much. This had been replaced by her being slightly bossy by wanting Bobby to massage her feet, or do the dishes after dinner, etc.

Last but not least was Michelle’s transformation in the bedroom. In the past, She had been fairly inhibited in her sexual tastes. Her polite signal for him to have sex with her used to be “make love to me baby,” followed by Bobby getting in his favourite missionary position and humping her gorgeous pussy for about thirty seconds before he erupted, and was spent for the rest of the week. More recently this ladylike behaviour had been replaced by a more demanding, “fuck me Bobby, and make it count!” after which she straddled him and rode him like a horse for about ten seconds until his penis yielded its load amidst his moans of ecstasy. This had been followed by her making a comment such as, “come on Bobby, you can do better than that can’t you?”

“How have you been?” asked Michelle as she kicked off her leather pumps and slid onto the couch next to Bobby.

“Good, and you?” asked Bobby with a smile.

“G-r-e-a-t,” purred Michelle as she stretched her feline body seductively.

“Michelle, you look beautiful tonight,” said Bobby in a hoarse voice as she put her feet on his lap. He took one stockinged foot and slowly massaged it as she laid her head back on the arm-rest and moaned in pleasure. “mmmm …”

Bobby knew how much his sexy wife loved him giving her a foot rub after work, and continued the ministrations first on one foot and then on the other. Michelle’s toes curled up in pleasure, and she said, “Bobby … that feels so good.”

Bobby switched from Michelle’s feet to her ankles, and then to her calves. Michelle parted her thighs as far as her short skirt would allow, so that Bobby had better access to her knees. Bobby, endured this part of their foreplay with the anticipation that it would conclude with him having an orgasm soon. His shrivelled penis stirred inside his trousers, as he shot a furtive glance up her thighs, past her skirt …

The sight that awaited him there shocked his penis into instant rigidity. Michelle was not wearing any panties. For the first few seconds, Bobby just sat there and gasped in disbelief, and then his eyes met Michelle’s.

“Hon … you, you are n-not –” he could not complete his statement.

“Are you surprised that your beautiful young wife is not wearing any underwear – Baldy Locks?” she asked in a bitchy tone tandoğan escort foreign to him.

“Yes, uh why Michelle?” he conjured up the courage to ask. The fact that she had addressed him as “Baldy Locks” was emasculating to say the least, it was downright degrading.

“Because, I am bored with this mundane routine, I am bored being a good little wife, I am bored of our sex life, and I am bored with you.” she said in a nonchalant tone.

“uh … I tho –” he mumbled.

Michelle’s instep slowly caressed his penis, as she stared into his eyes. “Looks like me being a bad girl gets you hard … my, my, you have fantasized about this before haven’t you? Your beautiful wife flirting with a handsome young man and teasing him to within an inch of orgasm without even touching him. Oh … I can tell, you are ready to cum all over and I haven’t even unzipped you yet.”

Bobby did not know what to make of the situation, whether Michelle was just playing out a fantasy, or whether she really had been a “bad girl.” His head was spinning and his penis was throbbing at the constant attention he was getting from Michelle’s foot. She was right about one thing, every muscle in his penis was straining against the fabric of his pants. He was incredibly aroused that their marriage was entering into uncharted territory.

“Or maybe, you fantasize about one of the young strong blue collar men at my work not being able to control himself around me …” Michelle continued in a sexy whisper as her toes slowly worked Bobby’s zipper down inch by inch.

Bobby’s engorged penis proudly stuck out through the front opening in this boxer shorts. Although fully extended, it measured only about three inches. Bobby knew that he was not well endowed, but this had been thus far unmentioned in his marriage. Michelle had always treated him as if he was hung like a horse, and called his penis by names like “Big Boy” or “Long John.” There had been occasions where he had suspected that she was very aware of his “short-coming,” but before he could ever ask her, she would engulf his penis in her soft lips and slowly work her tongue until he would release his load in her mouth.

“Michelle, I … can’t believe you talking like this.” gasped Bobby, as her perfectly pedicured toes slid up and down the shaft of his erect penis.

“Something quite similar happened today, but I am not sure you want to hear about it … do you Baldy Locks?” she continued in a sexy voice, as pre-cum began to slowly ooze out of the tip. Knowing that he was close she stopped the stroking.

“Michelle … don’t stop … I am so excited.” Bobby gasped.

“The thought that a younger better man will take your wife from you makes you insanely jealous does it not?” she asked.

“ye … yes,” he stammered.

“And the jealousy mixed with the knowledge that you have a little boy’s cock between your legs turns you on?” she asked running a toe down his staff.

“Uh … no! I mean …” stated Bobby; however, it was strangely exciting hearing his wife address his penis as “a little boy’s cock.”

“Yes it does … don’t deny it, your penis just spasmed when I asked you the question. I bet that it would cum instantly even if I only stared hard right now.” she giggled.

“Please Michelle, make me cum …” begged Bobby, unable to contain himself.

