Midnight Shag

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Aj Applegate

“Well, shit!” I sighed as I rolled onto my back to squint at the red glow that would soon become numbers. These numbers would once again inform me that I was still awake past midnight whilst my wife slept soundly in my arms. I envied her that ability; in all the time we’d been together she’d never struggled to get to sleep – I was always the one listening to her slow, rhythmic breathing.

Usually I’d end up getting out of bed and watching TV, reading or finding some porn that appealed to my tastes and wanking before falling asleep on the couch. Or some combination of the aforementioned. I would always give Georgie a big hug before I got out of bed, but tonight as I got to the hugging stage I realised that I didn’t want to get out of bed. As I held her to me, my mind ran away to the first time I’d been in this position, and how long I’d wanted to be there.

I’d worked with Georgia for a few months, and I’ll admit that when I first saw her my mind took the low road, and I wondered what she’d look like naked, whether she’d be any good in bed – the usual things that a man thinks when he sees an attractive woman. However, as we spent more time together, I realised that she was perfect for me, or as near as was possible.

I eventually got the nerve up to ask her out and we went to the cinema, cliché I know, but in a small town it was that or the pub, which was already pencilled in as a second date, should the first one go well. I don’t remember what the film was that we saw, for the simple reason that neither of us spent much time watching it. Though we were both in our mid-twenties, we behaved like a couple of horny teenagers!

As soon as the lights dimmed we started kissing, hands were roaming freely over each other’s bodies and by the time the trailers and adverts were finished, I had a handful of boob, and Georgie was working to open my jeans. Luckily the cinema was small and not many people bothered with it, preferring the bigger multiplexes in the neighbouring towns and cities. Apart from a few people dotted about in the rows in front of us, we had the place to ourselves.

It wasn’t long before Georgie had pulled her bra out of her sleeve and pushed my head to her exposed breasts. I took one in each hand as she continued to pump up and down on my cock with her fist, bringing it to her mouth for more spit-lube every so often. I took her left nipple in my mouth first, rolling it between my teeth and sucking it into my mouth. I moved to the right and started to circle it with my tongue – there was an audible gasp as a lull in dialogue and dramatic music coincided with my change in pace.

We both froze for a second before realised either nobody heard, or nobody cared. I continued to lick, suck and nibble on Georgie’s breasts as she continued to stroke my cock. She pushed me away from her and lowered her head to my crotch. She gently kissed the tip before parting her lips and practically inhaling my dick. In one swift movement I could feel myself pressing against the back of her throat and heard a quiet gagging sound as she adjusted to my size.

I’ve never thought of myself as particularly well endowed, but I’d never been deep throated before either. This was the first time I’d ever felt a girl’s tongue and lips on my balls while it was enveloped in the warmth of her mouth – it felt incredible, and I wasn’t sure if I’d last much longer as her throat opened and closed, pulsating around my shaft as she breathed. Just as I was about to pull her up, she lifted her mouth off me and smiled. Her look suggested that she knew how close I’d been, and she was chuffed that she’d made me feel that way.

She gripped the shaft of my cock again as she lowered her head and started to slide her mouth up and down on it. Her hand and mouth moved in unison as she sped up, seemingly istanbul escort determined to make me cum. Sure enough, a matter of minutes later I felt the impending orgasm, and grabbed the back of her head. She groaned as I pushed her down on my cock and again as I filled her mouth with my cum. I could feel her swallow it and then start to lick and suck me clean as I released my grip on her head.

When she’d finished, she sat up straight, pulled her t-shirt back down over her boobs and raised her eyebrows as she tilted her head in the direction of the door – the universal code for ‘shall we get out of here?’ I stood up, taking her hand, and made for the exit. It wasn’t until we’d walked past the OAP volunteer in the kiosk that I looked across at her and realised that she had a string of my cum on her bottom lip and chin – and not a thin wisp either. There was no way the old lady at the ticket desk could have missed that!

Georgie had a mischievous grin on her face as she said “She probably can’t even remember what a cock looks like, let alone the taste of jizz!” She wiped the remains from her chin and licked her hand clean. I shook my head and started making a beeline for my house. We didn’t make it. Instead Georgie pulled me into the alleyway between a pub and a shop and started kissing me.

