Mizz Tiffany is in the Yard

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After a hard day recording an album, Justin finally made it home and fixed himself a glass of apple flavored Jim Beam, then headed towards the bathroom to jump in the shower. Justin took a drink then sat his glass on the sink and turned the shower on then proceeded to get undressed and get in.

As the water hit his naked body he started to think about Tiffany, his redheaded, busty BBW music tutor, standing in front of him. Imagining her kissing him down his chest as the water runs down his body, the more he pictured her lips on his body the harder he became.

Justin was rock hard he begun stroking his dick picturing Tiffany on her knees giving him head, the combination of hot water and thoughts of Tiffany had Justin ready to cum as he started moaning while he stroked his manhood.

It didn’t take much longer for Justin to make himself cum, he opened his eyes and realized he’d been masturbating. Damn he thought she really has my head gone while grabbing his towel & soap so he could wash up and as he rinsed off feeling the water beading down his body Justin found himself thinking about Tiffany once again.

He turns the water off then steps out the shower grabs his towel to dry off, picks up his drink and took a sip as he headed for the living room. Justin took his towel off then sat in his favorite spot on the couch, turns the tv on to sports center.

He finished off his drink then headed Ataşehir Escort to the kitchen to fix himself another and returned to hit same spot on the couch. After a few sips he found himself again thinking about Tiffany, this time he thought about how nice it would be if she was there having a drink with him.

Justin knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off her, but he also knew his night would end on a good note if she was there. He takes another sip and sat the glass down. Imagining what having Tiffany there would be like.

Finally Justin had enough and decided to text Tiffany to see if she was busy or wanted to come over and visit.

Tiffany replied, “Not busy just getting out the shower wyd?”

Justin texted back, “Getting buzzed & thinking about you beautiful.”

With a smile Tiffany responded, “I had a dream about you last night and was getting ready to call you right before you texted me.”

Justin replied, “Then you should come see me since our minds are on the same page.”

Tiffany said, “Give me 30mins”.

Justin responded, “Can’t wait to see you.”

As he waited for Tiffany, Justin drank the rest of his Beam while thinking about the things him & Tiffany were going to do once she got there. 45 mins passed and the door bell rings, Justin gets up from the couch naked and goes to answer the door looking out the peephole to make Anadolu Yakası Escort sure it was Tiffany.

He opens the door and she steps in closing the door behind her, while saying, “I can see you couldn’t wait to see me.”

Justin replies “I’m always ready to see you.”

Tiffany takes off her coat and Justin quickly says, “I see I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t wait for this visit.”

As he noticed she only had on a button up top with half the buttons undone and a short skirt under her coat.

Tiffany gives him a devilish grin and proceeded to walk back, headed to Justins backyard. He followed her out the back door and once they reached the backyard, Justin grabbed her by the leg so he could close the gap between them.

Once he reached her, he bent Tiffany over the back porch railing spreading her smooth legs as he crawled closer until he could feel her juicy peach on his outreached tongue. He pulled her skirt up and spread her pussy lips apart with his tongue tasting her juices as he starts licking on Tiffany’s sweet pussy from the back, sucking on her clit & tongue fucking her wet pussy.

Tiffany started to moan while trying to grip the rail, she tried to move but Justin had her legs locked trying to take her soul. He thought to himself damn she taste just like a pink starburst while her juices dripped down his chin.

Justin tells Tiffany Kadıköy Escort to get on top of him as he sits on a chair on the porch. Tiffany stands over him and kneel down putting her pussy in his face juices dripping. Justin grabs Tiffany’s legs pulling her down sucking on her sweet spot loving the taste as her juices flowed down his throat.

Tiffany started grinding her pussy on Justin’s lips, he sucked on her clit gently before sticking his tongue in Tiffany’s pussy. She begins fucking his face gripping his tongue with her pussy, he could feel her legs start shaking as she moan I’m about to cum.

Justin grabs her ass pushing her pussy down on his tongue so he could swallow all her cum. Tiffany gets up legs still shaking.

She sat on Justin’s rock hard dick bouncing slowly as he started choking her feeling her pussy grip his dick tightly while she screams, “I’m cumming again!!”

As he watched her cream all over his dick, Justin grabbed Tiffanys waist and begins pounding her dripping wet pussy enjoying every stroke, her legs still shaking Tiffany starts squirting and continued to squirt as long as Justin kept pounding her pussy hitting a spot that was driving them both crazy.

He felt himself getting close, wanting to cum on Tiffanys big 44 DDD breasts, so she hopped off, he stood up stroking his big hard cock, slick with her pussy juices as she held her breasts by his dick and he moaned loudly as he came, blasting a big load of his hot sperm all over Tiffanys big beautiful breasts.

She licked his sperm off her boobs, loving the taste of him. They smiled at each other and kissed passionately then went back inside, cuddling on the couch watching tv.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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