Morgan Visits The Mechanic

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Morgan is an 18-year-old going on 19 buxom blonde beauty, with a curvy 38-26-34 body and long locks the fell down the mid of her back. She had a thin, friendly face with piercing blue eyes that would render any man helpless, and a laugh that would fill a room. Heart was bigger than her head. Which probably explains why she’s dumber than a brick.

Morgan somehow had managed to be accepted to the local college. It probably (definitely) had more to do with her family’s wealth than her academic skills. To no one’s surprise, she had made the cheerleading squad. One day, her father was taking her to cheerleading practice when he realized he was nearly out of gas. He pulled into the local mechanic/gas station. It wasn’t much to look at, but the mechanic knew what he was doing. These were old school pumps, the kind a gas jockey used to run out to the car and washed your windshield while the gas poured into your car.

The pump nozzle clicked off and Mr. Allen walked to the office to pay for the purchase. He and the owner exchanged pleasantries when Mr. Allen’s face when white.

“Oh crap!” He looked the old mechanic in the eye. “I left my wallet at home! I don’t suppose you would let me bring you the money later, would you, Jimmy? You know you can trust me.”

“I don’t know shit, other than you owe me $57,” Jimmy grumbled.

“Oh, come on, Jimmy. You know I’m good for it. Just let me run home and get it. I’m just a couple of miles away!”

“You take one step towards that Porsche and I’ll call the cops and report a theft.”

Mr. Allen knew by the look on Jimmy’s face there was no changing his mind. “Fine.” He looked at his daughter, who was the apple of Daddy’s eye. “Pumpkin, why don’t you stay here and keep an eye on the Porsche. I’m going to run home real quick and get Jimmy his money.”

“But Daddy! I’ll be late for cheerleader practice!”

“I know, Pumpkin. I’ll run as fast as I can.” He looked at Jimmy. “I’ll be right back.” He nodded to the Porsche and laid the keys on the counter. “How about checking the fluids as long as she’s here, please?” He looked back to Morgan. “Just be good and do what the nice man says, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy. Hurry!”

Mr. Allen was gone in a flash. The two watched him run down the sidewalk until he was out of sight.

Jimmy smiled at Morgan’s innocent looking face. “Okay, girlie, you heard the man. Let’s get the top and skirt off.”

Morgan swatted at his beefy hands that were reaching for the bottom of her cheerleader top. It fell just below her breast baring her midriff with large “BJ” lettering across the chest, which stood for Buffalo Junction, but many teams mocked for something else. The short skirt stopped well short of mid-thigh.

“Hey! What’re you doing?!”

“You heard your daddy. Not only are you supposed to do what I say, he said check your fluids. The only way to do that is to get down to skin. You don’t want your dad to come back and find out we hadn’t done that, would you? I think he’d be pretty upset with you if you didn’t let me do my job, don’t you?”

“Oh no! I don’t want Daddy mad at me! It’s probably a good idea. I’ve never had my fluids checked.”

I’ll bet you’ve had your fluids checked plenty of times! Jimmy thought as she pulled the top over her head. His eyes bulged when she laid her top on the counter, exposing her bare chest. “Damn, girl! Those are some might fine fun bags you’ve got there!”

“Oh!” she yiped when her palmed a globe. “Hey! Is that…is that how you check my fluids?”

“Oh, yeah. (ahem) Well, um, just checking your, uh, air bags. Yeah, that’s it! Just giving your air bags a preliminary check. Yup, these can save your life if you’re ever in an accident,” he sai as he groped her chest.

“Oh, good! That’s great!”

“Okay, get the skirt off and we’ll get started.” He was drooling as he watched the skirt slide down her long, silky legs. She pulled them over her white tennis shoes and laid it on the counter along with the top. “(Ahem) Yeah, okay, good. Um, the panties need to go, too.”

“Oh! Of course!” Soon, the lacy undergarment was on the counter.

Jimmy scanned her tan, tone body. “Wow,” he muttered. “(Ahem) Okay, let’s get you up on this counter.” He watched her mounds bounce when she jumped onto the counter. “Good, good. Okay.” The touch of his hand high Beşiktaş escort on her thigh startled her. “(Ahem) Okay. You…you’ll have to part your legs a little. Yup, that’s good.” Her lips were already puffy and glistening. “Oh yeah, I can see you’re already leaking. But I’ll need to get a deeper look.”