I pushed her into a doorway and pinned her hands above her head with my left hand as my right roamed down her body and hitched her skirt up. I could see the burning embers in her eyes as I rubbed my hand against her panties and kissed her lips, her ears, her neck – anywhere I could reach without letting go of her hands.

I’d held back much longer than I’d thought possible when I found the material of her panties bunched in my hand. One sharp tug and a groan from Georgie later, and they were nothing but a scrap of material in my hand. I tucked them into my pocket and took half a step backwards so I could see my prize.

Georgie obviously had a sense of humour – I knew this from our conversations, but as my eyes worked down from her face, past her cleavage to her pussy I saw that she had shaved her pubic hair into a skull and cross bones. Now was not the time to comment upon it – I wanted to feel that pussy, to taste it and of course, to fuck it.

Keeping her hands pinned above her head, I started to rub her clit between two of my fingers and kept enough separation between us that I could watch her face as I explored her pussy. There was a range of twitches and lip bites as my fingers moved against her clit, between her lips and finally into her pussy, which was drooling down her thighs.

I slid two fingers inside her and watched in satisfaction as her head rolled back against the door with a big gasp of breath, only to rock back forwards with a pleading look, the sort of look that says ‘I need to cum and I want you to make me.’ Who was I to object?

I let go of Georgie’s hands and sunk to my knees as she lifted one leg over my shoulder and brought her pussy to my mouth. I decided not to waste any time and plunged straight in, burying my tongue in her pussy. Judging by the hands on the back of my head, she enjoyed that so I stuck with it until I could feel Georgie’s leg shaking and her breath sawing out of her.

I pulled away enough to be able to take her clit in my mouth and sucked it between my teeth. Once I had it trapped, I flicked my tongue across it; sometimes quick, light touches, other times harder and with more pressure – both seemed to go down well, and it wasn’t long before I felt the hands at the back of my head tighten their grip and I could feel the juices flowing from her pussy into my mouth and down my chin.

Georgie was trying her hardest to stifle the expressions of joy kadıköy escort that she desperately wanted to give voice to, but was not entirely successful. A few groans and whimpers escaped before she released me and pulled me to my feet. She kissed me and thanked me and kissed me again. Then she grabbed my cock through the denim of my jeans and told me to take her somewhere she could really enjoy herself, without having to worry about being heard.

I wiped my mouth and took her hand again, pulling her away from the doorway as she was still straightening her skirt and covering herself up. Given that she was still dripping wet, there was no point in trying to clean up her juices. Somehow we managed to walk the 200 yards to my flat and get through the door before things fired up again.

As soon as the door was closed, Georgie pushed me against it and sank to her knees, unzipping my jeans and freeing my cock. Within seconds it was back in her mouth and I was back in heaven – this girl really knew what she was doing! I was starting to feel like I would lose it in her mouth again when she stood up and pushed me onto the stairs.

She straddled me and slid straight onto my cock, resting a moment to gauge depth or something before she started to ride me like a woman possessed. I’d never had a girl so enthusiastic to be on top – most ex-girlfriends had accepted that sometimes I needed a breather and this way they could continue getting fucked and I could get my second wind, but Georgie was riding me like I’d always imagined it could be.

I wanted to repay some of the enthusiasm, so I pulled her off me and pushed her up the stairs. As she started to scramble up them I grabbed the waistband of her skirt as I kicked my trousers off. She braced herself on the step in front of her as I slid back into her and looked over her shoulder at me, “Go on, then fuck me!” So I did. I grabbed a handful of hair with my right and a shoulder with my left and started to pound into her pussy, her arse cheeks slapping against my thighs with every thrust.

It didn’t take long before she was cumming again, and this time she made no attempt to silence herself. A string of shrieks, screams and obscenities were unleashed before she collapsed on the stairs. I pulled out of her and picked her up over my shoulder to carry her to my bed. I laid her down and then took off my shirt. I realised that she was pretty much still dressed and decided to rectify things.

I unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs as she lifted her top over her head. She lay back on the bed, tired but still horny. I joined her on the bed, and held her close. We kissed and the pace no longer felt like we had to rush, like the fear that this was a one off was now gone. Neither of us had said it, but we were now ‘together’.