“My my … anxious are we? You are always in such a hurry to cum Baldy. Don’t you want to enjoy your sexy wife for more than ten seconds? Tell you what Mr. I-want-to-cum,” she teased his erect penis, “let’s play a game. I will tell you what happened today at work and lets see if you can last till the end of my story.”

“That’s not fair … you know I will cum if you touch me again with your feet.” complained Bobby.

“I will make it fair then, I will not touch Mr. I-want-to-cum and neither will you. I will make Mr. I-want-to-cum spray just by mind fucking you Baldy?” she giggled.

“I th – think … I can … uh … manage … to hold … my er, load” stammered Bobby. Even a premature ejaculator like him had never had an orgasm without some form of physical stimulation.

“OK Mr. I-want-to-cum, if you manage to hold your load, then I promise to give you the best blowjob of your life, but if you cum before I finish then that is all you get … agreed?” she asked his penis that spasmed involuntarily in response.

“Uh OK.” groaned Bobby, knowing that it will be a monumental task for him to cum without her touching him in any way – he was going to get a blow-job from Michelle today. Damn those had been getting rarer and rarer of late.

“Before we begin, I want you to take off all your clothes and stand up next to me.” she commanded in a firm tone.

Bobby eagerly complied and stood completely naked besides Michelle who was spread deliciously on the couch clothed in her business attire. Bobby’s little penis was standing up at full attention resembling an overcooked breakfast sausage. Something about the way he was standing naked in front of his beautiful tekirdağ escort young wife who was fully dressed made him feel vulnerable and excited at the same time. Their physical differences were accentuated in this position. Michelle looked like a goddess in command, beautiful and confident, who was in the prime of her life. Poor Bobby looked like her pathetic slave, a middle aged, overweight, balding man whose penis had stopped developing since his days in elementary school.

“Now Baldy make sure that your hands are clasped behind your back, if I see them coming to the front, then I will stop immediately.” she ordered and Bobby likewise complied.

“It all began a few days back when this young college kid called Hank came looking for a job at the store. He bore and uncanny resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger – brash, sculpted and confident, and I was instantly attracted to him.” began Michelle, as she slid back and relaxed … Bobby gulped again not being able to differentiate between whether this was fantasy or reality.

“There would be some days that I would brush against him and walk away and look at the hunger in his eyes as he mentally undressed me. While on others I would tease him in the break-room or the commons area right in front of his friends and leave him with a raging hard-on that would show through his jeans. A real man’s hard-on, not the itsy-bitsy one you have going on right now Baldy.” she cruelly added.

“Ye … Yes!” stammered Bobby, and his penis spasmed in response as if agreeing with her.

“This afternoon, as I was making my rounds, I continued by cruel flirting with Hank and could see that he was close to snapping with the sexual frustration I had caused by teasing him to the edge for the last few weeks. He asked me whether he could come over to my office after work to discuss a chart.” she said and her hands started unbuttoning her blouse.

“After work Hank came into my office and shut the door behind him. I knew from where he stood that he was getting a good look at my cleavage and it was having and effect on his young, virile body … like what is happening to you Baldy, but to a real man.” she let the words roll out in a sensual manner as her magnificent breasts slipped out of the blouse – she was not wearing a bra. Her beautiful large pink nipples that were puffed up with arousal and pointed defiantly upward. Bobby gasped speechless in excitement, his wife’s body never failed to excite him.

“He sat down in the chair facing my desk and I got up and walked slowly and seductively towards him … just the way I do when I am getting ready to fuck your brains out.” she said and Bobby’s penis spasmed again in response. The filthy language she was using was really getting to him. Her talk was infusing him with a elixir that was equal parts rage, jealousy, and arousal.

“Wh – why?” asked poor Bobby almost not wanting to know the answer. He was straining to keep his hands clasped behind his back. Every bone in his body wanted to reach for his penis, but he knew that Michelle would keep her promise and stop immediately … and he wanted to know more.

“Why do you think Baldy?” she giggled, as she gently played with one of her nipples, “because I wanted nothing more than to fuck him right there in my office.”

“Uhhh … Michelle,” grunted the poor fool, as he saw her eyes roll back with pleasure. It struck him that she was enjoying this a thousand times more than him. Making him a cuckold seemed to turn her on.

“As I approached him, he got up and took me in his strong arms and sealed my lips with a hot, passionate, but gentle kiss. When I kissed him back, it was as though the flood gates had opened and he reached down to touch my pussy.” she said as she reached down with her free hand though the waistband of her skirt and started touching herself.

Bobby was being slow cooked with desire for his beautiful young wife. However, the desire was fuelled more by wanting to watch another man … a real man take her in front of him while he watched them fuck each others brains out.

“Uhhh … Michelle,” grunted Bobby again, and started to make thrusting motions with his hips in her direction. There was nothing more he wanted than to cum all over her at that instant.

“Baby, I was so wet, and as you just noticed, I was not wearing any panties. When his fingers parted my labia, I came immediately. All that pent up excitement in me flowed out through my pussy right onto his palm.” she said as she continued stroking her clitoris and her nipple in tandem.

