Mile High Club

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To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one, or perhaps dedicate one to one of you. If you’d like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you…K’Anne


When she called and asked “do you want to join the mile high club?” I was all enthused, willing, and able. I was picturing a supersonic jet taking me exotic places and while the thought of making love in an airplane lavatory didn’t appeal, going somewhere with my girl, did. She advised me to wear something comfortable shorts and a t-shirt and good sturdy athletic shoes or boots. I should have had an inkling at the last of that.

When she pulled up with her SUV with full four wheel drive I had my bag packed and while I went to the bathroom I heard her in the bedroom grabbing a few things I might have forgotten. I’ve traveled before so I’m not a novice but she wanted me not to be too cold, not too hot she said with a wink. She hadn’t told me where we were going so I was actually grateful for her repacking.

I didn’t glance in the back where she tossed my overnight bag. She had instructed me not to pack more than for a couple of days and that we could wash my clothes if we had to so I didn’t bring much.

I should have been suspicious when she drove through town and never even glanced at the exit for the airport though. She was busy keeping me entertained with stories as only she knew how. Her job took her all over the country and I was excited at the thought of getting away with her for a few days, alone. I was distracted enough that I didn’t realize we were on the interstate climbing and weaving through traffic, I guess I just thought she was going to a different airport.

When she pulled off onto a dirt track road in the National Forest though I had to ask “where are we going” and then see the beautiful smile she gave me that drove all thoughts of questions from my mind. She has that effect on me. I knew it. She knew it. All our friends laughed about it. I’m a fairly smart cookie but something about this woman just could make me lose all conscious thought. Just hearing her voice on the end of a telephone line could do that to me sometimes, make me go brain dead.

The bumping and dips were kind of fun and she mentioned something about having an orgasm from them which got me thinking about that particular ‘thing’ which I think she knew would keep me distracted for awhile. The track seemed to go on for miles before ending in a rather beautiful overlook. I could see for miles and wondered ‘what the hell’ as she cheerfully got out of the SUV.

Finally I got my thoughts together and asked “uh, where are we?”

She spread her arms and spun and said “we’re in God’s country!” with a smile and exuberance that I couldn’t help but admire.

It was when she popped the back door and pulled a backpack out that I really began to become suspicious. She grabbed a fairly empty backpack and my overnight bag and unzipping it she dumped the later into the former. “What are you doing?” I asked alarmed.

“Repacking” she answered with an enthusiastic smile.

I looked around and realized I had been duped. I am a definite city girl. The idea of sleeping out under the stars usually involved a hammock in the back yard of my city home with neighbors on both sides and a dog barking down the street. I was not an enthusiastic backpacker or camper. When she said we would be joining the ‘mile high club’ I had naturally assumed she meant on an airplane going somewhere. Not in the mountains with critters as voyeurs! “Are you kidding me?”

Her smile was meant to disarm, it succeeded to a degree but I was becoming angry at the missed airplane ride. “Come on, you know your going to enjoy this!”

I knew anything I did with her I would enjoy but I resented that we wouldn’t be flying first class as I had thought. I had to complain and object for forms sake. It was in my nature. “You can’t really expect me to hike to a godforsaken location to sleep out and get full of bug bites, dirt, and god knows what else?”

“Actually, I don’t think it’s God forsaken but God’s country” she corrected. Meanwhile her hands had been busy and two well packed backpacks awaited us and she hoisted mine on one hand with her eyebrow cocked waiting for me to come and take it.

“I don’t think I have the right things packed” I hedged eyeing it like it was going to attack me.

“I took care of that” she grinned. She knew she had me. After all, we weren’t in the back of beyond but I could see it from here.

I looked around at the incredible view, it really wasn’t that bad. I could see a beautiful view with hills and valley’s and a lot of trees. The best part was that I was with my girlfriend. She would take care of me and make sure nothing ate me. At that thought though I was a goner. Nothing of the animal variety canlı bahis would eat me… With a sigh I got out of the SUV and walked around. She helped me with the pack, hooking the straps, and adjusted it so it was comfortable on my body. She also took advantage of me and felt me up, or so I thought the unnecessary brushes with her fingertips were a little much, but when I attempted to catch her eye she kept avoiding my glance with her concentration on my ‘comfort.’

