Mirabelle’s First Day

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“Why Martha, your husband is becoming quite the handsome man!”

“Of course, he drinks three glasses of Milktec Milk every day! It helps with diet and the mind. He’s never been a better husband!”

“Milktec can do all that?”

“And more! It’s the only beverage clinically approved for heart health!”

“I should go buy some Milktec Milk right now!”

“Save a glass for me!”

The bus rolled to a stop. Mirabelle giggled at the sight of all the big udders around her wobbling from the stop in momentum. Twenty other hucows were on the bus with her, a large group from what the Milktec employees thought. All the girls shared the same dazed and pleasant look on their faces. The Milktec people had insisted that they wear gowns while being transported, but promised they could be naked again soon. The doctor had been right. The light cotton gown chafed Mirabelle’s udders. She couldn’t imagine wearing anything heavier without going insane.

The ride out of the city took a while and many of the girls needed to use the milking station on the way. Milktec had foreseen this problem and installed a small pumping unit at the rear of the bus. Mirabelle knew some of the newer bus liners had restrooms in that spot. She thought it was clever of them to alter it for hucows.

After an hour on the bus, it was also clear why they didn’t allow the bulls to travel with them. The hucows seemed to thrive off of each other’s sexual energy, but none of them could find release. The bus was not particularly roomy, nor clean, so several of the girls who could not contain themselves took to fingering their pussies while tweaking their nipples, making their gowns a bit of a leaky mess.

The Matron disapproved of this behavior, but did nothing to stop them. Mirabelle had a strong urge to stay on the Matron’s good side. The Matron introduced herself as they loaded up the bus. She was a severe looking woman with iron grey hair who spoke with a clipped, European accent. “It is my job to cut out enough frivolity so that production is not interrupted,” the Matron had announced. Mirabelle noticed when she spoke that she glared at the male Milktec employees more than the hucows. The hucows also did not appear to listen very attentively. Mirabelle did. She always listened to her teachers because that is what a proper little lady did.

“Single file, off the bus,” the Matron called.

Nervously, the hucows all stood and started to make their way off of the bus. They exited into a small grassy yard in front of a large brick building. Though it was new, the style was pre-war, which made it seem slightly more rustic. Milktec Techs waited in a group, chatting as though a herd of swollen breasted women in wet gowns could be nothing other than normal. Mirabelle looked around hopefully for Jonathan, but he was no where to be seen. She thought they must have another entrance for the bulls.

“Step quickly now,” the Matron said, ushering them forward into the waiting arms of the Milktec Techs.

A young woman, not much older than Mirabelle walked up. “Hello, I’m Judy. I’m going to be doing your intake today. You’re Mirabelle right?”

Mirabelle nodded. “You’re pretty,” she said. Judy had bright red hair, but most of it was tucked underneath a white cap. She wore a white set of coveralls, like the ones Mirabelle saw in the Rosie the Riveter pictures. The only color she had was on her lips, bright red, to match her hair. She would make a beautiful hucow, Mirabelle thought.

“Thank you,” Judy replied. Unceremoniously, Judy put her hand underneath Mirabelle’s gown and hefted her udders, giving a light squeeze to each. It sent a shiver through Mirabelle’s body. Judy seemed satisfied by the inspection. “Now follow me and don’t wander off.”

They entered the facility and passed through an area not unlike a hospital reception. Several men and women worked at desks, answering phones and typing on Remingtons. As the parade of hucows started through, the men looked up, but the women stayed busy. Conspicuously so. Not one of them even lifted their head to look. Mirabelle felt sad for them. They didn’t even want to see the hucows. She did enjoy how many of the men were rapt with attention. They elbowed one another and pointed at various girls. A few even pointed at Mirabelle.

As they passed out of the administrative area, they went up two flights of stairs and entered a compact dormitory. A constant mechanical whir hummed behind the walls. Judy walked quickly, passing door after door. Some of them were open, but empty. “All the hucows are at dinner. You’ll be eating in your room tonight, but, in the future, dinner will be served promptly at six in the cafeteria, which is across the yard. Just follow the herd around that time, and you’ll see what to do. Ah, here we are, 342.”

