Mistaken Identity

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Peter was driving in his black Honda Civic down Cassandra Avenue one warm spring Friday evening where the temperature was about 50. It was just starting to get dark, about 7 PM. He had his car window open half way, as he was wearing his black leather jacket. He had shoulder length blonde hair with a dirty blonde mustache and beard and complementary blue eyes. He was about 5 months away from his 60th birthday and had been divorced for about 5 years after filing for constructive abandonment.

He figured he’d stop the home of his buddy they had the power. He believed that if they wanted to, they could twist things in such a way that would result in bad consequences for him. So he felt he was basically at the officer’s mercy.

At that moment, another police car showed up with its lights on and parked behind Ruth’s cruiser. It was Officer Julie, who was 37 and had slightly long dirty blonde hair. She was from one of the neighboring precincts, but she was close to Ruth, as they had partnered together off and on over the years.

“Yup, that looks like him. Good job, Chief Ruth!”, sounding a bit relieved that a man they had been looking was now finally in police custody.

“I need to search him”, Ruth said.

“You mean you didn’t pat him down before you cuffed him?”, a somewhat surprised Julie asked.

“I wanted to get cuffs on him while it was just him and me. I thought it would be safer to frisk him after.”

Officer Julie was one of Ruth’s colleagues who had been starting to question her recent judgement and decision making. But at the same time, she was glad Ruth was acting in the interest of her own safety, as an older lady trying to take in a suspect to a violent crime who could very well be dangerous.

As Peter stood there handcuffed, Chief Ruth began by reaching into his jacket pockets. Then she reached inside his unzipped jacket and patted him around his upper torso over his tee shirt. Aside from a doctor during his physical exams and a few masseuses on rare occasion, Peter hadn’t really been touched in a long time. As Chief Ruth ran her hands over his upper torso, especially down his sides, his cock unconsciously started becoming erect. It was making him uncomfortable as it grew bent in his pants, unable to stretch out straight to achieve its full length.

So he started to squirm a little bit.

Chief Ruth had noticed the squirming, and started to become suspicious that maybe she was “getting warmer” to where Peter may have something hidden on him. So she became slower and a little more thorough in her pat down, which basically made her go back over the same areas and start to go a little lower.

She took her hands out from inside his jacket, and reached into the waistband of his pants, letting her fingers slide around either side until her hands met themselves around at the back. Peter was starting to feel uncomfortable with his cock restricted from expanding further, so he began squirming more. Chief Ruth felt she might be getting near a concealed weapon, or at least something illegal.

She reached into the front pockets of his pants, one at a time. After taking out his wallet from his right pocket and some coins and miscellaneous small things from his left, she reached into both again, starting with the right. Her fingers went all the way in, diagonally down until they came in contact with his trapped hard cock and his left testicle. He drew his hip back, as if reacting to the genital contact. In doing so, it actually allowed his cock room to straighten out.

Chief escort gaziantep bayan ilanları Ruth thought she might be close to a concealed something-or-other. She reached into Peter’s left pocket, feeling diagonally down until she once again made contact with Peter’s genitals. She noticed a bulge in the center of Peter’s pants, never giving a thought to the fact that this old lady might be turning this man on sexually by touching him in the manner that she was. For some years now, she had believed she was an aging unattractive older woman with no make up and a slender frumpy physique. And so she thought maybe he had something hidden there.

Since she thought she had the man who had just committed a violent crime the week before on this same street, which seemed to be confirmed by Officer Julie’s sentiment, she felt compelled to feel what that bulge was. Based on how it was situated, she believed it likely be a concealed weapon. The proper procedure for frisking a suspect had begun to elude her, as she had not been in a situation to frisk someone in a long time. This would also be considered an example of her questionable decision making as of late.

She made her hand flat and did a quick sweep across the bulge, discovering that it wasn’t a hard metal object she thought it might be.



“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Officer Julie was a little surprised by Chief Ruth’s lack of proper procedure in frisking a suspect. She knew she would have to say something to Ruth, once they were out of anyone else’s earshot. She knew Ruth hadn’t been in a situation to have to perform a pat down in quite a while, and was concerned Ruth could face potential trouble, especially if Peter would choose to make an issue of it.

Chief Ruth squatted down, lifted each pant leg to check for a gun or a weapon, before patting upwards along each of Peter’s legs, until barely making contact with the testicle at the upper end of the thigh. Then she rose back up. grabbed Peter by the arm and told him, “Let’s go”, as she walked Peter to the back door of her cruiser and helped him in.

As Peter sat in the back of the police car, he became worried, as he had no contact numbers for lawyers since he had never been in trouble with the law. He didn’t even have a divorce lawyer, as his divorce went through via an uncontested divorce packet he had filed with “constructive abandonment” as the grounds for divorce. He wanted to get on with his own life, but now it seemed like he had no one to call. He didn’t consider Rob to be a close enough friend to be a burden on him.

Before Chief Ruth could get in the car to drive Peter down to the station, Officer Julie had Ruth come back with her to her own patrol car, where she whispered to her that she should not have touched his genitals. She told Ruth that she should have held off and just had a male officer conduct a strip search after bringing Peter to the station. Ruth told her that there weren’t any men back at the station that night, and the detective she planned to call in to interrogate Peter was also a woman. So there was no plan to have Peter strip searched. The only plan was to detain him in a holding cell until they could get the victims to come down to the station and identify Peter in a line up.

Things went according to Chief Ruth’s plan. On the way to the precinct, Ruth had radioed in to the detective that she had a suspect for the “Cassandra Avenue assault”. eskort gaziantep bayan Peter remained silent and stoic as he was brought into the station and into a small conference room. Lots of things were going through his mind. He felt fear and confusion, unsure of the process he would go through and how or if he would be eventually exonerated.

