Moore and Carmen: Return Home Pt. 02

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Moore ran his tongue the full length of her core and placed a kiss up at the top. She jerked his head up again. Carmen wasn’t typically this aggressive…she sat up from the bed, hunger in her eyes. Shoving him back from the edge of the bed, she sat there and quickly got her fingers on his belt. With her hands so close to his bulge, he felt it ache against his zipper. Unbuttoned, she slowly pulled down his camo pants and boxers down together. His cock sprung out toward her with precum already dripping from the tip. Carmen smiled up at him. His pants drop to his ankles. She ran her acrylic nails up his thighs and kept staring up at him with her hard gray eyes. If he were being completely honest, he wanted to flip her over and ram his neglected cock into her…but he wasn’t going to complain if she used her long tongue and tight lips instead. She let her other hand slip around his warm and throbbing member. Moore ran his fingers through her hair as she cupped his balls in one of her hands. Sucking one into her mouth, he inhaled sharply. Circling her tongue around and pulling it back from his body, she let it snap back to him and did the same to the other. She ran her tongue the full underside of his length then swallowed him slowly into her mouth. A guttural groan came from deep in his throat. Pressing his hips forward, Carmen worked her mouth tightly around his cock. Her left hand pulled and rolled his sack in her fingers and her other hand dug into his hip. She circled her tongue around him and banged his sensitive head against the back of her throat. His hands kept her new brunette hair from her face as he enjoyed every moment of her moaning. Popping his cock from her mouth, Carmen looked up to his eyes closed and his bottom lip bright red from how hard he was biting it.

His escort ataşehir voice was low and gruff. “What are you thinking, babe?”

Her lips glistened with his precum as she smiled, stood, and wrapped her arms around him. She feverishly pulled his face back to hers and pulled him into her. Pulling her as far into him as possible, she wrapped her leg around him; her leaking core pressed against his thigh and gridded against him. Moore nearly growled, biting at her tongue, lips, whatever he could get his mouth on. He grabbed her ass with his hands and lifted her closer to him; her legs instantly latched on around him and her nails dug into his back. Holding her in his arms, Moore knocked everything off the dresser and sat her on top of it.

“I don’t want to wait…” She whispered nearly breathless between kisses.

“Was eighteen months not long enough?” He joked.

Carmen rolled her tongue around in the side of her cheek–not appreciating his humor.. Moore couldn’t help but smile…she was always so adorable when she was frustrated. Shoving him back, she teased him; spreading her legs as they hung from the dresser, her hands pressed against the wooden visage, her arms pressing her tits together–her gaze hardened.

Her voice was sexy but serious. “Maybe you’ll have to wait even longer.”

Sliding off the dresser, she put her hands on his shoulders and sat him down on the bed. Moore kept watching her. At first it seemed that she was going to straddle his lap, but she crawled onto the bed and laid on her stomach instead, almost as if she was going to fall asleep right there with her ass stuck out toward him. Crawling up the bed behind her, Moore ran his rough hands up the backs of her legs, up her plump ass, down the dip of the smile kadıköy escort bayan in her back. He moved to straddle her back, his rock hard cock was lodged between her cheeks. Carmen was unphased; her head stayed resting on her hands with her eyes closed. He kept running his hands up her hips, nipped in waist, and up to her shoulders where her tattoo lay. Three colorful birds–canaries–fluttering around each other; he had a matching yellow canary on the inside of his right bicep. It was the memory of something dear lost between them that only brought them closer. Working his fingers in between the knots in her back, she let out a deep sigh. He slowly ran his lips over her tattoo and bit at it; her body pushed back against his. Her core had become headed and damp again. Moore took a pillow and carefully positioned it under her hips. Kissing and biting up her neck, took the tip of his damp cock, and ran it the full length of her slit. She spread her legs wider underneath him and kept pressing their bodies closer and closer.

He whispered in her ear. “Do I still have to wait?”

Before she could answer he abruptly slammed his cock inside of her. A sharp gasp burst from her lips and her walls quickly contracted around him. Coming up on her elbows and knees, their bodies adjusted to allow him deeper inside of her. On his knees behind her, Moore thrusted deep, pulled out to the tip, then trusted deep again. With every stroke her body swayed and moaned with his. God, he had missed this…the feeling of her body fitting seamlessly with his and gripping at his every ridge. She couldn’t speak as they finally were together again, just moans and squeaks filled the air, urging him to increase his speed. Gripping her hips, Moore brought her to smack harder against escort bostancı him as his hard member swelled with every entrance to her core. He kept quickening the pace with her contractions around him.

Carmen squeaked breathlessly. “Wait wait wait!”

Moore stopped immediately with his heart racing and body pounding, then reluctantly pulled out.

“What’s the matter?”

She rotated beneath him and brought her eyes to his.

“I’ve waited too long for this…” She said softly. “I want this my way.”

Reaching between them, Carmen wrapped her legs around him again, collapsing his body onto hers, sliding him deep into her again. Moore picked up the pace much faster this time, their bodies already primed. Her fingers dug deeper into the back of his muscular shoulders with every pump, her moans higher pitched, and her lips sucked at his neck. They both were a fan of a little pain with so much pleasure–when she bit into his neck he just pounded harder. As her sex quivered and shook around him, Moore balanced his weight on one hand to reached between them and circled a rough finger directly on her bead. Both of her hands scratched at his back. Her body arched against him. Staccato squeaks scrambled out of her throat. His cock deep inside of her, his hands working her body, their unison moaning and grunting–she didn’t last long. Moore watched at her hard gray eyes melted right before him, her sweet nectar flooding him. Keeping his pace consistent, he exploded quickly after her but didn’t let up. Carmen’s thighs trembled underneath him. He softened inside of her with a few more deep thrusts.

Carmen pulled her husband, her soldier, down beside her. Their bodies were both spent and satisfied… in an ideal situation, they would both shower before shrugging the sheets over their exhausted bodies. Moore laid on his back with his arms wrapped around her–breasts pressed against him, her soft breathing tickling his chest, her legs entangled in his. Just her on his chest was worth waiting eighteen months for.

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