She locked up the SUV and using a telescoping walking stick she handed me one as well. All I could think of was where I could stick this…

I have to say as we started out it was beautiful country. Deep woods soon surrounded the faint trail she took me on but the trail dipped and looped and climbed some beautiful rocks, over a few creeks, and up endless grassy slopes. The rich smells were like a fine wine and a faint breeze fluffed my chestnut curls from my head. She kept up a lively chatter that I enjoyed and it kept me from realizing the amount of time and the angle of the climb. When I finally realized I wasn’t in shape for this and was getting tired she cajoled me into going ‘a little further’ and I happily complied, for a little while. I had to admit the view had improved as we went along, with her climbing in front of me on the trail I realized her ass swung provocatively. I couldn’t help myself, I just liked looking at her and I knew she wasn’t doing it deliberately, or was she? I can never be sure as she looked back from time to time to make sure I was keeping up and okay and with that sparkle in her eye…one never knows what she is thinking.

We came out to a relatively flat area that had a beautiful spring fed lake on one side and a creek that meandered into it from the other. A large grassy meadow was on the creek side. She chose the creek side to take off our packs. With relief I didn’t realize I was looking for she helped me off with mine before taking me in her arms and giving me a hug and a squeeze.

“Thanks for being a good sport” she breathed before she gave me a soul searching kiss that curled my toes. She knew I was her slave from that moment on.

Now she knew I wasn’t Daniel Crockett (ok, I know it’s Davy Crocket or Daniel Boone but it was a joke, get it?) by a long shot and gave me the easy ‘chores’ to set up our campsite. I ‘fetched’ the water and what dead wood I could find laying around, and there was a lot, as she did the hard work. In no time at all there was a small dome shaped tent with a rain sheet, two sleeping bags zipped together on an air mattress, and a ring for the fire. She set up a pulley over one tree to ‘hide’ our food away from the campsite and the wild animals in a cannister. She never really told me what wild animals I would have to worry about but I think that was deliberate, she didn’t want me to worry or get paranoid, she knew me too well. She set up a filter system for our water that filtered our drinking water in no time flat.

I could at least start the fire. Well, that was the plan. Anyone can light a match right? When I got to the end of the pack she came over to help me. She set up a little teepee of twigs and leaves with grass in the middle and with one strike of her wooden match she got it started. She added larger twigs and eventually some of the branches I had brought over. The logs I had manhandled she used as seats as she set up a grill like thingy over the flames to ‘season’.

“Were you in the girl scouts?” I asked imagining her in a little uniform with a skirt hiked up to there….groannnn!

She laughed as she efficiently got our campsite in order.

When I saw the grill I realized I was quite hungry from our long hike up the trail today. “What are we going to eat” I asked realizing that my pack couldn’t have contained much in the form of sustenance and nourishment.

Her dimple barely formed as she answered “we have to catch it first.”

Visions of us snaring rabbits and other varmints danced in my head so I was very relieved to see her pull out some sort of line to make a fishing pole of sorts. Looking for a long whippy kind of branch from the trees she found two and expertly cut them with a knife from her belt. She soon had the line set with a hook on the end and handing me a pole she looked around for something.

“What are you looking for?” I asked, hoping to be of some help in all this.

“I’d like to find an old log, one that’s been rotting for awhile” she said as she scanned the immediate surroundings. She was a regular backwoods barbie and soon had grubs in an aluminum can just waiting to be put on the end of our fishhooks. She baited mine and explained how to throw out the weighted line. I guess you don’t need fancy fishing gear when you have hungry fish just waiting in these mountains. I was very excited as a fish pulled on my line.

“Wait, don’t pull back yet, make sure he’s really got it” she cautioned as she helped me.

“How do you know it’s a he?” I asked in bahis siteleri amusement at her.

“He has his mouth open, it’s full of a grub, and momentarily he will have a hook in it, do you see a ‘she’ doing that?” she answered flippantly and I had to laugh at her analogy and quick wit.

