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My best friend and his wife invited me over to play cards. I hadn’t been to their house in a while, so I decided to bring a bottle of tequila, some frozen strawberries, a bottle of lemon juice, and some ice so that we could have margaritas.

I paused before knocking on their door to wish that I hadn’t cheated on my girlfriend a couple months back. She had been damn near perfect for me, and always loved coming to play cards here with us. I had gotten drunk at a party though, and the next thing I knew, I was having sex with some other woman.

Really good sex… my dick throbbed just thinking about it.

I brushed that thought aside, and knocked on the door.

“Mike! Glad you could make it!” Doug greeted me.

“No problem,” I replied gruffly.

I walked to their kitchen, and handed my bag full of supplies to Shelley. She welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek.

She whipped up a strong pitcher of Margaritas, and then drank most of it herself throughout our card game. As a result, she had phenomenal luck, winning most of the time, and then devolved into a giggling drunk rolling around on the table. Doug guided her to their bed, and told me that she had passed out by the time he had undressed her and tucked her in.

I laughed. We played a few more hands, but then I had to go to the bathroom. Doug looked like he was going to pass out on the table as he lazily sipped on a beer.

On my way back from the bathroom, I noticed that their bedroom door was open, and that Shelley was sprawled out in the most interesting way. She was completely naked except for part of her blanket covering her stomach. Her legs were somewhat spread apart, both bent slightly. Was she dreaming about riding a horse?

Her arms were tossed carelessly above her head, and her whole body was tilted ever so slightly to one side. I stood in the dark hallway, mesmerized by the way the light from behind me highlighted her. It was almost like a dim spotlight focused on her juicy pussy.

I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to taste her. I crawled into her bed just enough to press my face between her legs. I inhaled deeply; she smelled so good!

I slid both my arms under her hips, and used my shoulders to spread her legs wider. The first lick Sinop Escort of my tongue was so light that I barely felt her, but I could taste her, so I knew I had actually touched her lips. I licked her again, fascinated by the way her slit rubbed along either side of my tongue. The third time, I made the tip of my tongue hard, and probed her as I licked all the way from bottom to top.

Using my nose to part her lips, I inserted my tongue into her hole. She was oozing wet at this point, and it increased her incredibly good smell. I fucked her with my tongue until a brilliant idea occurred to me.

Using my right hand, I stuck two fingers inside her, and rubbed the rough spot on the roof of her “mouth.” Meanwhile, I licked her clit; softly at first, but with increasing pressure.

She was still completely out, but her breathing increased, and she moaned faintly from time to time. I bet that she’s dreaming that her husband is doing this to her. I realized that I had been gone long enough by this point that Doug should have come looking for me, but he hadn’t, so I guess he must have passed out after all.

Her clit seemed to grow just a little bit bigger, and I wanted to see if I could suck on it. It took a bit of practice, but soon I was sucking and nipping it like it was a nipple. Each time I did, she gasped.

Her body got tighter and tighter until I thought the pressure on my fingers would break them, but I continued to rub inside her as I sucked on her clit. Suddenly, she let out a strangled cry, and I was utterly surprised when a sweet fluid sprayed all over my face. I put my mouth over her pussy, and swallowed what I could.

She was panting rapidly, but amazingly, she was not awake! I decided to press my luck. Taking a few minutes to shed my clothes, I crawled back into bed with her. I knelt between her legs wondering what I wanted to do first.

I was harder than I can ever remember being! My shaft was a bit on the short and thin side, but the head was big and round like a bulb. I’ve been told that — even though it looks weird to me — this is really fun for the ladies.

Strangely, I was intrigued by the way she had squirted. More than even shooting my load, I wanted to see if I could make her do it again. Deciding, Sinop Escort Bayan I pulled her legs over mine, and pushed into her. She moaned, but her breath had returned to normal.

Once I was buried deep, I started rubbing her clit with my thumb as I thrust into her in powerful bursts. Oh God! She started getting so tight almost immediately, and it was all I could do to hold back. I didn’t want to finish so soon!

I thought about other things as I continued what I was doing, and it took her surprisingly little time to suddenly squeal and gush out that sweet fluid between us.

I felt a hand on my back, pushing me forward. My hand was now trapped between me and Shelley, my thumb still rubbing her clit.

“Doug, man, you’re drunk! Think about what you’re doing!” I said almost frantically as I felt him trying to push into me.

“Quiet, Mike. You’re the one having sex with my wife while she’s passed out,” he whispered.

“Don’t do this!” I pleaded.

But it was already too late. Doug worked his way inside me, and I couldn’t do anything about it with one hand trapped and my whole body trapped between the two of them.

I held still, wondering what to do. Doug started thrusting into me in a way that made me thrust into Shelley. I hadn’t cum yet, and I wanted to so badly. I was surprised — shocked really — to discover that Doug hit something with each thrust that felt insanely good.

I was about to pump Shelley full! This gave me an idea.

“Doug, Stop! I’m going to cum in Shelley! Surely you don’t want me to get her pregnant!”

“We’ve been married for 5 years and haven’t had any kids yet. If you do manage to get her pregnant, you’ll be doing something that I haven’t been able to do,” he stated, his voice sounding a lot like he was close to cumming too.

Shelley started groaning loudly again, and she got oh so tight around my shaft. She gasped, and I felt that gushing again. It made me lose all control, and I roared as I filled her up. I felt like I pumped several cups of cum into her, and I immediately longed to pump a few more.

I slumped onto her body, and Doug continued what he was doing. I felt too good to care that my best friend was fucking me. I was not into men at all, and Escort Sinop if I was, he was definitely not my first choice, but I guess he was right. I had raped his wife, so it was only fair that he got to rape me.

Shelley was thrashing about, despite both mine and her husband’s weight on her. I wasn’t doing anything, but Doug’s movement’s made me rub her continuously. I was amazed that she wasn’t wide awake and screaming for us to stop by now. After all, she had just cum 3 times in the past… I don’t know, hour?

She rippled around me. It felt like she was having an incredibly long orgasm, and her muscles made it impossible for me to go limp. In fact, between her and Doug, I was rapidly getting close to exploding again. I couldn’t help but cry out. This felt about 10 times more intense than anything I could ever recall feeling in the past.

“Oh God!” I chanted.

Doug was chanting it too, and suddenly I felt him bury himself deep inside me, and I felt flooded with heat. It set me off, and I shouted as I deposited more cum into Shelley after all.

I felt raw, and was utterly relieved when Doug pulled out of me to lay on his bed a moment later. I needed a few minutes of recuperation before I could move, but I knew it had to be soon because my hand was tingling as it fell asleep between us.

Shelley settled back into sleep fairly quickly, and I was glad she had stopped rippling around me.

Just when I though Doug had fallen asleep, he chuckled. “Shelley is going to get so horny when she watches the video tomorrow!”

“What?!” I demanded in disbelief.

Doug laughed again. “Yeah, this has been her fantasy almost since we first got married, but I told her that I’d have to get pretty drunk to even consider it.”

I wanted to shout, “I’ve been set up, you dirty rat!” but I couldn’t. No matter what they had wanted, I was still the one who chose to take advantage of my best friend’s naked and passed out wife. I’m just lucky that he hadn’t caught me, thrown me out, and then refused to speak to me ever again.

I fell asleep before I could obsess about it anymore. Part of me wondered if I’d be willing to make her fantasy come true when she was awake. I shuddered in horror even as I secretly admitted that it had felt incredible.

I banished the dreams, unconsciously shaking my head in my sleep. Nah! Not gonna happen.

“Mike,” Doug whispered, but I was too asleep to respond. “I think we should do this for her again when she wakes up.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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