Monday Night Play

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The dishwasher is running downstairs, dinner finished fifteen minutes ago. Our daughter has gone to bed. Janet and I hurry to our bedroom to enjoy ourselves as we do every night.

“Hmmm,” I think as I finally strip off my vanilla taupe business jacket and skirt, “what can we do that’s fresh and different?” Janet is also getting naked fast, a cute smile of anticipation on her lips…. OK… a leering grin of lust… but I think it’s cute. I toss my blouse, bra, panties, and hose carelessly on a chair not thinking about that much at all.

Walking to our dresser, I dig around in our drawer of metal restraints. “Ah ha!,” I think, “this will be great!” I gather a dozen pairs of handcuffs, her best stainless steel collar, and a lovely chromed leash. Between her collection and mine, we must own two hundred pounds of chain, locks, cuffs, and all sorts of perverse toys scattered around our home everywhere except where our daughter can find them.

Jan is already kneeling in the center of our bed. Her eyes widen watching me approach with about twenty pounds of metal in my hands.

“Lift your hair sweetheart,” I order. She obeys instantly. Her raised arms make her tits thrust out and look delicious. I close the collar around her neck and lock it.

Clipping the shiny leash to the collar ring and and draping its loop handle over the post of the headboard of our bed, I command, “slave, turn your back to me. Fold your arms behind your back.”

She obeys and I close six pairs of handcuffs on her wrists and up her forearms so her arms must now stay parallel behind her back. I carefully double lock all of them so they will not become tighter and hurt her.

“Now sit and cross your legs slave,” I demand as I start to close six pairs of handcuffs from her ankles up to her shins so her legs must stay in that position. Again, I’m careful to double lock them for her safety. I don’t want them to tighten too much if she presses against anything.

I hop on the bed admiring my work. “She’s so bursa escort bayan beautiful when she’s helpless,” I think. With no warning, I push her over so she’s face down on the bed, ass high in the air. Her gasp muffled by being face down on the bed is cute too, I decide. I hop back off the bed.

Casually stepping back to our dresser, I open the drawer of toys. I select two vibrators, lumpy bumpy rubber sleeves for them, our tiny but very powerful pocket rocket, a jar of lube, and just for good measure, an old ping-pong paddle that I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents. She hears me getting something but can’t see what. I smile imagining what might be running through her mind.

Climbing back onto the bed, I’m grinning about to play with my favorite toy, my helpless slave/wife. I watch her for a moment sort of waddling around a little on her knees, flexing her arms away from her back, twisting her head to the side so she can breathe. I know that being helpless is a huge turn on for her and she must explore her bondage. I see her pussy glisten, gaping open already. “She’s beautiful,” I think, and know I’m wet too.

Idly doodling my fingertip around her clit lightly, I see her tremble. I stop after only a few seconds. She sighs.

I turn on the pocket rocket but do nothing with it yet. I know she can hear it though. I enjoy watching her squirm. After a count of ten, I touch the tip to her clit.

“It’s always so much fun to make her jump!” I think as I circle under the hood of her clit with the tiny powerful vibrator. I stop when I see her tremble. “Can’t let her get off too soon,” I decide.

I slip the bumpy sleeves on the vibes, lube one leaving the other close at hand, turn the lubed one on a low speed, and press it against her asshole lightly. She moans not wanting this but that only makes me grin.

Wiggling the vibe around her butthole more and more, I use my other hand to lightly touch her clit with the pocket rocket again… but just for a moment. I’m bursa anal yapan escort thrilled that she seems rather agitated now.

Wiggle around her a-hole, touch her clit, wiggle, touch, wiggle, touch, wiggle, touch for about two minutes… then SHOVE the lumpy vibe in her ass and HOLD the pocket rocket on her clit!

Her gasp is not quite a scream but I almost cum watching her quiver and strain against her dozen pairs of handcuffs. I pull the pocket rocket away from her clit, pick up the other vibrator, turn it on high, and easily slide it into her sopping wet cunt. I enjoy listening to her grunt and moan as I pump both vibrators in her holes.

I pump slowly at first, then faster and harder. My beautiful toy cums and cums and cums, gushing all over the sheets and me, each gush about a shotglass of hot clear love juice, some shooting several feet. “Incredibly beautiful!” I think, “my girl has to be the hottest woman on the planet!”

Putting the rather messy toys to the side, I momentarily wish I had put our latex sheets on the bed first but there was not enough time, besides, it’s MY turn now!

Crawling around my gorgeous slave/wife, I get to the head of the bed. I grab a couple pillows and shove one under her chest, raising her head slightly. I place the other pillows against the headboard and under me, wiggle down so my cunt is against her mouth. I’ve very comfortable and she might be able to move an inch or so… maybe.

“Do ME slave and it had better be good!” I demand, displaying the paddle threateningly.

She starts kissing tenderly, affectionately, around my labia lips, pausing to suck my clit into her lips. It’s delightful! I settle down into my pillows to enjoy.

My darling licks deeper with an even rhythm and I climb to glorious heights of arousal. Sensing how close I am, she licks harder, deeper, faster. My head rolls around on my shoulders, eyes closed, moaning softly.

My orgasm explodes like bursa rus escort waves of surf rolling through my body radiating out from my cunt. She switches to suckling my clit. Unbelievably, my orgasm intensifies into a tornado of pleasure whirling all of my sensations and thoughts to incredible heights.

She perceives my state perfectly, slowing and kissing tenderly again after my climax. She does not stop. I feel like I’m being wafted to heaven by a flock of angels. The paddle drops from my hand, I scrunch down farther in the pillows to enjoy her tender ministrations. “Ahhhh! Perfection!” I think, closing my eyes.

I feel an unpleasant twinge in my pussy. I jump and sit up. Looking at the clock it is 3:10am. I fell asleep with my wife in painful bondage between my legs. “Oops!’ I think. She had to nibble my clit to wake me.

“Sorry my Mistress!” she cries, “This slave’s gotta pee!”

“I’ll whip you later for that,” I say absurdly, hopping up to find the handcuff key.

Unlocking twelve pairs of handcuffs takes a few minutes so I start with the six on her legs. As soon as she can straighten her legs she tries to run to the bathroom but is stopped short by her leash. She sighs. I sigh, lift her leash off of the headboard bed post, and lead her to the bathroom, still collared and with her arms still trapped behind her back.

She pees like the proverbial race horse. I wipe her slit with some TP of course. I’m considerate like that. We return to the bedroom.

Still collared, she is still slave and I am still her Mistress. I look down at her kneeling on the carpet.

“Get back on the bed SLAVE,” I command. She looks a little confused as I slip the handle of her leash over the post at the foot of the bed.

“You may kiss my cunt good night and go to sleep now,” I demand trying not to smile. “I may release you in the morning, maybe not.”

She climbs onto the bottom of the bed. Her head just reaches my crotch at the end of her leash as I recline comfortably.

Kissing my pussy lips tenderly, she says, “Good night my Mistress.” I caress her slightly sweaty hair. “Sleep well my slave,” I murmur.

The soggy sheets oddly feel cool and nice. Besides, I have a slave to change and launder them later. We soon both fall asleep, dreaming pleasantly of perpetual bondage sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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