With a click, the door to room 342 opened, and Judy led the way inside. Mirabelle followed into her new living quarters. The room was small, but not cramped. A single sized bed occupied one of the walls Bostancı Escort while a milking station was on the other. This milking station looked different, but Mirabelle was more preoccupied with the decorations in the room. As part of her Milktec application, she had sent in a box of personal items which she would be allowed to keep during her employment. In tiny cubbies around the room, or hung upon the walls, were her pictures and trinkets, small things that reminded her of home. Even her favorite stuffed animal waited at the head of the bed.

“Cozy, isn’t it,” Judy said with a smile. “The Techs decorate each hucow’s room with pride. Milktec wants it to feel like you’re coming home. Now, come here, this is your personal milking station. This one is designed for a full grown hucow to use first thing in the morning, after lunch, and before bed. Of course, you’ll probably need several other smaller milkings throughout the day. Any time you feel full, you can come back here, or you can use any of the stations around the facility. All of those will be like the ones you’ve seen, smaller and less intensive. Here, let’s get that gown off.”

Mirabelle perked up at the idea of finally being free. Judy unfastened it from behind, and it slipped down off Mirabelle’s shoulders, falling around her ankles. She stepped out of it. Judy picked it up, folded it somewhat and dropped it in a small hamper. “If you feel the need for clothes, put them in there when you’re done with them, a Tech will pick them up. Any soiled laundry goes in there, which you’ll need to know. Hey! Mirabelle, pay attention.”

The freedom of access to her new udders had immediately drawn her attention. Earlier that day, she barely filled a B cup, but now she would be hard pressed to fit her tits inside of a DD. They felt amazing as well. The heightened sensitivity was unbelievable. Simply running her fingertips in circles around her nipples drove her wild, her pussy growing wet with anticipation. Judy snapped her fingers in front of Mirabelle’s nose, and she stopped toying with herself.

“Now, you’re going to put any dirty laundry where?” Judy asked.

“In the hamper there,” Mirabelle said, proud of herself for remembering.

“And they wonder why every woman doesn’t want the injections,” Judy muttered. “Now, let’s get you in the milker so you know how it works.”


The station attached to the wall, much like the bed. It consisted of a small padded horizontal platform with two “legs” on one end. “You put your stomach here and your knees in each of of those. Yes, just like that.” Mirabelle situated herself on the device, letting her breasts hang off the front of the platform while her head came to rest in a donut shaped cushion. Despite being somewhat awkward to get into, the position was quite comfortable. The position excited her as it left her ass and pussy jutting up into the air.

“Now, you pull this around and attach it to your teats,” Judy said, pulling over a pair of suction cups similar to the ones on the smaller devices. Once in position, the weight of her tits rested on the pump, alleviating the remaining stress on her body. “This button here turns on the pump,” Judy said pointing at a red button. Then she pointed at a green button. “This button turns on the stimulus. Hucows produce more milk when they are in a state of arousal, so this device is part of the machine.” Judy pressed the button.

Mirabelle heard a small clicking and the base of the platform, just where her pussy rested, began to vibrate. With eagerness, she pressed her clit into the soft pad, enjoying the sensations. Immediately, she wanted something inside of her, and the machine obliged. A fleshy dildo clicked into position behind her and moved forward until it encountered her pussy lips. She wriggled a bit until the head pushed inside of her. The machine took over, pushing in and pulling out in a steady rhythm. It lacked the virility and depth of a bull’s cock, but it could do in a pinch.

As the machine began to fuck her, the pressure in her tits reached a new height. Judy smiled and turned on the milk pumps. Streams of white liquid poured into the piping. Mirabelle felt a enormous relief as the pressure subsided.

Judy patted her on the head, “That’a girl. Now, this is only a minor solution. Most of the hucows prefer to be fucked by a bull while they are milked. It can get a little competitive, but bulls like to make the rounds. Now have you thought about calving yet?”

Mirabelle looked at Judy with big round eyes, trying to show that she didn’t know what Judy was talking about. Judy seemed not to notice, but explained anyway.

“Calving is where you’re allowed to be bred by a bull for the purpose of childbearing. The Milktec Serum makes pregnancy much less troublesome than for a normal woman. It’s the increase in hormones. Being pregnant means that your milk production will double. You should see how much some of the lifers can put out when they’re pregnant, which is Anadolu Yakası Escort pretty much all the time. Of course, you’re going to wonder what happens to the children. Milktec provides nursery care for the first six months here on site. Then we bundle them up and send them to a new facility where they are housed and schooled until they’re of age. I think the first group is almost eighteen now. I’ve heard crazy things about them. The point is that they’re all taken care of. Milktec is a family company they always say. Like the president says, we need to be doing our part to ensure the soldiers of tomorrow are born today.”