Despite a couple of losses I had fun under her instructions. Between the two of us we soon had four fish flopping on the bank and she let the rest of the grubs go back to doing whatever they do when they burrow in a log, I don’t want to know.

She pulled out her knife and on one of the logs split the fish down the center and removed the guts throwing them back in the lake for the other fishies to eat and to hide from any critters that were looking for a free meal. She cut off the heads and tails and efficiently removed the scales. My backwoods barbie is a hero!

I’m amazed at what she does pull out of those bottomless backpacks. Despite their sizes she seems to have packed efficiently. In no time at all a fry pan is sizzling over the fire with butter and the fillet’s of fish are frying in it. She adds potatoes and onions and the smell is more than my stomach can bear as it grumbles in appreciation.

“Grab two cups from there” she points at her pack with the cups hanging from a loop on the side. I unhook them and fill them with cool fresh filtered water and take a sip from my own. I don’t know if it’s the atmosphere or what but it tastes so very pure and refreshing.

She dishes up two plates full and sets the rest of the fish in the skillet to sizzle. Adding more onions and potatoes she mixes up another batch in no time. We sit and eat and it tastes great as she cooks the remainder. We chat as she cooks. When it’s done she sets it aside to cool commenting that it’s ‘breakfast.’

Washing our plates and dishes I’m amazed as I watch some ducks and geese at the other end of the lake playing, splashing, and having fun. “Here” she gives me a small tube of Dawn dishwashing soap to use.

“Don’t you worry about this getting in the environment?” I ask in surprise.

“It’s biodegradable” she answers with a grin, pleased that I realized her passion for the outdoors extends to things like this. Believe me, with a girl like this I noticed. From recycling to eating right, she’s all natural. I realize that further when the campsite is ‘clean’ she strips off her clothes and heads for the lake buck naked and totally unpretentious about it.

“Aren’t you going to wear a suit?” I ask with a grin. I don’t want to cover up what I see but at the same time we are in the middle of nowhere.

“I don’t think the fish are going to care” she replies with a twinkle in her eye. I recognize that look. I hurry to finish my chores leaving the now washed dishes to dry on a log by the fire I soon join her in the lake.

“That water is COLD!” I shout as I come up for air from my undignified belly flop.

She giggles as she answers innocently “I would never have known” and looks meaningfully at my chest.

Looking down I see my erect nipples have given me away. I head towards her in the water and I’m not sure if it is to dunk her, kiss her, or drown her after a day of surprises. She isn’t easy to catch though, she’s as slick as those fish we caught earlier but it’s fun to try and we end up wrestling in the water. Too soon though it’s time to get out of the water, her lips and mine apparently are blue from the cold. We race to the packs and share a towel before getting into warmer clothes.

Putting away the dishes and hiding the now cold food up the pulley canister, our camp chores are soon done. We walk along the shoreline and watch as the sun goes down over the far hills and mountains. Holding hands and being together like this is what’s it’s all about. We listen to the night birds call out and hear little things, a mouse perhaps, a whisper in the trees as the breeze begins. It’s incredible to be away from the sounds of neighbors, traffic, even to know our nearest neighbor is probably miles away.

Sitting companionably against a log roasting marshmallows we talk about absolutely everything. It’s times like these that really bring home why I love this woman. Our lives get hectic and so involved and we can’t spend all the time we would like together and then there is this. Just her and I. Looking into the flames of our fire as it dies down I cannot help but reflect how perfect the moment is.

“Would you like to sleep out here by the fire?” she asks.

Realizing how romantic that really sounds I’m still a little worried at the thought of what wild animals might be lurking in the wilds around us. “Won’t we be cold?” I ask to hide my feelings.

“No, I intend to keep you warm, very warm, hot even you might say” she smiles at the double meaning in her words.

As she builds up the fire to keep it burning for a long time, putting a thick fat log on it I pull our air mattress and sleeping bags out of the tent and we both put them by the bahis şirketleri fire but not too close. Using two of the bigger logs as a reflector, she arranges them so that they will throw the heat back on us. Getting into our sleeping bags together I’m amazed as I look up into the heavens.

“What are you doing?” she asks as my arms reach out and my hands grasp.