“OH!” she barked when two fingers parted her slit. “Oh! Oh wow. Mmmmmm,” she whirred as he began to slide his fingers in and out. “So…so, how bad is it?”

“Well, it feels like you’re leaking pretty bad. But I need to find out exactly how bad it is.”

“AH!” she yiped when he dove in and sucked a breast into his face when he continued to knife through her gash. “What…what does that…mmmmm….tell you?”

He pulled back. It tells me what a dumb bitch you are! “It, uh…it, uh…oh! Yeah, it, uh, tells my if your nipples are leaking. So, to get the best results, while I’m doing this, I need you to think of something really naughty.”

“Naughty? Like how?”

“Have you ever had sex, Morgan?”

“Well, yeah! Oh, you mean naughty like that?”

“Right, exactly.”

“Well, the quarterback and I had sex on the 50 yard line last week. Does that count?”

“That’s perfect.” His face dove back into her chest.

“Oh! Ahhhh…mmmmmm…just…just be careful with my…my…mmmmm…my nipples, okay? I…I can get a little…mmmmm…crazy when guys do what you’re…you’re…mmmmm…doing, okay?” Her breast never left his mouth when he nodded and pumped his hand faster. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. “Mmmmmm, yes.” Her mind was on the football field. “Yes, that’s it. Just like that, Steve. Mmmmmm, yes. That feels good, just like that.” She jumped when his thumb landed on her angry clit. “OH! Mmmmmm, yes! Oh God, yes!” Her hips began to buck into his palm. She began to run the fingers of one hand through Jimmy’s thin hair while the other massaged the breast Jimmy was latched on to. “Oh, yes! Mmmmmhmmmm! Yes, oh yes! Right there! Oh my God, yes!” She squirmed on the counter while he swirled his thumb around her knot, split her slit, and nibbled on an erect pointer. “Oh God! Ohmagawd!” Her muscles spasmed around his dirty fingers. “Oh God! You’re…you’re…Ohmagawd! You’re gonna make me…mmmmmm…make me cum!” Her hand pulled him into her chest. “Oh God! Oh God! Ohmagawd! I…I…AAAAYYYYYYIIIIIEEEEE!”

Her howl echoed in the tiny front office. Her athletic body bounced on the countertop while Jimmy continued to check her fluids.

She finally stopped vibrating around his digits and she slumped against the wall. She sighed when he ejected himself from her tear.

“Ohmagawd,” she moaned.

Jimmy sniffed his coated fingers, then licked them. “Yup, definitely leaking.”

He held his fingers to her lips. She looked at them, then to him, then back to the fingers before taking them into her mouth. He felt her tongue roll around them. She sucked them hard as he pulled back, leaving her lips with a “pop”.

“I’ve tasted my fluids before. But usually it’s on a guy’s…well, you know. I never knew he was checking my fluids though!”

Dumb bitch! “Well, he probably wasn’t. He was most likely just fucking you. It takes a trained professional to properly check your fluids.”

“Ohhhhhhh, I see. That’s good to know! That would be weird if I thought every guy was just checking my fluids!”

Wow! “Uh, right. Well, not every guy is checking your fluids. Some are just fucking you because they can. But we’re professionals here. We’re trained in such things. Okay, let’s get you down off that counter.” He held her hand as she gracefully fell off the counter. He pointed at the puddle on the countertop. “See that there. Wow! You’ve got a pretty serious leak there! I’d say you’re a couple quarts low.”

Her hands flew to her face. “Oh no! So, what do I do? Can you fix me?”

A crooked grin crossed his face. Oh, I can fix you, alright! “Yup, lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.” He turned and walked away, waving a hand. “Come on out here to the shop. You’re in pretty bad shape. I’m gonna need some help with this one.”

“Shouldn’t I get dressed?”

“There’s no time! We need to get you filled back up before something serious happens!” Like your dad getting back.

“Oh my goodness!”

The garage area was dark Beşiktaş escort bayan and dingy. It was hot and smelled like grease and gasoline.

“Matt! Get over here!” Jimmy barked.