Mirabelle nodded in agreement. Calving didn’t sound all that bad. If she got to be a better producer, and her children could have their own lives pretty much paid for, then why not. The machine clicked to a stop.

“Look at that, a whole bottle on your first real milking. You’re going to be a star hucow.” Judy looked contemplative for a moment. She got up and went to close the door. The rooms did not have locks, so she pulled the room’s only chair in front of the door. Mirabelle let out a curious whimper.

“What’re you doing?” Mirabelle asked.

Judy wrung her hands while looking down at the hucow. Mirabelle’s breasts were still perky and attentive, perfectly round mounds even when hanging down. “Techs are not supposed to fraternize with the livestock. The men do it, I know they do. Or they spend half the day jacking off in the broom closets. Only the bulls are supposed to service the hucows. If the men get caught, they can be fired. It’s more dangerous for women though. The milk can do stuff to a woman when it’s not diluted. But it’s like they don’t know the feeling. Being around all these gorgeous women all day every day. Fondling their breasts for them, helping them be fucked by the bulls, watching while they get mounted by hard cocked gods.”

Mirabelle felt very sorry for Judy. She got out of the milking machine and went over to comfort her somehow. Judy held up a hand for her to stop. “Wait, some rules first. You will do exactly what I say, and you will never speak of what happens. Understand?”

“I understand,” Mirabelle said. She wanted Judy to feel better. The young woman had been so kind to her. Maybe she would like to use the milking station for a quick fuck.

Judy unfastened her uniform. With a nervous rapidity, she pulled the overalls down, revealing a white t-shirt and white shorts, like a boy would wear. Carefully laying aside her uniform, she took off her hat, letting long red locks fall around her shoulders. She pulled off the shirt and shucked off her shorts, leaving only a bra and panties. She smiled at Mirabelle as she unfastened her bra and let her breasts free. They were small, but a nice shape and color. Mirabelle could only imagine them as the inflated milk bags she now believed all women deserved. Reaching out, she put a hand on Judy’s tiny waist, feeling the warmth of her body and the quick rhythm of her breath.

Judy moved over to the bed and pulled Mirabelle over with her. “Have you ever licked pussy before, Mirabelle?”

“No,” she said, somewhat sadly.

“Well, you can start now. Take off my panties.”

Mirabelle grabbed the small garment and pulled it down the soft thighs, revealing Judy’s pretty little pussy topped with fiery red hair. Mirabelle smiled.

“Now,” Judy said, “get between my legs. Use your tongue and do what you think you’d like to feel if I were doing this to you.”

“Is this how two girls fuck?” Mirabelle asked, innocently.

“Yes,” Judy said with a sigh as Mirabelle’s hand traced over her pussy lips. “Now lick my pussy, you dumb hucow.”

Mirabelle didn’t understand why Judy used those harsh words, but she kind of enjoyed it. Only a few hours ago she was a smart and pretty young lady. Now she was a dumb hucow, but that was easier. Her thoughts trailed off as the sweet aroma of Judy’s arousal caught her. The enhanced sense of smell must be a side effect, she thought as she lowered her face between Judy’s thighs. Her tongue gave a slow, careful lick. Something tingled, like a shock, but then it was gone. Mirabelle flattened out her tongue and pressed the full width into the wet pussy. Judy let out a low moan. Pleased, Mirabelle began to lap at the sweet tasting juices, flicking her tongue up and down Judy’s slit, sometimes stopping to swirl around the tiny nub at the crest of the woman’s folds.

Judy seemed to be enjoying herself as much as Mirabelle. The woman’s hips flex and writhed as Mirabelle worked. The hucow’s hands began to roam about her tech’s body, paying special attention to the soft ass and lower back. Mirabelle admired the woman’s curve at the base of her spine, where a surprisingly plush ass started. As a hucow, that would be a rump no bull could resist, Mirabelle thought. Oh, I bet she’d like to be fingered. I like being fingered.

Mirabelle readied her middle and ring fingers by sliding them up and down Judy’s slit. Pendik Escort Then she pushed into Judy’s waiting cunt, admiring the feel of another woman’s pussy. She’d felt her own a few times and twice as much since her injections. The walls were soft and warm, different to feel than her own. She could see why Jonathan liked being inside of her so much. With a steady rhythm established, Mirabelle resumed her licking, trying to match the same pace.