“Michelle … may … I –” said Bobby between thrusts.

“What honey … do you want to touch yourself?” she teased in a bitchy tone.

“Uh … may … I –” said Bobby again, with tears beginning to build in his eyes.

“No you may not!” she said conclusively.

“Uhhh … Uhhh …” the poor fool gyrated his flabby hips in an effort to find some resistance other than air. A tear rolled down his cheek, and then another followed … her mind fucking was pushing him slowly tokat escort but surely towards an unfamiliar precipice …

“Then baby, he took me right there … with one muscular arm he swept my desk clear of all the paper. His strength was incredible, his desire was insatiable. As I unzipped his jeans, he kissed me again and again, as if he could not get enough of my sweet lips.” she continued, her beautiful hips reacting to her stimulations with little thrusts.

“Uhhh … Uhhh …” Bobby was being mind fucked by his sexy wife to the edge of sanity.

“I could smell the musky cologne that he was wearing as he kissed me on my neck, and kneaded my breasts through my blouse. His penis stood proud a full eight inches … Baldy, it was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.”

“Eeee … Eeee …” squealed poor Bobby as her relentless mind fucking continued.

“I was fully clothed laying spread eagle on my desk and he stood at the edge of the desk with only his jeans unzipped.” she continued without missing a beat. “His cock was so b-i-g, and it filled me like I have never never been filled before. I came instantly for the second time as Hank entered me, just from the incredible feeling of having a real man’s cock in my pussy.”

“Eeee … Eeee …” squealed Bobby again. It was as if he did not care how ridiculous he looked or sounded.

“As I lay there he thrust his hips forward rhythmically again and again. It felt like I was in heaven …” she said inserting her middle finger into her slopping wet pussy.

“Michelle … may … I –” stammered Bobby.

“I felt another orgasm building deep within me.” she said ignoring him completely. “His slow and deliberate thrusts slowly gaining momentum over the minutes, as he approached his climax.”

“Michelle … may … I –” pleaded Bobby.

“Then we came together, it was as though I was being filled by … ” she continued ignoring him.

“May … I …” interjected Bobby again.

“May you what you fucking idiot?” she asked really angry at him now for breaking the mood.

“May I suck my th th … thumb dear?” Bobby asked in a pathetic tone.

The request was so unexpected that Michelle started at him for a few seconds incredulously. Here was her pathetic, overweight, middle-aged husband standing in front of her completely naked with his hands held behind his back and lewdly thrusting his hips in the air, listening to her tell him how she had been fucked by a younger, better man; and he was begging her to “suck his own fucking thumb?”

“Please … Michelle. I beg you dear.” whimpered Bobby.

Michelle began laughing at him hysterically. She was seeing a new side of her husband … one that she had not discovered until she had cuckolded him in this fashion. Part of her felt sad seeing him, the business executive who made corporate decision worth millions of dollars each day fall apart like this; while another part of her was incredibly excited seeing him in this embarrassing vulnerable position. “Yes, you may honey … go ahead!” she said kindly, “suck on that thumb and imagine that it is my nipple.”

Bobby’s right hand darted from behind his back and his thumb plopped into his mouth. He began sucking it furiously making slurping noises.

Michelle’s pussy reacted to this grotesque show and she felt her orgasm rejuvenate … a hundred times magnified this time around. Her fingers began feverishly working her clitoris and her nipple while poor Bobby’s flabby body gyrated lewdly making thrusting motions while his mouth sucked at his thumb like there was no tomorrow.

“Honey, try to hold your cum …” she said but he was not listening.

“Eeee … Eeee …” Bobby was squealing loudly again while performing his insane dance towards orgasm.

“My my, you really like me to be fucked by Hank. Maybe next time I will invite him home so that you may watch him take me … over and over.” she said now getting closer to her own orgasm.

“Eeee … Eeee …” Bobby was furiously thrusting … his body was covered with sweat from his efforts, tears ran down both cheeks while drool ran down his thumb and flowed down his arm. He had completely lost it!

” And you can sit in the corner on your lazy boy sucking your fucking thumb as we fuck on your bed.” she said as she felt the rush building up.

“Eeeeeee!” screamed Bobby as his penis sprayed and ribbon after ribbon of hot goo all over his beautiful wife. All his jealousy, rage, and arousal finally boiled over and found a way out through his penis. When it was over, Bobby’s legs felt like butter and he fell back on his butt completely spent. His penis was still dry heaving but had nothing more to offer.

Michelle’s orgasm followed this final show with violent intensity. Even she had not expected that her pathetic excuse for a husband would ever make her cum so hard. The knowledge that she had broken free of her husband’s control by mind fucking him beyond repair was an aphrodisiac like none other. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her beautiful body as her hips thrust upward to meet each wave. Then it was over … just as it had begun. She lay on the couch in post orgasmic bliss coupled with languid exhaustion staring at Bobby who had curled into a fetal position on the floor, with his thumb still in his mouth …

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