Missing Milla

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Milla struggled to breathe within the strangle hold that her friend thought was a hug. She was sure that her ribs shifted out of place. Her ensuing sigh was not for the embrace but for the usual melodrama Abby seemed to bring to any situation.

“I can’t believe that you’ll be gone tomorrow!” the other girl wailed. The tears pushing from the corners of her eyes and down her cheeks would have been compelling, if they didn’t seem ready for any and every occasion. Nonetheless, Milla patted her shoulders as well as she could.

“I know, Abby,” the brunette said with forced gentleness.

Her hazel eyes met those of her other friends that were here to say farewell: Amy, a lithe blonde with the face of an angel and a tongue that could be so sharp it was a wonder it wasn’t forked; and Lana, who was close enough in height, physique and coloring to be confused as Milla’s sister. The latter smiled sympathetically, then crossed her own eyes and stuck out her tongue as if she was gagging.

“It’s just,” Abby continued between sobs and sniffling, “you’re going out of state for college, and this will be the first time we’ve ever been apart!”

“It’ll be okay. Besides, you’re going across the country for school.”

Those were the wrong words to say. The petite redhead suddenly jerked back, her green eyes simultaneously widening and filling with even more tears.

“Do you guys think that I’m abandoning you? Oh, my god! I totally didn’t even think! I’m so horrible. Horrible! I’m so sorry – “

“Hey,” Amy said suddenly. Her cornflower blue eyes took in her friends with quiet compassion. “Since this is our last night together, can I…do you think I can say something? You’re my best friends, and I don’t think I’ve ever told you how I really feel.”

The tearful girl’s gaze became impossibly huge as her arms spread again. “Oh, Amy – “

“Wait,” the blonde said softly, holding her hand up. She looked as if she might cry herself. In the face of this, the other girl let her arms fall to her side and nodded subserviently.

Those blue eyes looked first at Milla and lingered before meeting Lana’s look. She smiled almost apologetically then turned towards Abby. Slowly, her pale pink lips parted.

“This,” she said, “is the most annoying fucking thing ever.”

Her words stampeded on as the mouth of the dramatic friend’s dropped open in shock.

“I mean, seriously. We’ve been friends since preschool. Preschool. We were four years old then. We’re 18 now. Well, not you, Lana,” she smiled with genuine sweetness, if Cami Halısı with a touch of mischief. “Sucks to be a December baby, huh?

“Anyhow, come on, Abby. We’ve babied and coddled you for 14 fucking years, and I’m tired of it. Fucking grow a pair, or you’re not going to have any friends in college. You’re too high maintenance.”

Abby’s eyes narrowed and she hissed, “Amy Anderson, that is the meanest thing anybody has ever said to me!”

“You’re a melodramatic cunt,” Amy casually said in response. She grinned. “There. Now it’s the second meanest thing.”

“How can you let her say this to me?” the smaller girl screeched. She yanked her purse from the floor by her feet and stomped towards the door, crying, “I’m never speaking to any of you ever again!”

“Uh-huh,” Amy called after her. “Remember to be back by 7:30 tomorrow. Milla’s dad is picking her up at 8.”

Lana’s good-bye was barely a sneeze compared to Abby’s emotional explosion, although he promised, with a grin, that she would be back the next morning to see her friend off. Hugs were exchanged and soon only two of the friends were left.

“Well,” Amy said matter-of-factly. She looked unusually uncomfortable.

“Please don’t,” Milla said flatly. She turned to make her way down the hall, obviously expecting her remaining friend to follow.

“Don’t what?” the blonde asked, taken aback. While she knew that her harsh words were often shocking and sometimes embarrassing to those in her group, they had never before been an issue. She had also been certain that confronting Abby wouldn’t result in any backlash, since they’d all confessed to being exasperated by it. She struggled to control the fear for which her blunt truths were a cover. Amy loved her friends like the sisters she never had. She certainly didn’t want to alienate any of them.

“Don’t,” Milla snapped, losing the rest of the order as the other girl caught up and placed a hand on her shoulder. She tried and failed to stifle a choked sob.

“Oh, Amy,” she exclaimed, turning to face her friend while stepping back to avoid further contact. “Don’t you know? We all say that we’re each other’s best friends, but you’re the one that I’m really close to. You’re my soul sister, my best friend, the person that means the most to me. I don’t want to go out of town for college, but the only way my dad’ll pay for it is if I go to school near him. I don’t want to! I don’t want…”

She began to sob so hard that her body shook. Her vision was so blurred by tears that she didn’t see Cami Halıları the lips of the other girl press so tightly together that they disappeared into one narrow, salmon colored line. Those ethereal blue eyes were narrowed to try, unsuccessfully, to hold back tears of their own. Amy’s eyes shot out and pulled her friend in an embrace that was just as tight as Abby’s but motivated by something far more enduring than any drama.