Judy’s breath quickened. Mirabelle’s free hand moved up to her stomach, feeling the abdominal muscles clench as Judy began to whine, “oh…oh…oh…nnnnnngh…ah!…ahhhhh!” With each small moan, Judy’s pussy grew wetter, coating Mirabelle’s mouth in slick arousal. Judy’s body relaxed, and her hands went to stroke Mirabelle’s head.

“That’s a good hucow. You made me cum faster than any of the others have.”

Noises in the hallway made Judy jump up. Mirabelle whimpered in disappointment. She had been hoping that Judy would return the favor. All that work had left her incredibly horny. Judy dressed quickly as all the other hucows returned from supper. Mirabelle waited docile, but eyeing the milking station’s dildo. “Now then,” Judy said, putting her cap back on. “I’ll be by to fetch you in the morning to show you the grounds. Get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a big day.”

Judy smiled at her, bent and kissed her cheek. Moving the chair out of the way, she opened the door to the hallway.

“Oh, Matron,” Judy said, startled.

The grey haired woman waited outside of the door. “Ms. Perkins, did we get Mirabelle all situated?” Matron’s voice was too high and nasally. The sound of it grated at Mirabelle’s nerves.

“Yes, ma’am,” Judy replied. “She’s already produced a full half gallon.”

The Matron looked over Judy’s shoulder into Mirabelle’s room. The hucow wiped her lips and smiled.

“Indeed,” Matron said. “Ms. Perkins, could you stop by my office tomorrow morning? I have some questions about your last inventory log.”

“A problem, ma’am?”

“No, not a problem at all. You actually under reported, which is a first, believe me,” Matron said. With a quick clattering of heels, she disappeared down the hallway.

Judy turned and smiled at Mirabelle one last time before closing the door. Mirabelle shrugged and climbed back into her milking station.


Mirabelle milked twice more before Judy was to arrive the next morning. Once in the middle of the night when she’d woken up with an intense pressure in her chest and once more that morning. She heard the various squeals of pleasure and relief coming from the other rooms on her way to the restroom and couldn’t contain herself. Most of the other hucows again moved off together, but Mirabelle waited, expecting Judy any moment. Finally, a good while after the other hucows had gone, a knock came at the door.

Matron strode into the room smiling a devilish smile. “Come with me, hucow.”

Mirabelle struggled to keep up as the wound through the facility. After leaving the dormitory area, they passed through a room full of machines. Mirabelle thought it must be where all the milk goes to be bottled. At the rear end of this room, they entered an area that could best be described as stables, but with beds instead of dirt or hay.

Matron spoke, “These are the official calving pens, Mirabelle. You will come here yourself one day I’m sure.” They continued walking, Mirabelle having to trot to stay in step. “Pregnant hucows are kept here during the later stages of their pregnancy. The hormones they exude are just too much to be left in the dormitories. I’m telling you all this because it’s important to understand for what you’re about to see. Milktec Techs must be constantly on their guard. The hormones of hucows are exuded through the skin. They can infect others with their lust. A workforce cannot be maintained if they’re constantly sneaking off to have some heifer lick their snatch.”

They passed pen after pen where very pregnant hucows were being milked or fucked by bulls. Mirabelle grew very wet at the spectacle. The sex was so common and accepted. Not only were all the hucows naked, but they were all eagerly rutting against anyone who would fuck them. Mirabelle couldn’t wait to get to know all the other hucows and, more importantly, the bulls. Some of them were clearly more advanced than Jonathan had been. They walked past one bull who had almost begun to hunch over due to the way he had to walk. His cock was massive, probably as big in diameter as Mirabelle’s fist.

“Just like you are under contract, Mirabelle, all Milktec Techs are under contract as well. Techs are paid incredibly well for their time and discretion. The sad truth of it though is that they often stray. The weak willed I suppose, a young man overwhelmed by the desire all around him. Or a young woman so desperate for human contact that she’s willing to lower herself to be with the stock. Ah, here we are.”

In the pen they arrived at, a woman was being milked. “Judy?” Mirabelle asked. The red hair and red lipstick were unmistakable. Last night, the woman had been slim and petite, and adamantly clinical in her treatment of the hucows, even Mirabelle. Now she was strapped into a milking machine designed for the largest of hucows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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