A tall, lanky man rounded the corner. His face had streaks of oily black. His overalls were dirty and torn.

“What?! What do you want, you old…” He stopped in his tracks when he spotted Morgan. “What the fuck?!”

“I was checking her fluids and she’s a couple quarts low. We need to get ‘er filled back up before he dad comes back.”

Matt was having trouble concentrating. Not, to mention, the statement made absolutely no sense to him. “We need to what?”

Jimmy winked several times and grabbed the bulge in his pants. “We need to fill her back up with fluids,” he said forcefully.

“Huh?” Then it hit him. “Oh!” He paused. “Really? Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously, you knucklehead!” He turned to Morgan. “I usually take care of this myself. But you’re pretty low. That’s why he seems confused. I don’t normally need a second person.”

“Oh my gosh! So…so…what do we need to do?”


Morgan’s jaw dropped when Jimmy opened his pants and pulled out his large, stiff grease gun.

“Oh my goodness! Why…why did you just pull out your, you know, thingy?!”

“Because, this is how we’re going to fill you up. Matt and I are going to fill you back up using our fluids.”

“But then won’t you be low?”

“Oh! No no, um, we’re, um, we’re experts. We also carry, you know, extra fluids. Isn’t that right, Matt?”

“Huh? Oh! Right! Oh yeah, I’ve got plenty of fluid to give you.” In a flash, his thick staff was swinging in the breeze.

“Um, okay. So…so what do you need me to do?”

“Well, you’ll need to put Matt in your mouth and then I’ll get behind you.”

“In my mouth?!”

“Well, yeah. We’ll give you one dose orally and one dose in your ass…er, anally.”

“Anally?! Like, in my butt?!”

“Hurry up, girlie! Times a wastin’!”

Morgan’s eyes went wide. “Oh! Right!” Without hesitation, she bent at the waist.

Matt’s body jerked when she took him into her mouth. “Uhguh!”

He smelled as bad as he looked. But she knew it had to be done! She squeaked when Jimmy’s finger touched her puckered brown hole.

“Let’s get you lubed up so this goes a little easier.” She squeaked again when he slipped his finger in to the second knuckle. “Yup, there we go. That should do the trick.” He gripped one hip while he held himself steady and slid between her legs. She sighed and stiffened when his thick tip touched her freshly greased hole. “You need to relax, little girl, or this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker.” He felt her backdoor flitter while she continued to polish Matt’s knob.

She yipped when Jimmy’s crown entered her. She grunted while the first two inches slid past her sphincter, which was followed by a long, low groan until he landed against her toned ass.

“Holy fuck!” Jimmy exclaimed. “This might be the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked!”

“She sucks dick like a pro, too!”

“Come on! We need to hurry up before her dad comes back!”

“Right!” Jimmy began to rock back and forth. Each drive forward drove Matt deeper into her skull. He grabbed the back of her head. “Come on, you fucking bitch! Take it all! Take it down your throat!”

This wasn’t the first man who had demanded she swallow their entire tool. Matt continued to slam into the back of her mouth. Then she gurgled.

Matt’s head snapped back. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah! That’s it! Take me down your throat, you fuckin’ bitch!”

‘Jesus Christ! It’s like her ass is sucking me in! I’m gonna ruin her shit back here! She won’t be able to sit for a week when I’m done! Ha!” Jimmy roared.

“I’m gonna stab your fuckin’ brain, bitch!” Matt growled while his nuts bounced off her chin.

Knowing they were in a time crunch, they rushed to finish. Fucking such a fine, young specimen didn’t hurt the acceleration, either.

After only a couple of minutes, Jimmy dug his fingers into her skin. “Jesus Christ! She’s squeezing me so hard! Shit! I…I…I’m gonna cum! Fuck!”

“Me, too! Me, too!”

“Mmmmhmmm! Mmmmhmmmm!” Morgan hummed.

Jimmy’s hips stuttered. “Oh shit! Oh shit! Cumming! Cumming! Cummmmiiinnggggaaaahhhh!”

She Escort beşiktaş felt his hot jizz shoot into her. She wondered if it was going to be enough to fill her back up. She sucked on Matt’s hose even harder.

“Holy fuck!” Matt shouted. “I’m gonna bust a nut off in your face! Ready, bitch? Huh? Are you ready to take my load? Huh?!”