But he also felt something else.

In the midst of all of the worry and angst, Peter did feel somewhat horny from the experience. He was well aware of how his body responded while being handcuffed and patted down. During the wait in the conference room which amounted to about 15 minutes, he had time to think about how he actually enjoyed being touched by Officer Ruth. He was turned on by the idea of her being in her navy blue uniform and black tie. He found something attractive about the whole thing, and it made her seem attractive to him.

The detective walked into the room and closed the door behind her, as Chief Ruth stood in the next room, looking through the one way glass. Peter sat there in a chair with his hands still cuffed behind his back. The detective was a well built tall black woman, who appeared slightly intimidating to Peter, as she looked like she could certainly take care of herself.

“Hello. I’m Detective Williams.”

Peter was hesitant to say anything. Detective Williams proceeded to ask him a series of questions about his whereabouts the night the crime happened. She could sense that Peter had no idea what happened. During the process of the questioning, he gathered that a man who had a striking resemblance to him had broken into a home on Cassandra Avenue, beat up a couple, and raped the wife in front of her husband who had been tied up and forced to watch.

As Detective Williams concluded her questioning, she had a serious doubt that Peter was the one. She left the room, closing the door behind her, as she left Peter there, still handcuffed and sitting in the chair. She found Chief Ruth and told her she doubted it was Peter.

Chief Ruth decided to leave Peter there, as the victims were on their way to the precinct. Once there, they would be able to see Peter through the one way glass, to maybe see if in fact he was the one. Ruth figured this was easier than assembling any kind of a line up that the victims could examine.

Peter continued to wait in the room, and relive the pat down ordeal in his mind. Thinking about this was causing him to start getting an erection, though the handcuffs had been on him quite a while, and were starting to be a bit bothersome.

After some delay in the victims being able to reach the precinct, they arrived a little over an hour later. Chief Ruth led them to the one way glass, where they took one look at Peter and knew right away that he was not the one who had broken in and attacked them. No sooner did they tell Chief Ruth this that she got a call from a neighboring precinct, indicating they had a suspect who was caught breaking in and had been shot in the leg by the lady homeowner.

Chief Ruth suggested the couple go down to the hospital that the man that had been shot and caught was being brought to, to which they did. As they rushed out and headed to the hospital, Ruth began to believe that she had made a terrible mistake and was feeling bad for Peter, for what she had put him through.

“Come along with me”, she said to Peter after coming into the room and grabbing Peter’s arm to help him out of the escort gaziantep bayan chair. She led him down a corridor to a small empty holding cell. Once inside she finally removed the handcuffs and told him that once the victims come down and clear him after they see him in a line up, then he would be free to go.

She lied to him. They had already seen him behind the one way glass and said that it wasn’t him. But she wanted them to identify the other man who had been shot in the leg and caught, so she could say that they caught the right guy. It seemed potentially risky to her to just let him go, without knowing for sure that the other man was the guy.

Peter waited in the cell for about another hour or so. To pass the time, he began to mix fantasy in with this female officer patting him down, feeling him up, and eventually his mind had her stripping his clothes off while he stood there handcuffed, but in a private place.

Chief Ruth received a call that the victims had identified the other guy as their attacker. She went to the cell where Peter was.

“Good news! We found the guy who was guilty of the rape and assault. The victims identified him at the hospital after he had been shot while trying it again at another home. I am SO sorry for what you’ve had to go through tonight. If there’s anything I can do for you – I can give you a ride back to your car.”

Peter was relieved that it didn’t turn into an overnight stay in a jail cell. He could feel something within him being drawn to the warmth that Chief Ruth was now displaying. She went from being a tough arresting officer to someone who was compassionate and apologizing profusely.

Peter quietly followed behind her as she grabbed the keys to her cruiser and headed out the door of the precinct. When they got to the car, Peter went to the back seat door, figuring she would want him to sit in the back. He hesitated to open the door, not sure if she was supposed to open it, since she was the one who had opened it for him a little while ago.

“No. Sit in the front.”

Peter felt delighted at the upgrade. He was relieved he would be brought back to his car. What he wasn’t aware of was that the car had been impounded. He noticed Chief Ruth wasn’t driving back to Cassandra Avenue, but in a different direction to where his car had been towed. There was a lot with no lights and a light brown brick building.

“Wait here”, as she got out of the car to go inside and ask whoever was inside to open the garage door.

Chief Ruth came back out, got in the car, and drove inside. She had his keys and handed them to him. She also handed him her card, and told him to call her if there was anything she could do for him because she felt really bad and would do anything to try to make it up to him for what she had put him through.

With that, Peter gave her a quiet “okay”, as he got out and went to his car. Ruth remained parked as she checked in on her radio. She watched as he drove off, a little fearful that Peter may try to get a lawsuit against her. She was hoping there was something she could do to make it up to him.

Meanwhile, Peter’s mind wasn’t on anything like that. As time went on, he began thinking more about her offer to do anything for him, and he began formulating in his mind that what he really wanted was to sexualize a recreation of the experience he had.

About a week and a half later, he took out the card Chief Ruth had given him and called her.

“Hello, is this Officer Ruth?”

“This is Chief Ruth, yes.”

“This is Peter. We met about a week or so ago. You arrested me?”, as if asking if she remembered.

Ruth immediately got nervous. What could Peter have wanted? He was bringing up the arrest. Was he upset, was he about to create trouble for her, did he leave something behind somewhere that night, did he lose something. She thought she could sense that whatever it was, this couldn’t be good.

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