They stood for a very long time, each crying with her nose pressed against the other girl on that small, sensitive space where the neck and shoulder meet.

Milla was the first to pull away. Still encircled by her friend’s arms, she looked up in wonder at the face that was ravaged by the same heartbreak that she felt. She raised a hand to smooth back some stray blond strands and moved to kiss the exposed cheek.

At that moment, Amy turned her head. She wanted to really make good on her earlier words and let Milla know that she, too, was her best friend, and that she would miss her so much that her heart was already breaking in her chest. Rather than forming the first word of her confession, she felt her lips accidentally brush against those of her friend.

Two sets of eyes widened then met in a moment of uncertainty. Through the icy fear that the brunette would misinterpret the moment, Amy felt an electric tingle radiate across her lips. It traveled down the length of her body, expanding and growing warmer as it did so. She found herself fighting not to pull the other girl even closer. The mental images were even harder to battle: the feel of another person’s soft, bare skin beneath her hands as she stroked down her shoulders, along her spine, perhaps to cup the slight, tempting slope of her friend’s rear end.

She was too aware when Milla released a sigh that would have been undetected in any other proximity. The hazel eyes of the other girl closed as did her mouth along Amy’s upper lip. Tentatively, she edged her tongue forward, moaning as it met the tip of the other’s at the juxtaposition of the kiss. The tongues tangled slowly and effortlessly around each other, and Amy moaned. She let her hands glide away from her friend’s shoulders and down the back until it reached the bottom of the thin tank top. She moved beneath the fabric, eliciting a moan from Milla as her modest B-cup size breasts were stroked by gentle fingers that occasionally came together to pinch the hardening nipples.

“When is your mom coming home?” Amy whispered after moving her mouth to the other girl’s ear. She followed the words with a languid lick along the outer rim. Milla shuddered against her.

“Late,” she breathed. “Not until after midnight.”

That was all that the blonde needed to hear. Her hands abruptly left her friend’s breasts and pulled the tank top up and off. Their mouths met again, though this time it was crushingly so. The dark haired girl threw her head back with a cry as she felt a hand cup her most secret parts. The hand propelled her backwards until she was braced against a wall, her hips gyrating against the palm that rubbed her roughly through her jeans.

“Milla,” her friend whispered. Her next words were intertwined with frantic licks and sucks on her caramel colored nipples. “Let me make sure you never forget me.”

With that, Amy sucked in as much of one breast as her mouth could manage. With one hand, she squeezed the other mound as hard as she could. She was never able to figure out how, in the middle of all of that, she managed to tear off her friend’s denim pants. She did, however, and dropped to her knees as soon as the area between Milla’s legs was exposed.

So gently that Milla protested in physical need, Amy let her nose graze the sparse brown curls of the other’s pubic region. She inhaled the thick, musky scent of the hazel eyed girl’s excitement, feeling her own panties dampen. Her hands shook as she parted the lower lips and pushed her tongue in as deeply as it would go.

Immediately, a rush of tart stickiness coated her tongue and slid down to cover most of her face. Amy sucked all of this in, pulling out her tongue to lick her lips and savor the taste.

“Oh, god, Amy,” she heard Milla moan. “Oh, god, oh, god…”

Amy’s mouth leaned closer once more, but this time it closed around the other girl’s clitoris. Ever so gently, she massaged this between her teeth as Milla cried in desire. She slid a hand between her own legs as her body responded more. The other hand felt along her best friend’s inner thigh, up to the source of her wetness. She mercilessly forced three fingers into the tight space that she knew had never known any lover. She roughly pumped these in and out as Milla screamed and bucked her hips against Amy’s mouth.

As she felt the walls of the other pussy tighten around her fingers, the blonde quickly raised her other hand and swiped a finger against the copious moisture. Without ceremony, she drove this deep into the other girl’s anus.

“Noooooooooo!” Milla screamed. Her legs buckled as her buddy convulsed into an orgasm so powerful that she passed out.

The last thing she was aware of was lying on her back with Amy’s tongue slowly licking the length of her slit and purring, “You taste so good, Milla. I love you so much…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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