“Mmmmhmmm! Mmmmhmmm!”

Matt’s long, thin fingers dug into her scalp. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Here it cums! Here it cums! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Uh! Uh! Uggghhhaaaaa!”

Her throat and mouth quickly filled with his thick, salty jizz.

My goodness! So much stuff! I hope this fills me back up! I need to swallow it all!

Each thrust of his hips sent a fresh spurt down her throat. Try as she might, she couldn’t keep up with Matt’s volume. Streams off while slipped from the corner of her lips and puddled on the floor, while Jimmy continued to use her ass as a cum depository.

“Jesus Christ,” Jimmy moaned when he backed away. A streak of milky white immediately began to streak down the back of her thigh.

Matt grabbed her by her long blonde hair and pulled her off of him. “Mother fuck,” he panted.

Morgan dropped to her knees. She swiped a finger across her shiny chin and slipped it between her lips. “Wow! You guys really know what you’re doing!”

Jimmy had almost forgotten what had brought them to this point. “Huh? Oh! Right! Uh, yeah. Well, I told you, we’re professionals.”

Matt nodded and smiled. “Oh yeah, professionals. I’ll tell you what, you suck cock like a professional! You’re not a professional, are you?”

Jimmy glared at him and ran a thumb across his throat as if to say, Shut up, you dumb motherfucker!

Morgan looked up at Matt with a confused look. “A professional…what?”

“Oh…um…you know….a…uh…” Matt stuttered.

“Just ignore him. He’s an idiot,” Jimmy grumbled. He grabbed her arm. “Come on, let’s get you up. Your dad should be back any minute.”

As they walked back into the front of the building, Morgan kept looked over her shoulder.

“Jimmy, some of the stuff is running down my leg! I’m leaking again!”

“Oh no no, you’re fine. We might have given you a little to much, um, fluids. It’s okay. It’ll, you know, level out in a couple of minutes.”

“Oh, okay. So, does that mean I’m all filled up again?”

Jimmy nodded and smiled. “All filled up!”

“Yay!” she squealed. She fell against him, wrapped her arms around him, and squeezed hard. “How can I ever repay you?”

Jimmy laughed. Why can’t they all be this stupid?! “I’m just glad we caught it in time. Now look, you should come back every month or so so we can keep checking your fluids until we figure out what’s causing this leak.”

“Oh, I will!”

Jimmy glanced out the window and saw her dad jogging towards them. “Oh shit!” he grabbed her uniform off the counter and tossed them at her. “Here comes your dad! You need to get dressed!”

She scanned the counter. “Where…where are my panties?”

You mean the ones in my pocket? “It doesn’t matter! Come on, get dressed!”

“But…but everyone will see my, you know, va jay jay when I do a leg kick.”

I’d be willing to bet most people have already seen your cunt! He gasped. “Oh! And not a word of this to your dad!”

“What? Why not?”

“Well, uh, we, uh, we don’t want him to, you know, um, um…oh! We don’t want him to get all worried or anything about your leak, right? Yeah, that’s it. I mean, he’s got enough to worry about, right?”

“Oh! Right! Okay, good idea.”

She was pulling her skirt around her waist just as her father walked through the door. He was huffing and puffing and drenched in sweat.

“Phew!” he said, leaning against a rack of chips. “Boy, that’ll get your heart pumping!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills. “Here…here you go. Phew!” He took two more deep breaths. “That should do it.”

Jimmy sifted through the bills. “Yup, that’ll do it.”

Mr. Allen wrapped his arm around his daughter. “So, was she a good girl? Did she behave herself?”

Jimmy nodded. “Oh yeah, she was great. You’ve got a special little girl there, Mr. Allen.”

Morgan was beaming up at her father. “Yup, she’s pretty special.”

“Feel free to bring her by anytime.”

Mr. Allen chuckled. “Well, hopefully I don’t forget my wallet next time!”

I hope you forget every time, you clueless bastard! “Ha ha! It’s not a problem, Mr. Allen.”

Mr. Allen and Morgan turned to the door. “Thanks, again, Jimmy.”

“Yeah! Thanks, Jimmy!”

Jimmy waved. “My pleasure. Any time.”

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