Midnight Poolside

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Aidra Fox

I keep looking at the clock, will midnight ever come? I am so looking forward to being with you I can’t even think about work. Time moves so slow when you know a hot woman is waiting for you and the thoughts of having her. I start to get hard just thinking of the night to come.

It was last week when you were asked to house sit for a friend and she told you to make yourself to home and have fun! It was a nice place, with a pool that has a small waterfall at one end, and a Jacuzzi off to the side. You already had ideas when she asked you to watch the place.

The first night there seemed strange, you had been there many times before, and had stayed the night, but you have never been there alone before. The next day you asked me if I could come spend time with you while you were there. I agreed right away. You gave me directions and I said I would be there just after work.

Will midnight ever come? I have already gone to get a bottle of Capt. Morgan and fruit juice mix during lunch. The Capt. is on ice.

Finally, it’s time to go. I head out of the lot with wheels spinning. I call you on the way to let you know. I find the place and pull in, the garage door opens as I pull up. I pull into the garage, but I don’t see you. I grab my stuff and as I go into the house , I push the button to close the door.

As I enter to the kitchen I see the blender full of ice, with a note saying “leave the drink mix on the counter” and an arrow points down the hall. I play along, and go down the hall. A new note: Come in. it’s a large bedroom with a master bath. I see another note on the bed. Toss your bag of clothes here. After you shower, you will find me at the pool. I toss my bag of clothes to the side and make my way to the shower. I wash, lather, and rinse, I don’t repeat. I quickly dry off and pull on my swim trunks.

As I pass through the kitchen I see the blender is empty and the Captain is not in sight. I go to the door and make my way to the pool. I can see torches lit around the pool area. As I walk toward the pool I start to get a semi-hard. With the dim light it takes a sec for me to find you. You are in the shallow end of the pool, sitting breast deep in the water, back to the wall with your arms outstretched up on the side. As I walk near, you eye my trunks and say that I don’t need those. And as I get closer I can see why, you are nude. As I pull off my trunks I am looking into your eyes and I get harder. You smile and say ” I’ll take it you are happy to see me.” I just smile and slide into the water next to you. We kiss hard and deep, then look into each others eyes.

You rise up from the water and go to a cooler near by. I watch as the water rolls of your body, you look great. You pull out two iced glasses and fill them with a Capt. Slush. Then you pour us a large shot of Capt. You bring them to poolside, set the glasses down and bring the shots with you as you slip back into the water. I am just in awe watching you, walk around naked. You slide next to me and smile then hand me one of the shots. We say nothing, just look into each others eyes, smile then down the shots. We set the glasses on the side and I go to kiss you, you dive away to the water and swim away laughing. I set my glass to the side and dive after you.

I catch up to you and you start to splash me to keep me back. So I dive bostancı escort under and swim around you the come up from behind. As I do I rub my hands along your body. We are to deep to touch bottom so we are doing more groping then feeling. But it feels good. You swim away to the shallow end. I want to play and do a back flip in the water then swim to the other end. I see you sitting there, your tits are just above the water line. You are sipping your drink and just smiling at me. I start toward you, low in the water, just my eyes above, like a croc. I’m com’in to get you. I swim up to you slow, as I reach the shallows I crawl up to you, stalking my prey. I inch my way between you legs, my nose is just above water. Then just sit there, not moving, just watching, too see who will move first. We are looking into each others eyes, to see who will “lose”. You start to smile and I make my move, lunging at you catches you of guard and you jump dam near planting a knee up side my head. We both start to laugh loud.

I move close to you and kiss you and nibble on your lips as my hand caresses one tit then the other. I work my other hand up your leg and find you pussy, then slide a finger in. You bite my lip hard. I push my finger deeper and harder. You wrap your arms around me and I move you up higher on the steps out of the water. Your pussy is just above the water, so I sink down to have my way with you. I don’t tease, just dive in, sucking hard on your clit. My fingers are pumping you hard as the water splashes around us. I move one finger to your hot tight asshole and push it in deep. Now I have one in your ass and three in your wet cunt, with my mouth on your clit sucking hard. My other hand is under your ass helping you pump harder. You are going crazy but I won’t stop. I want to push you over the edge. You are bucking so hard now, I can barely keep my tongue on your clit. I am pounding your pussy and ass with my hand. I feel you tighten up and then you explode. The first gush hits my face, as I move back, another gush squirts out about three feet into the pool. Your head is thrashing from side to side, and you seem as if you can’t breath. I keep pounding till you stop pushing back and I slow then stop, but keep my fingers in you. You are breathing very heavy and then you look at me and laugh. You see my face is covered in your girl goo. I slowly pull my fingers out and it causes you to spasm. I suck on my fingers till they are clean. You pull me close to you and with your fingers you wipe some of your juice off my face and feed it to me. Then you do it again and like them clean yourself. Then you move closer and rub your tits in my face and cover them with the rest. As you move back I see the moon light gleam off of them. I can’t help but go and suck them clean. I then move up and kiss you. As I move to get my drink you swim away.

As I am pouring us more drinks you swim back to the side. I am standing there with our drinks in hand and a very hard cock. But instead of reaching for your drink you grab my cock and lead me back into the water. Setting me on the edge you take your drink and take a large gulp. Holding it in your mouth you go down on me all the way and hold me there. The shock of the cold icey drink almost sets me off. I am so ready to cum but you plan to tease me, so you pull off and just rub my ümraniye escort bayan balls. You know I am going crazy and I am doing my best not to pop. You take another drink and move back into the water, then you start to play with your tits while I watch. I can’t take much more. You watch as my cock twitches and pre cum oozes from the tip. You move up to me then look into my eyes. Licking your lips you say ” Cum for me”! Then you suck my cock down in one gulp, your hand goes for my balls and you grip them tight. You feel my cock pulse in your mouth. I buck hard and cum in your mouth so hard you almost can’t take it. But you pull back, get a breath then go back down to finish me off. Then you slide up to me and push your tongue in my mouth, I can taste my cum.

