Midnight Stroke Ch. 02

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Midnight Stroke: The Next Morning

I woke at seven and heard the shower. She had gotten up early. I remembered now that we were going upstate to my brothers place.

Last night had been so good. She had gone to bed early after an exhausting day, and although I wanted and needed her so, I let her get her rest. During the night she woke to find be stroking my cock for some relief. She watched, then helped me along, and finally we ended up in a most wonderful sixty-nine position with her cum soaking my face, and jets of my cum in her mouth, that was something she rarely did. Last night however after watching me so lovingly, she was hotter than ever in our five years of marriage. I got up, my sleep erection swaying and went to the bathroom to pee. She was still in the shower and as she heard me enter, she shouted “hi, did you start the coffee hon.?”

” No I gotta pee first.”

I left her showering, went down and started the coffee. Soon I returned to the bathroom, and while she was toweling off, I stepped into the shower, and got soapy. When I stepped out five imutes later, and fully awake, she was at the sink, towel wrapped around her and drying her hair with another. I went behind her, kissed her shoulder; she smiled at me in the mirror and began to apply some make up base. She really doesn’t need it, but she looks so sexy when she bostancı escort does. I began to stir as I watched her and her towel began to slip It fell away from her breasts as she leaned over to get closer to the mirror. Her breasts swung free. I don’t know of a more beautiful sight than my wife’s swaying breasts. Her nipples get long when they harden, and just sucking on them can bring her to orgasm. She smiled in the mirror as she saw me staring. The towel continued to fall and exposed her beautiful rounded ass. She has the ass of a teenager but more womanly. I smiled wider and had a thought. I dropped to my knees and began to kiss the globes of her ass. She began to laugh and said “don’t make me ruin my makeup!” She didn’t say ‘stop’, or ‘don’t do that,’ she only said don’t make me ruin my make up. I said OK I wouldn’t. I continued to kiss the cheeks of her ass as she leaned forward, My towel had fallen off as well, and my erection began to throb. She continued to lean over the sink however now she stepped her legs apart a tiny bit. I took this as an accepting signal and I stroked the globes of her ass with my fingers. Next I began to slide my tongue down the center of her ass between the globes, my tongue leaving a wet saliva trail. I went down low to her still hidden pussy. She let out a gasp, and leaned over more and stepped apart ümraniye escort bayan ever farther. Now I knew she was into my actions and was allowing me this gift

“You’re making me wet” she said, and opened her legs wider. Her asshole and cunt lips were turned up to me my mouth sucked on her globes, my tongue snaking closer to her hairless pink bud.

“Ohhh… Oh,,,,” she gasped as I flicked my tongue on her asshole. She moaned, “what are you doing, we have to leave soon…”

I smiled and laughed as my mouth engulfed her ass cheek. I brought both my hands up to her globes an held them apart. I licked my tongue up and sown the space between her ass globes. Down to her cunt. Her lips were slightly parted. Her ass began to quiver. She leaned over further and opened her legs yet more. I opened my mouth and engulfed her cunt lips. I slid my tongue into her cunt and felt it’s wet heat. She leaned farther down until her breasts were on the vanity. I pushed my face into her cunt, my nose in her ass crack and stuck my tongue as far up into her cunt as I could then began to tongue fuck her cunt. She gasped and pushed back into me. She was mine for the taking. I opened my mouth and licked up to her asshole. I slipped the tip inside and poked around. She was quivering and moaning.

“Suck it..eat my ass…. eat my cunt… fuck me… kartal escort oh fuck me”

My tongue was now a cock fucking her holes. My fingers began to probe her cunt and her ass. I stood up and pressed my erection into her cunt. It slipped in like a knife in through butter all the way up to my balls.

“How do you like this fucking you’re getting,”

“I love it, fuck me harder.”

“I want to lick your cunt and ass every night and fuck you like this every morning.”

“Yesss oh yess eat me and fuck me don’t stop… don’t let a day go by without fucking me this way. God I love it when you eat me and fuck me.”

My cock was plunging into her, the sounds of her wet cunt filled the room

“And your ass, what about your ass?” did you shave it for me?

“Yes,… Oh god yes.. I shaved for you.. I shaved so you could lick my asshole”

“Are you a dirty girl who wants her asshole licked”

“Yeesss.. yess, eat my ass every day put your tongue in my ass eat me and fuck me. Let me eat your cock and suck your cum..”

” I will eat you like this every day” I said. I will fuck you morning and night.

” I will suck your cock every night while you eat my cunt. Ohhh.. Just don’t stop fucking me don’t stop… don’t stop” her cunt convulsed and clenched my cock. My balls shot hot lava into her cunt and ran out down her leg as I continued to fuck her. I pulled my cock out and turned her to face me. She fell to her knees and swallowed my still jerking cock. We were a tangled mess of cum and bath towels on the floor.

“I think we’re gonna be late” she said smiling.

We were.

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