Morning Dreams…

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This story isn’t too extreme but it has so many elements of different tastes it could only be placed in the Fetish category…..


I woke somewhat aroused. It was your email from the previous evening which had me captivated. You told me of a fantasy and how you wished me to make it true.

In typical morning fashion I needed to use the bathroom. Being in an aroused state I decided to make my first golden relief atypical. I stepped into the shower and moved onto my back. The warmth of my flow was delicious as it covered my torso and splashed upon my lips—a taste I so very much savor.

I envisioned being ready for your first nectar of the morning.

Enjoying the physical and mental warmth, my fingers worked the stiff buds on my chest. The intensity of my pinches produced a feeling of ecstasy. I imagined your teeth producing the rapture. With wet hands I went to my flesh which had thickened with desire. A few firm gropes and twists had my cock very swollen and ready for the day.

Standing, I turned on the shower and lathered. Instinctively I inserted a slick finger into my back passage. The pleasure was wonderful. It was followed by other fingers until all four fingers of my right hands were moving in unison—wishing they were yours or a probe of your choosing. My lathered left hand deliciously twisted and pulled my swollen flesh.

Although there was a strong desire to continue, I did not. I finished showering, shaving, and brushing my teeth. After drying I put on a pair of sweat pants and Anadolu Yakası Escort a baggy sweat shirt and slipped into a pair of flip-flops.

I made my way to the basement and to my computer. I re-read your email and my mind drifted in thought while my flesh and buds were clandestinely caressed by the material moving across my naked flesh.

My mood was extremely devious. I searched the ads and found a few worthy candidates. Although it took a few weeks to finalize the details, the day was finally here. I let you know the night before via email. I decided to match the same style with which you told me.

It is the early morning hours and you are naked in your warm bed. Over the soft covers which cocooned your being, a pair of hands begins to caress and massage your body. The feeling is more than soothing; it is arousing.

You sense the covers being lifted ever so gently and feel soft material being placed over your wrists and ankles. The feeling stirs you. Although expected and requested, it is still somewhat of a surprise. Opening your eyes you see nothing, for the soft blackness of a blindfold prevents vision.

You do not struggle, but willingly allow your arms and legs to be restrained. The cool morning air licks your flesh as the covers glide seductively from your body. There is movement and you feel a body between your open loins.

Smooth fur envelopes your ankle and begins an enticing journey over your legs and torso. It spends time caressing your breasts and nipples. It finds your Bostancı Escort neck and face and outlines each feature. Slowly it moves back across your breasts and to your mound. A slow and deep massage upon the top of your shaven area brings your folds to life.

The feeling is one from which you never weary. Your hips begin to respond; pushing back against the pressing fur trying to have it touch your pleasure center. The fur never does. It senses your want and denies.

As your desire builds, the familiar sound of a low hum fills your mind. A warm round knob is placed upon your mound and moved slowly around your area, producing a vibration deep within. Eventually it finds its way to your bud and the lust is overwhelming.

You are aware of straps being placed around your thigh and the wand being positioned firmly against your growing button. An involuntary moan escapes from within as you grind into the device– a device whose sole intention is your pleasure.

One set of bindings are released and you are gently pulled onto your side towards the center of the bed. Stopping you from completely rolling over is another body—that of another Woman.

The softness of her breasts push into yours. Her mound moves against yours while your arm and leg are pulled over each other. You are retied leaving the two of you in one another’s embrace. There is buzzing from her loins also and your vibrations mingles. The warmth of her body against yours and the thought of another–being captive and stimulated in the same Ümraniye Escort manner cause sweet wetness to flow from you.

Passion overtakes the two of you. You and Your unknown pull each other closer. Her mouth finds yours. Her tongue joins its willing partner. It is the taste for which you yearned for so long..

Nails begin to dig into your back. Waves of desire scream through you. The fur gloved hand was a lost thought until the straps of a flogger remind you there is another still in control. Involuntary moans pour from both of you. Mounds grind together as each sting of the straps forces your mouths deeper together.

Two bodies start to shudder and shake. Pleasure overwhelms you. Your releases are violent and wet…very wet. Along with the thick cream of climax comes the morning nectar bursting from full bladders.

The power of this morning seduction rocks you and sends you into a deep state of self absorption. Slowly thoughts begin to resurface. You realize you are not restrained. There is no one next to you or in your chamber. Was it a dream? Who was my seductor? Who shared my bed? You feel around and the sheets are dry. However your bladder is very full and you have a heightened state of arousal.

Rising you decide to make your morning golden release atypical. You step into the shower and lay on your back; your legs high against the wall and your hips elevated. The warmth of your flow deliciously covers your torso and splashes upon your lips.

Your fingers work the stiff buds on your breasts. The intensity of your pinches produces a feeling of ecstasy and your wet hand goes to your mound. You do not bring yourself to a final release, but rather decide to stay in an aroused state…… for this is a special day.

On this day, your love will make your fantasy come true.

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