We are both feeling good. Now we are ready to relax and enjoy each other for the whole night. You step out of the pool and fill our drinks, finishing the pitcher. You tell me to relax and you will make more and be back. You kiss me then walk to the door. I watch you all the way, your ass is so tight and I know I will get it later. You go into the house and I push my way deeper into the pool to cool off. I swim out then dive deep, as I surface I just float on my back. I can hear something so I raise my head. You have turned on some music and there are speakers all around the pool. This is great. I swim back to the low end and get my drink.

I take my drink and move to the Jacuzzi. After the sucking you gave me it feels good on my balls. I have been aching for you for so long it has been hurting. I just sit back with my head tilted back resting on the edge, eyes closed feeling the bubbles as they caress my balls. It feels so relaxing , I don’t even hear you return. You slide into the Jacuzzi without making a sound. Then sit there watching me and sipping your drink. The bubbles dance around your naked body, licking and tickling. It is making you hotter. You rub a hand across your nipples, they are hard, so you squeeze and pinch them. As you do you let out a soft moan. My eyes open to see you enjoying yourself. I down the last of my drink and move toward you. My cock starts to harden again. As I near you, your hand touches my chest then down to my cock. You grip it firmly and play with it for awhile till it is hard again. You look into my eyes with an evil smile and tell me it’s too hot in here, you need to cool off.

I watch you as you step from the Jacuzzi. You grab our glasses and fill them, then set mine down and walk away. I just keep looking at that hot ass and my cock is raging again. As I step from the pool I grab my drink and watch you walk around the pool. Instead of slipping into the pool you walk toward the back where the waterfall is. Then you slip behind the waterfall beyond view.

I follow the path to behind the falls. You are there waiting. The falls are bigger then they look from the pool side. There is a cave like area behind them. As I walk toward you we embrace and kiss deeply. The waterfall is soothing, but loud. The mist is cool on our bodies. I see you had planned this, there are beach towels out. The towels are damp from the spray, and cool, it feels good. You lay down across the rocks on your back and say “Fuck Me!”

I near you, you can see my cock hard and ready. I grab both your legs and fold them back to your kartal escort ears. Your pussy is open, wet and wanting. I tease you by sliding my cock along your slit, bouncing and smacking it with my cock. I see you look at me, your hands are on your tits, you bite your lip and the look of hot lust is in your eyes. You need me now.

I line my cock up with your pussy and push slow. Your pussy twitches and I push hard into your wet lips. I push till I am deep in you, my balls are rubbing your ass. I stay still for a sec. Letting your pussy milk my cock as it twitches inside you. You start to move under me, so I start to pump you slowly. Your hands are working your tits, I pump harder. Pulling out slowly, then trusting back in hard. It is making you crazy. You reach down with one hand and start rubbing your clit as I pump you. You are getting close, you are bucking back while I pump you harder, working your clit hard. You are moaning and telling me to fuck you, harder, then you yell out “Yess, Oh Yess, Fuck Me! Now Hard!” I pound my cock deep into you as hard as I can, your legs still back allowing me full penetration. With one mighty squeeze I feel you gush all over my cock and balls, I pull out to watch you squirt steams of cum all over me. I let your legs down slow as I watch to cum ooze out of your pussy and down your ass.

As you catch your breath I get us our drinks. I look at you and tell you to roll over, you smile and do as I ask. Knowing what I want you raise you ass up and show me your tight wet hole. You are still covered with cum as I near you and rub my hard-on along your crack. I line up to your tight hole and push slowly, as you push back the head pops in. It is so tight and hot, then when I feel you push back more I give you more till I am all the way in. We hold that till we both are ready. I slide my hand down and scoop up some of your cream and rub it on my cock as I pull back. You are ready! I work my cock in and out of you slow at first, then picking up the pace when you start to groove on me.

You move one hand to your pussy and thrust three fingers inside and pump hard on your clit. I am pumping your ass hard now, I hear you start to gasp and moan. I can feel your hand fucking your pussy hard, I am getting closer.

I slap your ass once then again, you are bucking so hard on me. You tell me “more” I slap your ass hard and you yell out, “YES, Harder, now fuck me harder” I smack your ass real hard then grabbing both cheeks I pound into you as hard as I can. I can’t hold out any more, I tell you “baby, I going to cum!” You yell “yes, now!” and I pump a hot load in your ass, you are thrashing so hard I slip out and shoot a hot stream up your back. The rest on your ass. You collapse on the towels, and I kneel on the rocks behind you, breathless, watching cum ooze from your ass. You look so hot.

Finally you move, reaching back with one hand you swipe up a hand full of cum and lick it up like it is nectar. Grabbing the towels we clean up, as you drop them then look into my eye you just give me that evil grin. Suddenly you run toward the falls and dive in. I watch as your body passes through the falls, caressing you. My balls are aching but I follow you through, and as I surface, you are gone. I make my way to the edge and climb out. Then I hear you, you are in the Jacuzzi. You tell me not to forget the drinks. I just laugh and walk back to get them behind the falls. You just wanted to watch my ass.

I return to the Jacuzzi, fill our glasses and slip into the water. It feels great. You look into my eyes and tell me “This is going to be a great weekend!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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