As we kissed I moved between her thighs and positioned myself. Georgie held me close and whispered and very breathy “Yes” into my ear, which was my cue. I moved my weight forward on my elbows as I entered her again, this time as a lover, not a horny shag. We made love, taking the time to enjoy each other and ourselves, and not just race to the finish line.

I withdrew and rolled Georgie onto her side so I could spoon in behind her and hold her in my arms as I prepared to climax again. I felt her hands on top of mine guiding them where she needed them, one to her breast and the other to her clit. She pushed her arse against my hips in time with my thrusts, which caused my hand to rub her clit. I could feel her building up again, and knew my own orgasm wasn’t far away.

I held back as long as I could to try and allow Georgie to come first, but it didn’t seem to matter; as I let go and unleashed my orgasm into her, it seemed enough kağıthane escort to trigger her own release and this time, the curses and drama of her earlier orgasm were replaced by a low groan and a tightening of her grip on my hands. And that was how we fell asleep – neither of us had the energy to clean up, or the feelings of self-consciousness that might have caused us to make a trip to the bathroom.

All that was years ago now, but the memory wasn’t fading in the slightest – nor had its effect diminished! I was poking my wife in the back and found that my hands had made their way to her breast and clit – the only thing missing from the final tableau of my remembrances was my cock in her pussy. I ran my fingers between her lips and felt the moisture I had hoped for – it was good to know that I could still turn her on, even if I wasn’t aware I was trying to!

I nudged her left leg forward and shifted my hips to line up with her pussy – which was still adorned by the pubic skull and cross bones. Using the hand that had been on her clit to guide the head of my cock between her lips, I was soon inside her and took a moment to enjoy just how warm, wet and tight she was.

I replaced my hand on her clit and started to rock my hips back and forth, pushing further inside her until I was balls deep. I heard a quiet moan, and noticed the changing expression on her face. It was her sex face, and it was unmistakable. That face told me that she was already starting to build up to an orgasm, even though she was still asleep.

I began to speed up and Georgie began to wake up. “What th….” I put my finger over her lips to shush her.

“Just go with it.” She shrugged and went with it, starting to push back against me, working in that same rhythm that we perfected that first night, nearly a decade ago. She turned her face towards me and we kissed, our tongues meeting and twisting between our lips. “Pin me.”

I knew what she meant and I rolled her onto her stomach, my weight on top of her. I clamped her legs tight between mine and gripped her hands in mine. I nibbled the back of her neck as I continued to thrust into her. Georgie liked to be close when making love – the more body contact the better. Missionary, spoons and ‘pinning’ were her favourites for this very reason.

I felt her shudder beneath me and knew she’d had a quiet orgasm, the kind she usually had when we made love. When we fucked it was a whole different matter – much louder, much more frantic and wet. I pulled out of her and rolled her on her back. “Are you close?” she asked. I nodded. She opened her mouth and I moved up her body to kneel over her chest, her cleavage accentuated by its being squeezed between my thighs. This alone was nearly enough to tip me over the edge, but I knew that I should hold back a little because I always loved the next bit.

Georgie wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock and started to pump her hand up and down as she flicked her tongue across the tip of my dick. Then she pulled me forwards until it was resting between her lips and sucked it in as she continued to pull. This was often the way we finished off. I would grip the headboard and fuck her mouth while she licked, sucked and stroked me to the edge of oblivion. My hips spasmed and bucked as I came and Georgie slurped and swallowed until she was sure I was empty.

She grinned at me as I climbed off her and said, “I’ve often wondered why you didn’t do that before. I know you can’t sleep some nights, but you always drop off after sex. It makes sense that you’d take advantage of my defenceless, sleeping body in order to nod off.”

I was amazed. All these years I’d fought insomnia, and here I was being given a free pass to sex as a sleep aid! “I bet not many husbands have a wife as amazing as mine! I knew from the moment I saw you I wanted you.”

“And how long before you wanted more than my body?” There was a genuine hint of curiosity in her voice.

“Not even until the end of our first date.”

We moved back into our preferred sleep position, the spoons, and she said, “You’ve gotten laid, now let me sleep!”

I love that woman, I really do!

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