“I’m trying to touch the stars” I tell her, they are so close I feel I CAN.

Laughing at my silliness she cuddles close and I realize her delicious body is next to mine. My hands are cold a little, I can tell as they reach under her sweater and touch her bare back, she arches into me with a drawn in hiss at the cold. Nuzzling along my neck I realize her nose is just as cold but the sensation that her nearness causes generates heat to combat that cold.

She smells fresh and clean and the crackle of the fire above our heads, the coolness of the night breeze, and the openness of the forest lend to a very romantic moment. I’m not immune to it.

Kissing me deeply she thrusts her tongue into my mouth enticing my own to come out and play. Her hands are playing with my body and I don’t resist, I welcome the feel of them as they touch me through my clothes and later as they adeptly remove them.

I can’t wait for her to be naked in my arms and I indulge myself as soon as I can. First I take off her sweater and t-shirt so I can touch her entire torso without anything getting in the way. Her pert little breasts beg me to kiss them and I oblige. The catch in her throat was what I was listening for and I hear it as I tongue her nipples ardently. Erect from the cold or from what I am doing to her I can’t be quite sure but the heat we are generating in the sleeping bags is enough to keep a small generator going.

Her hands on my body feel so incredibly soft and I alternately stretch or lean into them. My body can’t seem to help itself from bumping into hers as we make love. She removes her pants and socks and gently places them nearby before attacking my own and removing them. Naked she climbs on my body and feeling it against me causes me to groan deeply.

“Gawd your beautiful” she breathes before kissing her way down my body. I let her. The heat in the bags is incredible. How will she be able to breathe I think as she crawls between my legs. She manages though apparently. The feel of her tongue as it touches my lower lips is incredible. I spread my legs willingly for her to give her plenty of room. She thrusts two fingers inside as her tongue goes everywhere but where I need it the most. I hint by thrusting my hips towards her mouth but she ignores me. I want, I need her mouth on my clit. She affects me like this every time and I want it, I need it! As she plays with my wetness I realize we are going to flood out these sleeping bags if we aren’t careful. I feel her one hand caress up my body and take my nipple in her fingers squeezing, pinching, and cupping. It sends a jolt right down to my crotch in response, but then she knew it would as she timed it to correspond with her mouth capturing my clit.

“Oh God” I breathe loudly hissing it out between my teeth at the feelings she invokes. She starts to thrust her fingers in and out and I cannot help but start to buck my hips at her rhythm. This is when I wish she had a third and fourth hand, another to squeeze my ass cheek, the other to rove my body. Her mouth on my clit and tongue that swipes it send other thoughts out of my head. Her hand is thrusting inside of my wetness and ‘accidentally’ hitting my G spot occasionally, not all the time, it would be too much. Her other hand switches breasts and pinches, tweaks, and caresses just as lovingly causing jolts that I cannot hope to keep up with as she sucks hard on my clit. She can feel my rising passion, my orgasm, something in the way my body gives off it’s signals and I cannot help but scream out in passion as I cum looking up at the stars just over my head, my eyes wide open at the night sky.

She rises rapidly up my body as she starts to thrust harder and faster in my body causing it to slosh. She doesn’t let my body rest from it’s orgasm. Her thumb rubs over my clit hard and relentlessly, showing it who’s boss, her lips stop and her teeth lightly graze over my nipples and my body spasms as another orgasm builds. She captures my mouth as I buck and scream into her. I can’t help it but my body seems to be on puppet strings and she is the master puppeteer.

As I come back down to earth from my sojourn into the heavens among the stars she looks down at me and smiles “now you’ve just joined the mile high club.”

“What?” I ask fuzzily, pardon me but my head is still a little cloudy from the intense orgasms she just gave me.

“We are up above sea level over a mile, you have officially joined the mile high club” she grins knowing that she had deliberately let me think of an airplane ride and not a hike up into the mountains.

I smile back, I don’t really mind.

“My turn” she says as she pushes me on my back and straddles my body moving up it rapidly until her ass is seated on my chest and she looks down at me. “Ready?” she asks but it’s one of those silly rhetorical questions.

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